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  • Stargate but better

    Stargate Atlanits deals with an exploration team from earth, travelling to the lost city of the ancients. This is a spin off series from the classic stargate sg-1. It adds a whole new dimension to the series of stargate. The team is totally different but just as fun to watch as the classic SG-1. This galaxy though deals with a new enemy though called the wraith who feed on humans. The alantis team have awoken the wraith and are fighting a war that they are totally not prepared and probably not able to win, so the show is just like the classic SG-1 but better because of the new characters and surroundings. So a must see if you are a Stargate fan.
  • Gate found in Giza, Egypt, sends people to other planets. Jack O'Neill head of SG1, Sam Carter theoretical astrophysicist, Daniel Jackson archaeologist and linguist, Teal'c Jaffa under Apophis. Goa'ul, Replicators, Ori all bad.

    Greatest show on t.v. That is my review. No more is needed because that would just make me look stupid.

    Sorry, off track. WHY SCIFI WHY!


    Inventive, creative, thought provoking, ingenious, sure to have kicked major butt if it weren't prematurely canceled, RECORD SETTING, may have gone 5 more seasons.

    The ideas and adventures that this show has posed can make one stop and think about the world around them. It can also bring out the adventure and the child-like wonderment of everyone who stopped to watch and absorb the glorious, history making, adventures.
  • This is my favorite show of all time!

    I miss O'Neil but cam is a suitable replacement! I love Amanda Tapping I hope to see her in the future in other movies. I am super disapointed in The Sci-Fi channell for releasing the show. Once again, another great show is being cancelled. Shame on you, Sci-Fi!! If there's a petition supporting the next season #11 I will be behind it.
  • Stargate SG1 is without a doubt the best series to hit the tube in a long time.10 seasons is a landmark in the scifi genre. Richard Anderson as Jack O'Neil adds so much comedic essence to the program,esp in Window of Opportunity.I laugh every time.

    I have to admit that the first 5 to seven seasons were the best. After that they seemed to start losing their impact. To bad O'Neil took time off for his family as his presence added a lot to the episodes with his candor and wit. My favorite episodes include Window of Opportunity, Absolute Power, the episodes with Hathor. Just to name a few. The special effects were always top notch,story lines were well written, and the acting superb. One of my favorite lines was O'Neil speaking of Teal'c in Window of Opportunity " But what about Teal'c? C'mon, is this the face of a crazy man? (looks over at Teal'c) Bad example. My gut burst with laughter:-))). All an all this is the one episode that I made sure I was home watching the next one. In fact I made it a point not to miss it. If in fact a movie is in the works, I can only hope it's is good as the original series. Thanx for reading. DonZ
  • Stargate SG-1 is a show about a group of people who go through a gate that takes them to distant places, plantes. The characters go through the gate to explore planets and fight there enimies, on occasion they save earth. This is show is very entertaining

    One of the best show in the whole entire world

    I love it cannot believe that they cancelled it.
    Stargate gas memoral characters such as Jack O'Neill, he is a very funny man! I think this show is one of the best. It's a classic, it's entertaining and it made me watch a whole lot more scince fiction shows. I am also a very big fan of Stargate Atlantis as well which is an awesome show.

    Half the time when I watch Sam Carter talk I don't know what she is talking about but when Jack say, "English" it makes me laugh a lot!
  • with a storyline that is open for much more seasons, stargate SG-1 is an excellent appeals to all genre lovers. whether its action, science fiction or adventure, there's more than enough for everyone.

    stargate SG-1 has not lost its touch from its humble beginings on showtime. it has now ammassed a huge following who im sure are praying that scifi keeps the show on air for years to come.

    the characters in this series are very well developed and the actors very seasoned in their roles and dont have a problem portraying their character. the writers had begun the series thinking of future seasons and have not written themselves into a hole so as to not be able to carry on the show.

    worlds, people and exciting adventures will not run out for years to come as the galaxy is a rather huge place! many colourful villians and friends have found their way back into the show and have added to the viewers love of the show. to have yourself following a group of travellers into the vast unknown of the galaxy every friday is a wonderful and very exciting feeling.

    to add, my favourite character is daniel jackson... he has not lost anything by showing his compassion for other people on other worlds, good or bad. he is all rounded...ready to take up a book or gun ready to fight. without him there would be no stargate (pulling from the fact that it was he who unlocked the mystery of the stargate in the movie)

    nuff respect
  • This was and actually still is one of the best shows out there. I was shocked to hear they wanted to stop airing the episodes.

