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  • Perfect is not enough, thanks to US TV from Poland

    After 7 wonderful seasons of MacGyver I really missed RDA, I think the most underrated actor in this universe. Here, in Poland, we had like only 3 seasons of MacGyver in TV, and I remembered something about SciFi show, that was broadcasted in our TV some years ago. Two things I remembered were - Stargate and Richard Dean Anderson. Later, I found out that it outlasted MacGyver (10 seasons of SG-1) and that RDA was playing its main character for 8 seasons. Then I thought "Why not?" and this was the day I watched "Children of the Gods".

    All my worries suddenly dissapeared. I thought, that I will be watching MacGyver in space, but Richard Dean Anderson is so great that I have never compared Jack O'Neill (two Ls) to Angus MacGyver. It's hard to describe ten excellent seasons, but here is what I love about SG-1:

    - RDA as Jack O'Neill - no words will describe him. Perfect sense of humor, great acting, background, something I have never before seen in any SciFi show. I think every fan knows what I'm writing about
    - other main characters with their own individuality: Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson (in my opinion second to RDA best actor in the series); Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter (ideal woman - beautiful, sexy and smart!); Teal'c - an alien I have never seen before - tough and yet funny, love Christopher Judge; and of course in seasons 9 and 10 - Vala and Mitchell - really liked them
    - other castmembers - Don S. Davis as General Hammond - I still miss him, R.I.P, Beau Bridges as General Hank Landry, Dr Frasier, Siller, Walter, Dr Lam
    - the idea of Stargate Network - it allowed creators of the show to create many, many different planets, many races - so many possibilities!
    - the plot, Goa'uld, Ori, Tok'ra
    - RDA as Jack O'Neill - one is not enough:)
    - ideas and scientific atmosphere

    Must watch for everybody - I myself am not a huge SciFi fan, but I immidiately loved this show.

    Sorry for my English:) and best wishes from Poland for US Television - the best there is!!