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  • Best Show Ever!!!

    Stargate SG-1 is my most favorite TV show. I watched 1 episode at a friends place after that I couldn't stop myself until I finish watching each and every episode. ;) I watched this show first then Stargate Atlantis, and then the movie. Which I believe released couple years before Stargate SG-1 aired.

    Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill did a fabulous job in this show. He was the team leader of team called SG-1. Michael Shanks ( Dr. Daniel Jackson ), Amanda Tapping ( Samantha Carter ), Christopher Judge ( Teal'c ) were other members of that team.

    Michael Shanks is SG-1's archaeological expert. He was the one to figure out what Stargate is and how to use it. He is a Dr of language, mythology and ancient cultures. He even lived and married an woman from an other planet.

    Amanda Tapping is the teams science expert, and theoretical astrophysicist. She was responsible for deciphering the Stargate address system and designing the dialing computer, allowing Earth to use the Stargate without its companion D.H.D.

    Teal'C is from another planet. He has the most knowledge of the Goa'uls. He was once their Jaffa. After seeing how Goa'uls uses human body as a host and how they torture people he decided to fight them and joined SG-1 team.

    In this show, this team travels to many different planet to make new friends, learn about their culture and technology. At the same time fight the Goa'uls. If anyone who didn't watch this show, I highly recommend it. I am sure you wont be disappointed. :D
  • Stargate SG-1 wouldn't be matched in the SCI-FI world if it wasn't for The X Files. Richard Dean Anderson, Daniel Shanks, Christopher Judge and Amanda Tapping make for one HELL of a show. 10 Years later and its not losing it never lost its touch.

    Stargate SG-1 was based 1 year after the original film, where RA, egyptian sun god was defeated and the people of Abydos were freed. Daniel Jackson disobeyed orders and remained on Abydos with his wife, and Colonel Jack O'Neill left for home. Stargate SG-1 expands on the "Gods were Aliens" theories, introducing more information on how the Goa'uld were a dying race, but when they found Earth they took the form of their gods after using them as hosts, and populated the stars with the people of Earth using the Stargates. New enemies such as Apophis (enemy of RA), Anubis, Osiris, Ba'al, Sokar(took on the role of the devil) and many more ancient gods were brought into the fold over the years, while good gods were also brought in such as Thor, Freyr and other Viking Gods that the Asgard(Dying Ancient race, the Roswell incident is reported on Stargate SG-1 as being an Asgard and that is why they look like normal aliens). SG-1 Battled Apophis for the first 5 seasons, killing him several times only to see him revived by a sarcophagus, and when he was finally killed by the Replicators for good, a more powerful enemy stepped up, Anubis. Anubis was banished from the Goa'uld system lords because of "unthinkable Acts even to the Goa'uld" that he done. Before Lord Yu sent assassins to kill Anubis a long time ago, he managed to trick Oma De Sala into helping him Ascend, but he was sent back as a half ascended being, where he wasn't allowed to do anything a normal Goa'uld couldn't. This didn't really help matters since he had gained a lot of knowledge about the Ancients Technology(Race that built the Stargates), and he eventually makes it his own business to destroy Earth. Season 7 focuses on the quest for Atlantis, the last known defence of the Ancients, and when O'Neill finds another Ancient Repository, he downloads the Ancient Knowledge again and finds the location of a Ancient Outpost in Antarctica. With the help of the New Ancient knowledge in O'Neills brain, they manage to destroy Anubis and create a weapon to help the Asgard defeat the Replicators. Anubis then returns towards the end of the season, still in control of his armies that Ba'al had taken over(it seems that Ba'al had pretended in order to keep the idea of Anubis still being around a secret), he seeks the ancient weapon on Dakaara, capable of wiping out all life in the galaxy. With the help of Ba'al, SG-1 get their first and manage to program it to destroy the remainder of the Replicators, and with a last minute ditch save by Daniel Jackson (who dies, again)manage to destroy the replicators. In the episode Threads, Daniel Jackson finds himself in an Ascended beings coffee shop, where he finds out that Oma De Sala accidentally helped Anubis ascend, and that the Ancients punished her by letting Anubis roam the Galaxy. Oma De Sala disappears at the end when she finally decides to stop Anubis, and Daniel magically comes back to life and is found naked in SGC. In Season 9/10, when Major General Jack O'Neill(Promoted) leaves to take control of Homeland Security, Lt.Colonel Cameron Mitchell takes control of SG-1 and manages to bring Teal'c, Daniel and Sam back into the team. Season 10 shows Vala Mal Doran join as SG-1s 5th Member. During these seasons, a new threat arises, the brothers and sisters of the Ancients/Alterans, The ORI. Ori stands for Origins, they are also ascended but they gain power by making people worship them and pretending to be Gods. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran accidentally tell the Ori that the Milky way galaxy is still populated (they were being hidden by the Ancients/Alterans, but Daniel and Vala accidentally revealed it). The Ori start to build ships and send them through to our galaxy to teach the book of Origin, or if it was refused, wipe the galaxy out. This begins the quest for the Holy Grail, a weapon made by the EX-High Counciller of Atlantis, Merlin/Meredin. When they finally locate him in a stasus pod, they revive him and he tries to create the weapon that will destroy the Ori, the holy grail. When he realises that it is impossible with the time he has, he kills himself and leaves his memories inside Daniel Jackson, who then completes it. We never actually find out whether or not it killed the Ori, since SG-1 just sent it through and never asked questions. Two new movies are being released soon, Stargate SG-1 : Ark of Truth and Stargate SG-1 : Continuum. They will most likely prove to be great additions to the Stargate series, and hopefully more movies will come after them.
  • Set 1 year after the events of the movie. A U.S. Air Force team travels through the Stargate, unlocking secrets, making amazing friends and Earth's greatest enemies.