    I dont understand why the sci fi channel wants to stop the show? Did the ratings go down? Because in my opinion they still have a good story line going on. Its sad the General Jack O'Niell aren't there anymore but the show is still a hit without him. If anyone know where i can post to help save the show please let me know.
  • Unknown beginning but with a strong buildup, the story comes to a close without its undeniable star, Richard Dean Anderson, which is a tragedy to those of us who love the show. Inventive story, sparking interest in Egyptian myth and lore.

    In the beginning the show had a slow time coming off the moderate success of the movie. Relatively unknown, it struggled to make its own before the Sci-Fi channel picked it up and brought to it their own unique sense of adventure.. not to mention budget. Richard Dean Andersons return to the screen was very welcomed and with time he showed to be the true heart of the show. While the characters of Samantha, Teal'c and especially Daniel are all great characters, Jack O'niell provided a strong difference of character much missed by viewers of this new storyline where he is "gone to Washington".

    Don't get me wrong, Ben and Claudia were perfect in Farscape (another Sci-Fi show that wasn't as widely received but heralded its own unique brand of creativity), and their characters have a little depth. I particularly like Vala and her cheeky attitude so much different than Claudia's Farscape character Aeryn.

    But there is a deep sense of loss in the story now with Anderson gone. Unfortunately, it is not just Anderson's absense that is causing such a lackadaisical interest in the latter seasons of SG1. The entire Ori storyline lacks. In my own opinion, my interest waned when the Go'uld storyline diminished and everything suddenly had more religious overtones as if to mirror the real life strifes in the world.

    I still rate this show a 9.0 on the scale. I never missed a show despite my waning interest, and I love the characters that are in there, including Daniel Jackson. I will miss it when it is gone and highly anticipate the movies that are to be created to tie up the story.

    I just wish/hope Richard Dean Anderson
  • this is was and will remain the most diverse and well adjusted sci-fi show of all time where a person could get a solid geek fix with out having to go to a convention or slapping plaster on there face jafa cree

    a review of this show is easy the best

    sci fi comedy action suspense it hold all of these elements and anyone of these clasifications it could holdits own as one of the best shows for that subject i urge you all to buy the dvds and to start from the beginning i watched the episodes like a laymen after owning 2 seasons on dvd i had to watch them all (in order)
  • Stargate SG-1 is by far the best series out there, and of course my personal favorite. Ten years of glory that i just don't want to end, makes this show proven worth the while and wait from week to week.

    Stargate SG-1 is set in a way where the possibilities are endless, a Stargate that can take you to anywhere in the universe, just leaves it the writers to come up with unlimited storytelling adventures. The actors do such an amazing job portraying their characters, that it was meant to be right from the beginning. Richard Dean Anderson playing the part of Jack O'Neill does such an amazing job, keeping the show full of laughter and fun, and with a little touch seriousness makes him the perfect leader of this awesome group.

    Amanda Tapping playing the part of Samantha Carter is both sexy, smart and tough, making her the know how of the show. From figuring out Stargates and wormhole physics, to weapons and charm, and not to mention computers.

    Micheal Shanks playing the part of Daniel Jackson, has many characteristics, being both an archaeologist and a linguist of the team, does a great job at making it so real as if he was a true born scholar.

    Christopher Judge playing the part of Teal'c, a Jaffa and former servant of the Goa'uld Apophis joins the team as the fourth member. Though mostly the silent muscle type, his expressions say it all, every time he tries to figure yet another earthly custom.

    Exploring a new world every week, this show has fresh ideas every day without becoming the least predictable. Throughout these explorations they run into many different species, most of them enemies, but they also find some allies. The most important basis of SG-1 and all other SG teams is to find technology to help defend the earth from the Goa'uld that take humans as host for there own tyrannic benefits and enslaving the rest, and of course other enemies of the human race.
  • my favorite show on tv

    this is one of the best shows on tv i have seen every ep and would miss it if it were ever taken off tv cause its the only time i have to see it RDA and the res of the cast are very good actors who seem to conect vey well with each other they all have such great chemstry with each other and the extras in every ep and it has made history by being one of the longest running shows on tv I love this show and its actors i think it will be remeberd by fans for years to come.
  • Its already started in UK

    The next ep 10-11 has started in the UK and Atlantis has started in Canada quite a while back with them at 3-17, why is the USA behind and what is the reason for all these different start phases.

