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  • Great show ending after successful 10 seasons.

    Stargate has been great from the beginning but a bit long in the tooth with more uneven episodes after Anderson left the show as a regular character. He was the heart and soul of SG-1 - the new guy is ok but hes no O'Neill - his attempts at comedy seem forced.

    Im still watching this in syndication so Im a season behind, but I think they made the right decision to fold SG-1 before it stunk up the place and instead focus on Atlantis. I hope they transfer a few familiar faces from SG-1 to Atlantis for old times sake (at least Jackson and Carter).

    When they end the SG-1 for good, they should have Anderson wake up in his bed as his MacGyver character after gettinga phone call from the Phoenix Foundation saying, "WOW! What a dream!" Ok, I know that would rip off NEWHART, but it would be funny.
  • The Best...

    I've been a member here for 2 months and I still haven't done a review for this show and now i've decided to because this is going to be my 100th review. This has got to be the best show on television today. I would say that 10 years is one hell of a run. I think that Richard dean anderson made the show. It has one of the best cast's ever. Sure there have been some episodes that aren't very good but that doesn't matter because they could come back the next week and have the best episode of the series. then after season 8 Anderson left and Ben Browder was brought in. season 9 and 10 kind of stand on their own. Now sadly the show hasn't been picked up for an 11th season but you know what I say it is the end of a legacy, or is it? It has produced a very successful spinoff in stargate atlantis and hopefully it last's as long if not longer than Sg1. Later...
  • This is Clearly one of my ALL TIME Favorites, & believe me I Have alot from over 4 decades I like. I think the show isn't as good w/o Jack (RDA) as it was with him, it has shown an amazing adaptability to loosing a Main charecter & still staying g

    I am truly a StarGate Junkie, I have the DVD's, have watched every episode (almost all more then once), record the new shows on my DVR, have Memorabilia from the show, have gotten several members of my family hooked on it, and have seen several charecter live at conventions and gotten autographs!! I have always been a SCI-FI Nut, although just because a show is SCI FI does not make it a hit with me. In Fact there are some SCI-FI shows I don't like or can't stand. I Have liked stargate from the get go, even though I think the Series is SOOOOO much better then the Movie. I always have wondered how the Origional series crew would have done in the Movie but Time for us can't change like in Sci-fi:(. One of the things amazing about the show is that it is not so totally locked into any one or 2 charecters, like the X-files just imo never could recover from Loosing Mulder and went downhill fast when he left, SG has lost Daniel for a season, Janice (Dr.), Gen. Hammond, and Jack and has still produced Excellant quality shows. Although I do think the Stargate was better with Jack Oneil then it is now, it is still an excellant show and I think it was better with Daniel then with Jonas etc.. but it was still and still is a Great show with those charecters missing. A true credit to all of the Actors, Actress', and Writers.
  • We need more shows like this!

    I started off watching this show back when it first started on Show Time. I was really bombed out when Michael Chanks aka Daniel Jackson left the show. Te story line at the time was revolving around him and his ex-wife. They never did go back to that story line. The show has always been one of my favorite things to watch. I will miss the show. We truly need more shows like this one. I love Sci/Fi and this one is on of the best out there. I can't wait to play the online game based of this great show.
  • Spawned from the 1994 movie "Stargate", Stargate SG-1 has become a collection of adventures told in a modern-day setting.

    From the very first episode I saw (which was season 5's Fail Safe), I was hooked. I've always loved space adventures and I loved the idea of modern-day humans finding a gateway into space on their own planet. I found it quite easy to get into because (at least in the beginning) you could pop into an episode with no prior knowledge of the characters or previous storylines, and still have some idea what was going on. Anything that I couldn't figure out, only made me want to watch the show more so that I could learn about these characters and places. One of the most fascinating things about the show is that they use Norse Mythology to build on, and even some of the strangest things have a scientific base. While still staying true to realism, the writers of Stargate SG-1 have truly made for us an endless playground of possibilities.
  • Even with the loss of Jack stargate still manages to be one of the best sci-fi shows on TV and the concepts and ideas only seem to be getting better.

    Stargate sg1 has to be one of the best and most original series on TV to date, a lot of the other great sci-fi series seem to be stories about the crew of a ship exploring the galaxy but stargate sg1 is something different all together.

    As a stargate fan it hurts to say this but the story seems to be repeating itself except now in season nine and ten it seems that the goa’uld have been replaced with the ori and the Jaffa with the children of the ori except instead of having to save the jaffa from the gou’uld oppression they must save the children of the ori from wasting there lives in service of beings that are only using them for personal gain.

