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  • One of the worst television series I've ever seen.

    Stargate SG1 is a terrible show plain and simple. The acting is terrible, the story is even worse. They repeat the same stories over and over again. With all those stargate's out there they haven't ran in to another race beside the Goa'uld. Also after 9 years your telling me a advanced alien civilization like the Goa'uld couldn't find earth and kill us all. After all they did before. I can't believe they canceled Farscape a truly great and unique show and kept this peace of crap. And now they've created a spin off called Stargate Atlantis, it's like being sandwiched between two pieces of crap.

    Now I like Stargate the movie it was a good movie, was it great no, but it was entertaining. The movie had a concise story and decent acting, but by no means should it have been made in to a television series.
  • Awful SF

    I gave up on watching this show ages ago. It is beyond bad. Gives SF a bad name in ways that the Elementary School level rendering of the Star Trek Universe by the whole batch of Star Trek shows that were done starting in 1987 could never achieve. Paved the way for more awful projects like the X-Men movies which have turned most cinemas into places where children go instead of places where adults go.
  • This was a episode that should not have been a finale. Stargate has been building up and this is the final episode? Who cares if there are movies, this episode sucked in comparison to the series. I think this was written by the writers relief fill ins d

    Okay where do I begin? Time dilation fields? Romatic moments after 50 years? Sam's obsession and defeat?

    Here's what happens, sorry if there are spoilers please don't read anymore if you have not watched the episode.

    SG-1 are fighting the Ori and well Sam thinks that instead of being blown to bits she places the ship in a time dilation field until she can come up with a way to save the ship. with no shields the field is the only way to stay alive. This episode does not play on anyone's true character. Daniel actually likes Vala? This is simply not the case. If you watch the series from beginning to end, including the episode of Daniels death (the radiation time) Sam would have been a better pair for him since she has admitted on several occasions that she liked him. If there was a revelation and her and Vala talked liked real women and not 'Soldiers' that would have been a nice twist to the end of the series. As for the stupid Christmas they have, where did they get the tree? How did they come up with half the stuff they had over 50 years? This episode was more of a filler in mid-season then a finale. I could have written a better finale and oh wait I have. I have written 2 episodes of this series and have shown them to 2 of the writers but for conflict of interest they were unable to read them. For shame. There was a better storyline in Ma'at then in the Ori. If they would have read my research they would have had at least enough details for 2 more seasons or at least one really good blockbuster movie.

    I am not bitter that they couldn't read my scripts, I am more upset that they wasted 43 minutes of my time. I have been an avid watcher of Stargate since the movie in 1994. I cry every episode I miss, and have met several members of SG-1 (a benefit of living in Vancouver BC). Michael Shanks is taller in person, but the real surprise is Teryl Rothery is much funnier and a delight to be around. Christopher Judge actually smiles and cracks jokes! And well look carefully throughout the show-Dan Shea is the stunt double of Richard Dean Anderson, but really he is Sgt Siler, and the stunt coordinator. When ever Col. O'Neill is being doubled look at his pinky finger, if it's bent while he holds his P90, that's Dan Shea. Now that I have spread this information to you you should know that I love the show and the information that leads up to make a show. So coming from me, This episode should not have aired. I hate to admit it, but I actually found an episode I hated. I hope Continuum doesn't let em down too.
  • Starcheese

    The writing for this show is painful, the characters uninspiring and the acting embarrassing. And did they consult with any military personnel for advice on how the military actually conducts itself? Or military strategy? Not to mention the lousy costumes and special effects. The first episode was laughable and set the tone for as long as I could stomach it, hoping it would improve. The fact this series lasted ten seasons is a mystery I can only speculate relates to high numbers of the easily amused or ignorant. The original 1970's Battlestar Galactica was better done.

    Firefly was twenty times better - writing and acting and characters - and that little gem was canceled after only one season. Battlestar Galactica was Shakespeare compared to Stargate, and they jumped ship after four seasons. The Star Trek series - TNG, DS9, Voyager - all light years ahead in terms of writing, characters and acting (even Worf) - yet each of these lasted only seven years. So for any "fan" of Stargate who equates "longest running" sci-fi series with "best", I suggest you check into sick bay for a hypo-spray of taste.
  • WTF? this is the gayest show...

