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  • A show doesn't stick around this long if it is bad.

    A great show!

    It's been around for ten seasons, spawned three spin-off series (Atlantis and Infinity, and soon to be Universe), had two straight to DVD films created … and secured it's place as one of the longest running sci-fi shows on television.

    The show is very intelligent, both in the storylines and script writing. Constant humour and allusions keep the show fresh, and the long running characters provide solidarity for the loyal fans. However, I personally lost most of my interest in the show seasons 9-10, when I felt the addition of two new characters to SG-1 completely changed the group dynamics. This show is a definite for anyone who appreciates witty banter, and has a good strong imagination.
  • I am not a huge fan of this show, but I have begun to watch it more often. . .

    Like most shows I watch, I didn't catch this show from the very beginning. In fact, I only found out about it from watching Stargate Atlantis. Because of where I live, I don't get to see the new episode of all those great science fiction shows like Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1. I have to watch the re-runs on the weekend, and some weeks I find myself watching the same episode again and again.
    Luckily, I have managed to see a fairly wide selection of the Stargate SG-1 series, and I do find it to be fairly entertaining. I would probably find it more enjoyable if I went out and bought the first season of it so that I can understand the background of the show more, but all in all, I think that it's a great show. It's a shame that it's over now, but at least I don't have to wait for all the seasons to come out in order to see them all, because most of them are already out. So, great show, excellent actors, and I hope to see some of those characters again in the newer series Stargate Atlantis.
  • A pure crap-fest. Poor actor performence, plain silly story, repative action and total lack of any interest.

    That this show could be considered "the best" or even "good" by anyone just blows my mind. After watching some episodes (mostly since they happen to air when I usually eat food and there is nothing else on tv) I have to say this is one of the worst b-shows I have ever watched. Now I rather watch TV-shop whenever Stargate SG-1 is on.

    What the show lacks most of all is talented actors. Don't know if they feel just as silly about their flat characters (not physically flat, feelings wise) and just deliver line after line with no emotion. It almost becomes comical to see the characters over and over again in each episode go "we have to do this or we are all gonna die" or "if we dont save that the Earth is doomed" with not even a twitch or hint of fear in their face.

    The second thing this show has got is a so absurdly silly storyline and story in each episode. I won't go into detail but almost every show is go-to-new-world, find-huge-problem-and-get-ass-kicked, get-smart-idea, solve-problem, "deep"-afterthought-crap.

    When you see the actors run around in the (obviously Earth) nature with plastic weapons you will wonder if they are not ashamed of themselves. Everything from names to costumes and prop is just plain bad.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from this show. It has to be one of the worst Sci-Fi shows ever. It's not even so bad it becomes funny. It is just plain bad.
  • "A Worth While Show"

    When I first saw the movie Stargate, with Kurt Russel and James Spader. I loved it and when the movie ended my first thought was....this would make an excellent television series. It wasn't long before the sci-fi channel announced the series premiere. Ever since, i have been a huge fan. The show always seemed to get better as the season continued. And when Richard Dean Anderson left, i was a doubtful that the show would be as good. It didn't take more than a coupe of episodes for that to be extinguished. The shows series i believe ended on a good note. With straight to tv movies, and perhaps full release movies in the horizons. The show will continue, in one form or another.
  • A solid show

    For years I refused to watch "Stargate Sg-1" because I was told it was boring. Because of Ben Browder and Claudia Black I finally gave the show a chance.

    It is a solid show and has some really good and entertaining episodes. But unfortunately a good couple of episodes where indeed boring. One big problem I had was that I never really warmed up to the original team. I liked O'Neil and General Hammond, Daniel was okay, Teal'c was boring and Carter - well she was always the problem solver , I didn't like that and it really grated on my nerves. Maybe my problem stems from the fact that I've seen S9 and S10 first, I really love these seasons and like the team. I think Vala and Daniel have a great connection, I even don't mind Sam that much. Not to mention that I love Mitchell. Unfortunately it was only for 2 seasons. They should have switched teams earlier.

    In conclusion, the show is good for some fluffy entertainment where you don't have to think too much. It combines light Sci-Fi, Action and Adventure.
  • Best show sci-fi has ever ran yet!

    I got into the series late. I started watching the reruns and got hooked. I might have miss some seasons because I did not start watching the new ones in till the reruns went over again. But anyway, Stargate has the best made up stories I have ever see yet from sci-fi besides Tin Man. I can't wait for the movies to come out this fall; I hope. I wish the series would of went on longer. Another series I watch is Smallville. I got in to that series late too. I miss the first season but the last episode. This is another series that is absolutely fabulous for it's time.
  • One of the greatest Sci-Fi shows ever made. It is a shame that Sc-Fi network canceled it.

