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  • What lasting power. I've never seen a Sci-Fi show last quite this long.

    The first time I saw the Movie Stargate, I thought to myself, "Wow, this movie would make a great television show!". The reason for that is the mechanism of how a Stargate works. It's an object that lets you move people to different worlds almost instantly. Also, the fact that this technology was presented as being ancient Egyptian, and merging in actual Earth history with this sci-fi concept was a very intersting idea.

    But if you saw and liked the movie it is not a guarantee that you will like the show. Some of the basic premises of the movie were changed to provide the television show with plots that would work over the long term. I have known people who fall into this camp. I personally have no problems with these changes, as I think they added creativity to an idea that encourages creativity.

    So how has a sci-fi show lasted so long? The answer I think - as it is with a lot of the shows I tend enjoy is : good writing. There is a remarkable amount of plot consistency in this show, given it's format which I place somewhere
    between Star Trek and Babylon 5. What do I mean by that? Well Star Trek is mostly one shot episodes. The one-shot plot happens, The End. Babylon 5 is one long continuous story with some small short term plot events occurring each episode. I think Stargate SG-1 has found a balance between these two extremes. In each episode there are lots of elements you could find in a Star Trek episode. There is a lot of action, some short term plot ideas, yes, but there is also a long term plot that weaves it's way through Stargate, and I think it's this balance that has lead to it's long-term success. The long term
    plot is low key, so you don't feel lost if you jump in, and the recaps in each show fill you in fast.

    Don't get me wrong, having good actors, good special effects, and some beautiful shooting locales doesn't hurt this show either! Each character in this show is well developed, but the show is not primarily character driven (although there have been some exceptions). The show is mostly plot driven.

    So what should you expect sitting down to watch this show from the beginning? An epic story of adventure, traversing many worlds, filled with action, humor, and although there is the "world is in peril" kind of plots, the overall atmosphere of the show is somewhat relaxed, probably due to the pacing and environment (the discipline of a military setting).

    The characters in this show are enjoyable, but there are some notable cast changes, (as you
    would expect in a show that lasts this long).
    Also, there are some really great guest stars in this show (better quality than you might normally expect). I have personally noticed that the age ranges of the actors in this show seem to attract a larger viewing demographic.

    One change I am personally looking forward to is the addition of Ben Browder (Crichton in Farscape)
    His excellent quality of acting I think is just another example of the care that goes into cast choices for this show.

    I hope this show finds it's footing for the next season. Any show that has been running this long is in danger of "Jumping The Shark", but hopefully that won't happen for some time yet with Stargate-SG1.

  • Great show with superb acting and talent. Stargate SG-1 has a lot of history and hopefully can contine its good run.

    This is a personal favorite of mine because I like sci-fi and I discovered this only a few years ago on late night fox. This show has progressed very well and I believe the content to be very suitable. Its not way over the top and yet the technical standards are astonishing. This show can outlast any other sci-fi show out there and still have good content. It just doesnt get cliche like Star Trek or doesnt have the awkwardness of Andromeda. This is, so I believe, becoming more popular. There is finally a retail game being developed and the DVD sets are all looking great and selling! This is my favorite show and I will always continue to watch it as long as I can.
  • A must see.

    Stargate: SG-1 is the greatest science-fiction TV-series put out there, if not the greatest series. Unlike other attempts made by the Sci-Fi channel it has been able to maintain its story line while also continuing to challenge its viewers. Due to this it has lasted longer than other scifi shows, even longer than Andromeda and Farscape, and in a sense longer than Star Trek.

    I believe its fame and longevity is due to the writers ability to mix the science of the show, with what is known about ancient history, while still keeping the characters very much human with both weaknesses and strengths. The characters in the show are the type of people you can connect with and because they are continuously growing they never get stale.

    The show itself is like a continuous stream of events that all interconnect. As the characters explore new worlds they are challenged and each challenge helps them to learn more about the “bigger” problem they are facing. Each solution that is gained increases their ability to solve the puzzle and to this day, even though I know they will, I’m always wondering if they’re going to get out of the situation alive. And I’m always amazed how they do it.