    Stargate SG-1 revolutionized science fiction. With respect to Star Trek, SG1 out lasted every Star Trek series, and it just brought a good balance blend of "futuristic" concepts with the present time. The character development has been excellent. The cast is probably one of the most underappreciated casts of all time, and the way they've intermingled guest stars and recurring characters has only enhanced the show in my opinion. After ten years,I believe SG1 has nothing left to prove and has established an ever lasting legacy for the Stargate franchise.
  • An amazing and genuine adventure. 100% CLASS.

    Amazing adventure. Watched season 1-10..on dvd, all my vacation (well, crapy weather helped). My eyes bleed, but still want more! :D And im a very picky Sci-Fi fan... Hate Star Treek and sillyness. But this is CLASS. Even then "Jack" (Richard) quit.. they picked up phase and got it together again (took 2-3 Eps.. but anyway). Hope somehow they could keep on for 10 more years. I may get blind, but its still worth it! Thanx, all actors, writers and staff... Let imagination never die! I HOPE we will see more of this in the future. Stargate Atlantis have picked up the turch, and doing a damn good job. But more SG-1 whould light up the world.
    Magnus F - Sweden
  • A grade A show!!

    The show ran for 10 seasons making it the longest running American Scifi show on TV overall second to dr.who. So for a long run it had it's ups and downs but mostely ups. The show stayed strong through it's first ive seasons but I love Micheal Shanks so when he left i was weary of season 6 but i have to admit I'm biast so can't really say much about it. Season 7-8 where amasing and ofcourse it was the birth of Atlantis a great spinoff. Many people hated Richard Dean Anderson leaving and said season 9 and 10 where crap but i still liked it Ben Bowder was excellent and again being a bit biast I love Farscape!Bea Garret filled Don's boats perfectly and Claudia Black brought the humour of Jack O'neil! The show has amazing speacil affects and the acting is superb! The shows storylines and dialouge are great!!! The show is just all round amazing and should never have been cancelled it was amazing!! I am very excited about the movies but if your a fan sign a petition!! And if all us Gaties work together we can get it back!! And no matter what anyone says it's farrrrrrrr better than any Star Trek!!!
  • Getting better every season!

    I started watching SG 1 after they've shown 4 seasons already. I started with season 1 and thought there might be more fun later.

    And I was right. Season to season the show was getting better and I enjoyed watching it. the last three seasons are my favorites, because there were more places to go, by spacecrafts and the stargates.

    I like all that mystic stuff they included in these last seasons and I think Ben Browder is a good alternative to Richard Dean Anderson. He's not as funny as he was, but he brought other kind of fun to the show.

    I love all episodes directed by Peter DeLuise, he's great in what he's doing and I hope he will direct some episode of Stargate Atlantis too.

