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  • The most addictive show I know.

    Growing up in the back woods of Maine, we never had cable or any way to watch the searies as it aired. I was never able to watch Stargate SG-1, untill last year. Three of four years ago my brother inlaw let me barrow his Stargate season one. Since then I have went out and purchased all the seasons I can find. Now I am pashently waighting for Stargate SG-1 Season 9 And Stargate Atlantis Season 3. Stargate was allways my fav' Although I am likeing Atlantis more and more every time i watch it. But the show is getting better now that the priors have showed up.
  • This show is addictive!

    I watched the pilot episode of Stargate SG 1 when it was first aired.

    I hated it!

    I put this down to having seen the movie too many times, and I was annoyed at there being different actors.

    But a few months ago, my brother decided to lend me his SG 1 collection (seasons 1-7). So I sat down to watch them, not having seen the movie in many years.
    within just a couple of episodes I was hooked, and still am at the end of season 7.

    The best part by far is the interaction between the characters. Each has a very different personality and way of thinking, which gives them differing perspectives on any given situation.
    O'Neill is the intuitive one, Carter the intelligent one. Teal'c uses logic, and Daniel is knowledgeable. This combination of different perspectives allows them a lot of scope, and also helps to keep the show fresh.

    The supporting cast too are excellent. General Hammond, Bra'tac, Jacob and Mayborne especially stand out in my eyes, though there are very few characters I dislike.

    I'm very much looking forward to getting the season 8 box set next week!
  • Stargate SG-1 is an amazing show about a wormhole to differant worlds. The Airforce sends teams through it. SG-1 is the team the show is all about. They fight the bad guys and save the world, what else do you need? It also has interesting side lines.

    In the first season SG-1 was not to great. I kinda expected that, most series are not to good at first. It got really good after that though, at a time one of the best shows on television. It always had fantanstic story lines, and cool characters {even the side characters were cool}.
    But after that, in the last two seasons or so, it got much worse. The story lines are less then good, and the new characters are worse. What happended? The stories use to have happy endings {most of the time}and it was interesting to try and figure out how they would get out of a situation. Now, the stories end horribly and there's nothing to figure out.
    The character replacements aren't very good. I know Richard Dean Anderson left to spend time with his family, I understand that. Although, the show will still never be the same. Ben Browder does a pretty good job of Cameron Mitchell. However, it'll take a while for me to get use to him, afterall he replaced the best actor in television.
    General Hammond I didn't like at first, however he got much better. I thought it was terrible that you got rid of him. His replacement, Landry, I don't like at all.
    Dr. Fraiser was better than any side character on any show that I have ever watched, but Dr. Lam might be the worst. I happen to know that the actor that plays Lam is married to Michael Shanks, it would be interesting to see the two them get married on the show. I'm not entirely convinced that it would be a good idea, but it's a thought.
    There are some side line stories that you didn't follow through with, like Jack and Sam. Everybody knows that they're in love, even they do, they just don't want to admit it. Since Jack is hardly on anymore you should make him go back to retirement, then they could get married. It's going to get boring if you put it off any longer.
    The bad guys, the gould, were kinda of cool, you knew that they could be out smarted, it was fun to try to figure and out how it would be done this time. The Ori, however, are ascended beings, way to powerful for my taste. Much worse then the gould were.
    Vala is the worst character on Stargate, you better not make her a main character. She doesn't go with what Stargate is all about.
    Thats all I have say about this show, for now.
  • Stargate SG-1 is about a team of explorers that travel to other planets. They travel through what is called a stargate. It's a big round device that uses wormholes to travel between planets that have stargates(obviosly there is more than one).