    Even though Stargate has lasted so long its not getting stale with each problem solved a new one arises and there are new questions and new challenges that keep you waiting for the next episode, always wondering what’s going to happen. Stargate will hopefully last for years to come and with its other show Stargate: Atlantis I think it could never end.

    So I encourage anyone who loves Science Fiction or not to watch Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis.
  • "Longest living legend sci-fi series ever!"

    I am a really big fan of this mgm series. Although, this show is by far the most successful sci-fi series, based mainly on how long its been around, compared to most other series. The writers seem to be running out of great ideas. The main drive for this series is really based around the main characters. So even for all its time on the small-screen, mgm isn't afraid to go back to the basics to keep the show moving forward. Still this show is by far the best sci-fi epic ever to grace television. Some believe it's success is thanks to the great talent on the show, and behind the scenes. Such as Richard Dean Anderson and Peter DeLuise. I personally believe it's been so successful because of the great movie it was based off of. That and the fact that unlike a lot of futuristic sci-fi shows, this one is based in the present. Overall it's proven to be a great series and inspired mgm to produce a second series 'Atlantis'. Stargate Sg-1 is now recruiting actors from 'Farscape' for season 9, and MGM is hinting at the possibility of Richard Dean Anderson leaving the cast, in favor for family and friends. He will be missed.
  • Really amazing, been watching since the film and its gotten better ever since.

    Throughout each of the seasons the stories have improved and the relationships between the characters seems real. The adventures that the cast go through help create an amazing sense of connection with everyone involved. Not only do the stories involve the scientific nature but they lend themselves to real human emotions. To me that makes a great show. Even without seeing some of the previous episodes the story can be picked up and the role each characters plays in the series can be seen instantly by the talent of the acting.
  • I would just say: Well done and good job on this TV show compared to at least, all other sci-fi shows.

    - You can easily follow each episode because each of them follow.
    - Eaach actor plays their role perfecly. I never miss an episode since the beginning (I mean starting the movie), and never saw something wrong.
    - I saw only one change of a major actor since the beginning of the serie.
  • "The show is like clay, constantly being toyed with for your viewing pleasure--and the writers never cease to amaze."

    Stargate SG-1 had a rocky start way back in 97' when it first aired, with corny and stiff acting, but it didn't take long for the actors to adjust into their roles. The idea itself of an inter-dimensional portal that allows you to travel to thousands of different planets was one that people most obviously liked and saw potential in because the seasons kept coming. The show had essentially set itself up for an unlimited amount of story-telling set in any number of bizarre locations and times. And that's exactly what the show did for quite some time. The show was less about the characters and more about the locations and enemies they would meet in the vast universe. But as seasons went by the show started shying away from that aspect and focusing more and more of the characters, how they've developed and the relationships between them.

    One thing that many people immediately pin on the show is the fact that the "star" is in fact Richard Dean Anderson--or in other words "MacGyver". But I will say that he's established his role as "Jack O’Neil” to the point where that's the first thing that pops into my mind when thinking of the actor. Something that is sometimes difficult for actors who play the same role for so long. Nonetheless if you've watched the show from the beginning you'll have noticed the massive evolution in acting each has taken throughout the years. They've essentially become their roles, and for such a long-running series that's all a fan can hope for.

    One of the key points of the show, especially in later seasons, is its subtle and sarcastic humor that really spices things up. And at the same time this is no Star Trek, the show itself and the situations the characters find themselves aren't inheritably laughable. The show can sometimes take itself quite seriously, but when it runs into an obvious clitch they keep it real with a touch of humor playing up to that fact.

    And as you know a large part of any sci-fi show is quite obviously the special effects. And Stargate SG-1 has a brilliant team on board for theirs. Just as pretty much every other aspect of the show has evolved and grown the special effects have also (you'd hope so...). Almost to the point where they rival some of the block-buster movies out there. You really can't complain for this aspect of the show, and right along with it are the great sets and props the show has invented along the way. The show has created its own universe and yet it’s still all based around very "human"(for the most part) characters.

