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  • Continuing the storyline set in the movie, SG-1 follows O'Neill, Jackson, Carter, Teal'c and now Mitchell and Vala as they explore the galaxy and battle the parasitic Gould, Replicators, and the Ori.

    Wonderful and fun. This show takes science fiction foward with its beautiful FX, intricate plots, and fascinating characters.

    The developement of the charactes and the plots over the past 10 years are astounding in that it continually reinvents itself. Also the fact that each season is better than the last helps this show to grow. O'Neill becomes much more sympathetic than his movie counterpart, Jackson is much more decisive and forceful, and the introduction of the new characters over the years helps distinguish this series from the movie. But what has made this series, unlike its spinoff Atlantis, is the intricate compexity of the lore that it creates. The Ancients, the Ori, the Replicators, the Ascended Ancients, the Asgard, the brief appearances of the Nox, the mystery of the Furlings... all of this creates the credibility of the franchise. It is almost so intricate and developed that it seems that the creators of the show merely brought a camera on real missions through a real stargate. This show is a sentinel among not only SciFi TV, but all of TV and entertainment.

    Hopefully the cancellation of this wonderful show is premature and that someone decides to go foward to season 11.
  • On a special mission to distant Planet Abydos, retired army hero Colonel Jack O'Neill is reunited with a scientist with a controversial and dangerous discovery: a map of the galaxy's various "Stargates," or portals through which travel is possible.

    Let’s take a Movie that was not to well received, and make it into a lower budgeted TV show. Odd thing is, it worked. The TV Show surpasses the Movie on almost every level. The stories are far better, and don’t put you to sleep. The actors don’t take themselves so seriously that they seem lost in the plot lines. And the costumes.....OK, the movie wins that one, SG1 get’s the left overs from Dr. Who sometimes. Who would have ever thought that Richard Dean Anderson would cut the Mullet and pull off another cool character. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the Movie, but it couldn’t make up it’s mind to be a really heavy movie, or really light hearted. The TV Show has the advantage of going one way for one episode, and then going the other for a different episode. I will admit though, the first season, I almost stopped watching. One of the coolest things in the Movie was the unmasking of Ra’s guards. The Animated metal head closing into a small collar, very cool. Then the TV Show, I see the Giant Snake Heads that the Jaffa are wearing, and when the open them......well do you remember that Tom & Jerry cartoon when Tom was sticking his head out of a Tuba.....kinda like that. I have no idea how they got me back for season 2. But honestly the is one of the best “lighthearted” sci-fi shows on TV right now. If you haven’t watched it, you should try to catch for a couple of weeks.
  • i just don't like it

    I don't know what it is about stargate but i just don't like it. I really enjoyed the movie and i've tried to get into the series a few times but i just can't. Im aware the show has a huge following which means it must be doing something right but it just doesn't appeal to me. I feel the characters are somewhat one dimensional, the story lines are poorley thought out and the whole show has a feeling of deja vu. Like even if its a new episode im like "havn't i seen this one before". It shocks me that this show has ten seasons and yet one of my favorite ever shows, "Firefly", can't get two
  • Stargate sg1 is a great program, its about a team of four going through an ancient portal and fighting formidable enemies such as the Goa'uld and the Ori.

    It's not just the storyline that makes stargate sg1 such a popular sci fi program, there is also the great acting from the four main characters, amazing specail effects make up the show from great space battles to planets being engulfed by a sun which has gone supernova.

    The amount of enemies the sargate sg1 team face has a big part to play in why this show is so popular, in a lot of sci fi shows the main characters face really only one enemy but in sg1 they fight many enemies like the Goa'uld, the ori and the replicators, but they are only the main enemies sg1 aslo have to deal with trouble on most planets they visit.
  • Stargate rocks my galaxy for 10 seasons! Bring it back!