    This is the gayest show i have ever seen!!! How the *ell do you people watch dis crap?!? I say this show is for people who love to stick d...nevermind. I know this aint exactly my category but dam*!! I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m all for anime but this *hit sucks! People wit stones glued to their head! wow!
  • Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy...

    As far as I can remember, SG command has been undersieged a number of times over the 10 seasons. I can understand that each time they are dealing with covert enemies. But 10x04 appears to be a pointless episode to me. Sure, I can understand the writers need to lay the mine for a potential Baal surprise, to infuse variety, to create a plot devise for the Gould's role in the on-going war with Ori - but this is such a lame episode! Even the humour couldn't save this one from its pointlessness.

    A Gould complication in the Ori war is a welcome plot line - but I think there are better ways to do this than what they have done for 10x04. What a waste really, they could've done a clever story to introduce this complication.

    It is always good to see Barret - he would have made a good addition to the number of guest roles (like Woolsey, Walter) existing. This episode cast a shadow upon the character. I wonder whether he was also infested!?

    A pointless effort especially after the classic The Pegasus Project!
  • i just don't like it

    I don't know what it is about stargate but i just don't like it. I really enjoyed the movie and i've tried to get into the series a few times but i just can't. Im aware the show has a huge following which means it must be doing something right but it just doesn't appeal to me. I feel the characters are somewhat one dimensional, the story lines are poorley thought out and the whole show has a feeling of deja vu. Like even if its a new episode im like "havn't i seen this one before". It shocks me that this show has ten seasons and yet one of my favorite ever shows, "Firefly", can't get two
  • Doesn't live up to the movie.

    Cut back to 1997, I loved the film Stargate and was eagerly awaiting Stargate SG-1. What a disapointment, this TV series is the only one to date that I have fallen asleep in front of, while actually trying to pay attention to it.

    Now, most shows I stay perfectly alert for, occasionally, if it's very bad or I've seen it too many times before I turn it off, leave the room or change the channel. Never, before or since, have I tried to hard to like a show, and failed so miserably that I had actually fallen asleep in front of it.

    I don't even remember what happened in that episode, so it's not a very memorable TV show. However, it does have decent action. However, a TV show with good action and little other merit is significantly worse than a movie with good action and little other merit - one can actually enjoy a movie like that, albeit rather guiltily.
  • One badly written show.

    UGH! SG1 is another example of a show using every cliche in the book.

    Wise-cracking flyboy hero - check
    overly nerdy wide-eyed geek - check
    leading woman who HAS to fall in love with leading male - check
    former bad alien who turns good - check

    With Ben Browder coming aboard for the ninth season, I\'d thought I give the show a second chance. Yet, Mitchell is a carbon copy of O\'Neill. Just another wise-cracking flyboy; only worse. SG-1 is an ELITE team. This means only the best and brightest, right? Per Avalon I, Mitchell has never even SEEN the Stargate, yet, not only he is a member of SG-1, he is the leader of the team? LMAO! Who is writing this nonsense?

    Do yourself a favor, avoid this show!
  • Should have made a movie sequel

    Even from the first episodes, I never liked SG-1. I have put a 3 here out of pity and because I loved the film a lot. I honestly was kind of hoping for a film sequel. This was a stupid move to make it for TV, hands down. I really hope this TV show gets cancelled soon. The introduction of Atlantis shows that the producers are desperate for Sci FI viewer ratings. After watching a few episodes I really have no idea of how to fix this show. The cool thing about the movie was the pryamids being build by aliens. However in the show now you have all sorts of aliens and you can't keep track, turns into a Star Trek problem. If they kept it down to Earth, literally. Then I think it might have worked, maybe.
  • Poor =/

    I would love it if the writer wasn't a chimp.
  • A pure crap-fest. Poor actor performence, plain silly story, repative action and total lack of any interest.

    That this show could be considered "the best" or even "good" by anyone just blows my mind. After watching some episodes (mostly since they happen to air when I usually eat food and there is nothing else on tv) I have to say this is one of the worst b-shows I have ever watched. Now I rather watch TV-shop whenever Stargate SG-1 is on.