    The show is like clay, constantly being toyed with for your viewing pleasure--and the writers never cease to amaze. If you're a fan of Sci-Fi in general, a past Star Trek fan or simply someone looking for a great show definitely check SG-1 out, whether it be on DVD or watching the many re-runs regularly shown on the Sci-fi channel. It just keeps getting better with time, and I don't see the stopping point for this show in the near future.
  • Doesn't live up to the movie.

    Cut back to 1997, I loved the film Stargate and was eagerly awaiting Stargate SG-1. What a disapointment, this TV series is the only one to date that I have fallen asleep in front of, while actually trying to pay attention to it.

    Now, most shows I stay perfectly alert for, occasionally, if it's very bad or I've seen it too many times before I turn it off, leave the room or change the channel. Never, before or since, have I tried to hard to like a show, and failed so miserably that I had actually fallen asleep in front of it.

    I don't even remember what happened in that episode, so it's not a very memorable TV show. However, it does have decent action. However, a TV show with good action and little other merit is significantly worse than a movie with good action and little other merit - one can actually enjoy a movie like that, albeit rather guiltily.
  • This is by far one of my all time favorites.

    I love this show, I cant go a day with out watching it. Im sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next season to start! Its the perfect mix of action, comedy, and drama. The whole cast works perfect together, and RDA is a riot. The only reason why I started to watch this show is because I saw a cute guy while changing the channels, and now Im hooked.
  • I was always thinking this show was gay. But until I saw full epi I was like this is a pretty good show to me next thing you know I got netflix I was ordering alot of stargate.

    This is the show. Good drama good sci-fi and good action. What more can you ask for. Good number of epi per season and a nice number of season. You must watch the stargate movie first before watching the epi. Just watch this show you would see what im talkin about.
  • While it may get a little repetitive at times, Stargate SG-1 lives up to its potential indefinatly.

    Stargate SG-1 takes place at present day. It's about a secret organization known as "Stargate command" or SGC. They use a device known as a Stargate to travel to other worlds in our galaxy. This show follows the events of an SGC team known as SG-1.

    This show has a great story and great charectars. The main goal is to defeat a parasidic race known as the Goa'uld. The show follows a fairly repetitive pattern. They destroy one enemy and a more powerful enemy emerges. This pattern can get very repetetive and boring after the second or third cycle. But Stargate adds some twists and turns and sometimes even strays from the main conflict. While still managing to stick with the story. This is one of the great things about Stargate. It stops repetitiveness and prevents change from occuring too fast.

    Plus, a lot of the worlds are really beautiful
    and it gives you a good feeling of adventure and excitment even.

    There isn't much about Stargate that could bring it down, except with the new episodes. The changes that occured in season 8 happened in a heartbeat, which was just a little to fast. Other than that, there really isn't much more.
  • one of the best and funniest tv programs on tv.

    The reason i love this show so much is that while alot of this is made up science fiction some of the mythology surrounding Ancient Egypt and that era is true, or at least thught to be true.

    The characters in the program are amazing and i love all of the cast. the writers come up with some very funny quotes and also the graphics team do a fantastic job.

    this Show is Awesome
  • SG-1, Jack o'Neal( Capt), Sam Carter( scientist),T'eal (Triator to Goul'd) ,Danel jackson (archlogist) and Major Hammond(head of the base)

    i got to admit i didn't watch this show from S1, in fact i started from S4 and became hooked on this show, i was bored and i decided to watch an episoide and ever since havn't missed an episoide yet.

    You really need to have an open mind when u watch a show like this but going on more then 8 season is a little risky, all the news about Richard Dean Anderson not want to remain on the show. i am not sure if the show can survive without him but we will have to wait and see.

    Speaking to loads of stargate fans, i noticed everyone likes Jack, so do i but it's because of his sacastic everytime he get captured,it cracks me up.

