Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 13

Ripple Effect

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2006 on Syfy

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  • only one thing was missing

    i was very disappointed when watching this episode that there was no "reverse gender" team, meaning sam carter was a male and mitchell, daniel, and teal'c were all female, i think that one thing would have the entire episode an instant classic and would have been right in line with the series' sense of humour
  • Very fun to watch, but not perfect.

    I did enjoy this episode, it was a good idea, and I loved seeing all the old characters, especially Martouf ;). The one thing that bugged me most about this episode though, was the fact that another version of our heroes was so bad. I didnt like that I dea at all. I cant imagine SG-1 from anywhere, ever doing what that team was trying to do, it was terrible! But it was still interesting and exciting and gets 9.6 from me.
  • One of the funniest episodes of SG-1 ever!

    Ripple Effect is one of the funniest episodes of SG-1 ever.

    The shot with a room full of Sam Carters from parallel universes "hanging out" with each other had me in stitches.

    If a room full of scientific geniuses like Sam Carter can't find the answer, then there is no answer to be found.

    The humor was low keyed, understated, dead pan, yet rofl hilarious.
  • Episode pitch: The universe is in trouble so it is SG1, SG1, SG1,....SG1, and SG1 to the rescue

    Talk about your out of body experiences while still being in your body.

    SG1 teams from all over the multi-verse (see the episode for an explaination) and converging on our own SGC as if it is the "Grand Central Station of the Cosmos"

    The last time they actually give you a specific count of the number of teams, there are 16.

    Once scene is beautiful with an entire room full of Carters working on the problem.

    In a touching moment Dr Frasier shows up with one of the alternate SG1 teams as a member.

    This episode is well worth wathcing.
  • Ripple Effect is the best ep. this season by a long shot.

    Ripple Effect is a return to what we love about SG-1. A lot of this season has been caught up in the Ori story arc. This ep. takes us back to the roots of SG-1 with inter-reality peril, great one-liners, cool plot twists, and the return of some of the series' most beloved charactors. (Why did they kill of Janet Fraser to begin with!?!)

    The only thing missing from this episode was voiced best by Daniel just before the SG-1's left earth. When the Asgard emmisary disappears Daniel mutters "I miss Thor." I agree. When is he gonna get his skinny gray butt back to Earth?

  • Ripple Effect

    It really did not have anything interesting in this episode. What I was waiting for was the temperal flux which happened to Samantha Carter last time her double came through the Quantum Mirror and the team went back to her reality to save them from A'Pophis's attack on earth when they contacted the Azguard to help
  • Great episode, really! reminds me of the early years in many ways. nicely done.

    The episode from start to finish was very well done. The writing was witty and reminded me a lot of the first several seasons, the reason I first became a huge fan of the show. (Spoiler ahead) ....

    The room full of Sams was a nice touch, as well as the interactions between all the \'twins\'. Really looking forward to the next episode and watching the stories develop. Though.... a suprise visit from Jack would have been the icing on the cake.
  • Finally, the writers have done a good job again.

    At first I thought this was going to be yet another "I have seen this before" episode. But then the plot twists and good acting took over and I found the hour passed too quickly. Perhaps the writers are still trying to get in sync with their new characters but this time they did it. It was good to see some old faces and it was done so well that I was surprised. I am beginning to have feelings for the characters for the current cast and am starting to find them believable. It has been several years since I cared about the characers. Well done all.
  • Fine example of why this show is the industry extraordinaire of prime-time sci-fi.

    This post is not so much about praising this particular episode and it's events to kingdom come, I'll leave that to the rest of the community. Rather, I'd like to put forth a thought on the scheme of things regarding where we stand as people at large in this day and age when we appraise TV and look to it to supply imaginative and thought-provoking entertainment.
    Contradicting myself right there in trying to allow for provocation of though and entertainment in the same sentence, but thusly it's dealt.
    SG-1 is most likely the best financed show on now, and one has to appreciate the efforts of the crew and writers to constantly strive to implement real, however hot-potato and buzz-word science into the show.
    One can't really expect excess when dealing with a topic such as multiverses and pararell dimensions, when we're dealing with limited time, a limited budget and not wanting to alienate any of the audience, overly.
    Don't think it was enough to write off infinite possibility by having Carter mention some 50 teams being turned away, I'd have added at least one case of the alternate SG-1 team(s) having consisted of, say, a telepathic, spineless stay-puffed marshmallow man, breathing teargas and with his privates on his forehead, or basically something even more, but in effect, totally out there to the point of disturbing just to drive home the cornucopia of possibilities involved in the premise of the plot.
    Yea, suburban conservative religion-toting moms all over would've been scrambling for their phones, but let's not fret or fear the unknown, instead apply the innocent until proven guilty approach we expect to be awarded ourselves in striving to embrace the future.
  • Good but noticable plot holes