    I have been a loyal fan since 2002 And I watched all of the previous seasons on DVD. I love the exploration of other worlds. It kind of makes me think if we could ever do some thing like that in real life. I can only wish. Who knows, mabye there is something we just don't know about, or that is highly classified. I wish the show would be broadcast on an HD channel though. This is a show that was meant for HD programming. Perhaps the CW should pickup the series, I mean they already have scifi shows like Smallville, and Supernatural, why not Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. I bet more people would watch the show if it were in HD. All in all...Great series.
  • whats this about killing of the show? my favourite show EVER!

    okay, so they might be cancelling the show ...
    WHATEVER FOR??? everyone LOVES it ...

    this is the best show on tv. includes every genre, and includes some wonderful characters. my favourite would have to be the introduction of Vala. no one can match up to her wit and humour, and she has just got the best style. and teal'c, oh what a fella, he's just so wonderful, and masculine ...

    daniel, such a smart character, he looks so intelligent with the glasses, he really has it all going for him, and mitchell, what a legend, in a legue of his own, i love his sense of humour too, like Vala, only they are in legeus of their own (as i said) ...

    and samantha ... just what you need to make it all fit together marvolously ... they are the perfect group!
  • I already loved Richard Dean Anderson and now I love "Stargate SG-1"

    For the first few seasons I didn't or rather couldn't watch "Stargate SG-1" because my dad doesn't have showtime. But I have seasons 1-8 on dvd and have watched every episode, some of them two or three times.
    After SG-1 had been on the Sci-fi channel for maybe a year I started to watch it. I kept flipping past it, telling myself that I should watch it to see what it was all about. Finally I did and I'm not disappointed. I started watching the show because of Anderson, but I quickly fell in love with every character and now I can't stop watching it.
    I've read on this site that season 10 is going to be the last, but I hope I've heard wrong. I guess I wouldn't be surprised because so many great shows don't even last this long. Even if this is the last season, I'm glad that I was able to enjoy the series as much as I have and I hope the spinoff Atlantis continues!
  • Who needs a spaceship when you have a STARGATE!!!

    Of all the SCI-FI series I know and watch, SG-1 have, by far, the best plot, the best cast, the most original characters and universe that rivals the complexity and dept of the Startrek universe without being as boringly predictable. The storyline is very clever and, at the same time, manages to “torpedo” most of the usual Sci-Fi cliché you would find in the other Sci-Fi series. One little glitch, in the SG-1 universe almost everyone is able to instantly talk and understand the crew of SG-1 without the need of a “universal translator”. But who cares...

    I miss the character Jack O'Neill (R.D. Anderson) a lot. I think he was the most important character in the series and the one responsible for launching most of those “torpedoes”… The new guys are starting to grow on me but they are not yet a good enough substitute for the characters O’Neill and Hammond.
  • The 200th episode seemed hastily written and rushed.

    On the other hand, several of the scenes were also laugh-out-loud funny. It could have been a lot better, but still worth a viewing. The star trek parody was particularly funny "The singularity is about to explode" and "can you reverse the polarity?"

    Stargate was an amazing series for 5 seasons but the quality of writing has been really hit or miss for the next 5. Its not the fault of the actors who are excellent. But the writers seem tired. The Auri (sp) and Ascended seem like a re-write of the good and evil "prophets" in Deep Space 9 with a terribly similar plot-line too. Atlantis is faring even worse after a few seasons, with the episodes often coming across as a rehash of an episode from an earlier season of Stargate. Its time for these shows to end sadly.
  • A great show based on the idea of being under the threat of constant alien attack.

    The Stargate, a artificial wormhole that can send you to almost any planet in the universe. Stargate is the absolute best alien sci-fi show that has ever come into existence. There is something special about this specific series. Unlike other series where people are attacked by the same threat the entire time, Stargate SG-1 is a great series that has way of changing up the scenario every once in a while. One episode it is the replicators the next it is the Ori any way you cut it, this the most diverse and best programming on television today. Too bad the score only goes to ten because if it would be higher if they would let me.
  • In 1928, the Stargate was discovered at a dig in Giza, Egypt. Tests were done on it in 1945. Now, in 2006, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell leads SG-1 through the giant ring to other planets to find a way to stop the Ori from wiping out the galaxy!

