Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 9

Rules of Engagement

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 20, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Pfft Whatever

    This is another one of those life lesson moral quests stories. Basically we are supposed to learn the lesson not to just blindly follow orders , but to think about the overall good of the many and having a moral compass, whatever.

    THe team arrives on a Goa'uld training planet where the cadets have been training for the past 5 cycles none-stop. They just follow the rules of engagement and blindly continue. It sup to the team to free their minds and send them all back home.
  • A good idea let down by several flaws

    The biggest problem with this episode, was the way they tackled the convincing of the soldiers. Show a vid of Apophis dying and suddenly they all believe it, no questions asked. For the soldiers to swing from firm loyalty to going "okay he's gone, we can go home" ... it didn't sit right.

    Quite a lot of the episode makes no sense, actually. All warriors are kids yet they show no surprise at seeing a 40-45 year old guy (Jack), you'd think they would all have been taught about the traitor Teal'c and the other SGC members since it would have been important to infiltrate, etc.

    I know you have to take most SG episodes with a nice load of salt but this episode hinged on elements that made no sense and because of that, it failed to me.
  • Not a particularly great episode, but forgivable for being a bottleneck.

    Coming right after "Demons", this episode has a lot in common with it. It has an interesting concept and a few really good gags, but it isn't really entertaining and comes across as a bit of a disappointment. Still, most SG-1 episodes have forgivable qualities, and this is no exception.

    This episode does start off really well. What looks like an SG team under attack from Jaffa, only to have them turn on SG-1 and fire red laser thingies at them, that's a really good way to grab the audience's attention. This initial momentum is kept for a short while, and although I can't really remember my reaction upon watching this episode for the first time I'm sure that finding out the soldiers were Jaffa-in-training would've been quite a surprise.

    Unfortunately, after this revelation the episode seems to lose most of its steam, and doesn't match the initial quality. That said there are still some good gags to help make the episode a bit enjoyable. These include the Intar gag, the infamous tuna-torture, and O'Neill saying "Yes, my lord." to Hammond.

    There are two things that I have a big problem with from this episode: how the Jaffa-in-training have never heard of SG-1; and how they accepted that they were sent by Apophis despite being very perplexed as to just what was going on. But, despite all the flaws with this episode, it's easy to forgive it, as it's a bottleneck episode (for those unfamiliar with that term, that means budget-saver). This episode mainly serves as a way to save money for the "Jolinar's Memories" and "The Devil You Know", which obviously cost more than the average SG-1 episode.

    So, whilst not being a very entertaining episode, it does have its good points. For the most part it's definitely not difficult to sit through, but not particularly memorable.
  • Some good action and humor in a mostly boring episode.

    This was a filler episode that did serve an important purpose. It showed how hard it is to convince someone that their god is dead and is a false god. The idea of the episode was a little weak but it was made better by some good action sequences and some funny lines like "go to Sokar". The downfall of this episode is that it has a good start and finish but the middle is a little boring and slow moving. The best part of the episode was the final action scene and the mortar attacks were well done. Overall a decent episode that made a good point.
  • SG-1 encounters a secret training ground...

    This was a fairly good episode. I must say that I found the In'tars were particularly cool. A great alternative to paintball. But seriously, the pace was off and on, and that, I think, was the biggest fault of this episode. There was a great deal of action and humor, but some parts were really slow. Most of the episode was fairly fast-paced though, so this was not a huge problem. It was also revealing, in that we get a good idea of what jaffa training is like in general. This episode, like the two before, is not critical to the overall story arc, but is overall a good episode with some unique ideas.
  • Wargame

    The concept of this episode was interesting and the way the episode started - really catching. All the dead thing and you are not allowed to talk. And the way how they from step to step tried to play along with the game. Teal'c knew it but the way the others tried.. specially that the attack to Tauri has been canceled due the rain. It was great.

    And then making that poor boy to understand that Aphophis is good. Again, a good concept that for those people - what they tried to say was equal like to say that sun will never rise again.

    Some great thoughts, I most say.
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