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  • Col.Jack O'Niell Daniel Jackson Capt. Samantha carter and their new freind Teal'c travel to different planets exploring and fighting the Gouald, a parasetic alien that uses humans for hosts. Reaking havoc on different worlds posing as gods.

    This is one of the best sci fi shows I have ever watched. I always loved Star Trek and Battle Star, and several of the others that have come around, but this is by far the best. Lots of action and effects, great acting believeable or at least possible story lines. this shows has humor among everything else above mentioned. this show is intense. The stories are exciting from the beginning to end. Each charater has seperate lives that sometimes intermingle with the rest. Each different with personalities that keep you feeling like you are getting to know real people on a daily basis.
    This is by far my very favorite show.I watch it always up unitl the day it goes off the air. Then I will continue to watch each and every dvd I own of theirs. And any movie that comes behind it. This is MY SHOW. I may find other sci fi shows to watch but none will ever be as good and entertaining as this one.
  • The pilot episode is all about re-activating the stargate program, bringing Jack O'Neill back from retirement and incorporating Sam Carter from the pentagon to find the bad guys and bring Dr Jackson home from Abidos. It is full of suspense and excitement.

    Colonel Jack O'Neill gets recalled to the Stargate program after an attack on earth by Apophis and his henchmen. Dr. Daniel Jackson is still back on Abidos. While the SGC plan to send another bomb to ensure the Abidos gate is buried, Jack comes up with a plan to save the people of Abidos. Samantha Carter makes her first appearance as having transferred from the pentagon. Sam Carter joins SG1 and joins Jack O'Neill and Kowalski in an effort to retrieve Dr. Jackson and find out who the bad guys where who came through the stargate and opened fire on SGC personell, and where they came from. Could Ra still be alive? Scara and Sharay are taken by Apophis. Teal'c returns to earth after betraying Apophis. In episode 1, Kowalski gets infected with a Goa'uld. Teal'c helps the medical team with critical info on dealing with the infant larval Goa'uld. Kowalski dies in a struggle at an active stargate with Teal'c. Teal'c joins SG1.
  • This show is one heck of a show. It is very interesting to watch. I like this show a lot.

    This show is so unpredicctable. I like it a lot. I wish that this show along with tons of other tv shows would never end. I guess tons of people would say that I love fantisy movies and tv shows, because I tend to write really good and positive things about them. This show is very funny at times, because of cornal Jack O'Neal. I don't know for sure, but I think that I have see ever single episode of Stargate SG-1 except like 5. I konw that for a fact that it comes on tv on Friday night's. It is on the Sci-fi channel. I am saying this so if you want to see this show then you could go on that channel and watch it, That is if you have never seen this show before.
  • This show have been on my must watch list for the past ten years!

    From the first episode of the first series I have loved this show it even got to the point that the phone went unanswered while a new episode was being aired!

    Over the series several main characters were promoted ie Jack etc now while this would have happened in reality I think it caused many fans to moan at least Jack was replaced with Cameron.

    It was such a shock the way that SciFi canceled the show esp since they have kept Atlantis. The show revolves not just around the science but its the interaction of the characters my favorite has always been Daniel
  • This show achieved so much over the last ten years.

    I am a really big fan of Stargate SG1, for a number of reasons. The shows writing standards have always been high from the beginning. The plots and stories were endless, i never grew tried of what they were showing. All of the charactors was fantastic, O Neill, Carter, Daniel and Tel'c and now even Vala and Mitchell are good. This show took a lot of turns during it time on Tv but managed to stay on track. It even caused a spin-off show to be made 'Stargate Atlantis' which is till going strong. I am glad that Stargate is getting two TV movies to finish off some of their long running stories. I think that a show this great will always live on. It is fantastic.
  • One of the worst television series I've ever seen.

    Stargate SG1 is a terrible show plain and simple. The acting is terrible, the story is even worse. They repeat the same stories over and over again. With all those stargate's out there they haven't ran in to another race beside the Goa'uld. Also after 9 years your telling me a advanced alien civilization like the Goa'uld couldn't find earth and kill us all. After all they did before. I can't believe they canceled Farscape a truly great and unique show and kept this peace of crap. And now they've created a spin off called Stargate Atlantis, it's like being sandwiched between two pieces of crap.