    The Stargate is not known to the general public, and is run by the American Air force. The leader of the main team
    (SG-1),is Colonel Jack O'Neill. At least he was when the series first started out. Without him the show is just not any good. Most everyone who's seen the show loves Richard Dean Anderson's charecter(Jack O'Neill). He was especialy loved for his wisecracks and jokes. He will be missed.
    The other members are: Captian/Major/Colonel Samantha Carter(she got promoted alot), Docter(of archeology) Daniel Jackson, And Teal'c who plays an alien Jaffa who used to work for the badguy Apophis.
    General Hammond is also of note. He sent out Sg-1 on all it's missions and now he's not on the show anymore. The show just isn't the same with out him.
    The Gould(the main badguy alien race. They look like ugly snakes and can take complete control over a human body). The Gould were on Earth thousands of years ago. They posed as the Egyptians gods(and other soceity's as well like the chinnese god, You).
    The show was a perfect show for me when it first came out. My favorite tv shows were sci-fi, My hobby was archeology, and it starred my favorite actor - Richard Dean Anderson.
    The show was my favorite for years. Especialy when the show reached it's height during the end of the 3rd season, the 4th season, and the begining of the 5th season. It will start it's 10th season on July 14th 2006.
    From the 8th season on, the writing got worse and worse. I think there was only one really good epidode last season. Richard Dean Anderson left the show, and I knew it was going to be worse. Mainly, though, the writing just got worse. Even the last season that Jack O'Neill was on wasn't that good.
    When Jack O'Neill left they also got ride of General Hammond. And Janet Fraiser, the docter who was in many shows(who, by the way, I always thought should have been a main character). It was bad enough that O'Neill was gone, but take out two other beloved charecter's at the same time? I don't think so. They killed Fraiser. And I never think it's a good idea to kill a beloved chatecter. Peaple want to keep seeing them succeed in the world, not killed off(unless of course they bring them back to life like they did for Daniel). And with Hammond they promoted him. Hammond I used to think was an O.K. charecter, but not my favorite. But when he was suddenly gone it left a big gap that could not be filled.
    Of course they replaced all three charecters. But when you get rid of such good charecters you need to replace them with better charecters. I relize that is virtually impossible with Jack O'Neill, but I don't really even like the new guy. That is not the actor's fault, but the writer's. They made a new head guy for their spin-off series, that would have been really good on SG-1. They need him for the spin-off, so they needed to make a guy kind of like him(I would rather have two peaple almost alike then someone I don't like on the show). The new General and docter just don't have the good qualities that the old ones had. They need to change for the better or get new people(or in my opinion get the old ones back). I do think Janet Fraiser should come back and cowork along with the new doctor Lam.
    I'm going off on a limb here, but I also think Doctor Lam and Daniel Jackson should date and get married.(since I heard they were married in real life I thought it would be cool for them to get married on the show).
    And since we're on marriges when are Jack and Sam getting married? You can't wait forever you know.(in case you didn't know they've been in love since the first episode)
    While were on the subject of charecters, there's this new girl(Vala) that came on last season(2 seasons ago?). Who came up with her? She's the first character that's been made up that's really not a good charactor in any way(out of good guys). You need to get ride of Vala right away.
    One of the main reasons the last few seasons haven't been any good, was because the Gould are no longer the bad guy's. The Ori are to evil to be good badguys. The Gould were evil badguys because the show said they were. I'll take their word for it. The Ori look evil and the show shows you all their evil tasks. I don't want to see evil. I want to see the good guys beat the evil badguys. Like back when the show was still running strong.
    I liked the show better when the show would end and you'd be happier than before you watched it. Now most episodes don't even have a happy ending. What kind of a show is that?
    All in all, the show used to be good, but if they don't do somthing fast the show won't see it's 11th season(And I was hoping it would run 17 seasons, to be the longest running show ever).
  • An intelligent and engrossing sci-fi show.

    SG-1 Is a great show. Very enjoyable and sometimes allows my imagination to roam freely.

    I like shows I can think about instead of just watch...sometimes when I watch SG-1 it feels as though it's reality and what i've seen or experienced in my life ceases to exist. It's kind of like i'm not watching SG-1, I'm experiencing SG-1.

    One of the best sci-fi shows i've ever seen.
  • It's pretty good but it was a lot better.

    Well I have to say this show is starting to suck. Before when I missed a episode I was super mad and stayed up until the encore episode came on again. But now i really dont want to see it most of the time. Since they got rid of O'Neal I really didnt want to watch it. Its okay to add new characters but keep the old ones so you dont crap the show up. They are really making it a soap opera with all that character change ****. They should have just ended the show when they got rid of the Goa'uld. The show actually made more sense. Now with the stupid *** people advertising for the Ori( Sorry if I spelled that wrong) it has become worthless. They need to end this or bring back the original characters and bring back the Goa'uld and get this show back to normal. I bet all people who watch this show will probably agree these changes have made this show go to crap. Someone please help the editors make this show better so it will be watched a lot more and like a lot more than it is now.
  • I love this show. I miss RDA and Don Davis but I still find all of the characters interesting and the stories good.