    What the show lacks most of all is talented actors. Don't know if they feel just as silly about their flat characters (not physically flat, feelings wise) and just deliver line after line with no emotion. It almost becomes comical to see the characters over and over again in each episode go "we have to do this or we are all gonna die" or "if we dont save that the Earth is doomed" with not even a twitch or hint of fear in their face.

    The second thing this show has got is a so absurdly silly storyline and story in each episode. I won't go into detail but almost every show is go-to-new-world, find-huge-problem-and-get-ass-kicked, get-smart-idea, solve-problem, "deep"-afterthought-crap.

    When you see the actors run around in the (obviously Earth) nature with plastic weapons you will wonder if they are not ashamed of themselves. Everything from names to costumes and prop is just plain bad.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from this show. It has to be one of the worst Sci-Fi shows ever. It's not even so bad it becomes funny. It is just plain bad.
  • Stargate SG-1 is an amazing show about a wormhole to differant worlds. The Airforce sends teams through it. SG-1 is the team the show is all about. They fight the bad guys and save the world, what else do you need? It also has interesting side lines.

    In the first season SG-1 was not to great. I kinda expected that, most series are not to good at first. It got really good after that though, at a time one of the best shows on television. It always had fantanstic story lines, and cool characters {even the side characters were cool}.
    But after that, in the last two seasons or so, it got much worse. The story lines are less then good, and the new characters are worse. What happended? The stories use to have happy endings {most of the time}and it was interesting to try and figure out how they would get out of a situation. Now, the stories end horribly and there's nothing to figure out.
    The character replacements aren't very good. I know Richard Dean Anderson left to spend time with his family, I understand that. Although, the show will still never be the same. Ben Browder does a pretty good job of Cameron Mitchell. However, it'll take a while for me to get use to him, afterall he replaced the best actor in television.
    General Hammond I didn't like at first, however he got much better. I thought it was terrible that you got rid of him. His replacement, Landry, I don't like at all.
    Dr. Fraiser was better than any side character on any show that I have ever watched, but Dr. Lam might be the worst. I happen to know that the actor that plays Lam is married to Michael Shanks, it would be interesting to see the two them get married on the show. I'm not entirely convinced that it would be a good idea, but it's a thought.
    There are some side line stories that you didn't follow through with, like Jack and Sam. Everybody knows that they're in love, even they do, they just don't want to admit it. Since Jack is hardly on anymore you should make him go back to retirement, then they could get married. It's going to get boring if you put it off any longer.
    The bad guys, the gould, were kinda of cool, you knew that they could be out smarted, it was fun to try to figure and out how it would be done this time. The Ori, however, are ascended beings, way to powerful for my taste. Much worse then the gould were.
    Vala is the worst character on Stargate, you better not make her a main character. She doesn't go with what Stargate is all about.
    Thats all I have say about this show, for now.
  • Whoever thought of this rubbish needs to invent a new imagination.

    Worst show in existence. Poor scripts that work perfectly with the shows unique trashy style. Unoriginal. Past its time. Jesus, there's so many critical words i could use to rip into this it's insane. It might have been cool about 300 years ago but for this century it just dosen't cut it.

    Do yourself a favour and watch a good Scifi show like "The Twilight Zone, "The 4400", "Doctor Who", "Early Edition" or "The Dead Zone". They may even provoke some stimulative thought. Hell, even chuck on "Primeval", it'd actually be pretty exciting after watching this. It's sad to think that any show could be that pathetic that it could make Primeval all that more interesting.
  • What a shame the team behind Stargate SG1 could not keep the well deserved momentum they had gathered through the previous seasons. I was bitterly disappointed this season.

    What a shame the team behind Stargate SG1 could not keep the well deserved momentum they had gathered through the previous seasons. I was bitterly disappointed this season.

    First we were treated to the \'Vala Show\' which showcased a poor actress in one of the worlds most shallow character parts invented. Whenever she interracted with Daniel, he changed character, becoming some mindless fool gabbling away and seeming to loose most of the brians and common sense I feel is integral to Daniels character.