    Despite this I think that seasons 9 and 10 are possibly the best of all with stunning new worlds, dramatic and visually pleasing space battles and the fact that once again sg1 seem to be fighting an uphill battle but one that they are sure to win.
  • A great show, but was slowly moving past its prime. All good things must come to an end. SG1- you will be missed!

    I have three all time favorite shows: The Simpsons, House, and of course Stargate SG1. Stargate SG1 is creative and never lacked interest. It had it all: action, humor, suspens, and drama. My favorite episode is Window of Opportunity, it is hilarious. Meridian was a good one too. It actually made me cry my Daniel died. There are a ton more that I love as well. I've been watching this show since it began (in sydication) and I am so sad that it's ending. I'm not going to throw a fit about it though because they've had a great run. True, I will miss it, but how many other shows have made it this far? Besides, it started to go down hill a little when Richard Dean Anderson left so I'm glad they're ending it now rather than waiting untill the show needs life support like so many others. Ben Browder is funny, dont get me wrong, but the show just wasn't the same when Jack left the SGC. Like when they replaced Micheal Shanks with Corin Nemec. Jonas was an alright character, but he was no replacement for Daniel. The only difference there was they brought Daniel back, which was a smart decision and Scifi's part. I dont think the show would have made it this far without him. Anyways, there will always be DVDs and reruns to go back to, and its still running in syndication which I had to rely on in the times before I had cable. Plus, we still have Atlantis which is not as good as SG1, but still a pretty cool show. The SGC will somewhat live on as long as Atlantis does. So here's to you Jack, Carter, Tealc, Daniel, Hammond, Mitchell, Vala, Jonas, Landry, everyone else, and the actors that played you! Thanks for the past 10 years, they've been great!
  • A scifi show that's in the here and now, it's brilliant. The concept of a Worm hole, a stargate is boggling my mind and it's morals are dead on for what we need today.

    First off may I say, yes since Richard Dean Anderson left it's been kinda dead the relationship between Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Niell was wonderful, funny, the satire was perfect. The egyptian story line makes perfect sense. Given what we're offered now I don't understand how they could be canceling this show.It's integrity to the USAF is impecible. I love this show, it's too bad at it's peak it's being cancelled. i love this show because of Micheal Shanks and Richard Dean Andersons, both men are gifted. To watch Micheal Shanks act is a treat! These Men Rock
  • About of covert military team that goes through a wormhole to other planets.

    Don't get me wrong I love love love this show and like the past couple of seasons but I have been watching this show since I was twelve and the seasons with Richard Dean Anderson were much better. Ben Browder is a great actor. I loved him in Farscape but now one can take Richard Dean Anderson's place. The previous seasons were great with all the correlations to Egyptian archaeology with Daniel Jackson. The most recent seasons with the intro of the Ori are just the station attempts to keep this show going. I liked watching these seasons, they were very entertaining. Claudia Black is great playing Vala but as with Ben Browder I miss her from Farscape. Overall this show is worth watching but the "original" season where the best.
  • A great sci fi show based on the original movie. It's to bad the 10th season was the last.

    A team of explorers made up of of soldiers and scientists travels through Stargate, an ancient portal to other planets. They use the stargate to explore new worlds, forge ties with friendly civilizations and protect Earth from hostile forces.

    BRIEF HISTORY:This series is based on the 1994 motion picture, "Stargate SG-1." The series premiered with a two-hour movie called "Children of the Gods."
    STARS: * Richard Anderson as Jack O'Neill * Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran * Ben Browder as Cameron Mitchell * Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson * Don Davis as George Hammond * Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter * Beau Bridges as Hank Landry * Christopher Judge as Teal'C * Lexa Doig as Carolyn Lam * Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn
  • This is, by far, the best darn show on television, rivaled only by a very select few others. Apart from some minor irregularities in their technical things, I can't find anything wrong with the show.

