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  • This was a episode that should not have been a finale. Stargate has been building up and this is the final episode? Who cares if there are movies, this episode sucked in comparison to the series. I think this was written by the writers relief fill ins d

    Okay where do I begin? Time dilation fields? Romatic moments after 50 years? Sam's obsession and defeat?

    Here's what happens, sorry if there are spoilers please don't read anymore if you have not watched the episode.

    SG-1 are fighting the Ori and well Sam thinks that instead of being blown to bits she places the ship in a time dilation field until she can come up with a way to save the ship. with no shields the field is the only way to stay alive. This episode does not play on anyone's true character. Daniel actually likes Vala? This is simply not the case. If you watch the series from beginning to end, including the episode of Daniels death (the radiation time) Sam would have been a better pair for him since she has admitted on several occasions that she liked him. If there was a revelation and her and Vala talked liked real women and not 'Soldiers' that would have been a nice twist to the end of the series. As for the stupid Christmas they have, where did they get the tree? How did they come up with half the stuff they had over 50 years? This episode was more of a filler in mid-season then a finale. I could have written a better finale and oh wait I have. I have written 2 episodes of this series and have shown them to 2 of the writers but for conflict of interest they were unable to read them. For shame. There was a better storyline in Ma'at then in the Ori. If they would have read my research they would have had at least enough details for 2 more seasons or at least one really good blockbuster movie.

    I am not bitter that they couldn't read my scripts, I am more upset that they wasted 43 minutes of my time. I have been an avid watcher of Stargate since the movie in 1994. I cry every episode I miss, and have met several members of SG-1 (a benefit of living in Vancouver BC). Michael Shanks is taller in person, but the real surprise is Teryl Rothery is much funnier and a delight to be around. Christopher Judge actually smiles and cracks jokes! And well look carefully throughout the show-Dan Shea is the stunt double of Richard Dean Anderson, but really he is Sgt Siler, and the stunt coordinator. When ever Col. O'Neill is being doubled look at his pinky finger, if it's bent while he holds his P90, that's Dan Shea. Now that I have spread this information to you you should know that I love the show and the information that leads up to make a show. So coming from me, This episode should not have aired. I hate to admit it, but I actually found an episode I hated. I hope Continuum doesn't let em down too.