    Most important thing that keeps me watching has to be season clifhanger, That why i love this series, the writers give good story-line. Not only that but the replicator are wonderful enemy, if i ever came face to face with one, i would run for my life, that's how scary they are. the Goul'd
    ain't scary, after 8 season they are normal.

    In season 7 i didn't like politics about Stargate, there might lost few fans since few flash-back episoide which would make anyone fed-up.

    i think great sci-fi show but i'm very concerned they might ruin this series if they contiue making more season, i will still watch this.
  • The best show ever made!

    If you thougt MacGyver was a good show, and you can live with that SciFi is cool, this is going to bend your knees! It has the most catching plot ever made, having that said, it has charm, deepness (is that a word, I'm not english speaking :-/), endless list of twists... all in all, there's nothing this show does not have! Richard, YOUR THE MAN! He has contributed to the plotwriting, as you could suspect due to all the hilarious and fabulous comments he makes :-)
  • Great adventure show. None of the usual garbage associated with shows that descend into monster of the week...or alien of the week... They have kept it fresh and interesting for eight years with only a few stumbles along the way.

    I came along to this show when it came to syndication. Originally starting on the Showtime network it moved to Sci Fi and managed to garner an even bigger audience.

    Seven year old episodes that have been shown time and time again still pull excellent ratings during the four hour Stargate Monday nite block on the Sci Fi channel.

    I will say that there have been some times that I have wondered if they were losing their steam. Then there would be an episode and bingo...back in the saddle again.

    I have the DVD's though Season 5. Season 1 is excellent. 2 is good. 3 is good. 4 is uneven but has some episodes you need to see. 5 is good.
    6 is better with repeat viewing with some real gems. Corwin Nemec grows on you. 7 has something for everyone. 8 has some very good acting and excellent stories.

    Then there is the upcoming Season 9.

    I am concerned about the addition of the Farscape people this year. With the almost non-existence of Richard Dean Anderson in the upcoming season and Amanda Tapping missing for the first five episodes (she had a baby in March)I am nervous.

    I like some of the actors they are bringing in. The expanded role of Claudia Black's character while Amanda is off doesn't thrill me. Didn't like the character in the "Prometheus Unbound" episode and the thought of her in five more episodes..well, you get the picture.

    As for Ben's move to Stargate...when Sci Fi had to choose between Farscape and Stargate...we saw which one they chose. I'll give him a chance since I haven't seen his character.

    Still...Richard Dean Anderson is why I came to the series. RDA, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Don Davis and Teryl Rothery was why I stayed. With O'Neill leaving and Hammond an off camera character and Janet dead....and who knows how they are explaining Carter's missing from the show...well...there are less and less of the reasons that I love the show to keep me there.

    I hope that the new characters will fill in the blanks...there are some very large holes to fill.
    We will see what we will see.

    Still...tune into Stargate Monday to catch up...or rent the series on need to start at the beginning so that it makes sense.

    Many episodes especially early ones can be watched as stand alone stories but the more you understand the better the viewing pleasure.

  • A show where SG-1 explores new world and fights hostile enemies through the Stargate which is buried deep in a mountain.

    A great show! My favorie currently on TV. It has phenomenal drama and action. The stories revolve around the characters a lot of the time. The actors are great! Almost every episode has something new and exciting. The show has some very creative worlds and alien races. The SG-1 team is very deverse there a though heroic military figure(O'Neil), a scientist(Carter), a warrior of an alien race(Teal'c), and an archaeologist(Jackson). The crew is just great together. The best Sci Fi show on TV right now. A must see!
  • It took an average movie and made it into a great series

    This to me is by far the best Sci-Fi Television show ever created. I am a huge Star Trek fan and I know I am going to aggrivate some people but this show is consistently great. The characters are original and funny and have a chemistry on screne that Spock and Kirk could have only dreamed of. The fact that Season 9 is about to start should prove to any doubters that this show is for real. I must admit that I am worried with Richard Dean Anderson leaving the shower but I trust the writers and producers and I think they will continue to put out a quality show. If you only watch one Sci-Fi show make it this one. You don't need to have seen the movie just start renting The series DVD's and enjoy
  • This show takes some getting used to.

