Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 6

Rite of Passage

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Explains why teenage girls are impossible

    Explains why teenage girls are impossible to talk to rationally.

    They are under the influence of evil aliens -- the Goa'ulds.
  • Sooo, many things just plain wrong with this episode!

    OK, I'll admit that my first problem with this episode was casting Colleen Rennison as Cassandra instead of Katie Stuart. Colleen was GREAT as Ally in "Bane" but she just didn't fly as Cassie.

    However, no matter who played the part, I really didn't enjoy sitting through an episode with a surly, obnoxious teenager. Did I forget to mention snotty? Her treatment of Dr. Fraiser was inexcusable during the times she wasn't delirious. Especially in light of the fact that Janet loved her so much she was ready to cross the line with Nirrti whereas she previously balked at allowing Apophis to die in "Serpent's Song."

    But my main gripe is the whole "should we or shouldn't we negotiate with a Goa'uld?" Even though Cassie has become an obnoxious brat, those who care for her still love her and should do whatever is necessary to cure her.

    So they should have agreed to anything Nirrti wanted, that doesn't mean they had to really honor the agreement. What's she going to do when they don't? Complain to the ACLU? Call her Congressman? She's a Goa'uld, for crying out loud!

    They had at least two options of how to handle her that I can think of. Agree to any and all of her demands then, either waste her or hand her over to those scientist who are drooling to get their hands on a Goa'uld, OR override the gate coordinates Nirrti entered (they do this in "Lockdown" with Anubis) and send her to some totally nasty planet where she can't possibly survive.

    To end this review on an "up" note, I did enjoy O'Neill's "Magnets" explanation of how Cassie made the chess pieces move!
  • Time travel?

    This was overalla dumb filler episode with a few humourous O'Neil quips.
    Cassandra's character had been mentioned previously, but overall I dont like it when they bring in DR Fraser and make her have a major role to play. she was in it too much and clearly she is not a reason why people tune into SG1.
    The most stupid part of the sttoy was the end, afer a previous episode where O'Neil was prepared to kill Daniel, he then didn't waste the Goauld when hehad the chance. Just cause Hammond had given his word, it didnt mean that someone else in the team couldnt kll her. Especially as before she left she told them she was going to start experimenting on another world!
    I guess they had to make sure Cassandra lived so that she could save them in the previous 1969 time travel episode, it would have been better if the goauld had escaped somehow instead of the just letting her go!!! Very unlikeSG1
  • Sweet and...

    I most say it was quite sweet episode. It was more about the characters than any sci-fi thing usually is. But if not hoping to see the battle and hord of Goa'ulds, it was good episode - first because of the emotional level this episode had. Cassandra has always been on the background and there have been so much talk about her after Fraser adobted her but now, on the fifth season, we finally see her and she has grown up and acting little mm.. like teenagers do. And when she gets sick and it looks like the bomb inside her was not the only boggy trap built for humans.. it gets tense.. Fraser is ready to do anything to save her.. so are most of the team. Teal'c seems to keep the cold mind and thing outside the box and see big picture.. and the end.. I think the most powerful scene of the whole thing was Fraser pointing gun to that Goa'uld. It really showed the new limits she has - opened her char to us.

    Great episode, I feel.
  • not very good...

    Cassandra comes of some age and starts going all telekenetic and stuff and she almost dies but Nirti saves her as long as she is allowed to leave. Basically, this episode wasn't very good. It seemed like a filler episode and that they couldn't think of anything else to do. Cassandra drove me crazy and she was really annoying. Fraiser got out of character and pointed a gun at Nirti and everyone's feelings got in the way. Seriously, they should have let her die and kept Nirti. Oh well, the episode was stupid and pretty boreing. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  • The writers could of made a huge mistake depending on the out come of this episode! This is what made the episode special.

    In this episode the life of Cassandra was in the balance. If the SGC would have not allowed Nirrti to perform the 'healing' of Cassandra and she died, that would have unwritten the history of the SGC. In the episode '1969', SG1 so back in time where they need to get home by travelling throught the stargate at the time of a solar flare. In that episode they misjudge the timing at get sent to the future where they are at SGC where everything is covered over with sheets as if it hasn't been used for years. Here they met a old women who Sam realises is Cassandra. She says how Sam explained to her how Sam explained how the stargate works and that they entered the Stargate a few seconds too early and she helps them return home. So if Cassandra died in 'Rite of Passage' then none of that would of happend and the Stargate program would never of happend. My mind boggles when I try to understand how time travel would work if it was possible. Like how would all of that happend because SG1 would of first needed to travel through the Stargate and get sent back in time, so that they could influence Catherine Langford to start up the stargate program. How could they of gone through the Stargate unless the Stargate program was already going to go ahead without their influence??? These something for people to think about if anyone understand what I was trying to explain (explainations aren't my strong point neither is spelling)
  • Terrible!!!

    What?! Let me get this straight, SG-1 members Major Carter, Daniel Jackson, AND Jack O\\\\\\\'Neill decide to let Narrti go FREE in exchange for curing Cassandra. This is absolutely absurd!! Granted this was a set-up so that they would meet up with Nirrti again someday, but this episode is completely out of character for anyone in the SGC. Why on Earth would anyone with even a trace of common sense release a Goa\\\\\\\'uld bio-terrorist to go complete her experiments on another poor helpless planet and destroy another civilization? This is exactly what she does (SG-1 encounters her again after she has caused many deaths and caused horrific agony on some pre-modern human planet). Obviously, General Hammond and the SG-1 team feel sympathy towards Cassandra and Doc Frasier (who has adopted Cassy), but they would never in a million years sacrifice an entire planet to keep her alive, how selfish!!