    First let me say, this time last year I would have never gone anywhere near this show. I thought it was a silly concept and I wouldn't even give it a chance. That all changed one day when I decided to watch it in syndication. Soon I realized just how good this show was, and went and downloaded the first few seasons until I could catch up to the syndication airings. I found it truly amazing and I am dumbfounded that I even considered not watching it in the past. Now I own the box set of every season and I've seen them all more than once each. The stories are amazing, the villains are unique and interesting, and the stars are all great characters. I look forward the the DVD movies more and more every day, and I cannot wait to see what happens with the Ori and the future of SG-1. As I said, I wish Sci-fi had never canceled this show, considering it was one of their highest rated shows and it had endless possibilities as to what could happen. But I guess all good things come to and end, and I look forward to seeing just how this one is going to end.
  • The best show on television.

    Stargate Sg-1 and Atlantis are two of the best shows ever created. I love the charecters and just the down right cool plot. Cornel Jack O'neil is the best and has just that rebel attitude, I want to be just like him. Atlantis here in Australia is only up to the first session but the wierd thing is that we saw like 3 episodes off the second session and then it just stopped. But we have just finished session ten of Stargate Sg-1 and I thought it was the best session yet. I have seen pretty much every stargate eposide ever made. I am the number one fan. You much watch this show.
  • Hmmm.

    Stargate? What can I say? Hmmm? Will I love the show up to the point where they put O'Neill off screen. After he left in "I believe the beginning of the 9th Season" it went down hill. I couldn't stand the women and man they brought in. They were bad actors and I wanted O'Neill back He was funny and he made the show, it wasn't the same after he left. I love the one called " Window of Opportunity" He was so funny in that one and I couldn't stop laughing. I laughed the whole time. I think that was the best one they came up with. If you don't like it, you got to watch a couple shows first, because i was the same way. I told my brother that I couldn't stand it and now that the other thing that I watch besides NCIS
  • Whoever thought of this rubbish needs to invent a new imagination.

    Worst show in existence. Poor scripts that work perfectly with the shows unique trashy style. Unoriginal. Past its time. Jesus, there's so many critical words i could use to rip into this it's insane. It might have been cool about 300 years ago but for this century it just dosen't cut it.

    Do yourself a favour and watch a good Scifi show like "The Twilight Zone, "The 4400", "Doctor Who", "Early Edition" or "The Dead Zone". They may even provoke some stimulative thought. Hell, even chuck on "Primeval", it'd actually be pretty exciting after watching this. It's sad to think that any show could be that pathetic that it could make Primeval all that more interesting.

    This show has everything! Humour, adventure, brilliant fight scenes, ethical issues, ancient history, romance, good vs evil, sarcasm, and science. The characters are fantastic, the plots thrilling, and the themes intriging. The very first episode can be a bit hard to get through for some of those who aren't keen scifi fans but don't let it put you off. The following episodes will have you on the edge your seat. The characters do change throughout the series with the loss and return of Daniel Jackson, and the leaving of Colonel O'Neill *sob* and the coming of characters such as Colonel Mitchell and Vala but these do not detract from the series.
    A must for every Scifi fan to watch. You'll be addicted.
  • I have grown with it.

    First of all, sorry for my poor english, I am french but I am trying to learn english, I promise. This show... That's my little baby, I have grown with it, I have found a lot of friends thanks to it, I have traveled, I have learnt to write fanfics, and a lot of other things.
    Thats the most complete TV show I have ever seen. There's action, shipp, humour, friendship, sci-fi of course... And I am missing things.
    Anyway, I really like Stargate SG1, that is really sad they stopped the show, especially when things began to be funny between Daniel and Vala lol.
  • A melhor serie ja feita para a tv, cada capitulo com uma história viciante e divertida, estara sempre na memoria de quem assistiu.

    Stargate o que pode dizer, e o melhor seriado ja produzido pela tv americana, desde o primeiro momento que vi fiquei fascinado, e nao parei de assistir ate seu final, estou na espectativa de assistir aos dois filmes que iriam encerrar com chave de ouro suas 10 inesqueciveis temporadas. No papel dos atores, com o quarteto principal que nunca deixou de contribuir com excelentes desempenhos na arte da interpretaçao, so podemos agradecer a eles e a todos os atores que participaram do seriado. Como moro no Brasil e ainda no extremo sul, fica dificil algum dia conhecer algum os locais de filmagem e aos atores, mais sempre ha esperança, entao bola para frente e Stargate ficara sempre na lembrança minha como o que tem de melhor na tv e como vale a pena assistir novamente cada um dos capitulos pois esta serie e a melhor.
  • The first show that I was 'In to', It's a childhood comfort that I return to time and again.