    The is my 2nd favorite show, behind Naruto. I started watching it at the 3nd of the 6th season. I also watched repeats of it every monday. When I first saw the repeats, then watched the new episodes in season 6, I was like "Where did Daniel go?!" and my dad told me that he died. I cried for a long time, becuase he was my favorite character. But when he came back next season I was so happy. Kinda like Joe on the Season 8 episode "Citizen Joe". Anyway, the idea of walking through an unstable event horizon of a wormhole and ending up thousands of light years away was one of the reasons that I love this show. The plot just astounds me to no end. This show just gets better every year. I can't wait to watch episode 200 tonight! It's gonna be soooo cool!!
  • 10 seasons and counting!

    I have watched every SG1's episodes at least twice, sometimes more. I just can't get enough of this series.
    I like the science, the fiction, the science-fiction, the characters and the stories, I like the humour and the morals hidden behind, I like Amanda Tapping, who actually understands what she's talking about, I like the "leader" role (Richard D. Anderson and later Ben Browder) for his "It's the right thing to do" motto, I like... I don't think there's anything I don't like in that show.
    I was able to go to the french convention last year, and Oh, My, the DeLuise brothers are crazy. No wonder this show is great! The actors we met seems to have fun working together, they had hilarious stories to tell us, and they really looked like they were touched by the ferver we fans have.
    It's one show I can't get enough of. I think in 15 years, I'll watch my old dvds, mutter about the 90's and millenia fashion, totally out-dated then, and sigh over Window of Opportunity, cry over Divide and Conquer, laugh my head off at Wormhole X-Treme, and never fully understand what the h... Carter is talking about.
  • "Greetings".. Stargate is one of the better science fiction shows because it has everything you expect of this kind of shows. Personally speaking, I like it very much and I hope you like it too!

    What do you expect of a science fiction show? Well, Stargate fill all your expectations. It has travels to other worlds through the Stargate and spaceships too! The bad guys are perfect to be the bad ones. I'm talking of the Goul'd. And what about the heroes? They are wonderfull! Each one has something special that make you like them!
    All in all, the show has everything. Good stories, amazing special efects of battles, some funny scenes (with the great Jack O'Neil) and some romantic scenes too!

    Well, that just my point of view and if you happen to read this review I would recomend you to watch the programme.

    I apologize for my "no so good English", but Im from Argentina and here we speak spanish.
  • What if we could travel to other star systems? This show is about just that and what we would do.

    Great show what science fiction should be: Speculation about other life and planets. Would the government keep the knowledge from us or would be told? Would we want to know? The show has action and adventure combined with science. The characters are wonderful and not perfect, but real. The villains are wonderful and capable of being on the side of the heroes, which means they are not perfect either. There is an element of fantasy, but this is a still a TV show. This show continues to be wonderful even with the loss of characters or characters being put on a back burner. The show does not depend on any one actor/character to carry the show. Great acting + great writing = great show.
  • My all time favorite!!!!!!!!

    This show is the best scifi show ever and keeps getting better, although I wish they would bring back my O'Neil. I love the characters, both old and new, but my favorite is Samantha Carter. What woman alive wouldn't love a show that has a woman as the smartest person on Earth. I love the way the show uses mythical gods and goddesses in the story line, especially the Egyptian gods. I am looking forward to the rest of the new season and the 200th episode. This show is a real diamond in the rough, I recommend it to anyone who loves scifi.
  • What can I say? Best. Show. Ever.