    For the past few seasons that I have been watching, I have noticed you need to watch both of the shows together. As members tend to travel between shows for some reason (in my opinion, they dont need to, as they have both developed enough to carry themselves).

    With the final season coming to an end and the TWO movies which will finish off the SG-1 story and going 'straight' to DVD. It will be a sad farewell to a great show.


    The Question
  • One of the best shows ever.

    Stargate SG1 has to one of the greatest SCIFI series ever made. The show is fantastic, the charactors are very intresting and complex and the writing on the show in top class, the fact that Stargate SG1 has done ten seasons backs up my point. What a great show. I was a little nervous when O'Neill left the show because he was a chractor we learned to love and enjoy over the first eight seasons, And when they seemed to be closing up some of the longer runing stories i though the show might have a strange future. But this was not the case Ben Browder took over as the lead charctor i instantly took a liking to him, his charactor has been really great for seasons 9 and 10. Carter's charactor and Tel'c have remained great over the years. I really took a liking to Daniel and Vala i think they would be great together. I really am enjoying the final season. i hope they go out on a bang and i'm glad to hear about the movie arangement after the series ended.
  • Love'in it

    The show is original no other show could compete. The characters are fantastic Sam with her short hair and those big brains, Jack, his grey hair and his scents of humour, Teal’c with his nodding of the head and his massive mussels, Daniel with the geeky glass. Made up SG1.over the years the team changed when Daniel “died” Jonas joined the team. Then in season nine Jack left, Carmon, and Vala joined the team. The all have one thing in common their well to kill the bad guys. Over the years they have fought the Goa’uld, The Ori and count less other, have always came on top. Saving the world every week with out any one knowing must be tuff but SG1 does it with a simile on their faces.
  • Happy to have found this show

    I first seen this show on a thursday night when I just got home from footy training with nothing eles on telly I choosed to keep watching and after is figure out what the show was about I contiued to watch it and now I have been watching Stargate SG-1 for 7 years. This show has the possibitaly to go on for years to come because ther is no boundreys for which it has been confinded to. There will always be more planets to go to more glaxie too explore and more people to meet. Stargate keep going strong and I will keep watching
  • Better ever season

    I have to say that Stargate SG1 just keeps on getting better every season. After season 8 when Jack O'Neill was leaving the ememies defeated i wasn't sure how the show would go on. But i have to say thats season 9 was fabulas, the new man Ben Browder gives a wonderful proformance as does his new costar Claudia Black, the rest of the cast Amanda, Chris, and Micheal also give wonderful proformances although it is sad O'Neill has gone seasons 9 and 10 are great the new ememy the Ori are the best ememies i think they have had on Stargate. It seems like theyw ill not be albe to defeat this new ememies but we can always hope. Its such a shame the show was canceled on the 200th episode but the final 10 episodes of seaosn ten are set to be great, we the good news of two more Stargate movies comming out we can still see a future for this fine show. Unmissable
  • From McGuyver to Stargate SG-1, Richard Dean Anderson pulled this off even better. Recast with him from McGuyver is stuntman Don S. Davis as Lietenant General George Hammond. Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, and Michael Shanks are costars.

    Taken from the movie Stargate, with Kurt Russel as Col. Johnathan (Jack) ONeal, and James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson, this hit television series started three years after the movie with a great following of fans including myself. Richard Dean Anderson, aka. Brigadier General Jack ONeal, leads the SG1 team on off world travels to gather information and trade with worthy allies. Christopher Judge, Tealc, is the new member who befriends Jack from the get go. Michael Shanks, Dr. Daniel Jackson, has a striking resemblance to former James Spader, and keeps you wondering how many languages he can learn and how one individual can remember so much from what they read. Amanda Tapping is Lt. Col. Samantha Carter. She is the woman that sci-fi women adore with her witty comments, multiple degrees and scientifical physic mindset. Samantha could just about embarrass any man trying to be a know-it-all around her. Tealc keeps trying to adjust to our world and learn our customs, and has great respect for Jack. As a team, the four of them set out through the Stargate and discover new worlds through the wormholes they are teleported in. Although it may seem like a new twist to Star Trek, this series is a bit more believeable with the verbage used in it. Due to this sites ommission of quotes and correct apostrophe notation for names this review may read a bit odd.
  • A great show. I think it is one of the best shows that ever aired. I believe it was more comedy than scifi but a good action adventure series. The US Airforce running a star gate program to go off world to fight evil aliens. Great chemistry with the cast

