Stargate SG-1

Syfy (ended 2008)





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  • Indeed one of the best sci-fi tv shows i've seen and enjoyed for almost 11 years.

    1994. The Stargate phenomenon begins. Great movie, lovely acting and simply incredible idea, idea that (little did we know) 3 years later was going to turn into one of the world's most viewed sci-fi tv shows of all time. Enter, the cast: Richard Dean Anderson, Daniel Jackson, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge. I mentioned only these four because these are the actors that kept viewers watching their crazy and fantastic journeys into the stars for almost ten years (since some like Michael and Richard missed quite a few episodes). Where would you even begin to describe such a huge phenomenon like the Stargare SG-1 series. Simply by saying that it was, is and will be an absolutely incredible and amazing adventure for past and future generations. I've watched this over and over, it's just...they don't make 'em like they used to. Stargate Sg-1 was right at the top and precisely at the right time. It worked wonders. First you gather the most incredible crew that work wonders together and simply combine like 4 atoms in the same molecule, add some really really really really good quality sci-fi storyline into each episode (various alien races, hundreds of planets to be explored maybe thousands, a kick-ass enemy spreading like a cancer all over the galaxy and numerous close to death situations and let's not forget the ammount of knowledge invested here, what Sam or Daniel talk sometimes...leaves me in aw! Plus the occasional humor and witty repartees and you get a whole big new world ready for the taking. Bloody well done. Best sci-fi show in my book.