    This episode was a decent episode that had some good scenes and it also had some strange ones. One of the things that really kind of bugged me in this episode was that the there was a very noticeable plot hole involving people from alternate universes inhabiting the same universe. This was done in a episode from another earlier season and it was show that people get sick and eventually die. That episode only had the alternate version of Carter and yet in this one they something like 15 of them and it really didn’t show any problems occurring or mention the people getting sick. Other than that I thought this episode was pretty good and the humor in it was well done. It’s been awhile since Stargate made me go “WTF” but the scene with all the carters in the room trying to do it certainly did it.
  • This is the kind of show that shows why Stargate SG-1 is a comedy.

    When I put "silly" as the classification, I really meant that it was a very funny, silly episode. Every once and a while the producers for SG-1 make an episode purely for laughs. In my opinion, this one is up there with "1969", "Wormhole Xtreme!", "Upgrades", "Window of Opportunity" and others as being one of the best "joke" episodes made. True, there may be some plot holes, but to really enjoy the episode try not to read to much into the scientific jargon that is used and just let the show take you along for the ride. Try not to care that the situation is ridiculous, and there are inconsistencies in the plot. I didn't notice them, and it makes for a more enjoyable experience if you don't either. I'm glad the producers took risks like these, for it led to a better episode. This episode is why Stargate SG-1 succeeds, for it never let up on the jokes and sight gags.

    Stargate SG-1 is a comedy and this is one episode that depicts this in almost every second.
  • Exactly why I watch this show!

    This is my favorite episode of this season so far, because it was simply hilarious. I mean come on, 18 Carters in one room? That had to have raised the worlds IQ by like a billion. And can you imagine if Jack had been visiting when this happened and had walked in on 18 Carters, he would have fainted, and when he woke up he’d probably ask Daniel if he’d died and gone to heaven, I can picture him now, after visiting the Carters (and assuming that a majority of the Carter’s and O’Neill’s were married or engaged), and after getting KISSED by a number of them (I know sounds stupid, but don’t stop reading), when he was walking down the hallway after visiting them, with a deliriously happy smile on his face(and after disturbing passing airmen with his smile) Daniel would be walking by and stop in his tracks and follow Jack till he gets to the control room, then asking him what the smile is for, then Jack simply saying: Kissed by 16 Carters, then would promptly faint with a smile on his face. Then later on when Sam, Daniel, Cam, Teal’c, and Gen. Landry were in the briefing room, and this is how I’m guessing the conversation would go:
    Gen: So what happened to Gen. O’Neill, why’d he faint?
    Daniel: Um…he kind of got kissed…
    Gen: So, what’s the big deal?
    Daniel: Well see…he was kissed be Sam…well 16 of her doubles.
    (Sam spits out her water she’s been drinking)
    Gen: So how many realities would that make Jackson?
    (Everyone has a confused look on their faces til it suddenly dawns on Daniel)
    Daniel: Oh that! Um…31 that I know of, I think.
    Gen: Damn! Well you better contact Gen. Hammond, and tell him he won.
    Sam: Wait…won what?
    Daniel: Well we kind of had a bet on how many of the alternate Sam’s and Jack’s had gotten together, and Gen. Hammond
    Guessed 31 so he won.
    Sam: Daniel…
    Daniel: What?
    With the look of someone ready to kill, Sam says: Run!
    Daniel: Now Sam, it was just an innocent bet, that happened to involve you. (He says while backing up towards the door with Sam quickly following)
    And as Sam quickly chases after Daniel, Gen. Landry, Teal’c, and Cam sit and talk.
    Gen: So Teal’c…how long do you think till she catches him and we find him in the infirmary?
    Teal’c: A very short while.
    And then it would fade to black with the General and Teal’s grinning.
    Then my favorite quote, of course, was this:
    Daniel: Okay, so let’s say we accept the possibility that this is an alternate SG-1 from a parcel universe…how did they get here?
    (Everyone looks at Sam awaiting an answer)
    Sam: I got nothing…
    (Everyone’s got a shocked look on their face)
    This quote just reminded me of Jack so much, and I think it proves she’s spending way too mach time around Jack…although that’s not such a bad thing (drooling over RDA). And if you look back at this season really closely, and listen to what Sam says in each episode, you’ll find she’s talking and acting more and more like Jack, including having a sarcastic attitude when she gets capturedJ But al together, I’d have to say this episode rocked, and was probably one of the funniest. This is a prime example of why the writers get paid what they do. Stargate isn’t slowing down one bit, and next season Vala is going to be a full-time cast member. I can’t wait to see how she manages to harass the Joint Chiefs (and or insult them with innuendo)So all together an awesome totally rockin' episode and the exact reason I watch.
  • This is the type of episode that reminds me why I excactly why I watch this series and why I love this show so much.