    This is an excellent show for several reasons. The primary reason is that it doesn't take it's self too seriously. The characters are well developed and consistant. The characters are realistic even though the situations they are in are not.
    The interplay between the characters is often amusing and realistic. These people like each other and depend on each other without being overly sappy about it. They don't always agree and they have very different personalities but they also have an unbreakable bond that developes between people whose lives frequently depend on their team mates' actions.
    I miss the regular characters who have been transfered or killed off. At the same time the show it's self hasn't suffered from the loss. They keep turning out good programs.
  • After Daniel Jackson discovered how to operate an ancient device known as the Stargate, a world was created where we could instantly travel to other galaxies.Jack O' Neil leads a team comprising of Carter,Jackson and the alien warrior Teal'c as they aim t

    Absolutely brilliant, undeniably a masterpiece. What makes Stargate so enjoyable is not the outstanding writers or the spectacular concept, it is the characters relationship amongst each other.

    The chemistry that exists between the main characters is inspiring and the very reason that the show is able to capture the heart and emotion of million of viewers around the World.

    Highly recommended to anyone interested in watching quality produced television.

    Regards the Owl.
  • Great show but miss Richard Dean Anderson

    I love this show and it has not just action
    But also sci-fi, comedy, and also great acting and writing
    Richard Dean Anderson did find life outside of MacGyver after all as he plays the leader of the group
    Colonel Jack McNeil as he played him with being cool, calm, collected, but also has a heart and soul.
    Love Ben Browder but miss Richard as you know, the original is the original!
  • An old horse that\'s long past its prime, SG-1 should\'ve been cancelled two seasons ago.

    I loved SG-1. I really did. At one point it was the best thing on the TV and, in my opinion, the show was faultless. Not anymore.

    Since the end of season 7, after O\'Neill\'s promotion to General, I found myself tuning in less and less, with many of the story-lines just re-vamped versions from earlier seasons. As season 9 dawned I found myself wishing they\'d just cancel, as I found myself watching an enemy who were exactly the same as the former \'big-bad\' of the show, just with new faces and a new name. Even the introduction of Ben Browder wasn\'t enough to entice me back, as I found his performance unengaging - a far cry from that on Farscape.

    I hope season 10 will be better as Claudia Black, the only brilliant thing from season nine is returnuing, and will hopefully bring the spark back to this once brilliant show.
  • This show was always going to be great from the pilot episode

    This is my most loved show of all time as it has the right mixture of action, fantasy, emotion and comedy all rolled up in one show.
    SG1's greatness is shown by the fact it is the single longest running sci-fi program of all time.... yes that’s right longer than star trek and its sequels individually. I can also see it running for a few years more due to the new storyline of the seemingly indestructible Ori army and Baal's clones running around the galaxy and not to mention that due to the nature of the programme the ideas for plots are endless because every time they step through the gate is a entire new adventure.
  • After 9 years of full paced action, this show will never stop from providing pure entertainment!! Let it continue forever!!

    Stargate Sg1 has the right balance of action, drama, comedy and love. It is what you call a perfect show. From the moment it started with Children of the Gods, it has never relented on its fast pace and action. Its storylines are still as fluent and interesting as ever.

    After 8 years, the producers decided to set the show in a new direction and as much as i hated to say goodbye to Jack and the storyline surrounding the snakes, the Orii seem to be just as interesting or even more!!

    Now in its 10th season, the introduction of Claudia Black into the regular cast promises to lift the shows standards once more. I Hope that this show lives on forever, since it is the only program in a long time that listens to what the audience wants and sticks to it.
  • Should have made a movie sequel

    Even from the first episodes, I never liked SG-1. I have put a 3 here out of pity and because I loved the film a lot. I honestly was kind of hoping for a film sequel. This was a stupid move to make it for TV, hands down. I really hope this TV show gets cancelled soon. The introduction of Atlantis shows that the producers are desperate for Sci FI viewer ratings. After watching a few episodes I really have no idea of how to fix this show. The cool thing about the movie was the pryamids being build by aliens. However in the show now you have all sorts of aliens and you can't keep track, turns into a Star Trek problem. If they kept it down to Earth, literally. Then I think it might have worked, maybe.
  • While it started out as a cutting edge show, it has lost its lustor and is now turning into a bad reality show where the earthlings always save the day!!!

    Typical American centric show that, while has a great imagination, it is really lacking with character development and plot. If you have not watched it from the begining don\\\'t bother starting now. If you have watched it from the begining and still like it, then you will watch it. The spin off of Atlantis is much better but with the same type of plot and behind the scenes writers it will go downhill. It would be nice to see a season where lower humans actually lose a fight or two instead of being typically American and coming in at the last minute to save the day.
  • This is a truly great show. But Its started to loose quality and originality.