    Really, what can I say? This show has everything. It's not just about Sci-Fi anymore. This show brings to us a variety of Sci-Fi, drama, comedy, amazing writers, and amazing actors and actresses.
    I'm not the first to say it, but the cast really does make the show. They all work so wonderfully together and it really adds to the show what it really needs.
    But where would the show be without the writers? The writers of this show have continued to come up with new ideas for 10 years now and I must say, that's got to be hard to do.
    So basicly, Stargate SG-1 has a blend of great characters, actors and actresses who portray them, wonderful writers, and amazing storylines that have kept us at the edge of out seats for 10 years.
  • Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy...

    As far as I can remember, SG command has been undersieged a number of times over the 10 seasons. I can understand that each time they are dealing with covert enemies. But 10x04 appears to be a pointless episode to me. Sure, I can understand the writers need to lay the mine for a potential Baal surprise, to infuse variety, to create a plot devise for the Gould's role in the on-going war with Ori - but this is such a lame episode! Even the humour couldn't save this one from its pointlessness.

    A Gould complication in the Ori war is a welcome plot line - but I think there are better ways to do this than what they have done for 10x04. What a waste really, they could've done a clever story to introduce this complication.

    It is always good to see Barret - he would have made a good addition to the number of guest roles (like Woolsey, Walter) existing. This episode cast a shadow upon the character. I wonder whether he was also infested!?

    A pointless effort especially after the classic The Pegasus Project!
  • Stargate is the best show ever this was probably the best episode of stargate i have ever seen.

    Stargate is the best show ever this was probably the best episode of stargate i have ever seen i hope it never ends if it does they will somehow finish both shows together which will bloody awesome i will never stop watching, stargate rules for life i cant wait to watch the next episode
  • A different kind of Stargate from the original Kurt Rusell hit, but a good one.

    The reason why I wanted to see this show because Richard Dean Anderson starred in it. I really loved his character in Macgyver. Sadly he left during season 8 for personal reasons, but the show went on. I think the show is going well, the show looks different without macgyver, but it's the same old SG-1 only with new characters. It's a pretty good show. It brings the audience to different plot possibilities that weren't explored in the roland emmerich movie. The show feels different from the movie that starred Kurt Russel and James Spader, the plot is set as a continuation of the movie, but it feels more like its a semi sequel. the show is a story of its own. So much adventures happen every week, it's kinda like star trek but different. overall, it's a good show.
  • This show is my homework!! I love it that much!

    I have been watching Stargate SG-1 since seson seven came out. I instantly fell in love with the characters and their unique interaction with each other. Although Daniel Jackson is my favorite character, I love every aspect of the SG-1 team. I also find the show easy to relate to, because to time frame is parallel to our own, and not set in the future. The plot lines are excellent because they tend to mix seriosness with light humor. I would recommend this show to anyone who needs a good laugh or is in search of a tv show to become obsessed with. I would definatly call this show addictive!
  • The cast makes the show a success.

    Stargate SG-1 is a wonderful blend of science fiction and the modern world. Unlike many Sci-Fi shows which take place far in the future, SG-1 takes place today and it is only through the stumbling upon an alien device that they were ever able to travel to the stars.

    Richard Dean Anderson is most likely the reason the show was a success. His humor and wit brought life to the other characters around him so that the audience would accept them as easily as they do him. He brings a different flavor to the character of Colonel Jack O'Neill than what Kurt Russell portrayed in the feature film. This Jack likes to smile and joke and avoids at all cost thinking about the darkness in his own past.

    Amanda Tapping was perfect for the role of Sam Carter. A woman who is strong yet vulnerable and does not come across as gun-ho. She can hold herself among men without acting like one. Her tender heart and caring for those around her adds to her charm and warmth and her technical skills are invaluable to the team.

    Michael Shanks portrayed the role of Dr. Jackson nearly identical to the way James Spader played him in the feature film. A lovable geek, Daniel truly began to shed away his geek image during the series, cutting his hair and building up some muscles, to become not just an archealogist and linguist, but a capable fighter as well. Yet he is, as he always has been, the heart of the show.

    Christopher Judge was the best possible choice for Teal'c. Physically strong and formidable, watching his character loosen up over the seasons has been a pleasure. His quiet sence of humor has always been enjoyable to watch as sometimes all he has to do is cock that one eyebrow up.