    Now I like Stargate the movie it was a good movie, was it great no, but it was entertaining. The movie had a concise story and decent acting, but by no means should it have been made in to a television series.
  • Stargate SG-1 was the best show when O'Neill was around, but it has been getting worse lately, but still not all bad.

    Stargate SG-1 used to be an amazing show in its prime. Colonel Jack O'Neill was one of my favorite characters ever on TV. His humor was unforgettable. Not to mention the actor, Richard Dean Anderson, did a great job portraying him. Samantha Carter and Teal'c are not very interesting characters and their stories have been getting annoying. Daniel is pretty cool, the team wouldn't be the same without him, and Mitchell is alright, but no O'Neill. Even when they promoted O'Neill to General it was not the same. He was the reason I loved Stargate. However, the whole idea of the show with wormholes and aliens is still awesome and the action and writing are still worth watching. I miss the days of Jack, but the show is still pretty dang good!
  • Michael Shanks and Daniel - sssssqqqqqqqqquuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee

    Started watching at the beginning when on Showtime and have watched since. Watched at beginning because of Ricky Dean, but fell in love with Michael Shanks and his character Daniel. Have missed episodes here and there but am slowly catching up - am working on getting all the seasons on DVD. Am sorry to see it ending after 10 years. It shows what possiblities there are out there. The rest of the cast is great (ok, not real crazy about the character Vala and undecided about the character Cam) and all work well together. Sorry to see the character Jacob Carter/Selmac die - he was a good return character. Love watching the episodes that Daniel desended (ok seeing Michael with none to little clothes on - sigh). It is one of the better shows on TV nowadays and really do hate to see it end.
  • this show just keeps getting better and better. i cant wait what the next episode is. i just cant belive they are ending sg1. i just hope there will be a season 11 and more.

    team using a device called stargate to travel to other world in search for knowlege, weapons, technologies, cure, and friends.
    sadly, this sci-fi series is about to end after 10 years.

    we need to have more jack O'Neill. the ori is a strong enemy and i dont think season 10 would be enuf to finish them off. it took them 9 years to fight the Goa'uld. there should be a season 11, 12, and so on.
    daniel should get back to his grand pa and ask for help in fighting the ori.
    sam will always think of something.
    Teal'c should be able to finish baal.
    this show is sooo unfinished. the world is not yet saved.
    all this in just 10 season is so unsatisfying.

    i just cant get enough of it.
  • I grew up watching Star Gate SG1. I'd like to think it made me a better person :D

    This series is a spin-off of the 1994 movie, Star Gate which starred Kurt Russell and James Spader.
    Continuing on the story line of an ancient alien device that allowed human beings to travel millions of light years across the galaxy to other planets in just moments, this series sees TV favourite Richard Dean Anderson (aka MacGuyver) replace Russell in the role of Colonel Jack O'Neill (two L's) as the leader of the first Star Gate team, SG1. Joining him is Dr Jackson (Michael Shanks), a civilian scientist of archeology who was played by Spader in the original movie, Samantha Carter played by Amanda Tapping, a scientist who is partly responsible for getting the Star Gate program off the ground and later by Teal'c (Christopher Judge) an alien soldier who joins the humans to revolt against his alien master oppressors.
    This series sees the return of O'Neill to the SGC after he had retired following the events in the movie. There has been a new threat to Earth after the Star Gate reactivates itself and a soldier is kidnapped through it. Everyone had thought the aliens had been destroyed but after meeting back up with Daniel Jackson it is made apparent that they were not the only threat in the universe.
    Thus begins the new adventures of the team through the Star Gate as they battle the armies of numerous enemies across the universe and at home while at the same time attempt to forge new friendships and alliances with other races and also unravel the mysteries of human origin and answer some very important questions.
    Star Gate SG1 has a large following of Sci Fi lovers, made most apparent by it's 10 year long runnning series that was only just recently cancelled.
    Must see viewing for anyone who claims to be a sci fi lover.
  • My Review on the great Television Sci-Fi Show Stargate SG-1

    Stargate SG-1 which started about 10 years ago first starting from the film 'Stargate' has been a fan favorite for the past decade and sadly is coming to an end very soon.

