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  • Will eternally be my favourite show

    It is more than a personal favourite. It is, in every way, the best show that has ever been or ever will be and that needs to be recognized as more than just a personal thing. It is brilliant. Absolutely captivating. The best writing ever seen on TV. It is just amazing how such an unordinary and extraordinary story was put in a present world, in the lives of American Air Force personnel. It is our world as we know it, but with a big secret. The biggest twists on our reality. With bad guys, allies, and heroes like none other. In this world, but like nothing that has ever been seen.

    Oh, there are bad guys. But they are not simply bad guys, because that would not be unordinary. Goa'ulds. Evil beyond evil and uncompassionate beyond uncompassionate. They are a species like none other that have been seen in the genre, stealing people, and their lives, and their minds. Ra, Anubis, and Baal, all real enemies with incredible powers, not of this earth. Ruling through fear that survived the thousands of years since they were chased from this world. With the support of a galaxy of Jaffa who now blindly fight for these false gods, it is not an easy battle for our heroes, but they vow to free the galaxy of oppression. They fight to protect the weak and the unaware; they fight in the name of the truth they know.

    But there are allies, little grey men with incredible knowledge and power, but, most importantly, an unbreakable loyalty to the people of Jack O'Neill. The Asgard will forever stand by the side of humanity against its enemies, even when the enemies come from within (i.e. Inauguration). They are valued friends, and although our heroes have inferior firepower, they will help defend the Asgard with all their strength and courage, against their enemy, the Replicators, a seemingly unstoppable army of morphing machines.

    SG-1, our eclectic group of heroes are led by their fearless leader, Colonel (more recently know as General) Jack O'Neill, with reckless courage and an infinite sense of humor. Typical? Jack O'Neill is anything but typical. "How 'bout a bake sale?" And Dr. Samantha Carter, a lovely young astrophysicist. A woman who was kidnapped and sold for the price of ten women on Simarka, but beat the feared and vicious chief in a traditional battle to the death, winning back her freedom. Teal'c, strong and noble. A Jaffa, a former enemy with vital intell on weaknesses, strengths, and strategies of the Goa'ulds. But again, with unwavering loyalty and friendship with earth. He has pledged allegiance to the planet, to assist in destroying his former oppressors, and with a vision that one day his people will be free. Dr. Daniel Jackson. The nerd, yes, but still in no way stereotypical. Archeologist, linguist, and anthropologist, he is their expert, incredibly knowledgeable in the history, mythology, people, culture and language of almost every civilization that ever was on earth, and elsewhere. He is a significant asset when traveling in a reality as this. A reality where all mythology is real. The legend of Merlin and Avalon, Atlantis, Thor's Hammer.

    There is nothing ordinary about this show, nothing that is not splendid. It is in every way original, unique, and distinctive. It is a show that can make you feel as if you have an emotional attachment to the characters, characters that you greatly care for. And nothing could be as captivating as the worlds that you visit and the adventures that ensue.

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