Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 21, 1998 on Syfy

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  • Birth Control

    The first thing I thought is that if pregnancy makes the Goa'uld "demon" sleep then birth control pills could be just the thing to suppress the parasite. I liked the animation on the eagle head armor as Teal'c reveals himself. One thing I like about Stargate is that it reveals the cosmology, fiction and rules at a decent pace. It's like discovering this universe in each episode.
  • what a storyline screwup

    Were we suppose to believe that Daniel was so emotional he forgot that thors hammer was just fixed. I don't buy it that would have been the first thing on his mind. You don't meet a race like the asgards and just forget shortly after. This is my favorite show I have the whole collection but they really screwed up here I can't even stand to watch this episode anymore.
  • Maybe out of sequence?

    Good episode, but the whole time I was watching I was thinking, "OK, now take her to Thor's Hammer". At the end of the episode I was just disappointed. I will just have to pretend I watched this episode before I watched "Thor's Chariot".
  • I say "Out of Character" because it's the closest I can get to "EPIC CONTINUITY FAIL;" the characters are not supposed to be as flagrantly obtuse as they are in this episode.

    The episode, taken by itself, isn't bad; the problem with it is that it takes place three episodes after "Thor's Chariot," in which SG-1 made contact with the Asgard on Cimmeria, and at the end of which the Asgard restored the functionality of Thor's Hammer -- the weapon which will destroy any Goa'uld parasite passing through it's energy field, while leaving the human host of a mature Goa'uld (as opposed to the Jaffa host of an immature one, who cannot live without the symbiote) intact, their original memories and personality restored. (Don't get me started on the short-sighted stupidity of SG-1 disabling the hammer in the first place, when all they needed to do was nip back to the SGC for some digging equipment and tunnel past it to let Teal'c out of the cave, then wall it up again to keep any other Jaffa or Goa'uld from escaping the trap.) So why in the nine circles of Dante's Inferno didn't Daniel whisk Shau're through the Stargate to Cimmeria to be freed of her parasite the moment he found her on Abydos?!?!? It's as if the screenwriter for the episode wasn't aware that the Hammer exists and is functional once again, so both Daniel and Teal'c develop an acute case of amnesia on that topic. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Jackson discovers that his wife has returned to Abydos, and is nine months pregnant with the son of Apophis. O'Neill must keep the secret of the Stargate program from being uncovered. This episode has the making of a true SG-1 classic. It has action, mystery and some romance between Jackson and his wife. Back on Earth who leaked information about the Stargate program to the reporter? Did he or she tell anyone else of the top secret program? Was General Hammond, or anyone else at the SGC, responsible for the death of the reporter? How might this incident affect Jack's confidence in his superiors? And will Heru'ur hold a vendetta against SG-1? Will Sha're ever be rescued?
  • And we're back on Abydos!

    One of the best episodes of the season to date, with not one, not two, but three different story lines.

    While in Washington, for a prize ceremony, Jack meets a journalist that has somehow find out about the Stargate. Jack's bluff is great in their little interviews - he gives absolutely nothing away. The death of the journalist was quite touching as well.

    Also in Washington, we meet Sam's father. This episode sets up the Tok'Ra episodes later on, as we find out about her dad's cancer ... problem (let's call it). I loved that the dad was pulling strings even up to his last days of his life (as far as he knows) to help Sam get into NASA - her lifelong dream, according to him. Little did he know that she has already fulfilled her dream ... and more. Sam's expression during their talk is awesome.

    The main storyline is back on Abydos (one year after Daniel left). Apparently Shau're is back and pregnant with Apophis' baby. Somebody could've told Daniel! :)
    We see Her'ur again ... this time he's trying to foil Apophis' plans, by trying to steal his baby. Of course it doesn't work, but that's a long story ... or a lengthy tale, as Teal'c puts it. You'll have to watch it for yourself ... you won't regret it.
  • Daniel returns to Abydos and learns of Shau're's whereabouts, while Sam and Jack go to awards ceremony.

    This is an excellent episode for many reasons. Firstly, it was great to see Daniel and Shau're reunited. This storyline sets up several episodes further down the road dealing with both Shau're and her child. I thought Daniel's performance was very good with just the right amount of emotion. Jack and Sam also have a great storyline in this episode, they go to DC to attend an award ceremony in their honor. While there they run into a reporter who threatens to go public with knowledge of the SGC. A well done interpretation of a very likely scenario, after all the stargate is a big secret that I think would be hard to hide. Another subplot that I really enjoyed foreshadowed the official introduction of the Tok'ra, when Jacob Carter tells Sam he has cancer after trying to get her to join NASA, I found their dialog to be quite touching, actually. Good episode all around with lots of stuff going on.
  • Year later, in Abydos.