    This is a truly great show. But Its started to loose quality and originality. I have begun watching some old scifi shows and movies, that have become my new favorites, and its lead me to realize that Stargate Sg-1 lacks originality. Like Farscape. Not only did they take two stars, many the plots are very similar.
    Dont get me wrong, Its a great show, but I think it should end at season 10, before it gets overly cliche. After season 7 things just seemed to start to go rapidly downhill. You cant take a actor like Richard Dean Anderson out and expect the show to go on.
  • This fast pased outstanding show. It has drama, humor, hit of romance, education all in one show. What more could you ask for.

    This show is outstanding. It has everything that makes it a hit for me. Drama, humor, hint of romance, Richard Dean Anderson. It also shows us some of the military life. It also shows us that not all aliens are green with bug eyes. Just think about this maybe they have a Stargate and they are giving us a taste to see how the public handles it. After all star trek had things back then that we have now. Like hand held communicators now Cell phones. Hand held computers now laptops and Ipods. Something to think about. lol
  • Great

    I never watched a scifi show until I saw stargate. The reason I started watching stargate was because I liked the movie and macgyver. Turned out to be one of my all time favorite shows and led me to watch shows such as Firefly. I would suggest this show for anyone who wants to just lay back and get lost in a story.
  • its about this team representing the world fighting off evil mind-and-body controlling aliens called Goa'uld.

    I love everything about Stargate.the idea of havin the aliens that influences the Egyptian civilisation is a real kickass!whoever thought of that one? its total brilliance!tho im not happy about Jack being off the team, and Teal\'c with hair?he looks gorgeous being bald!and one of the underrated characters,Sam,why can\'t she lead the team after Jack got promoted?why do they have to bring an outsider(all right the Ltcol is not literally an outsider, but hell, sam\'s got all the brain and tactical skill after ten years being an SG-1!)to lead the team?havin two ltcols in one team is pure awkward
  • The series is about how the discovery of an ancient monument known as the 'Stargate.' This gate allows the people who go through it to travel to other worlds with Stargates on them. The show chronicles the adventures of the first team to go through the St

    Stargate SG-1 is definitely the equal best TV series ever created. It's a great balance between sci-fi, action, adventure and comedy. The storyline just keeps on evolving and getting better all the time. It's the best sci-fi show along with ST: Enterprise and its spin-off Atlantis is great also and in the future will probably reach the heights of SG-1.

    There are a lot of great things about this show and character development and progression has been a key ingredient to its success. The way the characters have grown together and the way they all moved makes its believable because General Hammond goes up the ladder and so does Jack and Sam and in real life after serving the air force like they did you would expect their rank to increase and for them to move higher up the change. Also, the characters that come into the series for time to time are so well developed they can be regular cast members. Jonas (Corin Nemec) for example, was a superb character and I was sad to see him go. I hope his character makes more guest appearances. Even the stories of every new episode are still thrilling as ever and hopefully the series will continue for another 10 seasons!

    Note: 'Burns as goa'uld, it's the perfect analogy.'

  • Highly addictive show.

    This is perhaps one of the most addicting shows of all time. I only wish I had cable so I could watch it as it comes out, but alas, I'm forced to watch it in syndication. That's not too bad though. I stay up to 12:30am every Sunday night just to watch even if I should be sleeping. This is so addictive, I was almost late to my own wedding watching an episode. What makes this addictive? The story lines and the great Sci-Fi action and special effects. I also enjoy the fact that they aren't preoccupied learning a language every time they visit a new planet, which could take a long time each episode. Oh, and MacGyver is here too! In summary, it's a great show!
  • This show is so completely awesome! The characters are compelling and the story lines are engaging! The episodes draw you in and leave you completely hooked! The action-adventure and the back stories are thrilling and entrancing!

    I absolutely adore this show! I've only been watching it for a year now, but I've gotten completely caught up in it! I have all of the seasons out on DVD and puruse them regularly. The early seasons and the latests seasons have been the best in my opinion! The middle seasons, especially seasons 5 & 6, lost some of the spark and vitality so inclusive in the show! The later seasons, after Dr. Daniel Jackson came back especially, have returned that spark and vitality! I am looking forward to the 10th season with great anticipation!
  • Prison Break is an amazing show that hinges on one idea breaking out of prison.

    I love the show, with its wonderful characters and there incredible backstories, every episode is so incredibly gripping. How anyone could pass up watching the show is beyond me. I'm curious how this show really could outlast two-three seasons. I understand the first season - the actual prison break, and the second season - them on the run, and the third season - could be a continuation of the hiding from the police, but what might they do past three seasons. The show is an amazing drama, I would love for it to stay on the air for ten+ seasons, however I just don't see the sustainability.
  • A group of 4 brave adventurer's travel through the stargate to explore new planets and defend their own.