    Anyway as a full review I have to say that Stargate SG 1 was 10 years of interesting TV stuff and should have got more than these ten years! I hope we will get some new movies, because there are plenty things to show.
  • Probably one of the best sci-fi shows ever.

    Stargate SG1 is my sci-fi love. I still love it more then Atlantis (though Atlantis has McKay), and I think that ten years of airing are enough proof that SG1 is unique piece of creativity.

    Every season was a story for itself. What I love the most about Stargate is it's progress - SG1 was fighting the Goa'uld and beat them, and then there were other bad guys. SG1's storyline is not stuck in one place. Characters have their arcs and their problems, and there's few episodes happening on Earth - with a problems like other countries finding out about Stargate, and the way people would react. Parallel dimensions, alternate universes, alien lifeforms, new and amazing technology... Stargate has it all.

    I must say my favorite characters are Sam, Jack, Daniel and Vala, and as for not-regulars Ba'al and Nirrti. Amanda is such an amazing actress, I could watch her in anything she do. As for Richard - well, it's enough to say that one part of this show's spirit died when he left. I was pretty mad he wasn't in last episode - I mean we waited for Daniel/Vala to happen but not as long as for Sam/Jack. Daniel was always my favorite cause Michael is so damn hot. He always looks so smart and actually he's the biggest hottie in Stargate. Claudia did the best job in adjusting with old cast. I find myself loving Vala since she showed up. Stargate really needed someone who's not job, job, job all the time, and after Jack left that place was pretty much empty.

    Stargate is one amazing show, with 10 seasons, and 214 episodes (of which, I must admit, I saw all). I even cried when last episode ended, but I'm happy we'll get to see made for TV movies, hopefully with Richard in them.
  • After recieving all the knowledge and technology of the dieing Asgards -- SG-1 and Col Landry are pursued by the Ori. As the Ori deliver the final blow, Sam triggers the Asgard time dialation device buying her time to solve the problem -- 50 yrs.

    My first reaction to this was puzzlement.... so many loose ends left open; in fact a few more loose ends were created in the episode. I then appreciated this... after 10 seasons, not feeling complelled to wrap everything up with a nice bow actually serves the fans well. It's a little more like real life that way -- things don't always get neatly tied up. So this was working for me.

    Then I learned about the two SG-1 movies to follow and I felt a little cheated. Not that I'm not looking forward to the movies, I am, but I feel that what was billed as a Series Finale was really just a Season Finale, setting the stage for the movies. Not a big deal but still...

    Overall, I beleive the episode did a nice job of character development. It let you see the flip sides of these guys and how they handle a type of stress unlike what they are used to.

    On balance it was a nice ending to one of my favorite sci-fi series of all time.
  • modern day sci-fi, action adventure, drama and comedy.

    I love this show, it has changed and enriched my life. This show is very addictive, this show gets you hooked very easily. What I love about this show it combines 2 of my loves history and mythology with science-fiction. It also has great characters who draw you in and make you care. This show also has a great balance of action, drama and comedy. My favorite character is Daniel Jackson. He's the one who got me hooked. This show also has strong female characters for example Samantha Carter she is genius scientist along with a decorated Air Force officer. Vala Mal Doran is also a great character very much a wild card but also a survior.
  • I wish they could resurrect stargate sg1. It cannot end..I always enjoyed Jack even though he only did guess spots, it was played well. All the other characters where well enjoyed also.How can they end this number one show, it just isnt fair at all

    I couldnt believe that Stargate SG1 has ended after ten seasons where I have enjoyed them immensely. I watch each season many times to the point of knowing each sentence that all the characters need to say with their lines. Come on get season 11 happening (more than two episodes please) I am sure the writers can come up with more story lines for the SG1 team. Create some stuff with the Ori's. The show must come back, even though I love watching Stargate Atlantis I still want SG1 come back. I am sure there are many fans that are shocked that you have ceased the productions. Please bring it back. Please, please, please, please please, please. Also I am not one to beg but I am begging big time for the return of Stargate SG1.........
  • Stargate SG-1 was a very great show.

