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    I had watched a few sci-fi shows like The X-Files. However, I needed to expand my library, so I asked around, and my dad's wife suggested Stargate SG-1 since it was sort of in the same league (sci-fi, with some drama to it). So I went and bought the first movie from 1994, and I thought it was really cool.

    So, since I liked it, I decided to buy a season one box set and test it out. Glad I did. This show is awesome. I remember that pretty much after 90% of the episodes, I ended up saying to myself "Wow, another amazing episode of Stargate". This series will be watched over and over again, and I will have enjoyed every minute of it.

    The characters are great. Jack O'Neill is awesome, as well as he sometimes brings in some comedy which always makes for a good episode. Sam Carter is smart and cool. Teal'c is great. I also love how Daniel Jackson brings in the history side of things about cultures and such. After season 8 when they brought in Colonel Mitchel as well as Vala and General Landry, they added more good stuff to the show. I know some might have thought different, but I think they were a great addition to the show. After I watched season 8, I wasn't sure about picking up seasons 9-10. However, after reading some reviews, I convinced myself otherwise. So I bought season 9 to start out. I wasn't sold on it, until the second run through. I took a break from season 9 for a couple weeks, then returned to it with an open mind. Glad I did. I was kind of nervous about the new characters (Vala, Landry, and Mitchell), but now after a few viewings of seasons 9-10, I can say they are accepted to me as part of the family.
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