    Corin Nemec's Jonas Quinn is perhaps the most underrated character of the show. Taking over in Daniel's place for a season, he was truly an enjoyable and delightful character to watch. He was young and eager for adventure, adding an element never before seen on the team. It is a shame that they did not keep him on after that one season because he was truly a great asset to the team.

    Ben Browder's Cameron Mitchell is a bit rough around the edges, but slowly he is starting to feel like he belongs with the team. His strength is when he's serious, his humor seems a little slow though.

    General Hammond was the best general ever for Stargate, be in the film or tv series. With both strength and caring, Don Davis was perfect for the part.

    Beau Bridges strength is in his fame and established identity with fans from his other works. A good actor, his introduction as General Landry was a little shaky given the show was given a good shake-up when the powers that be decided to cast two new leaders for the show, a General to lead the SGC and a Colonel to lead SG-1. But like with Cameron Mitchell, Hank Landry is slowly starting to feel like he belongs.

    The show would not be nearly as successful as it is without the excellent cast of the show. Together as team, they truly are the best cast on television.
  • It just sucks you in to it\\\'s world.

    Over the years I had heard that Stargate SG-1 was an amazing show. I didn\\\'t believe it because the few episodes I had seen were not very good and I didn\\\'t really understand the whole deal with Teal\\\'c. I also thought it looked sort of low budget.
    Now that I have had the chance to watch it from the very beginning up to the middle of season 3 so far, I have changed my mind. The stories are very good and entertaining. The character development does not leave me wanting. The dialogue could be a bit better, but overall it is pretty good. Many times I have felt an emotional response to what is happening to the characters. One of the great things about this show is that there are so many episodes and seasons now that, if you don\\\'t enjoy a few episodes, there are plenty more that are very enjoyable. I really like the way the cultures on the different planets are mostly human that are in different stages of development and are similar to the human development on Earth. The people SG-1 encounter on each planet are very interesting and diverse. I am actually glad it has taken me this long to realize what a great show this is because now I have so many episodes to watch before I have to wait for more to be made. I know that when I finally catch up, I will be aching for the next episode to air on television.
  • This show is about the United States finding a portal to other worlds. They send teams of military personnel to diffrent worlds, times, and dimensions. They encounter, and battle, diffrent races, all which seem to emulate an ancienct earth culture...

    This show is a prime example of what works. It is already in it's 10th season and still going strong. Every week it makes you want to take off work, stay at home, and curl up on the couch to see what adventures the SG-1 team partakes. From battling alien overlords to saving populations; they do it all.

    One strong point of this show is that there are countless plot lines that they can pursue. With virutally millions of worlds , and an equal amount of undiscovered races, there is plenty to explore.

    The show mixes a nice blend of sci-fi, adventure, and comedy.

    The only bad thing about this show would be its plot holes. This show, in my opinion, has a habit of leaving plot holes. WE can all do without those, right?

    This is a great show to pick up, if you don't already watch it. And with 10 seasons behind it, you will have plenty to watch and enjoy.

    this has to be the greatest show in existance!!! the interaction between the characters is a huge part of what makes the show. the humour, the drama, and the wackiness is what makes up the rest. i'm not quite sure who my favourite caracter, they are ALL great. even kinsey. sam and jack need to come clean about their feelings though and now that jack is retired... so they can't bring him out of retirement AGAIN. that would not be fair to anyone. they should bring him back as a consultant or something. i can't wait to see the new episodes to see what he is doing there. it seems obvious there is something going on with sam and jack but they won't show or say anything to the audience. i hope they don't keep doing that.
  • Stargate is always been one of my many favorite science fiction shows to watch on a weekly basis.