    Stargate SG-1 was a very great show. I have watched almost every episode of it but I liked every episode that I got to see. I wish that it had not ended since I think that it could have been on for a couple of more seasons. I hope that the movies that they are going to do are as good as the show and I hope that they do more than two and have at least a couple of movies that go into theaters. This is one of the best shows that I have ever watched since the plotline of every season was great. I wish that I had watched every episode of Stargate SG-1.
  • About a team of explores from planet Earth who team up with an alien who wishes to help them. The team travels to different planets using a device called the Stargate, which was created by the Ancients. While traveling they meet friends as well as enemies

    I love Stargate SG-1! The characters are great especially Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and Daniel Jackson. I love the whole plot of Stargate and find it very cool that they use mythology and other stuff like that. The Gou'alds are awesome villains and the Jaffa, Tok'ra and Asgard's are great allies. This Show is both hilarious as well as action/adventure. Stargate is a great movie and SG-1 is doing the movie good.
  • One of the Greatest SciFi Shows of All Time.

    In my opinion, Stargate SG-1 is one of the Greatest SciFi Shows of all time. It is also my favorite show, for now. There are many things that make this show great; I will name a few of those things. First of all, Humor, without humor this show would pretty much suck, it would be serious most of the time and I can’t handle that. Next, Visual Effects, without them the ships would look like crap. Like effects from the original Star Trek or any other SciFi show that makes their ships out of models and not on a computer like Stargate does. Third, the writing, writing on Stargate SG-1 is awesome, they still can make great episodes after 10 years on the air, and that’s why I still watch the show. Fourth, character, the characters of the show are unique, they make us look at ourselves and think, and “I wish I was that character.” If a character who we love dies (or is rumored to die), we try our best to change the minds of the producers of the show. And finally, the time period, SG-1 (along with Atlantis) is set in present day, something very few SciFi shows do. Normal SciFi shows take place in the distant future, and it gets kind of old after a while.
  • Oh boy... That was the worst sickness ever! You wake up with that and you sleep with that. I am telling you, if you don't have enough time and if you are a sci-fi lover do not buy DVD of this serial

    It was 11 years ago when I saw first time Stargate SG-1. I can't describe how I felt when I saw first time those visual effects! They are extremely well done. Of course serials came after the movie. Movie was great as well but you can clearly see the serial's visual effects are way better than movie esspecially last seasons.
    There are 3 years difference between movie and serial. They just made them way a lot better not like we people used to; beginings are good, later things get bad. You won't be able to see such thing in this serial. For the first seasons you may get bored of watching war between System Lords and Humans. Of course it is only if you have DVD of this serial.

    What am I doing last one month? Clear; watching this serial again! Yes last 1 month... It is highly addictive! Do not buy this serial's DVD if you don't have enough time and if you like sci-fi.

    Actually for this movie & serials you don't even need to like sci-fi. As a great example; my wife hates sci-fi movies but she became huge fun of Stargate SG-1 after watching few episodes.

    This serial will make you think!
    Just watch and see...
  • By the gods! Say it ain't so!

    I love this show so much. I figured this show wouldn't live up to the movie. But the show is so much way better!

    It's sad having watched the series finale. I love this show so much above all shows.
    I'm still in denial that the show is canceled. The show had a great run and I'll be looking forward to the movies that will be made.
    I only wish we saw more Vala though she is great.

    Although it is sad that the show is gone it will always live through movies, conventions, and through our DVD's. I love this show!
  • I LOVE THIS SEIRIES!!!!!!!!!

    i am going to really miss this show
    i cant wait until they sell the whole seiries in one set so i can buy it
    i love how the characters grow from first episode to the last and you can actualy witness it
    i love how in every episode there is a new story to play
    i also love all the speicies and technology the seiries created for us veiwers to enjoy
    i love how they show us the realationships growing from aquantinces, to freinds, to either possible love intrests, or family members
    those are just some of the reasons why i love this seiries
  • the greatest show ever made in sf

    its a the moste magnifisent show and the longest running original show for 10 seasons.

    i love the action and the humer. it a bit sad that every planet was in the same woods but the writhers is so good at making original skripts for the story. the keep it simpol and it works. that how the can keep there raitings upp for so long. the charicters is evolving all the time. but the sad thing was that in the last series they moved the story to earth more and more and the oria sucks as a enemy it was better when the atackt bases of the snaks.

    i want the movies. its the best.
  • Brillian! Despite only watching episodes during my travels as this is not a regular show where I live.