    This is the type of episode that reminds me why I exactly why I watch this series and why I love this show so much.
    Stargate SG-1 has a real knack of being in an episode that is totally off the wall with the humor factor that is sandwiched between dead serious episodes that are about saving the world or saving the universe, and this episodes is one of them. With a couple episodes that were on the serious factor before this one and some that are going to get ready heavy after this one, this episode is a welcome change of pace. With humor that is well pace throughout the episode that didn’t seem to be to outrageous and didn’t bog down the episode either.
    Well I thought that this episode would be about trying to get all of different version of the SG-1 back to their own alternate universe, I was happy surprise with the plot twist in this episode, that wasn’t the case. It was about the fact that another version of themselves was trying to gain access to our version of reality simply because they wanted something that our version of the SGC had with they didn’t.
    On the downside, I found that the idea of alternate reality as a plot device to be a little to much the same as the plot as the one that was used in SF Channel miniseries “The Triangle”, which at the time of this episode aired was only a mouth old.
    But despite that, one downside I did find this episode to be very enjoyable and I also like the fact that two pervious character that had died over the past years came back to the team.
  • Excellent!

    Something goes wrong (again) with the wormhole, and suddenly the SGC is overrun by approximately 18 SG-1's, all from different dimentions.

    An interesting and amusing episode, made all the better by appearances from Janet Frasier and Martouf, neither of which died in their universe.

    The scene on the Prometheus got to me a little though... I could understand why the second team wanted to get the ZPM, and therefore arranged the whole dimension problem, I'm just having a little trouble believing that they would actually do it.

    I suppose that if in their reality they had been through different things that had changed their fundamental beliefs and personalities that would be possible, but somehow I find it difficult to believe any SG-1 would conciously put another dimention at risk to save their own. They would find another way, or die trying.
    At the very least, Daniel, being the 'moral' one of the team, would have objected and probably refused to take any part in it.

    Still, all that aside, it was a fun episode and it was good to see old cast members return.
  • Alternate realities make my head hurt, but this episode was worth it.

    Every time that they cover alternate realities on Stargate SG-1, it makes my head hurt and many times I can't keep up. This episode, however, was well worth the confusion.

    When Dr. Fraiser died earlier in the series, I pretty much cried my eyes out. I really don't like the new doctor on the show (but I'm not going to go more into that). So with that in mind, and considering how the team never got to say goodbye to Janet in their reality, I'm really happy with the sort of closure they got in this episode.

    There were many hilarious parts in this episode, and because I have eyes, on a shallower note I can't really complain about the many different Camerons and Daniels either, but I would classify this episode as a tearjerker for me, absolutely. When they send the teams to their respective realities, and finally say goodbye to Janet (and Sam to Martouf), it just made me well up and get sniffly.

    The .4 points that are missing are deducted mostly because while I love Sam (her "Yep!" when Cameron commented about her finally having found someone to keep up with her in an alternate reality Sam was awesome), I'm annoyed that they always talk about what's going on with her in the alternate realities instead of, say, Daniel or Teal'c. (And though they never really came out and said it, I think it's obvious that they're hinting at her and Jack. The topic just seems to have been done so many times already that it's getting boring.)