    Oh, I love this show. I was such a HUGE fan when I was 11, I could tell you ANYTHING about it, it drove my parents wild, and I loved it. I think I literally cried once I loved it so much. I don't know why, that was a long time ago.'s a great show. Although I haven't 'Outgrown' it, My interests have moved on, and so have I. I still own 3 Season box sets I bought with allowance money at $53 a piece. Every once in a while I take them out and slip a random disk in a DVD player, comfort food for the soul. It's one of the most long-running Sci-fi shows ever, with a great cast, fairly good writing, and some mild shipping. I haven't seen much of the last 2 seasons, as I was very disappointed to see Richard Dean Anderson leave, so I can't really comment on those. But seasons 1-8 were SO GOOD I don't care how crappy the last 2 were. If they were crappy, I don't know. It's created a spin off, 'Stargate Atlantis', which feels like early Stargate SG-1 to me. All in all, it's a Classic Sci-fi that should always have a supportive fanbase and good reviews.
  • The best scifi show ever.

    When I was Little I rember when Stargate the move came out, it was by far my favorite movie. A few years later (while channle surfing after homework) I came across a show on the Scifi channle. Stargate SG1 it read, I personaly thought it was a crazy spin off of a good movie. So I decited to watch it and was Imedatly Irate at the fact Jack O'nell was no longer Kurt Russel and in sted it was Magiver ( Richerd Dean Anderson), but to my suprise It was good. Evrything I wanted in a show was here and It was worth watching. Ten years It went on and I enjoyed evry episode and now I sit here wishing It never ended. Other Scifi shows were good but not SG1, the show that was soooooo good it pratctly absorbed all the acters from the other shows like Andromida and Far Scape just to name a few. As I wright this I can contribute some life lessions to this show, So I Say Bring It Back For The Love Of All Things Good In This World.(Oh And Richerd Dean Anderson)
  • A gateway to the stars brings Earth a unique set of challenges.

    Based on the popular Science Fiction movie of the mid 90's, Stagate SG-1 has become the longest running North American Science Fiction television series. It is not surprising as to why. Many thought that Richard Dean Anderson would mire the show in reminding us of his famous (or infamous) character of MacGyver. Instead, he pulls of a crotchety, funny, and hard-nosed Jack O'Neil. Michael Shanks plays the role of Daniel Jackson, and new characters are introduced. Amanda Tapping plays the brilliant and beautiful Major Samantha Carter, and Christopher Judge as the dour alien Teal'c. Add to the mix Don S. Davies as General Hammond, and you have an amazing cast of memorable characters.

    So much about this show is classic. The characters are a loveable and immediately gel well together. The stories, while fairly basic at first, become more and more interesting. There is action, drama, and a whole lot of humour, mostly from the show not taking itself too seriously. The villains are tough, reoccurring characters become favourites, and what is at stake gets ramped up season after season. Cast changes are inevitable during a 10 year run, but those that leave (either temporarily or for good) are remembered and used appropriately, while those that fill the gaps are unique enough to stand out, but do not take away from the overall group dynamics.

    I find it hard to believe that they had 10 full seasons, because none of it ever started to feel old. Instead, the show was able to evolve as a means of reinventing itself, and has earned its own place among the great sci-fi franchises of history. Yes, it is on par with Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr. Who.
  • One of the rare Sci-Fi I love!

    Stargate Sg1 is one of the rare Sci-Fi show I love. One of the main reason I got hooked some 5 years ago was the unique cast. In fact, the characters are captivating and played by some fantastic actors. Richard Dean Anderson does a great job as jack O`Neil and so does the others. This show have produced some memorable tv time such as the hilarious "windows of opportunity" , the fantastic "Lost city" or the emotional "Heroes" and tons of others.
    The character interaction is just incredible. I just LMAO countless time with O`Neil-Teal`c interaction or O`Neil-Jackson interaction. Also the Jack-Sam love stuff was always a good arc of the show IMO.
    After Season 8, Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell takes the place of Jack O`Neil. Well difficult for Ben Browder to reach the level of Richard Dean Anderson and show was never the same again but still enjoyable.
    So its over.....10 years of fun with my favorite Sci-Fi show. It will be missed. Can`t wait for the movies.

