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Syfy (ended 2008)





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  • The greatest show ever made.

    Stargate Sg-1 earned its place as my favorite show ever and it will probably stay there until i die.

    From start to finish this show had amazing writing, acting, comedy, camera work and effects. What truly made the show exciting was following it from season 1-10 and seeing how the show progressed and how the characters changed. Earth started so unaware of the universe but over the years made many great allies and made significant advances in technology.

    What i also loved was the that back-story of the show made it so theoretically it could be happening and we wouldn't even know. The US military managed to cover everything up and keep it a secret in the show for 10+ years and that was part of the excitement. The cast was great all the way through, though i personally like the classic team of Colonel O'Neill, Captain/Major Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'C And Gen. Hammond running the SGC. They really should bring this show back.. i dont know how it ever got cancelled. Even the last 2 seasons did exceptionally well and had high ratings. SG-1 will forever be my favorite show, and i hope they at least continue with the movies
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