    Other than that, this was an awesome episode, and I can't wait to find out what alterna!Cameron meant by the green wire.
  • Not bad...

    this epiosde was rather well. it contiaded a lot of jokes that i you never seen the show before you wouldn't get. i like how all these different sg1's come through the gate . i was a very cool epiosde, i do think that they should have had Richard Dean Anderson guest star on it but, oh well, they had Teryl Rothery. it was a very different epiosde of sg1 but it dealt with something that fans were familair with.i think tghat this epiosde will always be a fan favourite.i know i will always like it. i don't get the joke at the end when Col. Mitchell tells Col. Mitchell to cut the red wire.but, oh well. later.
  • One of those very sweet episodes.

    I totally disagree with those who say that they cannot come up with anything worth watching in this season. This episode was a pearl, I would say. First those reunions - Fraser back and Martouf. Oh, it was just amazing. And all the humor and fun that so many SG-1 s around - they all doing their best and some playing their own little plots. It was a great situation where char were thrown and the way the dealt with it. Again, well done.

    I just cannot say how happy I was to see Martouf again - he is one of those chars about whose killing I was very angry and sad. And I had no idea he will be back. (On Fraiser I saw the actress name on the credits and knew she will be there).

    Lovely episode.
  • SG1 x16

    While we are used to seeing SG1 of other alternate universes, getting to see 16 teams in one place is a very rare occasion. Specifically 16 Carters trying to solve the all in one "multiverse", as for the other 3 member we get to see 3 maybe 4 different guys. A very interesting and highly entertaining episode with a bit of a twist, that just proves not that the SG teams are different but that they are willing to go anywhere and do anything just to protect their own planets, which actually makes sense. One of the best episodes of season 9, having plenty of interesting and quite unique moments.
  • Very Cool...

    This is a really great episode. A whole bunch of Sg1 teams come through the gate from alternate realities. They don't know how to get them all back. Carter says that ther is a whole buch of alternate realities out there and anything that can happen will happen. I thought it was really neat because they had Teryl Rothery in this episode as Dr. Frasier on one of the alternate teams She really wants to get back to her reality because the Ori have unleashed a plague. Someone else from their past who is also on Doc Frasiers team is Martuf. I would have really liked to see Richard Dean Anderson in this episode on one of the alternate teams but Oh well. This episode will be on my favorites list for a long time. Later...
  • Great....Interesting...Funny but still something missing.

    This episode was doubt about that. The alternate reality thing is something I`ve always wanted to see again on this show. It was great to see Fraiser and Martouf back. ThHe episode is kinda funny and interactions of the characters with ....euh the alternate one were fun but yet many times this episode got confusing,mainly the scenes on the ship.
    And what about Jack???????????????? Isn`t there an alternate reality where O`Neil is still part of the SG1? I expected Richard Dean Anderson to make a guest appearance in the episode....sad it was not the case. And who the hell did Carter marry in the other reality? much questions.
    Overall...great...highly entertaining episode. This Season 9 is actually good....something is still missing (or someone) but it`s still good.
  • Alternate realities coming together at Stargate Command create alternate versions of SG-1.

    This was a good episode for those who like alternate realities. What was particularly pleasing about this episode was how well it was written.

    It certainly hearkened back to other shows (particularly Star Trek: The Next Generation) where multiple alternate realities have collided. What was pleasing about this episode was that the main characters whom we have come to know and love were very different in the other realities.

    It showed the truth of the situation that we can not be solely focused upon our own issues, but we must remember how what we do affects others in the process. We can not be focused only upon ourselves.

    Good episode.
  • Great episode - just loved it

    I have to say that the latest episode of Stargate SG1 was very refreshing. The show opened up a reunion with old, dead characters when a ripple effect brought many SG1 units through the gate. I was very sorry back when they killed off Martuf and Dr. Fraser and very happy when they came to "visit" in this episode. If only they could have stay'd on and joined this team. Many of the dialogs in this episode were hillarious especially with the many Samantha Carters on the base working together. It's always refreshing when they take a brake from all the evil alians and do an alternative episode like this.
  • Silly AU show from which I expected much but got little!

    I like AU shows. Hang on. I don't just *like* AU shows, I *love* AU shows because it gives the writers and cast a chance to stretch out and try something new while exploring the world of possibilities. Usually! In this episode ... not so much!