    In the beginning, Apophis was the main enemy. As we move into later seasons (4+), we meet the replicators (aka "Lego from Hell"), and in season 5 (when SciFi picked the show up), their special computer effects got a huge boost. That's also when Apophis is killed and the new antagonist becomes Goa'uld like Ba'al, Anubis, etcetera. The Jaffa Rebellion kicks it up a notch, we learn more about the Ancients and their technology, build the Prometheus, activate the antarctic outpost, and help the Asgard more against the Replicators. In the nineth season, after the Replicators and Goa'uld have been defeated, the Ori take their place. A band of Ascended beings (my guess: probably NOT humans), they use religion to subvert their followers, using their "Life-force" to help them break the Alteraan/Atlantian stronghold on the ascended realm.
  • Cool

    the shows great but their all single like Jack & Sam have great protanal so does Vala & Daniel, I understand Teal'c becouse he's a Jaffar but the anther. Ok. The goa'uld there not all died so why aren't they attck earth like now whould be the best time bcouse the S.G.C is buesy with the ori like the get to have there cake and eat it to. the new charters are ok but carmon is so it's all about me and in the new season Sam haredly in it and she's the coolest ever like who whouldn't like her. and Daniel is hot in a geeky way. but all to gether there cool but i still can't stand Carmon.
  • 10 seasons do i need to say anything.........

    Stargate SG1 is a quality show that will never fade from the minds of the fans who have spent the last 10 years consumed in the world known as the Stargate Universe, I have watched Stargate SG1 from the start all thoes years ago lol and i have eagerly awaited each season knowing that i would not be dissapionted, a cast that work like a well oiled machine have helped Stargate become the hit it is today this and the stunning visuals that the show produces makes you salavate with anticipation,
    the story lines are great with plenty of story arcs and sub plots to keep any viewer happy, this is a show i strongley recomend
  • Stargate is about a team of people who travel to different galaxies which they have activated to find a way to deal with the threat that looms over earth. They are an elite group that travels the galaxy to find a way how to face the threat...

    Stargate is a series that can captivate you for hours at ends. Its something that tells you how life was lived in the past. This can broaden you horizon about getting to know someone before you judge them. Well Stargate is something that I am really into it at the moment, but this is not why I love watching Stargate. Its something that you know could last for ages and this is why I love it so much it’s so open, you never will know when or what will happen on their next adventure and this is what really draws me into the series.
  • Unoriginal sci-fi junk most of the time, with flashes of inspiration.

    Not being a big fan of the movie, I probably wouldn't have given this show much of a chance if my friend from high school hadn't bought me the first season and claimed it was the best show on TV.

    Well, the first season was awful. I'm not sure why I didn't stop watching, the stories were painfully generic, the "humor" terribly forced, the villains extraordinarily dull, and no relatable humanity to speak of from our four heroes.

    But I did continue, and amidst the dumb storylines there was the periodic inspired, creative episode that made me think there was something more than mediocrity in this show.

    Seasons 5 and 6 had some stronger storylines, and I was thrilled when Daniel Jackson left for a little while.

    Season 9 brought Ben Browder, whom I loved in Farscape, which did bring a bit of fresh air to the stale cast. However, this coincided with the new villains, the Ori. So, you finish off the Go'auld, and your next bad guys are more dudes who enslave people by convincing them they are gods?!? Are you kidding me? Is this really a big current day issue, is that why they are really trying to drive it home? Lots of dictators pretending to be Anubis or whatever? Fracking ridiculous.

    Anyway, Ben and Claudia bring me some chuckles now and then, but I feel duped by them into being violated by this terrible show every week.
  • Will miss this...

    I will really miss this show. Sadly being cancelled after this season is over. I have watched this show from the beginning. Characters have come and gone, but still the show is interesting, action packed, and very funny. One of my favorite episodes is number 200 with the reference to the Farscape sceen (funny inside joke for fans of both shows). It seems like the stargate crew find new enemies (as fast as they get rid of the old ones). But if you love scifi and are looking for a program with the whole package. Definately buy the DVD's, you won't be sorry.
  • After spending a long time not watching the show, I fell in love with it, now I'm sad to see it go.

    Let me make it clear, I was a HUGE fan of Stargate the film, for a long time the film became a passion, so when the show came along, I didn't even want to watch it, believeing that it couldn't live up to the film. It wasn't until 2001 that I sat down and watched an episode and slowly, bit by bit I was hooked.
    For one thing, SG-1 really did help to see how great sci-fi is, I enjoyed the characters and the stories but above all I loved the writing and the humor.
    Now that show is in it's last ever season, I'm sad to see it go, story-wise, the show went downhill season 9 but the humor and charcters are still great. I've enjoyed the last 5 years watching SG-1 and I think that most sci-fi shows will have a hard time filling in the void that the show will leave next year.
  • stargate has a great storyline that can continue as long as star trek but is more related to the present then the future

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  • THE best Sci-Fi show on tv right now. The characters have become part of our families, the storylines part of our memories.