    This show started off amazing, went through some troubling casting changes but has come out of those still in amazing shape. If they brought be 10 more seasons of this show I would still watch it. I'll admit to being a little troubled when Richard Dean Anderson stopped being the leader of the little group, but they could not have done a better job in finding a hot replacement. I even loved the year of no Daniel (ducking for the thrown tomato) even though Daniel is one of my favorite characters. This show has everything from the comedy of Urgo to the drama of lost family to adventure and scifi every week. This is THE SHOW to watch on the SCI FI channel!!!
  • The greatest SCI FI show on television

    I love this show even though I do miss Richard Dean Anderson. It has evolved over the years and keeps getting better and better. Daniel Jackson is one of my favorite characters on the show. I hope Stargate lives for a few more years! I would hate to see it end after the upcoming 10th season.

    Claudia Black was a nice addition to the show. It was nice to see Ben Browder interact with her on this show.

  • Great Show!!

    What a great show, its been on for nearly 10 years and still keeps me watching. I was a little worried when they got rid of O'Neill but the show is still good. As usual they got us on a cliff hanger waiting for the new season that shows in July, it should be interesting to see how they defeat such a powerful enemy (Ori).
  • WTF? this is the gayest show...

    This is the gayest show i have ever seen!!! How the *ell do you people watch dis crap?!? I say this show is for people who love to stick d...nevermind. I know this aint exactly my category but dam*!! I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m all for anime but this *hit sucks! People wit stones glued to their head! wow!
  • Amazing series in many ways. One of very few shows good enough to run for a whole decade. Amazing special effects. Great writing, great stories, great acting. Truly a gift to the audience of science fiction fans.

    Every aspect of the show is amazing.

    The special effects are amazing. The most notable and frequently seen one is the opening of the stargate itself. It looks almost like a liquid is coming out of it. Since it is sideways though, that is impossible. It looks very cool.

    The set designs are great. The stargate looks very neat. Its concentric rings are covered with ancient symbols. Its appearance is very ancient. Yet the technology it holds is very powerful and more advanced than our own.

    The starships of the enemy are very neat too. An interesting juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern, they have ability to travel faster than the speed of light - yet some rooms are lit by torches.

    The enemy itself is terrific. They are evil symbiotic snake-sized worms that get inside a person and change their personality. This also makes them more powerful in some ways.

    Costumes and weapons are great. Like the stargate itself, the weapons of the enemy's servants are borrowed from the original "Stargate" movie. They are basically a staff that fires an energy bolt.

    The acting is very good too. It always seems very natural. Most of the characters have a wry sense of humor and the actors pull this off wonderfully. The jokes are very good and usually delivered with a perfect deadpan expression. Not at all yuck-yuck type stuff but pretty intelligent humor.

    Another unusual feature of the show is a real stroke of luck. It has managed to keep pretty much the same cast throughout its run.

    Without a doubt, this is one of the best science fiction television series ever made.
  • Stargate to most people seems to be going down hill, however, I actually like the way the team is structured now than it was before.

    I can understand why most people might thing that this show is going down hill fast. However, in conquerance with this, Ba'al, Morigann, and Bastet arn't gone their are still Goa'uld out their they haven't found. Plus I have heard that this show might start doing crossovers with Atlantis. That would really be interesting considering that Weir was originally before being assigned to Atlantis in command of the SGC.

    However, my feelings seem to go deeper than most, I actually like Vala in this show, remember, both she and Cameron's acters stared in Farscape together as well. This is the second show that they have co-stared in together.
  • Stick to the original idea.

    This used to be a great show. That is why I gave it a great rating. However, once "Jack" left and everyone else began to jump ship, it started to go under. I think if they had stuck with what they knew, it would still be good. It just will never be the same.
  • The StarGate Command searches to defend Earth from Intergalactic threats while seeking new technologies.

    An awesome change from all those regular space travelling tv shows. Much more action and an interesting plot, one of the best Sci-fi shows ever created.

    SG-1 is not getting old, but the only problem with the show is that why everyone always speaks English. In the original movie, they spoke egyptian, but in the show, everyone but the Goauld speak English.

    Anyway, this is a clever show, especially with the addition of StarGate Atlantis.SG1 has become a clasic, now that it has been running for ten years. This show is sweet you have got to watch it at friday nights at eight.
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