    Really, we could have done with a few more differences between the AU teams. A Danny Jackson with long hair. A Sam with anything other than the bad flyaway hair she's currently sporting. A Teal'c with no hair again maybe! Yes, yes, I know I'm obsessing about hair! :-)

    On the plus side, I liked that we got to see Janet again. (Janet we miss you) And Martouf too. But for crying out loud, couldn't we have even *one* AU Jack O'Neill walking past in the background to *really* drive home the difference in the SG-1 teams? (Jack we *really* miss *YOU*)

    And wasn't it blindingly obvious that the wrong SG-1 gated in first ... surely the uniform colours we're a dead giveaway?

    And please writers, I know you're going to tease the viewers with titbits about AU Sams being married or pregnant ... but couldn't someone have given the poor girl even one clue as to who her SO was in those AU realities? You know, Janet could have taken her aside for a few seconds before she gated out and whispered something in Sam's ear ...

    Or even the conversation between Sam and Martouf going along the lines of:
    Martouf: "But in the end things between us didn't work out. You're with someone else now."
    Sam: "Who?"
    AU Sam-2 breaks in with long-winded possible solution to the AU SG-1 team problem to which Sam says:
    Sam: "That's all very interesting but getting back to more important matters. Martouf. WHO???"

    Ah well, I'd love to see the Director's cut of this episode. I wonder what they had to leave out!
  • A well done episode.

    While the alternate universe episodes have been done before, SG1 does this one quiet well. We are able to see characters we thought we lost or havent seen in a while and find out that not only are the ORI reaking havoc in the real universe but also in the alternate universes. The real Sg1 team is able to fix the problem and send the alternate SG1 teams back to their rightful universe.
  • A Great Episode!!!!

    I really enjoyed this episode. Alot of laughs. We get to see Mitchell's humore quite a bit. I think it was done well but there could have been a few changes. This episode would have been better if O'Neill, Hammond, and even Jonas were in it. But still a great episode.
  • This episode was an interesting take on the classic multiple-universe storyline. I'd say it was a great episode if it weren't for the fact that it made absolutely no sense.

    This episode was an interesting take on the classic multiple-universe storyline. I'd say it was a great episode if it weren't for the fact that it made absolutely no sense.

    I'll admit that it's a nice twist when one of the alternate SG teams turns out to be trying to steal from them. That's pretty much the best part of this episode. But if you think about it even just a little bit, the whole thing just doesn't add up.

    Let's review:

    1. It turns out that the first alternate SG1 created the dimensional rift in order to steal a ZPM. But how did they know that the alternate universe they arrived in would even have one? It would be pretty stupid to plan a mission to an alternate reality to get a ZPM that you don't even know exists!

    2. What was the alternate SG1's plan to get back? I guess the original SG1 questioned their counterparts and that's how they figured out that they needed this specialized equipment to shoot some sort of pulse into the stargate. But how were the alternate SG1 going to do it? After they stole the ZPM, what the heck were they going to use to get back home? They couldn't have carried anything that bulky with them. Stealing some fancy equipment like that and then gaining access to the stargate would have been impossible!

    3. How did that particular alternate SG1 team manage to get itself implanted on the mission to the black hole in the first place?? There was absolutely no reason for them to be there!

    4. How did nobody notice that the first alternate SG1 came back wearing completely different uniforms than their standard issue? That should have evoked some questions way before they got into the briefing room!

    5. For SG1 to steal from alternate selves seems to be an extreme moral rocky area. Other episodes have shown the team dealing with moral issues where they had a chance to benefit Earth by violating their values, and they always came out for what they believed in. The writers tried to make it out like these were just the same people with the same values but just desperate. I don't think they thought that through. Despite the fact that they didn't have beards, these guys just came across as evil alternates who got what they deserved.

    These are pretty big, really silly goof ups that really mess with the story line. The episode was watchable and the twist was enjoyable, but there were just too many problems with the storyline to make it a great episode.
  • One of the worst writing examples from a stellar show- inconsistent, rediculous, but still entertaining.

    I love this show to death, but this time the writers were seriously half-assing it. For starters, a carbon copy SG-1 would have far more moral conflict about taking such a mission (especially Daniel, who just seems to be going with the flow), plus they don\'t seem terribly upset about the idea that getting caught means the complete destruction of earth.