    Since the first season of Stargate SG-1 I've been totally hooked, the storylines are deep and envolving, the characters are "real". I like to think of SG-1 as a body, one unit, you had Jack now have Cam Mitchell who is the heroic's, Teal'c who is the muscle, Sam Carter who is the brains, and Daniel who is the heart of it all. Since season 9 we've also had Vala who plays alongside Daniel's character perfectly. There is a deep mythologic aspect to this show, a lot of the episodes are based around old myth's some of which get so deep they span multiple seasons. The show wrapped up neatly at season eight's finale, however the show has been continued two seasons more and I have to put in a good word for them. I totally love the new storylines of Camelot, the Ori, and the jokes Daniel and Vala share, check out the latest seasons even if you hated the first 8, in my opinion it's changed dramatically, you might like it!
  • Stargate SG-1 is my all time favourite show because the stories and characterisations are second to none.

    I started watching Stargate SG-1 because I loved the movie. From the first episode I realised that this was going to be must see TV and I was right. The mythology that started with the movie was expanded on and I admit I watch this show mainly for the mythology. I think the concepts are intriguing. I’ve always loved the idea of the Atlantis myth and the stories in Stargate play up to my fantasies nicely. The stories are filled with humour and action which is a great combination to have in a show. Even the character driven episodes are well written and I like the chemistry between the characters and their motto that they never leave a man behind. My favourite character has always been Jack O’Neill and I prefer Richard Dean Anderson’s portrayal to Kurt Russell’s treatment of the role. Saying that I still enjoyed the “Jack Lite” episodes simply because the stories are well written and SG1 is made up of more than one member. Plus the mythology still progresses even if O’Neil’s not about as evidenced from season nine onwards. There are still great stories and the new guy managed to get the band back together in time for new adventures. Despite the introduction of new cast members the show hasn’t missed a beat as far as I’m concerned. That could be because I didn’t sit around mourning the break up of the old team. Although RDA has left; the Stargate universe is still there waiting to be explored. As long as the stories continue to intrigue and excite this will always be my all time favourite sci-fi show.
  • Okay.first things first.SG 1's ratings might have been down.but not enough for them to cancel it..

    Stargate sg1 was reaching the point that all shows reach after they have been on for a long time. Alot of money gets spent thats not shown. because the actors get more popular. the show was simply costing too much for the network to keep giving them money that nobody saw anything out of. the ratings were down badly, but not enough for the network to can it.i just hope the producers figure out something too bring my favourite show back in one form or another.i love SG1 and to me there is no better show in the world. later.
  • The 2nd best show on TV just now, Atlantis has overtaken it in my opinion.

    I have loved SG1 since the beginning but in recent weeks I have begun to enjoy Atlantis more. The one question I nned an answer for is, why the long mid-season break? Next year before any new stargate episodes, it\'s just not right.

    SG1 has long been the big boy on the sci-fi channel but in my opinion the show started going when Richard Dean Anderson left, they got some strong cast members in to pad out the team but it was just not the same. I think the decision to make this season the last is the right one, its best for a show to go out on top rather than trying to chase its glory days. I will personally miss SG1 but I think Atlantis is fast becoming a better show.
  • Fantastic, simply fantastic!

    This show represents sci-fi at its very best. Not just because of the top notch special effects, but also filled with plot and storylines that are actually based on science (most of the time). It also draws into world history for a smart combination of a science/history plot. The characters fill all the cliché aspects (in a good way) of an action show that draws viewers. Jack, when he was till full time, is the hero/comic relief with constant witty remarks (in broad face of danger). Daniel covers the overly smart bookworm that is still pulls off good looks (more in the recent seasons). Sam is the strong, pretty, smart female that recites all the techno-babble (and of course is attached to the main character Jack). And Teal’c is the brute force, powerful guy (strong and silent… mostly). I must admit that new characters usually ruin shows for me, but the Stargate additions were still good. Cameron is the not-as-smart-as-the-rest/wise cracker/hero. And Vala is the new vixen ex-criminal that makes Daniels part way funnier. Stargate SG-1 has the best villains, heroes, plots, and humor desired in a science fiction show. Bottom line (in old prospector\'s terms) it’s a real hoot.
  • A show not only geeks and nerds and brains can enjoy

    I am not what you would call a typical Si-Fi fave I am just a girl who was bed riden for two weeks and decided to rade my Brothers dvds after i re-watch gilmore girls and one tree hill for like the tenth time. I would have to say I was really suprised on how much I enjoyed Stargate.
    The idea and the storyline is something that you can really get into without being able to perdict what would happen. My only complaint is that there are eps that you don't have to watch and I did fast forward through them some but all and all the show makes me laugh with some good wit and provacation I love Marshell he's hot but i do miss jack cos he was funny I love dan and tecl cos there just great but not big on sam cos she nothing to get. I know these is just the view oh a tv bim but i have to say if i a call who watched buffy for 7 year liked it anyone who likes a bit of history and a bit of si-fi and a bit of fun will like it.
  • Another good show getting screwed by a network