    This show is definetely the best, number 1 Show ever produced. The way all the episodes fom up to make 1 big storyline is absolutely fan-bloody-tastic and even though there are 10 seasons with 200 episodes or more, they are all totally different and you can watch them ten times over without getting bored of them(bit of a long sentence).

    A bit of advice for anyone interested in starting to watch trhis amazing show, it makes a lot more sense if you watch the original movie (which is called just plain "Stargate")

    Out of ten i rate this show 1000000000 and if you like it you can also try stargate atlantis which is just as good but with a different plot and enemies.

    Have fun watching it if you liked this review. if it didnt convince you just give it a go anyway.

  • A show that had a great run and is ending at the right time.

    First off, I`m not a big sci-fi fan but the characters of this show attracted me a lot and 10 years later, I can say that this is one of my favorite show. Year 1 to 8 was epic, lead by O`Neil, Sg1 took down the Goa'ulds . Year 8 to 10 (+movies), Sg1 had to face an even greater challenge: The Ori. Both worthy enemies but the last two season had Mitchell instead of O`Neil, still good but it missed something. The show is ending with 2 (may be 3) movies that I cannot wait to see, specially the second one where O`Neill will return.
  • Great sequel to a great movie

    Ten years after Emmerich & Devlin showed the world how it SHOULD be done, the TV spin off of their (still) greatest achievement has finally proven itself to be the best franchise in existence today.

    For those unfamiliar with the original film, the Stargate is a device found buried in the Giza plateau of Egypt in 1928. In 1994 (or 1996, if you follow the chronology of the series) the United States Air force has come into possession of the gate and recruits radical Egyptologist Dr. Daniel Jackson (then played by James Spader) to translate the runes found alongside it and activate the gate.

    Sure enough, Jackson opens the gate and a reconnaissance team led by the stoic Colonel Jack O'Neil (a dour-faced Kurt Russell) is assigned to survey the world on the other side, later to be known as Abydos. Jackson too, is sent along with the goal of reopening the gate on the other side. Once on the other side though, the team come across a civilisation being ruled over by the mythical god Ra and come to discover the truth behind both the Abydonians and the Ancient Egyptians - that thousands of years ago a dying alien parasite came to Earth and took a host in the form of a primitive human boy (Jaye Davidson). Using his advanced technology, the alien - now in human form - masqueraded as the god Ra, conquering the planet and using the Stargate to transport thousands of humans to Abydos to mine the minerals needed to sustain his technology.

    Needless to say, O'Neil and Jackson see to it that the Abydonians are shown the truth about their god and rebel against him. Jackson stays behind on Abydos with his new wife Sha'uri (later changed to Share) and O'Neil's team returns to Earth.

    The series picks up one year later, when the now dormant Stargate is reactivated unexpectedly and a hostile alien force seemingly under the leadership of Ra launches an attack on the base, taking a hostage in the process. In response, the base's new CO, General George Hammond (the superb Don S. Davis) calls on the now-retired Jack O'Neill (who, as well an extra 'L' in his name, has also become the much-lighter Richard Dean Anderson) to lead his team back to Abydos and determine the nature of this new threat. Back on Abydos however, Daniel Jackson (now played to perfection by Michael Shanks) shows O'Neill and scientist Captain (later Major) Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) that the Stargate can evidently open doorways to more planets than simply Abydos and that whoever attacked Earth did not originate from Abydos.

    The situation becomes more critical though, when the same force attacks Abydos and both Share and her brother Ska'ra are taken. Jackson immediately returns to Earth, where the President authorises the creation of nine teams to uncover what lies through the Stargate on each different world - O'Neill's team (including Jackson and Carter) being designated SG-1.

    Following the Stargate address seen during the attack on Abydos, SG-1 travel to a planet known as Chulak where they discover the true origin of the enemy force - another alien masquerading as a god, this time as the god Apophis. The situation worsens when both Share and Ska'ra are revealed to have become hosts to the aliens, known as the Goa'uld. Imprisoned on Chulak, SG-1 must rely on Apophis' head guard when he turns traitor and agrees to help the team escape. The alien, Teal'c (the impeccable Christopher Judge), leads the team to the Stargate, all the while fighting a bloody battle in an attempt to recover Share and Ska'ra.

