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  • One of the Best Sci Fi's ever made.

    My reason for writing this is to give my overall view of the show but also to say I will be going through every episode and my very rough view of the pros and cons and a fair rating of each show.

    Anyway this show is best described as an action sci fi laced with enough humor through out to be entertained. The style I would best link to Farscape (obviously drastically different in plots though). To look at how good this show is you merely have to look at the ratings and the overall length of this show. I think I am right in saying it was the longest continually running SCI FI on TV, second only to Doctor who for the longest ever running SCI FI. If you like SCI FI and haven't watched this program shame on you and why not.

    Actors are great from start to finish, including all the side characters, some are drastically different to their counterparts from the film (O-Neil for one) but that doesn't matter, they are all great. A particular mention to Micheal Shanks as Daniel Jackson needs to be made.

    Obviously there will be filler episodes, some of which aren't great but if you find those just keep watching, they can hardly be avoided with a show that was running for this long.

    Anyway I won't go on and on and I shall just say watch it, then watch it again and again, now to the episodes ;)
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