    As time progressed I have watched ity evolve into the great series that i always new it As time progressed I have watched ity evolve into the great series that i always new it would become. Sometimes as i set and watch begin to ponder what the world would be like if wormholes were truly common place. The concept of space trave l is one that most people have pondered for generations the concept of traveling to another place beyond the scope of our own imaginations. Life is at times greatly underestimated just for living on planet Earth. the possibilities are endless if people would just open their closed minds and believe in what if truly possible.
  • Best show ever! Including non-sci fi.

    I just can't get enough of this show!

    I can't beleive we are already into the 10th season. It just keeps getting better and I'm dreading that this might be the last season.

    There is so much humour in this show, that seems so natural. Richard Dean Anderson and Micheal Shanks seems to be able to deliver their comedy soo... natural... for lack of a better word at the moment.

    It's not over technical to the point of confusing you like Star Trek can do at times. YOu can understand what they are talking about most of the time. And I just love how so much of it is based on Earth Mythology.

    Definately the best sci fi out there.

    I was dissapointed to hear that RDA would be leaving the show, since he is definately the funnyest guy there. But I was willing to keep watching to see how the new guys would turn out, and I am warming up to them. THe writing for this show is still awesome.
  • Stargate is always been one of my many favorite science fiction shows to watch on a weekly basis. As time progressed I have watched ity evolve into the great series that i always new it

    As time progressed I have watched ity evolve into the great series that i always new it would become. Sometimes as i set and watch begin to ponder what the world would be like if wormholes were truly common place. The concept of space trave l is one that most people have pondered for generations the concept of traveling to another place beyond the scope of our own imaginations. Life is at times greatly underestimated just for living on planet Earth. the possibilities are endless if people would just open their closed minds and believe in what if truly possible
  • The most immersive show around....

    Stargate SG-1 is absolutely fabulous. The show immerses you in this little world that they created and it doesn't let you go. I first saw Stargate SG-1 four years ago during their Monday Night Marathons. I got into it so much that I totally forgot to do my homework for that night. After that I went to my local library to see if they have copies of the show and luckily they did. I watch the first four seasons during the weekends and parts of monday and tuesday. I got into it so much that I couldnt stop watching it. So if you haven't seen this show I strongly encourage you to do so. This is a great show that everyone show see
  • It was great when i was a kid, and it's great now. The characters change, but the show remains the same. Fantastic.

    Oh, i must've started watching this show when i was about 7 years old, Not including the movies which we had on tape. O'Neill was my hero, Daniel was a dork, Everybody thought Teal'c was a hottie (not me) and everybody was just waiting for Sam and Jack to FINALLY get together. Well, its been 9 seasons now, and its still one of my favourites. The characters changed, Daniel (Michael Shanks) left, Jonas (Corin Nemec, a personal favourite of mine) came and gone, O'Neill became general and left SG-1, Cameron Mitchell and Vala (Ben Browder and Claudia Black - Farscape stars) joined the crew, and i loved each and everyone of them. Stargate just has the ability to pick the best actors for their show, and Daniel definetly isnt a dork anymore. It gets better every season... But i HAVE lost count of how many times Anubis has come back to bite them. With the Gh'ould mostly gone now.. im curious where the Ori are going. We have just started season Nine here in Australia, and these brightly coloured fellows are intriguing. (and funny to look at. not recommended for people with epilepsy ;))
    They were going to stop at 7 season.. but they just HAD to beat x-files long running 9 seasons. And somehow its still going.. and still has a great big fat fan basis. Good luck veiwers, and writers... Im looking forward to what you can throw at us.
  • The most addictive show I know.

    Growing up in the back woods of Maine, we never had cable or any way to watch the searies as it aired. I was never able to watch Stargate SG-1, untill last year. Three of four years ago my brother inlaw let me barrow his Stargate season one. Since then I have went out and purchased all the seasons I can find. Now I am pashently waighting for Stargate SG-1 Season 9 And Stargate Atlantis Season 3. Stargate was allways my fav' Although I am likeing Atlantis more and more every time i watch it. But the show is getting better now that the priors have showed up.
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