    Stargate SG-1 is a show that is very continuity-heavy and therefore its hard to jump into the middle and understand what's going on. Every season builds on the previous ones, and it's hard to know what's going on unless you've been keeping track. Having said that, if you HAVE been keeping track of what's been going on, it's a fantastic show. Storylines develop and progress throughout the seasons, but with enough movement that they don't drag out ad infinitum like shows such as The X-Files. It's your standard Sci-Fi show, but it has a certain charm that's hard to describe. The characters are by no means unique, but somehow they come across as interesting and their interactions are genuine. More than many other shows, Stargate is a character driven show. Overall, a great science fiction series.
  • Best

    The Best "Continuation" to the famous movie... I just wanted to see Anubis a little more times on the episodes, he is the best Galaxy Lord and i think that he should show up more on the future episodes, but at all, this is a great serie and everyone should watch it.. :D
  • Stargate is a story mixed of egyptian myth and the concept of actual other life. It is a tale of allies and foes, good and bad, and essentially life and death. Our story follows the lives of four unlikely friends, who happen to be part of earth's line of

    SG-1 is a team of intergalactic travelers. Made up of two military personnel, Jack O'Neil and Samantha; a egyptologist named Daniel Jackson; and an alien humanoid named Teal'c.
    This show has progressed far through it's years, and the writers make the show more about the characters than the action. Personally, I hate watching military shows, but they were able to make you forget about the setting and pull you into the story.
    SG-1 is a solid sci-fi show and has faced it's shares of obstacles. When they couldn't get the original actors to come back. They were able to get Richard Dean Anderson to lighten up the place. This show is the reason I look forward to Friday.
  • One word; Incredible!!

    Stargate SG1 is rich with all aspects what makes a show a good show; It has Action, Drama, Comedy, Humanity, Aliens, Conspiracies, Politics, Myths, Legends and everything else.

    Next to that the whole concept of our gods (Ra, Thor, etc) being aliens and traveling to other planets by a device that creates a wormhole between them is absolutly brilliant. The CGI in this is great, so is the acting, directing and writing.

    I love this show, it gives me all I need.
  • A great sci-fi show my favourite of the lot is about a group of US Military officers going through the Stargate an alien device that lets you travel to other planets

    This is by far my favourite show it just has so much action and they story line of travelling to other planets and meeting other alien species through a device known as the stargate. Every episode has a differnt story line so it never gets old with differnt villains nnd new allies coming all the time there is always a great relationship between to races developing even tho sometimes they are bad but this adds to the storyline
  • The best series ever to apear on Tv ANCIENT RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is practically super awsome.Especially the last series. In my opinion the whole ANCIENT idea rules.Those supreme beings and the events they stagger around them is really cool stuff.
    Anubis is another thing to stumble upon. This super "villain" half Ascendent half Goa'uld is another unique idea.
    In other words WATCH IT . IT IS WORTH WILE
  • one of the Best Sci-fi series I've ever seen

    Stargate SG-1 is one of the best sci-fi shows ever made and that's saying a lot coming from me I'm not really into all that sci-fi stuff and was reluctant to see the Stargate movie my parents actually forced me to watch it, but after watching it I though it was wonderful! and when my Dad said there was a series on t.v. I was compeled to watch it and now I completly love the show it has a variety of every genere comedy, mystery, even some romance, go watch it and I'm telling you you'll enjoy it
  • The show that started it all... Action, drama, love, death and loads of mythological influances. I have to say that the show is best to watch when you own the DVD sets (all 8 of em) and then watch all the episodes in a marathon. :P

    To be honoust, when I first saw Stargate SG-1, I had a hard time getting into it. But after buying some DVD boxes and seeing the episodes in order as they were supposed too (dutch broadcasting channels tend to mix up the episodes! argh!!), the show really grew on me.
    I love how characters just pop-up after a season or two and you think: "Heeyy! that's the guy from planet *insert name here*"
    Also the great one-liners of our dear friend Jack O'Neill are catchy and funny.
    And ofcourse, the good guys never die, and when they do, they ASCEND, instead of dying and just turn back into flesh again. :) And everything is always in time (on the last second). But that actually makes you wanna get on the edge of your seat, especially on the season finally shows, cause you wanna know if it goes well or not, before you have to wait till next season.