    Once the blessed moment came and Vala limped off to the nether regions (please, forever, let her stay put in never never land) in what was supposed to be a sympathetic/heroic stunt, we got Sam back, and the team supposedly reunited.

    Sadly, the stories let us down time and time again, never reaching the depth of previous seasons and stories, never touching that special Stargate place where we gasp, cheer and ultimately care about the characters we have come to know over the years.

    Too many changes in too short a time, I think, are the major contributor to this. The loss of Hammond and O\'Neill in the same fell swoop took so much away from the show, and it might have been wiser to keep them as cameos more regularly to ease us into Ben Browders appearence.

    Ben himself does his best, but I wish he would decide whether he is going to be humorous, frivolous, stupid, naive, or a little more worldly and aware of the gravity of some of the situations. Sure, there is time for humour, but short of whipping out a pie and slapping it in the face of the Ori, there is not much more Ben can do to make light of his character.

    Sam and Teal\'c are themselves, thank goodness, and Daniel appears to be returning to normality after the unfortunate appearence of vala, but this does not help poor stories and a lack of cohesion.

    the Ori are a wonderful addition, the poor old Goa\'uld had been becoming a little stale over the years, and their influx could be refreshing to the show provided they make something of it and do not let this possibility slip through their fingers as many of the shows stories seem to have done.

    For the moment, I shall stick to Atlantis, it gets better and stronger as Sg1 seems to diminish.

    hey, and what about a series about the Dedalus. LOVE the Asgard!

    There you go, that\'s my thoughts on the season.
  • An old horse that\'s long past its prime, SG-1 should\'ve been cancelled two seasons ago.

    I loved SG-1. I really did. At one point it was the best thing on the TV and, in my opinion, the show was faultless. Not anymore.

    Since the end of season 7, after O\'Neill\'s promotion to General, I found myself tuning in less and less, with many of the story-lines just re-vamped versions from earlier seasons. As season 9 dawned I found myself wishing they\'d just cancel, as I found myself watching an enemy who were exactly the same as the former \'big-bad\' of the show, just with new faces and a new name. Even the introduction of Ben Browder wasn\'t enough to entice me back, as I found his performance unengaging - a far cry from that on Farscape.

    I hope season 10 will be better as Claudia Black, the only brilliant thing from season nine is returnuing, and will hopefully bring the spark back to this once brilliant show.
  • While it started out as a cutting edge show, it has lost its lustor and is now turning into a bad reality show where the earthlings always save the day!!!

    Typical American centric show that, while has a great imagination, it is really lacking with character development and plot. If you have not watched it from the begining don\\\'t bother starting now. If you have watched it from the begining and still like it, then you will watch it. The spin off of Atlantis is much better but with the same type of plot and behind the scenes writers it will go downhill. It would be nice to see a season where lower humans actually lose a fight or two instead of being typically American and coming in at the last minute to save the day.
  • Unoriginal sci-fi junk most of the time, with flashes of inspiration.

    Not being a big fan of the movie, I probably wouldn't have given this show much of a chance if my friend from high school hadn't bought me the first season and claimed it was the best show on TV.

    Well, the first season was awful. I'm not sure why I didn't stop watching, the stories were painfully generic, the "humor" terribly forced, the villains extraordinarily dull, and no relatable humanity to speak of from our four heroes.

    But I did continue, and amidst the dumb storylines there was the periodic inspired, creative episode that made me think there was something more than mediocrity in this show.

    Seasons 5 and 6 had some stronger storylines, and I was thrilled when Daniel Jackson left for a little while.

    Season 9 brought Ben Browder, whom I loved in Farscape, which did bring a bit of fresh air to the stale cast. However, this coincided with the new villains, the Ori. So, you finish off the Go'auld, and your next bad guys are more dudes who enslave people by convincing them they are gods?!? Are you kidding me? Is this really a big current day issue, is that why they are really trying to drive it home? Lots of dictators pretending to be Anubis or whatever? Fracking ridiculous.

    Anyway, Ben and Claudia bring me some chuckles now and then, but I feel duped by them into being violated by this terrible show every week.
  • Needs to be finished.