    It was beautiful episode. All the storylines with every character. First Carter meeting with his father who wants her to become astronaut and she has no way to tell him that she has fulfilled her dream.

    And O'Neill with the journalist and that accident. The look on his eyes... But the main focus was still on Abydos. Daniel, returned as promised, but things are not same. His wife is there, but she is pregnant and free of Goa'ulds overpower until child is born but the time is coming and they have so little time to spent together. And not only Aphophis will come to claim his queen, but his enemies too.

    It was beautiful episode.
  • I don't know why but this is one of my favorites

    This is a great episode that introduced so many storylines that would be explored in the next few seasons. First is the first appearance of Jacob Carter and his bad father storyline. Carmen is a fantastic actor and Jacob is one of the best recurring stars on the show. Then there is the introduction of the Harcesis child that would come back into play in season 3. I was so glad to see Erick Avari return as Kasuf. He did such a great job in the movie as well as all his episodes in the series. The reporter storyline was good because it showed that the SGC had gotten so big that there was bound to be leaks in security. The scenes between Shau're and Daniel was amazing and both actors shined. This also had some of the best O’Neill lines lint the two L’s and when he first met Jacob. Overall this is one of my favorite episodes in the second season.
  • This is yet another one of those episodes that isn't terrible but isn't great either.

    I suppose in many ways this episode is a sort of a warm up for future, better episodes such as "Absolute Power" and "The Tok'ra" 2-parter. For that quality the episode deserves some respect. However, the episode is quite flawed, and isn't really worth watching more than once.

    First, let's start with the good points. You have the interesting sub-plot with the reporter who knows about the Stargate, and their reactions to this predicament. The scenes between O'Neill and this man are well written and executed, and raise the episodes quality above mediocre. Also worth mentioning is the classic "it's O'Neill with 2 l's."
    Another is the introduction of Jacob Carter. Not only does his presence add an extra necessary layer to Sam's character, but also his eventual transformation into a Tok'ra will expand and improve the Stargate mythology and universe.

    However, the sub-plot involving Daniel and Sha're doesn't really work at all (at least not for me). A lot of the moments just aren't emotionally involving when they should be, and come across as tedious. Come to think of it, apart from the underrated "Absolute Power", I didn't really like the whole Harcesis story-arc at all.

    Despite its flaws, it's on okay episode. It's also unfortunate that for an episode with so much importance to the whole story arc would be so average. Even though it is entirely necessary for any soon-to-be SG1 fan to see, I'd recommend you just tell them what happens.
  • Daniel returns home after one year as he has promised.

    "Secrets" has it's moments, it's overall a really good story, but it drags in some areas. We have three different stories going on in one episode; Daniel tries to save his wife, Sam see her father again and learns a secret he has been keeping that is tragic and a reporter knows about the stargate. This is the episode that introduces Sam's father. Another cool thing about "Secrets" is that Daniel's father-in-law returns. The story about Daniel and his wife is interesting but the part that I said was slow was when Jack and Sam go to Washington. It's not the best of episodes but it is part of the main story line about rescuing Daniel's wife.
  • Exciting One wouldn’t believe how much information and plot points where jammed into this signal hour episode.

    One wouldn’t believe how much information and plot points where jammed into this signal hour episode that made for a great episode the felt like it ran longer than it normally dose. In fact each plot point in this episode could have easy been made into a signal episode.
    This episode center around two major plot points, and a third one; the return of Jackson’s wife, secret of the Stargate program from getting out to the public, which was found by a news reporter and the health of Sam’s father. While the two major plot points had a fair share of screen time and neither of two felt like it was rushed. The third one that center around Sam’s father was short and sweet, but left you wanted more to him, that there had no to be more on him than that.
    But, getting back to main plots in this episode, as I said before the pacing and screen time that these plots had was done well. In fact when the journalist was stuck down and killed by the car, I honestly thought that was the end of the episode and then I look down at my watch. To my surprise there was a good half-hour let to this show and that meant that the other plot point, Daniel’s wife’s pregnancy had to be resolved in the last half hour of the episode. Like the journalist one, it was done well with a right amount of pace.
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