Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 2004 on Syfy

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  • It's really a shame.

    For as much as I love both Stargates, this episode is simply painful to watch. It is mostly because of the actress who plays Ishta. She is atrocious. All of her scenes make me want to leave the room, as she does this wonky Natalie Portman-esque eyebrow thing. She is wooden and over emotive, misprounces Teal'c quite a few times, as well as Goa'uld. Her eyes dart around like she's reading off cue cards, and her rapport with the other actors seems far too forced. Rya'c is also ridiculous. The kid has just hit puberty, but his fairly decent acting in the past somehow vanished when his voice changed.

    Overall, one of the worst episodes I've seen.
  • boreing...

    Rya'c's getting married and Teal'c's all mad and all of the women warriers are taking refuge at the SGC. Interesting, well, actually, not really. This episode had a stupid story and it was pretty boreing also. I just don't see why they wanted to make a whole episode about Rya'c getting married. It was just stupid. The whole thing about Teal'c not wanting them to get married. Then at the end Teal'c and Ishta go off and almost get killed. Oh, Mallock is dead. That's a plus. Anyways, I really didn't like this story and it was a pretty boreing episode.
  • Review

    Before I started watching season 8, I came here to look what scores every episode got. I knew there was a episode which many consider to be awful, so I was not so excited.

    And I just finished watching the episode, and like I do everytime, I come here and read the trivia and notes for the episode, and for my surprise the episode I've just seen and enjoy was the one everyone hated.

    True. It didn't add much, a Goa'uld dies, Ba'al takes his place. Teal'c s son gets married. Yadda yadda yadda.

    But it was FUN. At least for me it was. Season 8 so far didn't have too much action, well sure, Avatar, but the rest of the episodes were not action packed.

    Maybe it was because I started watching season 8 yesterday O_O, and I was needing this, maybe if I've had watched in it's initial run and I waited a week between episode and episode I wouldn't enjoy it as much. But the fact is I did enjoy it.

    Too bad Christopher Judge didn't write another episode in the series because I liked every episode he wrote.
  • Teal'c is being stubborn again...

    Teal'cs son announces he is to be married, much to Teal'c dismay.
    Though he explains his reasons to others, for some reason he neglects to do so to his son, which causes problems between the two.
    though he's only trying to protect him, teal'c forgets his son is a warrior in his own right, and has the right to make his own choices.

    Teal'c follows Ishta to a meeting of rebel jafar which is betrayed...

    By far the best aspect of this episode was the fact that Ishta and her people had to be relocated to another planet... In a hurry! because there was no other place that had been properly scouted yet, they were forced to stay in the SGC, which caused some pretty hilarious scenes where O'Neill dismayed at the horses roaming around his command.

    Not bad, but they can do so much better!
  • Mixed feelings...

    Is all Jaffa so angry as most I got from this episode was the anger - the way everyone had so much buried inside them and they wanted to get it out. It had little adventure and somehow.. the story was nothing too good. I miss that kind of go to mission and do something as many lately.. there has been no off world missions and..

    to be honest, this episode offered little to add from the previous episode we met Ishta. The last one, at least, had something new to discover. That used all the previous known elements, in new environment and hoped to be a good episode, it failed I think
  • Teal\'c\'s son is about to get married, which isn\'t exactly a comforting thought for Teal\'c. Meanwhile, Ishta and her people flee to the SGC while their Jaffa friends plan a rebellion, without much success.

    Wow, deja vu time!

    So what have we got here?

    Jaffa planning a rebellion, then failing miserably. If memory serves me right this isn\'t exactly a nouveau idea. This wasn\'t spectacular, you know it, and I know it. All that I really liked about this episode was Ishta and her hair.

    And I have to agree with Teal\'c disagreeing with his son on getting married. The son\'s future wife is far from stunning. And she refused to kneel! The insubordinate infidel!

    No, seriously, this episode made me sad. And not cry sad, but disappointing sad. I have never seen anything as dull as this. I hope the next episode is better.
  • A well started, but poorly finished episode.

    The episode started off really well. The story was funny, and Jack’s witticism was at his best. But as the story surrounding the rebellion against Maloc escalated, the episode lost my interest.

    The story of a wedding between Ry’ac and Ka’ryn was really good. Especially all the separate scene with Jack in it I thought to be really good. Teal’c ranting on his son during a match of table tennis against Jack, and still winning was funny. As was Jack’s scene with Carter through the SGC halls and encountering all sorts of things; a horse, children and the pretty girls.

    The story that lost my interest was with Maloc. The story was boring and unoriginal. I for one have enough of stories surrounding tretonine. The fact that there’s another Jaffa rebellion and they’re stuck on a planet again didn’t appease me either. And the end moment on the planet was very much like the Death Knell moment between Jack and Sam. I am of course a bit prejudicial, because the Jaffa things never have Jack or Sam in them and they are my favorite characters. But even keeping an open mind, I didn’t like this one.

    The end of the episode was fun, it was a beautiful wedding and the father-son conversation between Ry’ac and Teal’c was very touching.