    In season 1 of this great show it was somthing different, it continued on from the end of the great film but this time with different actors, it included an enemy which was based on several mythologys especailly the ancient equiption mythology which was rather educationonal as alot of stargate information was based on actuly facts which was just superb.

    Stargate SG-1 continued on getter better and better every season it was so popular the wirters even created a sister series called Stargate Atlantis which had its differences. But Stargate SG-1 still got better and in season 9 it felt like season 1 again, it felt like a completly new show which was brialliant with a superb new enemy and in this season answers to questions about a mysterious race called the ancients who were the 'Gate-Builders' are finally solved, we learn more and more about this race which is rather interesting.

    This show could of went on for a few more seasons there were so many storylines that could of been made but sadly sci-fi cancelled the show to the writers had to quickly rap things up in season 10.

    Stargate SG-1 is a fantastic show and i have been a major fan for the past 10 years and will greatly miss the show and i bet i am not the only one who feels the same way i do.

    Thank You for taking your time to read this review and sorry for the spelling mistakes in this review i know there were quite a few lol.
  • Easy answer... Ben Browder and Claudia Black

    Yes, I must say it. I never watched the show before Browder and Black joined the cast. Easy said, I am a huge Farscape fan and whatever those two will shoot I will watch. Being that the premise I cannot cast a review about the whole show but let me express my fondness for those two huge actors which will make any show a "worth while". So, seasons 9 and 10 have their ups and downs but the show is a 9.1 score, definitely. I also watch Atlantis, which is fun, but not as much as seeing Black interect with Shanks or Browder and most of all with Tapping. Expecially Sam gets a whole new lady role after Vala is teaming with her for ... shopping!
  • One of the best shows on tv.

    One of the best shows on tv. This shows is funny, exciting, and its amazing how they can think up so many different adventures. O'Neill, with two l's, is my favorite character. He always knows how to make a joke even in the worst situations. I like how they keep finding new planets and with that new problems. Yet they still have their over all goal of defeating the Goa'uld system lords. And after all that they still find problems in their own back yard. This is a great show and deserves the high rating of 10 out of 10.
  • Just some thoughts on the science of the show and the shows untimely end.

    This is one of, if not the greatest sci-fi series of all time. The scientific and astronomical concepts of this show push at the edges of human knowledge of astro-physics. The concept of instantaneous interstellar travel is a thought that confounds the scientific community to the point of saying that it's almost impossible. If only because the energy to create such an event horizon would surely consume more power than the entire earth could possibly create, included with the fact that the only place an event hoizon is "known" to exist is in the zero point space of a black hole, where everything is supposedly crushed into an infentismally small dot and theretically where even time itself is stopped. with all my science bable overwith, I am very sad to see that after everything the fans have gotten to experience with the team over 10 seasons, it's finally comming to an end. Hey at least maybe now Richard Dean Anderson won't only be known for Macguyver. It will also be interesting to see what the rest of the cast will end up doing as well. I'd like to follow Teal'c (can't remember actor name) after this he's always been one of my favorite characters on the show and it'll be interesting to see what roles he will ensue now that it's over. Well at least they're going to continue on with the series in a movie series format (if dvd sales are up to par). I just hope the movie studio doesn't go tryin to replace any of our fav characters, Ha! Wouldn't that be a farce.
  • I really like this show.

    I can really relate to these characters as they travel through time and space. I kind of feel like that every day - like I'm not really fixed in one time - or place.

    This started happening when I was about 7. My dad took me out for a fishing trip and I fell down and hit my head and ever since, I've been feeling like something is not quite right. I'm 15 now and my life is pretty good, but every so often I "wake up". Like I've been dreaming and I don't know it. Some people may think this is a seizure, but nothing is wrong with me. I've had this happen when I'm with people and they don't even know it's happening. It's like when it happens, it only happens to me and no one else notices.

    Sometimes I wake up and I'm in a different place. Like I could be lying in my bed and then I wake up and I'm in the kitchen with my Mom and when I ask her what happened, she doesn't know what I'm talking about.