    After the rather breakneck pilot, season 1 of SG-1 falls into a rather repetitive pattern pretty quickly - the team shows up at a planet looking for advanced technology to fight the Goa'uld, stumbles across a problem with either the locals or said technology and spends the rest of the episode solving that problem. Although the episodes aren't really that lacklustre, they do serve to remind you that the Star Trek franchise has existed for years on pretty much the same recurring `planet of the week' plot. It's not until the season's final three episodes that the show shows even any sign of promise.

    The season closing trilogy however, rejuvenate the series back to the strong form it displayed in the pilot, when Apophis finally launches his ships against Earth and SG-1 alone must prevent the planet's destruction. Although the story is concluded in the second season premiere, the main plotline picks up tremendously from there. By two-thirds of the way through it's sophomore season Apophis is gone and the scope of the show is revealed - there was never only two aliens to fight, there are in fight a large group - all masquerading as gods - known as the System Lords.

    The show from then on deals largely with defending Earth against these enemies, although at the midway point in season three Apophis returns as the series' biggest foe and takes much of the play until the season four/five two-parter. It is in Apophis' aftermath that a new foe is revealed : Anubis. Once a powerful and sadistic Goa'uld System Lord, Anubis was banished when even the other Goa'ulds objected to his activates.

    Mastering the technology of the Stargate builders (known as the Ancients), Anubis takes the tension to a whole new level when - by the close of season seven - he shows up in orbit of Earth with an armada waiting to destroy the planet.

    The beauty of the series is simple : it never slumps unrecoverably. In every instance of a slightly dull episode, the following episode will undoubtedly show itself to be one of the best pieces of television you'll ever see. On a story-arc level alone, the series beats genre shows like Deep Space Nine and The X-Files hands-down almost simply because the arc stays consistent, there are no ludicrous changes of pace, no unexplained leaps that need to be taken and no confusion over the eventual direction of the story.

    The evolution of the show is also a high point. By season six, technology recovered in the preceding seasons have been mastered and put into practical use. Characters show bonds that grow with time, even enemies become fleshed out and changed allegiances (for the first time I can remember on television) are actually plausible.

    The two biggest selling points of SG-1 are it's writing and it's performances. In Anderson, the show has a leading man that fits every bill perfectly. The character - although admittedly a big leap from Russell's performance - grows incredibly to the point where every nuance is golden. In the confines of the Stargate universe, O'Neill has basically two roles - comedian and action hero, both of which are superbly portrayed. Shanks begins the series by essentially playing Spader playing Jackson and then evolving the character to the point that you forget Spader ever filled the role in the first place. Tapping - although irritating as hell in the initial episodes - eventually becomes intensely loveable, mainly serving as both the frustrated emotional core of the team and the brains of the outfit - coming up with a plan for every alien threat that comes their way. Judge is also spot-on, taking the kind of stoicism earmarked by Michael Dorn for all those years and graduating it to a level of pure awe. Teal'c is a character that in the hands of an other actor could have been a disaster, but with Judge you actually find yourself revelling in the character's highs and lows as much as he himself does. Obviously the character fills the role of the team's muscle, but his level of comic relief is superb - not just on a level of writing, but also on a level of deadpan and delivery
  • Great show

    This show was one of the best that there ever were on the air. I'm mad that it was cancelled. It doesn't deserve that fate and the storylines were never really resolved yet. It was so great though that I'm glad that it lasted as long as it did. It caused you to have such an attachment to it that you couldn't help but come back for more week after week. Ten years, over two hundred episodes and its still extremly popular. It was so well liked that the spin-off Stargate Atlantis was created and I'm glad that's still on the air to continue the Stargate Legacy.
  • One of the best sci-fi TV show ever

    This show had a great idea and explored it well. Going to other planets and exploring the mysteries of the stargate universe was great and it could and should keep going on. Past episodes and experiences meant something in this show because they would end up revisiting many of them and bring new twists to the situation. They were realistic about humans and their situation and progress in the universe some cultures were more advance some were not. The language thing with most speaking English is off but being too realistic with the group having to learn to language each episode would be a bit much. Without that I can't think of anything really bad about the show. The Asgard and the ancients were a great touch giving reason to the way things are in the Stargate Universe. The bad guys are creative and bring a legitimate threat to the world. Overall great show worth watching all the way through to hopeful the movie that will finally resolve or escalate the threat with the Ori.
  • To the greatest SCIFI show ever.