    Stargate SG1 is the best Sci-fi show I have ever seen. They get better every season and just because the rating system they use says they aren't as high as usually their going to pull the plug right away. Seems like a really stupid thing to do. I have been watching Stargate since the movie first came out and I think this will be a real lose for the people and for the network the only other good shows Sci Fi have are Stargate Atlantis and Eureka. Maybe its me but if you only have a few good things going for you why would you drop one.
  • The SG-1 team travels through the universe and meet different cultures and peoples that help them with the threat that is the Gou'ald.

    I must say that the show contains really good SciFi action in it while maintaining a good portion of drama and politics that restrain the team from doing their job. This brings about a certain comedic side quirks. Richard Dean Anderson brings a performance that is worth praise due to his personality and acting in the series. MacGyver brought him to a similar character role that showed him to be funny, dramatic, and likeable, all in one. The supporting cast is also fantastic, Teal'c is a character that quite frankly I believe is able to bring justice to black people, not only as an actor, but also as a representative of black people and their tragic past history. The writing is exceptional and it brings forth a certain credibility to the show itself. You wouldn't think that the show is actually fake. It's funny. dramatic, and fantasticly loaded with with SciFi adventure and action. Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping are also fantastic in their roles. Amanda brings every scientific term to reality, even though you know that they are fake. Michael Shanks "reads" all of the ancients' languages. The politics create new places and new situations that place the cast in great adventures for everyone to enjoy. Check it out, it's cool... Peace/Ciao
  • I'm still a fan of the show, but lets face it - SG1 should have ended when Richard Dean Anderson left the show.

    I can't accept the new O'Neil wannabe. He's had two seasons but he's still not developed a personality. I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before. Ah yes.... it was that dire Muppets In Space sort of show : Farscape.

    The show's producers also seem to have lost faith in the show. Both the budget, and writing talent, from the SG1 that we knew and loved seems to have moved onto Stargate Atlantis.

    Am I alone in thinking that Atlantis is now the much better show?

    Let's hope that when SG1 ends Sam and Daniel move over to Atlantis.

    One other thought : when SG1 ends will anyone remain in the SGC to open the iris if the crew of Atlantis need to gate back to Earth?
  • SciFi-channel: Don't stop the show!!! This is just as stupid as the neglection of the Beatles!

    I just read the news. No more SG-1! I can't believe it. 2 million viewers every episode in US alone! And add the rest of the world to that, and syndications and all.

    Why don't you want to keep the show running? Do you really think you have much more to offer? If SciFi-channel stops the show, I will never watch your stupid channel again, except for Stargate Atlantis. But SG-1 is the best!

    Everyone who reads this and agrees, please, continue to write your opinions here. Let the companies know what we want!

    By the way, this is supposed to be a review, so I must say something about the show: "It's the best!"

    Thanks for reading
  • Stargate SG-1 is the longest running Sci-Fi show, and for a good reason; over the years it has proved its worth as a long-running series.

    Stargate started airing before I even hit double digits in age. I grew up watching Stargate, and I love it. Over the years, I have grown to fall in love with this series. I always have appreciated this show and its writers for their integrity. So many tv series have turned themselves into soap operas, but Stargate never has. It has managed to introduce drama, emotional connections, action, political issues, and many other things over the years without ever compromising. That is what truly makes Stargate a show to be watched. Stargate is the largest running Sci-Fi in television history. I have no doubts as to why. If only all shows could be this unforgettable and lasting.
  • By far the best TV program of all time, after Futurama.

    I've watched the film about a hundred times, and must have watched each episode about ten times. I love this programme and find it horrific that the producers have cancelled it. This show is epic, and with the advancing of time Earth procures new technologies which means there is no end to possible storylines for at least a few more years. I almost lost my faith in TV when it got cancelled but I have decided to appreciate what episodes remain even more, and I hope that the executives will realise the error of their ways and bring it back. All of the people in it are brilliant, even poeple like Sgt. Siler. The show is what it is because of the people in it, not just the storylines. The chemistry between the actors and actresses is only matched in Stargate Atlantis, and Futurama. As sad as it may sound, Stargate helped make me who I am.
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