    I think I'm traveling through time too. Once, I was playing with my friends at the park and suddenly I woke up and I was back home in my house like I hadn't even gone to the park at all. When I asked my mom when I got back from the park, she said I never went. That was confusing for me and I really didn't tell anyone about those things after that because my Mom looked at me kind of funny, like was I okay.

  • Stargate SG1 - addictive show with a great cast!

    From movie to TV, Richard Dean Anderson is one smart man, he saw the long term benefits of this show and well, 10 full seasons.. and it could have lasted longer!!! But the truth is, with Stargate Atlantis keeping the SG world alive, it's not so bad to see it go.

    It's an amazing show and most of all, it is one of the classic sci-fi. From a marketing point of view, this show is amazing, it didn't give a rat's ass about Neilsen ratings and now it's a hot commodity on DVD. I admire anyone who comes out with a TV show and sticks to it, to the story, for the fans first and foremost, regardless of ratings, and this show proves that when you believe in your product, the money will come.

    This show is timeless, you will watch the first episode and it will feel like a new show nevertheless.

  • Stargate sg-1 has got me to push toward writing stories.

    Stargate sg-1 has been one of my most favorites shows. And always will be the best of the best. But thanks to stargate I've been able to discover a talent I didn't realize was a talent. I have a big Imagination and always made up a character I would be and alter an episode I have seen. Thanks o this show I decide to write some episodes of my own. Now I'm pushing away to my own stories. What I'm getting at is that Stargate sg-1 has been a great show and the episodes the writers have come up with have inspired me to write my own Idea. It is to bad that this show is going to be ending but I wish to thank this great show for the Inspiration it has given me.
  • Richard Dean anderson is da best.. along side all the other great and fine casts following along with him!

    Stargate sg1 is a great show and as i herd it was ova i felt that scifi channel had let us all down along with mgm as the fanz for this show are massive and the rateings are off the roof! i hope stargate one day picks back up.. i mean who now is going to save earth! hay! cause SG1 has retired! come on pplz! thats just nuts now its all up to me to save this rock and my team and we dont have a stargate so we need ur help to get the stargate back out again for sg1!
  • sci-fi at its best

    A very good series about a team of explorers who go through a device known as the stargate. Very well thought of episodes with a decent cast all the way through the 10 seasons. It is shame that it is ending and that the two movies being made should add up to their expectation. Hopefully we will see allif the famous faces seen thorughout stargate one more time and that we all never forget the amazing series that was brought to us ten years ago. May stargate go down in history as the longest sci-fi series ever created to mans earth.
  • the tv series, Stargate SG-1, is based on the 1996 movie portrays 4 (now 5 currently as of season 10) team members who travel through the stargate (an ancient device able to transport people to other worlds).

    although the show has lost some viewers after the last season two seasons after Gen. Jack O'Neill (actor Richard Dean Anderson) left and has been let go by scifi channel, the stargate sg-1 is still going strong. for anyone who loved the original 1996 movie, the show is a must and a classic. it has kept three of the original characters: teal'c (christopher judge), lt. col. samantha carter (amanda tapping), and dr. daniel jackson (michael shanks). watching from the very first episode on showtime to scifi channel, you can see the characters evolve (especially teal'c and carter) over the years.
    the three latest characters: lt. col. cameron mitchell (ben browder from farscape), vala mal doran (claudia black, also from farscape), and gen. henry "hank" landry (beau bridges). they have brought a fresh air (and more comedy) to the series.
    this one show that i would definitely recommend to any scifi fan...
  • fab!!

    i absolutely luv this program. I started watching it when it first come on all thoses years ago with my dad! all my mates thought i was mental sat in watching stargate with me dad lol a lot of people didnt even know wot it was you say stargate to alot of people and they only think the film exists n they dnt know wot there missin! it always has me on the edge of my seat! full of supprises! n i luv o ' neil lol he so funny.shame there isnt a new series out on sky because i keep watchin repeats now
  • A Science Fiction Masterpiece that will surely last for generations much as the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises before it!

