Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2003 on Syfy

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  • A world with a perfected "memory hole"

    A world reminiscent of "The Matrix" features a networked "memory hole" that facilitates Orwellian historical revisionism, a la "1984."

    This episode, "Revisions," is a devastating political allegory about modern political systems, in which We the Sheeple are made to believe without question the constantly revised consensus reality.

    Apparently it went over the heads of some fans, who dismissed it as "boreing" [sic].

    Other fans, to their credit, "got it."
  • This was an exceptional episode to me, it was not like most Stargate shows not a whole lot of blowing things up and shooting of the jaffa. They find a planet that appears to covered with some kind of toxic gas.

    They send the MALP through the gate and while they are looking at the damage of the planet they suddenly come to a point where everything is nice and green and nontoxic.
    When they go to the planet they discover that it is a dome of some kind that keeps the toxic gases away from the residences so they will be safe.
    Sam thinks this technology would be great especially the ability to maintain such power to keep this dome up and running.
    They meet the town counsel and they decide that it would be fine if sg1 stays for a couple of days to study thier world and how this place came to be. There were 3 men and 1 woman.
    After sg1 had been there for a full day that night the woman of the counsel disapears and her memory has been wiped away from everybodys mind. Not even her husband even realizes that she even existsed.
    This bothers sg1. They go back to report back to the sgc but the MALP is missing. Not actually missing, the dome is shrinking to mantain the ablitiy to keep up sife supports. In other words the dome is failing and failing pretty fast.
    Sg1 trys to convince the residences to leave with them and they will take to another planet where they can have real fresh air and room to grow. They see no need in this they do not want to believe them.
    So Sam convinces Pallan the guy who maintains the computer, who also was married to the woman who disapeared in the begining. So Sam has to make him understand that it was his wife that they noticed who went missing.
    reluctantly he begins to see the things that Sam has been telling was true and now the other towns people have been ordered by the computer to attack sg1.
    Pallan and Sam change the computer programming to erase any memory of what has been going on. It was to the last minute but they are able to save the people from distinction. Very good show. Good charaters.
  • ok episode

    SG-1 goes off world into a dome that has a mind of its own. The dome is shrinking and does population control and erases the inhabitants memory through "the link." I really didn't like this episode that much. It was an ok story line, but it really wasn't that interesting. This episode seemed to be more like the early seasons that were just exploring and finding new planets. It was nice to see that again, but I still didn't really like it. It had some good moments, but it had more boreing ones. Overall, ok episode, nothing special, nothing too bad.
  • the internet goes mental

    This was the best mallozi zcript yet. He and his partner love sendin sg1 to old englishfied country towns and have some strange goings on. At first i did not think this was a very creative episode as it ws like the townspeople just had the internet in their minds, however it had a really good twist when daniel found out there were once 1000000 people living under the dome. it was quite gruesome when tealc found the burnt bodies and there was also a message to the viewer to beware and be eco friendly. i thought this was so like series 1 and 2, i loved it. rda looked and sounded sexy when he spoke into the MALP so I gave it an extra point!
  • Great plot...

    I loved the story - the toxic world and inside it there is that little paradise. The only thing with that storyline was - it was so seen trough. After the first disappearance of the council members and the first hints there is a power problem, I got it and somehow the whole magic of this episode seemed to be to understand what is going wrong and when you get it on the first minute you have all the hints, there is half episode just nothing. But I did liked it and the ending that man asking Sam to tell him about his wife as he cannot remember it. It was brilliant. Love the concept of this episode.
  • The gang arrive at a world hidden in a protective bubble...

    This episode is very well plotted. The gang arrive and everyone is surprised to see them arrive from outside the bubble. All the gang connect with different people - Sam with Pallan, Daniel with Evalla and Jack/Teal'c with Nevin/dad. But slowly, the bubble environment changes and several people go missing - including Evalla. Sam and Daniel try to prove to Pallan that something is wrong with the computer controlling the environment while Jack/Teal'c become increasing concerned about the change in the townspeople's personalities. There are several good scenes: Sam trying to convince Pallan to disconnect from the computer, the skeletons outside the bubble, Jack/Teal'c finding the configuration of the town confusing and being threatened by the townspeople in the end. The episode starts on a sunny note - but the mood becomes more and more sombre. All major characters have their own storylines and the supporting cast also portray their characters well. A good overall story.
  • This is the episode that brings me back to the first two Seasons and that's what I love.

    Revisions is a great Season 7 episode. Unfortunately with the lack of Richard Dean Anderson in Season 7 they couldn’t often do stand alone episodes like this where it was much more like a Season 1 or 2 episode. I was grateful that the writers decided to do an episode like this. Revisions is a very good Sci Fi story which involves a culture of people that use a computer link to keep all of their history and knowledge. I for one love stand alone episodes like this where everything that happens revolves around what happens on the screen for that 43 minutes.

    This was a serious throwback again to the early Seasons where every character would have an equal part in almost every episode and there definitely weren’t many opportunities for this to happen in Season 7 and 8 due to Richard Dean Anderson’s difficult schedule. Let’s get on to the actual episode now. This has an excellent and really creepy feel to it. Although the town seems to only be a few blocks at most, they did portray the idea of the town itself very well. On to the guest stars and characters now, let’s start off with Nevan who was the curious young child who found SG-1 as they entered the dome. Actor Liam Ranger did an excellent job of portraying this child. The actor himself seems to really fit the character and setting of the episode. Peter LaCroix who played Kendrick in this episode also played Ashrak in a previous episode. Now Tiffany Knight who played the role Evalla did an excellent job. She had a certain quality that made her seem as if she was being not quite sincere. She seems like such a happy and perfect person, but then there is such a feeling of that that you would think she isn’t quite being honest.

    The same sense of disbelief followed Chris Heyerdahl’s character Pallan. I have previously seen this actor on Andromeda and found that in this episode he had the same quality as most of the town. He seemed to just not seem natural (obviously from the link) and until we realize what is happening to these people, he seems untrustworthy to me.

    Now that we are through with the guest acting, I think the regulars did up to their normal job on Stargate and nothing in specific stood out about any of them in this specific episode except for perhaps Amanda Tapping. Her connection with Pallan when she attempted to convince him that the link was doing something to them was spectacular. Even the extras in this episode seemed to have the same quality of untrustworthiness that the entire town attempted to have. I’m happy to say that they successfully gave the town this and thus I am giving this episode an 8.
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