    I used to enjoy SG-1 a great deal. It was fun and distracting. Unfortunetely since seventh season it has been going downhill fast. It needs to be finished and put to sleep with a proper finale like any good sci-fi series in its genre. A good story it had but its golden time has passed long ago. Let it end before it degrades complately.
  • When Good Shows Go Bad

    Stargate SG1 used to be one of the smartest and most exciting shows on TV. Sadly with the loss of the characters Jack Oneil and General Hammond and perhaps new writing staff it's gone rapidly downhill. Sometimes change is good but not this time.

    Now its okay when a show rides just below the event horizon of credibility, often good, because it is just fantastic enough to inspire us to watch. But the writers of S-SG1 have gone way beyond that to gratingly and consistently insult our intellegence. I'm sorry, I cant even try to believe that just because SG1 has some Asgard technology and is beginning to understand the potential of "naquada" that they can go out and keep punching the big bad guys in the nose without bringing severe consequences to the people of Earth.

    And the unmistakable copying of Star Trek space battle script including things like "Target their hyperdrive", "shields are down 11%" etc makes me want to vomit.

    Even with all of that the show would have some redeeming qualities if the people did.Little character developement, little friendship amongst brothers in arms or seeming sense of honor or shared purpose amongst the current members of SG1.

    Stargate, in the beginning offered this exciting new opportunity for exploration, adventure and meeting and learning from new alien races. Full of adventurous and compassionate heros. Now theyre just a handfull of space thugs, making moral judgements about societies they barely understand. Heck they can barely trust the Russians let alone create a peaceful alliance with them.

    If SG1 were real, I as a citizen of Earth would not want these people as my ambassadors to the people of the galaxy.

    Summary: No redeeming qualities, a waste of my time to watch. Just my opinion.
  • quiete good

    This show is prettey good, not as good as Stargate Atlantis and Universe, but not at all bad. extremely long arch's and too any fill inn episodes to make it a higher rated. Richard Dean Anderson's humor is a big plus, And Michael Shanks is also fgreat in his potarayal of Daniel Jackson, Christoper Judge is not such a good role, and Amanda Tapping is a boring i know it all role. The show has a great ending, and some legendary i recommend Universe and Atlantis before you watch this show.
  • Stargate SG1. The words turn my stomach.

    From the unoriginal plots to the incredibly simplistic alien cultures the show is perversion of the movie. The characters are one dimensional and boring. I mean Teilk is boring and basically worf but instead of really angry really calm. The plots of each episode are slow and full of incredibly obvious twists that four year olds see coming. I mean seriously the guy with glowing eyes is a villian. The show doesnt stick to it's own psuedo science rules. I mean seriously how many times can they use that stupid ZPM? The show could be a really good mockery of the entire SciFi genre... if the writing were any good.
  • A solid show

    For years I refused to watch "Stargate Sg-1" because I was told it was boring. Because of Ben Browder and Claudia Black I finally gave the show a chance.

    It is a solid show and has some really good and entertaining episodes. But unfortunately a good couple of episodes where indeed boring. One big problem I had was that I never really warmed up to the original team. I liked O'Neil and General Hammond, Daniel was okay, Teal'c was boring and Carter - well she was always the problem solver , I didn't like that and it really grated on my nerves. Maybe my problem stems from the fact that I've seen S9 and S10 first, I really love these seasons and like the team. I think Vala and Daniel have a great connection, I even don't mind Sam that much. Not to mention that I love Mitchell. Unfortunately it was only for 2 seasons. They should have switched teams earlier.

    In conclusion, the show is good for some fluffy entertainment where you don't have to think too much. It combines light Sci-Fi, Action and Adventure.
  • Stargate SG-1 was the best show when O'Neill was around, but it has been getting worse lately, but still not all bad.

    Stargate SG-1 used to be an amazing show in its prime. Colonel Jack O'Neill was one of my favorite characters ever on TV. His humor was unforgettable. Not to mention the actor, Richard Dean Anderson, did a great job portraying him. Samantha Carter and Teal'c are not very interesting characters and their stories have been getting annoying. Daniel is pretty cool, the team wouldn't be the same without him, and Mitchell is alright, but no O'Neill. Even when they promoted O'Neill to General it was not the same. He was the reason I loved Stargate. However, the whole idea of the show with wormholes and aliens is still awesome and the action and writing are still worth watching. I miss the days of Jack, but the show is still pretty dang good!
  • Why do people watch this show, with it's unoriginal story, nerdy based charachters, and all other aspects of it, this show gives me the urge to go beat the person who made it.