    During my travels over the past few years, I caught the first glimpse of SG-1 during Season 4-5 a few years ago. Since then, I have kept abreast and everytime I got the chance I used to watch it. Mostly during my US travels when it was easy. I managed to procure older Season DVD's to ensure I know whats going on. Brilliant show, imperfect yet seemingly logical science, believable action and acting, excellent continuity and you can connect the dots pretty well (if you were following the overall arc and plots). I am waiting for the ending of the Ori arc.
  • Filled my void

    It is really a loss to television, that sg-1 is no more there. After Star Trek ended there were no scifi replacement in sight, then I suddently one day I heard about this spinoff from Stargate the movie.. that was said to be quite good .... and it filled the void in my poor sci fi heart. Week after week for 10 years......... and now it is over..... But let us face it, the story line got thinner and thinner... it had to happen... Atlantis... it is not as good, but it will do, until it to runs out of ideas...
  • Destined to be a science-fiction classic.

    This show is truly destined to be known as a sci-fi classic, and its end is truly the end of an era. Over its record setting ten season run, stargate SG-1 managed to turn a mediocre sci-fi movie into a compelling and gripping show with believable and interesting characters. With their portrayal of “realistic” science fiction, the creators and writers of SG-1 single-handedly redefined an entire genre and their gritty, low-tech take on science fiction has influenced every sci-fi show since. With their original take on science fiction, the guys behind SG-1 transformed sci-fi from an unbelievable “Star Trek” world of phasors and klingons into a believable and feasible world. Instead of shiny lasers and fancy spaceships, SG-1 uses current day weapons and fire metal bullets. Instead of red and blue spandex, SG-1 wears military camouflage. In this show, there is no high-handed “prime directive,” or abstract moral philosophizing. The characters on SG-1 are motivated by a will to protect their people and their loved ones, and will stop at nothing to accomplish it, making the characters at once believable and heroic. When it comes down to it, SG-1 is not about fancy technology so much as it is about people and characters. This new vision of science fiction has influenced countless other shows, most notably Joss Whedon’s Firefly, and the critically acclaimed masterpiece Battlestar Galactica. While I am disappointed that the guys over at sci-fi network have cancelled this visionary show, it’s really difficult to ask for more than the longest run in television history. I congratulate the creators, writers, and actors for their brilliant work on this show. If you haven’t seen SG-1 yet, then watch it; like I said, it’s going to be a classic.
  • Great series, but horrible!!! series ending

    This is by far the greatest sci-fi series created to date it can be denied that there are older and much better series out there but i beg to differ. But i was disgusted by the way the series ended though to be completely honest though i've yet to see a series that ends, end with a bang.
    still this is a revolutionary series that has opened the door for newer and better sci-fi programs to come.
  • The best non soap sci-fi series!

    Stargate SG-1 is a tv show on Showtime, based on the movie, Stargate. The first thought that might occur in your mind is that it's a cheap TV rip of a decent movie. Incorrect. What's so excellent about Stargate SG-1 is the fact that the gate can be controlled and led to countless other Stargates. There are many SG teams, the head being is the Stargate SG-1 team, led by Colonel Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) who explores the universe, and contacts other worlds to make friends with other races. They also search for technology on how to defeat the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld are a parasitic, snake-like race that take a human host and use his/her body for their own dark purposes.

    The Colonel's team is followed by Major Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping), Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), and the Jaffa, Teal'c (Christopher Judge).

    Colonel Jack O'Neill is very funny in the series, always cracking jokes at unusual times and is very cool headed under dangerous conditions. Major Carter, who was joined with a Tok'ra without permission, is the only woman of the group and also a very smart scientist who is able to ascertain and understand technical information that the Colonel can't. Dr. Daniel Jackson, whose wife was taken by the Goa'uld for Apophis' queen, is the archeologist of the group. He is always deciphering ancient text to try to find more about other worlds to better understand our own. Teal'c is the warrior who defied Apophis to free his people from slavery. The Goa'uld are considered to be gods by his people of Chulak, however, he knows this is not true. General Hammond (Don B. Davis), leads the Stargate Command in a top secret, underground base in Cheyenne. Along the way, they meet the Tok'ra, a group in which their symbiote's live with their hosts in harmony. The Asgard, a race of typical alien-looking creatures with incredible power. The Nox, who prefer to be left alone and to not take arms. It's a lot like Star Trek without any major space travel.