    I think this is one of the few shows that start good and really got better. The friendships they create together while dealing with their short comings is so cool. At that time Star Trek os was the best scifi tv show. The trek series got so lost that the only one that was close to it was Voyager but it came to late. Babylon 5 had great writing at that time although the last part started to stray. It had a great run. Then comes SG1 takes earth\'s history makes an alien influence to it. US Airforce elite commando team finds themselves going to far away solar systems to fight evil aliens before earth is enslaved by them. Along the way to find allies and explore leads them to more adventure and danger than they comprehend. After one scrape or another they managed to survive to fight another day. Although they have alot help with new technology as long as they don\'t blow themselves up with it. The writing was so good that you can actually learn ancient history. Explore conspiracy theories through black ops teams. Just an adventure every week. I really loved the characters, dry humor, guest cast, and stories. It seemed every actor who played on scifi show in the last 20 years made an appearance. Just great. It could have silly episodes but Elvis got big an nobody cared he was just to big. You love this show and wanted to see the gang every week. Firefly, SG1, STos, Briscoe County jr, B5, STvoy, and Xfiles are my favorite scifi shows in that order.
  • Stargate SG1 continues to amaze veiwers.

    Stargate sg1 brilliant series, a show full off action, comedy, and suspense. Always keeps me on the edge of my seat, wondering what the outcome of a battle will be, or will be next to be caught or escape.

    One of the best shows on the T.V. so far.
  • Stargate SG1 is the best show ever!!

    SG1 is so awesome. i love how it gets you thinking about other worlds. the story line continues through well& you can see the characters personality & how they relate to each other. I miss O'Neil & would have loved to see him continue his career with SG1. The replacement for O'Neil is good but it can never beat an original. Carter is one hot woman who is smart as. I enjoy the idea of the stargate & how earth communicates with other species. just starting to get really good now that they are fighting the Ori. I just want to keep watching.I cant believe they are going to end the series!!! Bring back SG1!!!
  • it´s getting better and better every season but i miss o´neill

    i didn´t use to watch any sci-fi until i saw this one it´s the best show ever apart from macgyver of course this show has an exelent cast, writers and crew it has very interesting subjects and it has comedy, drama, action and a little of suspence the only thing that i don´t like is that jack o´neill(richard dean anderson) is not in the show anymore it´s a shame really cuz he gave the show the funny part or must of the funny part of the show not like the actor in the movie but i think matchel (ben browder) and vala (claudia black) are doing a very good job it´s a shame that the 10th season it´s the last one it was begining to get very interesting with the ori about to slave us all
  • One of the best shows ever

    Stargate has got to be one of my favorite shows. i never used to be a big sci-fi fan, but when i first watched this, i was immediately hooked to it. Richard Dean Anderson was the most interesting character, and it was terrible when he left. Although, Ben Browder and Claudia Black have done a pretty good job filling the gap in which he left behind. All in all, Stargate is a great show that is consistent, funny, intriguing and challenging and i would recommend it to anyone, even the un-expected sci-fi fan will love it. lets just hope that season 10 is not the last!
  • One of the best Sci-fi series ever, if not the best.

    Stargate Sg-1 is one of the best shows on tv, for the moment anyway since it is getting cancelled. It has had a great 10 season run though and so far has produced one spin-off. The series as a whole is fantastic, there are some episodes here and there in the later seasons that are so so, but other than that you will enjoy just about every minute of this show.

    The writers do a great job with the show. They always bring up past events and work them into the storyline, which shows they don't just completely forget things, like so many other shows.

    The actors work really well together and keep the dialogue going very well. The bickering that goes on between Jack and Daniel is some of the best in the series.

    Overall Stargate Sg-1 is a great show and shouldn't be missed by anybody who just like a good show, sci-fi fan or not.
  • The Gate Gets Better and Better...