    I have never gotten around the thought of why people enjoy these types of shows. The only difference in the shows and episodes is their characters and planets. Every episode of every show of this type has the same theme: save somthing from someone before it's taken over by a race of aliens. YAWN!!!! If you want a real show, then GO OUTSIDE. Everyone I have met who likes these shows do not ever go outside, or have any friends. In fact, the people who like these shows are catagorized as "Forum Trolls" who collect the memerobilia of things, and watch every single show. If you are thinking that I have no expirience with anyone who loves this show, THINK AGAIN. My brother is a slave to these types of shows, and the only thing that is holding him back from going to get STARGATE action figures at the store is his numerous mental dissabilities. Think it over and have a nice day.
  • A feeble attempt to tap into Arthurian mythology.

    First of all, the new revised team - what a mess. I know people believed that for SG-1 to continue, that the old guys would have to go; I agree, but you need GOOD replacements. Ben Browder is way out of his depth; 4 years on Farscape and he thinks he's Ricky D. Vala, or the thing in black leather, is unconvincing and nauseating; further more, having both her and Ben onboard, makes me constantly think of Farscape. Daniel Jackson annoys me even more, now that Sam isn't there to help drown out his mundane character, and once again, Teal'c is about as inspiring as parsley.
    Finally, Arthurian mythology and sci-fi DO NOT mix. I found myself laughing profoundly when the Merlin hologram appeared. No wonder Richard left, he probably read the script for Avalon!
  • This spin-off of the film of the same name follows the exploits of Col. Jack O'Neil, Daniel Jackson, and the rest of the SG-1 crew as they travel through the Stargate on interplanetary adventures as well as waging war on the Go'a'uld.

    This is a show that I really didn't want to like. The tone of the show is much lighter than the film, and the action and acting seemed pretty cheesy. Still, it's a show that grows on you! Daniel is the moral center of the show, O'Neill the leader as well as the comic relief, Teal'c is the warrior who manages to be likeable, and Sam is both cute and convincingly brainy. The actors have excellent chemistry together, and while you still wince at some of the dialogue, it becomes a great ride. There's even some good drama in some of these episodes if you watch enough of them! I'd recommend it for entertainment value and to watch the relationship of the SG-1 team. I'd rate this show higher, but the last couple of seasons are evidence that this show should have ended a year or two ago.
  • Not as good as the movie, but exceptional none the less.

    It's usually too much to ask of any movie based series to live up to the movie it was based upon, and that was the case with Stargate SG-1. But still and all, it was a damned good series. Production values, the concepts explored and the writing and story lines were all characteristic of a quality sci-fi series. And the original Stargate movie really was one hell of a of the best sci-fi movies of the decade in my opinion. And Stargate SG-1 really did it's best to live up to the movie, and for the most part, succeeded. I rarely missed an episode.
  • with out Richard & Sam the show really sucks now I have watched the show since it\'s beginning, now I don\'t watch it anymore Richard is gone and you have stuck Tielk in a suite and given him hair he\'s know longer alien, it really sucks, return it please

    with out Richard & Sam the show really sucks now I have watched the show since it\'s beginning, now I don\'t watch it anymore Richard is gone and you have stuck Tielk in a suite and given him hair he\'s know longer alien, it really sucks, return it please ok
  • Once More, Why?

    Take a great movie, change all the actors, and make the writing horable, and what do you have? This Movie. I had a flatmate who loved this show, but I could not stand this show. It was such a wast of time. The movie was a great movie, it had so many elements that make a good film, but they did not carry over onto the small screen very well, or at all. And the worst of the is that they made a spin off. Now I can't even imagine how horrible this show would be. If you want a show like this watch a good Sci-Fi show...there is alot to choose from.

    "Quote Nevermore"
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