    Simply put, it's a great science fiction/action series with characters that are funny, evil, and complicated.

    Dangerous Minds, Robocop, Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series, Police Academy: The Series...all of these were bad TV shows based on movies. I don't think there has been any other successful TV show based on a movie (besides Highlander, MASH). None are as enjoyable as Stargate SG-1.
  • Not quite like the movie

    Spin off that covers the continuing adventures of the SG-1 team; keeping only two of the original characters at its core and slowly adding the major left behind because of her gender, a reformed Jaffa that starts a rebellion of galactic proportions, an alien scientist that almost caused a nuclear holocaust, the most bravest colonel that ever replaced a team leader and the unwilling mother of the Oricy, the longest Sci-fi show ever made manages to stay fresh for its 10 seasons run.

    From the war against the Goa’uld to the war against the Ori, SG-1 conquered a place in a galaxy mostly dominated by franshises like Star Trek and offered its unique version of a pshysic based show about space exploration of new worlds filled with entire races of both allies and foes. Light and funny, the show also knew how to be dark at times asking the hard questions any space explorer should without losing what makes it an entertaining hour of television and now a well deserving classic.
  • An excellent episode and a fitting end to 10 years of the best Sci-Fi show.

    The very last episode of the very last season of Stargate SG1 aired this past week in the UK and I have already watched it four times. Appropriately titled, Unending, from the outset had conditions to meet for it to even be considered a worthy finale to the longest and best running Sci-Fi series (a worthy competitor to Star Trek (TOS) and TNG)). First, the episode had to be a convincing send-off finale. Second, the Ori conflict needed a resolution or a platform from where it could be concluded. And third, the episode needed something special for the fans that have been through thick and thin with this series which has seen a roller coaster ride - being aired on two different networks and cancelled nearly twice! Alas the third time was not a charm in this case.

    Now to the episode: “Unending” delivered where other finales failed. Not so recently we saw Enterprise bow out in a rather messy and haphazard finale that left fans confused and dissatisfied. The same can be said for Voyager and Farscape finales. In fact one needs to really travel back in time to 1994 and see “All Good Things” to get an idea of how to end a top rated series. Stargate SG1 not only had to contend with this but also with itself to surpass several brilliant episodes and season finales. So from the very outset this was not going to an easy finale to bring to wraps. Having said that I must say the writers and production team were fully up to the task and produced an ender that leaves the fans with the most important thing: Proper Closure. Even before I watched Unending I was wondering how they would do it. Apparently, Unending was one story line out of many considered for the finale and they achieved to tell the story in an one hour episode that for all terms and purposes is actually two half-hour episodes seamlessly joined.
    From the beginning we see our heroes at the Asguard home world where we learn of their (Asguard) inevitable and looming demise. Que to big bad Ori ships jumping out of hyperspace to battle it out with a now technologically advanced Odyssey thanks to the new Asguard weapon upgrades and we see some great space battles. However, the Ori have figured out a way to detect the Asguard upgrades and now a cat and mouse stage ensues with the Odyssey coming under fire each time it drops out of hyperspace. In the midst of an intense battle Carter comes up with a solution and creates a time dilation field before the Odyssey is about to be blown to smithereens from an Ori weapons blast.
    This is where the action part of the episode stops literally dead in its tracks and the tempo takes a dramatic emotional turn.
    Realising that they are now stuck in this time dilation field where time is moving slower inside the field we see our heroes cope with this new situation. As time passes by we see the characters exude various frustrations to cope with being trapped on the Odyssey for 50 odd years or so. The writers brilliantly show this passage of time as part of a little ditty from Credence Clearwater’s “Have you Ever Seen the Rain” in the background as we see the lives of our heroes pass by.
    This sequence is the defining moment of the episode where we truly come together with the characters and share in their emotional highs and low on the ship. From Jackson and Vala coming together and realising their love for one another to Mitchell venting his frustration by wrecking his quarters to Carter diligently working towards a solution to their problem all happening as part of Clearwater's ditty whose lyrics seamlessly connect with the each character as well as the audience. I could not help but become misty eyed as I finally realised that this is the end of an era of some beautiful script writing.
    Finally Carter does manage to solve the problem, but it comes with a price: One of them has to stay old to complete the process to free themselves of the blast and the time field. In the end they all make it back and things become undone with the exception of Teal'c who stays old.