    For people that wanna start watching stargate sg-1 now, I would recommend to buy all the seasons first and watch those, before you dive in to it.. There's a LOT of background stories already covered. If you don't know those, you'll miss a lot of jokes and/or clues.
  • The Sci Fi channel's feature program and well deserving-- Stargate SG1 has developed a cult following that rivals that of Star Trek.

    Stargate SG1 takes place at Stargate Command, a base hidden in the depths of Chyenne Mountain in Colorado. The story consist of teams defending Earth and searching the galaxy for advance technologies through a device found in Egypt known as a "Stargate"- which is an alien device that allows matter to be transfered from point A to point B without going the distance between. With more drama (and story) elements than action, Stargate SG1 has managed to keep viewers pleased with charismatic cast and superb storyline.

    With the story branching off from the 1994 movie entitled Stargate, many plots have been continued from the basis of the money, yet one is not required to see the movie to enjoy the show. You can say the ratio of action and drama would typically be about 40:60, with stronger trends of really developing the story. If you are a fan of Egyptian culture and mythology than the story would be right up your alley, with many of the references in the show being taken from ancient Egyptian culture.

    There is a nice contrast of characters with the story, yet the chemistry between the characters is strong. With former MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson, leading the cast, one can expect to see comic relief and whitty humor throughout the story.

    The show is presented in a mostly series tone, yet breaks for humor often surface. You can depend on social humor and subliminal jokes to pop up through each episode-- no matter what the situation.

    Stargate is something that many people can watch, yet is aimed at those who can enjoy stories without always needing to see violence or action. Although Stargate has its fair share of excitement, what makes Stargate a classic comes in what it has done story-wise. If you are a fan of the X-Files, Star Wars, Star Trek, or any shows similiar, then you will most likely enjoy Stargate.

  • A must for anyone who claims to be a SciFi fan

    The stories are strong and the caractors endearing.You care about what happends to these guys.One of those rare tv shows that the fans are the ones that keep it alive.From it's beginings on showtime to it's current SciFi channel home.It has remained strong and entertaining.Can hold it's own against any other scifi show and walk away on top or a close second.
  • I think Stargate was excellent I started watchin it one time and couldn't stop!!

    With Stargate I watched it onne time with my mum and eva since I cudnt stop watchin it I love it!!! All the missions they get up 2 with the Garhoul (can't spell it) I think its brilliant some episodes better then others but you get thaty with every show thats out they all have their ups and downs. Hoever I think Stargate was mainly up up up!!!!!
  • Great show over the last 8 seasons...we'll see about the 9th.

    The show has had some low points, but no other sci-fi show has been running this long and maintained as much consistency with good stories and great characters. Overall a great sci-fi show that's been enjoyable to watch...unlike many of the Star Trek shows which were like having family leaving after an extended visit that was way to long...part of you is sorry to see them go, but most of what you are thinking is "Finally!".

    As far as Season 9, there are lots of changes and I can easily imagine that this will be the last. But I like the people they are bringing in, so there is actually a chance that they may pull it off and reinvigorate the show for a 10th season. We'll see....
  • Stargate SG1 is the best sci-fi show ever! My favorite sci-fi show ever! Their adventures are so real that it seems we're there with them. I fell totally in love with Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) - inteligent, smart and beatifull! Very beautifull!

    Stargate SG1 is the best sci-fi show ever! My favorite sci-fi show ever! Their adventures are so real that it seems we're there with them. I fell totally in love with Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) - inteligent, smart and beatifull! Very beautifull! I cried when he died, but it made me very happy when he returned. Good job, you guys!
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