    The show is a phenomenon having lasted for ten seasons. And with good reason. Solid cast members, great writing and fantastic production values for a show on cable. The show has been extremely underappreciated and underrated by many, including the executives at the Sci Fi Channel. There is life in this show still, and can last beyond Season 10.
  • One of my favourite shows hands down!

    This is a show where you can sit down and be captivated for hours on end. Stargate Sg1 has the right balance of action, drama, comedy and love. Not only does the cast work perfectly but the storylines always seem to flow and be interesting. It is what you call a perfect show. From the moment it started with Children of the Gods, it has never relented on its fast pace and action. Its storylines are still as fluent and interesting as ever. After 8 years, the producers decided to set the show in a new direction and as much as i hated to say goodbye to Jack and the storyline surrounding the snakes, the Orii seem to be just as interesting or even more!!

    Now in its 10th season, the introduction of Claudia Black into the regular cast promised to lift the shows standards once more. But still what a shock it was to me to find out that it had been cancelled. Even though the show had been going for 10 years, I still came back wanting more and more. It’s a great shame!
  • Remember how good Star Trek the original series was....

    Stargate SG-1, put simply, is the new Star Trek, retooled for a modern age, this has everything that made Star Trek so successful, style, action, romance and humour. The writers make you care about the characters and the storylines are varied in plot and scope, so there's never a dull episode (almost). The greatest thing about this show, which is a true testament to the durability of its format, is that if the network execs hadn't cancelled it, this show could've kept going, even after 10 years. The writers are continually reinventing the show, be it in little steps or big ones, meaning its always fresh. And thats how all shows should be, you should never be able to sit down and guess the outcome of the episode.

    And Ben Browder is a very welcome addition to the cast, he can't replace RDA nor does he try to, but in my opinion he is a fantasic actor and Mitchell fills O'neill's boots admirably.

    Claudia Black is also welcome, bringing a fresh spark to the team dynamic. She's the type of character every show needs, fiery, unpredictable and (may I say) sexy.

    Don't let SG-1 die, its better now than ever!!!
  • One of the best sci-fi shows in the long time...

    Well, what can I say that hasnt already been said. This is one excellent show, and it just keep getting better and better by the episode. The first season was pretty dull, but we get to see the main characters and the general situation in the galaxy. By season 2 the storyline has improved and we were for a treat... Great storyline, extremly good cast...what do you need more... No wonder that this is the longest running scifi show at all. I'm still sad that this is the last season, i hope that some other network will come to their senses and air season 11. My favorite cast member is Richard Dean Anderson, much better colonel o'neill then Kurt Russells in the Stargate feature film. The rest of the cast is also brilliant, Amanda, Michael and Christopher, they all fit in perfectly into their roles, and they just keep getting better and better every season. I'm sad that Richard stopped being series regular after 8th season, but i think that Farscape star Ben did really good job in replacing him. Anyway, it's a good show i keep my finger crossed for 11th season..
  • saw the film now loving the series

    what can say about stargate the show says it all, its just pure classic the film is what started me off watching the series, i thought it was going to be just like the rest but it surprised me it was great it stuck with the film in charaters and the story, plus it also brings back old faverites from the film. classic just pure classic
  • Stargate SG1 is about a large portal called the STARGATE that lets you travil to other planets and the enemy my be through the gate at any turn.

    This show is one of the best SCI-FI show on TV One the things about it is the drama i high point of the shows ten year run and the recent cancalation of the show has put SCI-FI at an all new low. But i think season 10 has benn one of the show best seasons of STARGATE SG1.
  • Great show ending after successful 10 seasons.

    Stargate has been great from the beginning but a bit long in the tooth with more uneven episodes after Anderson left the show as a regular character. He was the heart and soul of SG-1 - the new guy is ok but hes no O'Neill - his attempts at comedy seem forced.

    Im still watching this in syndication so Im a season behind, but I think they made the right decision to fold SG-1 before it stunk up the place and instead focus on Atlantis. I hope they transfer a few familiar faces from SG-1 to Atlantis for old times sake (at least Jackson and Carter).

    When they end the SG-1 for good, they should have Anderson wake up in his bed as his MacGyver character after gettinga phone call from the Phoenix Foundation saying, "WOW! What a dream!" Ok, I know that would rip off NEWHART, but it would be funny.
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