    Instead the episode plays out like a team version of \"Prometheus Unbound\" where one is trying to steal the Prometheus and just has a \"aw, shucks\" look on capture.

    This is in addition to the unusually simplistic Star Trek- like \"we just have to invert the wormhole and it\'ll automatically send each team exactly where they need to go!\"

    Though I do have to give credit to the foreshadowing effects, and can\'t wait to see how they play out, ideally when the writers are putting more effort in.
  • Interesting premise, limited by budget and focus in the wrong areas

    Messing around with alternate timelines and alternate universes can be tricky. Generally, on a show like this, trying to make sense of the science behind it is a relative waste of time. This is the problem with having some basic understanding of quantum theory and particle physics. All the right words are there in relatively right order, and it makes Carter sound really, really smart…but it doesn’t really make sense and it’s dense enough to be a little bit dry from scene to scene.

    Of course, that’s beside the point. The idea was to bring Teryl back somehow, and this is a fun enough way to do it. But it also brings up a few unfortunate questions. For instance, if the composition of SG-1 changed enough for Martouf and Janet to be part of the team, why weren’t more high-profile characters also part of some of the teams? Like, say, Hammond, Jonas, or…perhaps Jack O’Neill?

    OK, there are issues with money and availability and all that, I understand that perfectly, but that’s what the concept practically demands. I’m surprised that the writers and producers didn’t see the issue and try to speak to it. Say, a line of dialogue from someone indicating that Carter had requested that teams with Jack not be let through, since they already noted that some teams had been turned away.

    Another problem I had was the final act. It made sense for the whole thing to have been deliberate, since that was the impression I got from the teaser, but I wasn’t impressed by the complexity of the feint and counter-feint. It was over far too quickly. Why spend so much effort to come up with endless dry exposition with technobabble to the hilt, only to skimp on the chance to delve into the psychology of the four main characters? It might have been better to stick with only two teams and their interactions than to shoehorn in a few unnecessary guest appearances?

    Well, enough dwelling. If one ignores the level of dry exposition throughout the hour, there’s a fun premise at the heart of it. In fact, the episode shines when it comes to highlighting the differences (and similarities) from team to team. Some of those Carter and Mitchell scenes were a lot of fun. I liked seeing some old faces, even if the writers seemed to find their appearances more meaningful than they really were.

    Frankly, my preference would be to stick with the new characters and new dynamic. Some elements of the old mythology make sense to carry forward into new episodes, but the majority of the episodes should stick to the current crisis.
  • ...of what makes Stargate SG-1 such a great sci fi show.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It what nice to see the Ori storyline put aside for a while and see SG-1 have some good clean fun with itself. The alternate reality\paralel universe scenarios have always appealed to me, especially in this show. Sure, they overdone it a little by bringing almost 20 SG-1 teams together, but the action was focused mostly on two of them, so that was alright. Not that I wouldn't what to see more of a room full of Carters. :) Also, the guest appearences by Dr. Fraiser and Martouf felt right.

    There was a more than the usual amount of humour in this one, with Daniel, Mitchell x 2 and that funny Asgaard stealing the show. And is it just me or were there more scientific explanations? Too many Carters per square meter, I guess. :) The refferences to Atlantis in almost every episode of SG-1 are also welcome, it gives the Stargate universe more depth.

    The last part of the episode was well written and that farewell line from cvasi-evil Mitchell to normal Mitchell was brilliant. Can't wait to see if\when they'll use it.
  • A fine example of "mirror universe" and an even better reason to bring back some of the old favorites.

    At first I thought it was just going to be another "copy cat" episode (over use the sam,mitchell, daniel and teal'c clones until were all sick). When they had the whole (wardrobe switch a roo routine) I must admit I got sick of it in the first 10 seconds. But what more than makes up for it was the ressurection of two once forgotten characters (good old Janet Frasier, and the oddly helpful Martouf). Just one thing..............BRING BACK ONEIL!!!! Come on!!! Is that so much to ask? Who else is going to give Ba'll a bad time, who else will be the foil to Daniel's witty banter (Mitchell trys but...) and what happened between him and Carter (Im a romantic so sue me). Just one or two episodes is all Im asking. Vala coming back as a full cast member next season. Good episode.
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