    Stargate is a brilliantly written sci-fi show that incorporates multiple genres (comedy, drama, horror, mystery, etc) into the tales of SG-1, an elite wormhole travelling team of inter-galactic explorers. The show seemlessly transitions from moments of tear-jerking intense drama to side-slapping comedy. Its 10 year journey is an example to all other sci-fi shows out there and all others to come of just how to make a great science fiction show that can span generations, a show that now holds the US record for most sci-fi episodes. I for one hopes the tales of SG-1 continue long after its cancellation, in movie form and through its spin-off series Atlantis and a yet unnamed third spin-off. Long live Stargate, the epitomy of sci-fi television!
  • Until mid may through season seven.

    Stargate:SG1 was quite possibly the greatest sci-fi show on the planet until it started going downhill in season seven. SG1 and I mean SG1 (Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Daniel) were original and a pleasure to watch. It took me a while to warm up to Jonas but I now own Season 6 on DVD so. But what goes up must come down and now I can't stand to watch it. SG-1 should of ended with the Gou'ould. Which I have to say was anti-climatic as was all season eight.
  • Good sci-fi

    When I was 12, I really loved this science fiction because there was a gate through where you can go anywhere in galaxy, just need to put in the right code :) I also like Stargate because there is one of my favorite stars casting - Richard Dean Anderson who is the MacGyver :) The show has good special effects and story, the actors are also great each one his different ambitions. I just love mystical stuff and exploring galaxy which ,I really don`t care, is fake, also black holes have been involved , different planets and races have been discovered. So I have to say better to watch good sci-fi , not a regular action shooter!
  • Great Show

    A very good show show and well worth watching i love this show and it is one of my favorites i seen every episode to date (i have a lot of time on my hands) and i love nearly everyone of them i espially love the ones with the asguard in the and the one where you see what earth would have looked like if they had have joined up with those people that make the women unable to get pregnate. it is a cool show and i just love it. Ot is to bad that it got cancelled but the new movies should be good.
  • sci fi

    This is a brilliant show but it was much better when colonel o' Neill was in it he was sarcastic and funnyand cracked me up every time. When the replaced him with colonel mitchel i was a bit upset and the episodes after that weren't as good as they used to be. Mitchel was like o'neill's replacement his character was sarcastic and tried to be funny but it didnt always work whereas o'neill was much much much funnier. I think they should have kept him and stargate would be doing much better for itself but it is their loss they dont have him anymore.
  • Needs to be finished.

    I used to enjoy SG-1 a great deal. It was fun and distracting. Unfortunetely since seventh season it has been going downhill fast. It needs to be finished and put to sleep with a proper finale like any good sci-fi series in its genre. A good story it had but its golden time has passed long ago. Let it end before it degrades complately.
  • Wow, I usually don't like Sifi but what a show! this show is just awesome, really, I don't like these Sifi shows but I have really

    Wow, I usually don't like Sifi but what a show! this show is just awesome, really, I don't like these Sifi shows but I have really gotten into watching this show! I love how it is so original, no one else has thought of it, ever! This is so cool because there is finally a bridge between our world and another world, These episodes are well written too, they have the best actors and actresses for the parts along with good graphics and great sound, that alone makes a great film. Talking about actors and actresses they are all great! they make the whole story sound and feel great, awesome, and real! I love how this is so out of the ordinary and just awesome! Great show, I just love watching this, I rate this show definitely a A!
  • wow, great show!

    Wow, I usually don't like Sifi but what a show! this show is just awesome, really, I don't like these Sifi shows but I have really gotten into watching this show! I love how it is so original, no one else has thought of it, ever! This is so cool because there is finally a bridge between our world and another world, These episodes are well written too, they have the best actors and actresses for the parts along with good graphics and great sound, that alone makes a great film. Talking about actors and actresses they are all great! they make the whole story sound and feel great, awesome, and real! I love how this is so out of the ordinary and just awesome! Great show, I just love watching this, I rate this show definitely a A!
  • Longest running US sci-fi. Best ever US sci-fi.

    I actually can't get enough Stargate. I wait anxiously every week just for another 45min fix.
    So sad it's ending soon, but it's had a great run, with a lot of fantastic episodes and killer storylines.
    A genius show, with a cast that mesh so naturally with each other.
    Here's to the end of an era.
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