    Dear Stargate SG1

    This show is truely the best show on television. I love this show ever since it started. I have every season on DVD of Stargate SG1. The original cast was perfect together. I never seen the chemistry between cast members as I have seen between this cast. I will always be a Stargate fan NO MATTER WHAT! As much as I would love to bring it back, the show can't last forever. All good things must come to an end. To all the cast good luck and keep your heads up. Thank you for the greatest SCIFI show ever. Richard J.
  • A great show for many different reasons.

    Stargate SG-1 is a show unlike any other. It has great action, plots, character arcs, and humor (which the writers have no problems picking at their own show for.) For a sci-fi show to work you have to come up come up with characters that people can relate with, such as Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Teal'c, and Daniel Jackson. They then need to be put in extrodinary situations to see just how they would handle themselves. The creators of SG-1 came up with many diffrent ways to advance each character; for examle Teal'c's going ons with the Jaffa, Jack's relation with the Asguard, and Daniel's time with the Asended beings of this galaxy make for a show that you want to tune in every week to see what will happen next.
  • A group of u.s marines embark on missions. When they go through an ancient gate called stargate to find other plznets and ancient civilization to fight the enemy and help the people.

    This is a great show which is not missing anyhting.
    U see in asho You have to have these three things.
    A great storyline.
    Lovable and exciting characters.
    And great layouts and costumes.
    This show has everything it will take us beyond our imagination.
    It cobines science fiction and magic and history and the future to make a show all about adventure.
    So guns and action fans line up to see this great show.
    Pls a spin-off stargae atlantis.
    This show is amazing.
    We will live the adventure of these great characters which well get attracted to them in this 10 season non-stop adventure show.

    Stargate sg-1 is the show fo all action fans.
  • One of the best sci-fi shows of all time.

    Sci-Fi always has a reputation of rescuing shows that were cut down before their prime. SG-1 was one of those. It took me a while to get on board with this show but once the DVDs started coming out I was freakin hooked. O'Neill's humor made the show for me but the dynamic of the whole show really drew me in. Action, comedy, sci-fi, Star Trek/Wars jokes...everything. I can't wait for the 2 movies to come out to bring about the end of this great show. I was so mad at Sci-Fi when they decided not to continue the show but instead decided to continue Atlantis and maybe start another spin off series. WTF, mate?! All that aside I know this is one of the shows I will show my kids someday to get them hooked on sci-fi. This show had and was everything...the embodiment of sci-fi.
  • Started off great but ended in the sinker

    I'll always remember the first seasons of SG-1. The sense of adverturism and excitement the show gave to it's viewers and the correct character balance within the shows main cast that made it special.

    And then I remember last few seasons of SG-1. The departure of Anderson, the trivial storylines, the mutation of SG-1 in to FarGate SG-1, the turn from Exploration and the casual battle to episodes dedicated to constant battles and nothing much else. Stargate SG-1, like the Simpsons, started off strong but then fell in to a hole with the additions of poor writers and even poorer directors.
  • It has been the best ten years of T.V of my life! All ten seasons are amazing!!!

    It has been running for ten years and there have been ten seasons, that alone makes it special having lasted this long, but this movie based series is excellent and each time they kill a pwerful enemy one 10 times more powerful appears. In seasons 1 to six Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson)and his team fight the Goa'ulld (thats spelt wrong) and finally manage to defeat them at the end of the 8th series. In the 9th series they come across an evil race of ancients and stugle to defend themselves and finally kill them with the help of the Asgard! Great TV show I recomend it!
  • One of the greatest science fiction series ever made.

    Stargate rivals the greatness of StarTrek itself. Undoubtly a sci-fi classic. Is probably one of the most underappreciated sci-fi sceries out there. I myself have followed the series since season one and have all ten season on DVD and eagerly awaiting the the soon to be released movie. Through the seasons some charcters have come and gone and in my opinion the loss of Dr. Fraiser and General Hammond are probably the most dissapointing to me.
    In the eight season the new addisions to the team were excellent, not that I did't like Jack O'neil played by Richard Dean Anderson. Alwasy being a Farscape fan.
  • Absolutely one of my All Time Favorites!!!

    I am just saddened that Sci-Fi Ch would not renew it for an 11th season. It really needed to exceed X-Files in terms of number of Eps. and not just seasons on the air. I watched every Ep. and clambered during the 5th/6th Seasons crossover recording the 5th Season from Satellite at work and watching both Seasons simultaneously. This presented some problems and conflicts in storyline, but none the less was very exciting to have had the opportunity to watch 2 seasons at the same time. This program will rank at my Top Sci-Fi Shows forever. Thanks for 10 Great and Wonderous Years 8^D
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