    The episode opens up the way for a possible resolution to the Ori conflict as things go back to normal and we see our heroes for the last time walk through the Stargate. I have been an avid fan of the show when the series aired ten years ago on Showtime and have watched every episode in this series' long run and as a fan of the show I’d like to thank the writers for not messing this one up and truly rising to the occasion. Kudos guys..
  • Great show! I am sorry that the 10th season was the last...but as even Nelly Furtado says "All good things come to an end"

    I saw the movie when i just came to the cinemas. great story, great special effects....when i heard that there will be a series i wasn't that thrilled because such spinoffs often proved to be trash...i watched a few episodes but liked startrek better that time - DS9 and TNG was quite big there...but recently i discovered it again, when peaking in season 1 episode 1 and i thought why not watch some from the first season...and then i became quite addicted mostly because of teal'c (with his short sometimes strange comments) and o'neill (whitch btw. is greatly played by r.d.anderson, and his sarcasm i guess that's what i like the most) - or let me put it that way "gotta love that guy".
    not so good in my opinion is the overacting at some occasions of "amanda tapping" but altogether...great show...great script...great actors
  • None

    Keep on going! Now and forever!!! and at this point they need 100 words min. so here I go, Stargate SG-1 kick butts for last 10 years and I hope they can kick some butts for the next 10 years and maybe more. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1. Go go SG-1.
  • BEST SHOW EVER!Don't Stop the greatness!!!!!!

    This is has been my favorite show for the last 10 years, i've been watching it since i was little and it has kept me captivated all these years, You must watch all 10 seasons, this is a CLASSIC, and its sad to see it end, i would love to see a few more season, the movies should be great, Excellect and exiting show, great stories and sub stories, BEST SCI-FI SHOW EVER and a must watch
  • show i cant live without

    its one show i was happy to be on tv. i watched every episode every time it was on even re runs i have all of the dvd box sets the fist one cost me 80 bucks when i first came out and did not waste one sec getting it. i wish it would not end any time soon. nothing can stop me from wathing this show unless they end it whice i really wish they would not do. plus some things in the shows i know thery can go back on so we get more info on what happed.
  • The Best Sci-fi programme ever!!

    Unlike a lot of sci-fi shows it is based at present with humans travelling all over the galaxy from their base on Earth, battling megalomaniac aliens who are intent on destroying them. As it is set at present the humans have only limited capabilities and technology, relying on alien allies and fantastic adventures to discover technology that will help them defeat their foes and against all the odds do so constantly. As a result it has the best story lines, adventures; it has brilliant characters, aliens, science, and technology. It is griping, edge of your seat TV as the fate of Earth and life in the universe can literally disappear in a flash. 10 years was not long enough, it must continue! Season after season, storylines develop, twist and spin-off providing a never-ending wealth of action and great TV. Even still after 10 years, it has the potential to continue indefinitely, the universe is big and Stargate SG-1 makes the most of it.
  • #1 sci-fi series - greatest of all

    I've been watching Stargate SG-1 since it was on Showtime and I was hooked. I've loved sci-fi shows since I was very young and this is by far the #1 sci-fi series of all time. My mother has always loved westerns and her favorite series is Gunsmoke. She says that Gunsmoke ran for 20 years. So I looked it up and she's right. So if a series is really, really good, than it can run longer than 10 years. So why does the Sci=Fi channel insist that SG-1 has ran it's course. I personally don't believe that's true. Stargate SG-1 is the greatest sci-fi series of all time for a reason. We can all connect with the characters in a very realistic way. The series is not cheesy or corny like some of the other series from this style of shows. We have grown with each character and learned their strengths and weaknesses. We have grieved with them and rejoiced with them. We have explored universe's with them. Plus, nothing has been over our head. There is so much more to accomplish with them and this needs to be known. The sci-fi channel first said the only reason people watched SG-1 was because the series Battlestar Galactica followed it. Then without SG-1 rating dropped on Battlestar Galactica so they moved the show to Sunday nights. Again it did not help rating much, they said people just lost interest. I say people watched it because it followed SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. I feel like all of our petitions have been coming up against a wall. Do they even listen to us?
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