Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 18

Serpent's Song

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 1999 on Syfy

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    Pursued by Goa'uld death gliders, former Goa'uld conqueror and sworn enemy of the SGC, Apophis, throws himself on the mercy of the team. Despite his past evil, SG-1 grants him sanctuary. Apophis, who shows signs of having been tortured, is slowly dying, and promises all the knowledge of the Goa'uld in return for a new host body. When O'Neill rejects his offer, Apophis reveals that he is being pursued by an ancient and powerful Goa'uld named Sokar, the original god of death. Conquered by Apophis in Egyptian times, Sokar has come to wreck his revenge, and will kill anything that stands between him and his ancient adversary. The team's Tok'ra ally, Martouf, tells SG-1 that unless Apophis is sent back to face his fate, all those around him will be destroyed, either by Sokar, or the many Goa'uld who wish their former leader dead.
  • SG-1 captures their nemesis...Apophis...

    This was a pretty good episode, and we learn a great deal more about Goa'uld power structures here. Parts were kind of sad like when Apophis' host surfaced. There were also parts that were a little odd, like when Daniel shows his darker side and threatens to kill Apophis. I liked seeing the Tok'ra again and Martouf wasn't quite as overbearing this time. The pace of the episode was a little slow, but it was still moving fast enough to keep the story going. We learn of a new really cool enemy through the Goa'uld pursuing Apophis, Sokar. Which brings to another thought, I wish we'd get to see more of Sokar, he seemed like a very diabolical Goa'uld and his reign ends all too abruptly. Good episode though, a must-see.
  • They caught the enemy and lost him...

    This is a great episode. The people of earth finally get a Gould system Lord however in true Stargate SG-1 style they loose him. This episode also shows the difference between the different races portrayed on the show. The fact that Dr. Jackson speaks in what is supposed to be ancient Egyptian is really a cool fact. Whether or not this is truly like ancient Egyptian is uncertain but it truly brings in another element to the show and makes this episode even better as part of the ongoing series. As well the team's reaction to saving a Gould's life reflects how they view the Gould in a general perspective and this is maintained and rarely changes throughout the series. An all round terrific episode.
  • Capturing Apophis...

    This episode really showed them a little, what is really going on in the world of Goa'ulds. It was that kind of episode, were everything was presented - we had hope that they might get something from Apophis, but that was very unlikely. There was the action and danger to Earth again by heating the iris. And To'kra people around.

    But for me, the most interesting part was how every one of them reacted to the presents of Apophis. There seemed to be some people, who had problems with that, then Daniel who so badly wanted to know where his wife is. And those reactions and Fraiser, still taking him as her patient. And this episode tried to remind us that even the worst Goa'ulds like Apophis, they have human hosts, they are humans. And it is nightmare for them. A really great angle to remind us.
  • Very Emotional

    This is the first episode directed by Peter DeLuise one of my all time favorite directors. The reveal of Apophis at the beginning was shocking and well done. The scene with Jack going through the gate backwards was the coolest gate entrance in the early part of the season. The scenes with Apophis and all the team was some of the most dramatic stuff the show has ever done with Teal'cs scene being my favorite. The effects for the message and the Iris heating up were kind of bad but it could have been worse. The conversation with Apophis' host and Daniel was so sad and beautifully done. Overall one of the best and emotional episodes in the season and the entire series.
  • I liked the way the tables turned on Apophis. Now his life iis hanging in the balance with the only one that can help him is his best pain in the behind, Jack and now they have him where they want him. But he has been tortured and beaten. badly.

    Apophis tells them that he is hiding from sokar, the orginal Devil, Satan, The god of death. And he wants him bad.
    Well the sgc has got him trying to keep him alive now, but now sokar has opened the stargate and they can not get it to close. He will never leave them alone until they return Apophis, but they dont want to just return him to sokar to be tortured more. The Host of Apophis comes out and he has no idea where he is or what to think he so affrain all he wants is to see his family, he thought that when this nightmare was over he would awaken to be with his wife for eternity. The body of Apophis starts to deteriorate and age rapidly. Which means his symbiote is dieing. So they just try to keep him comfrotable as Daniel tries to explain to the host what has been going on and what is happening now. He tries to comfort him and and to try to keep him from being affraid.
    Once Apophis dies they send the body back to Sokar thinking that that will be that. But Selmak/Jacob points out Sokar has the technology he can bring him back to life and and kill him as many times as he wants to.
    This show was really good, it showed Apophis is not invinsible. He can die and and he does get affraid. Now we know he is going down. The mixed feeling they felt for Apophis/the host. The host had nothing to do with what had beenn going on, but Apophis was still there.
  • Intelligent, emotional, dramatic, and humorous; this is one of my all time favourites from the first 3 seasons.

    I've heard from a few fans, both friends of mine and on message boards, about their distaste for this particular episode. Perhaps their dislike is one of the reasons I love this episode so much, but there are still plenty of others.

    I consider one of the episode's best qualities to be the chemistry shared between Jack and Apophis. Every scene shared between the two is golden, thanks in part to Jack's classic charisma and bravado. But amongst these great scenes the first one shared by the two when Apophis is in the medical room is definitely the standout. It is just classic Stargate all the way, especially Jack's final lines. Indeed, it seems all of SG1 have great moments with Apophis, and more impressively for very different reasons.

    But another great feature of this episode is the intelligent discussion concerning Apophis and their situation. There's a great sense of realism to their situation and the argument, which only helps to make their predicament and the story that much more absorbing.

    Along with these great dramatic and comedic aspects there is a very effective level of poignancy throughout, particularly with the death of Apophis' host. Another subtle feature is the gradual aging of Apophis, which is brilliantly handled and very realistic and effective.

    However, this episode has its negative points too, but they are only minor. In particular are the visual effects involving the heating up and attempted cooling down of the iris, and Amanda Tapping's acting of her remembering being tortured (although in her defence, I can't really think of how it could've been done better).

    So, in summary I consider this to be a must-see for any soon-to-be SG1. Even if you may not be a fan of this one, I'll still always love it.
  • Series Classic Apophis, the once mighty System Lord, throws himself on the mercy of SG-1, despite what he has done in the past. Which throws the SGC for a loop.

    Apophis, the once mighty and powerful System Lord, whom is now a mere shell of himself, throws himself on the mercy of SG-1, despite all of the evil acts that he has done in the past. Like the good humans, the SG-1 is they take pity on him and despite the risk that it might entail for them, they take him, offer him statuary. In the end gain a little more insight of the political power plays that are going on with the various System Lords.
    When I first saw this episode, it was on Showtime’s Free Preview Weekend, which at that time Stargate SG-1 was deep in the middle of the second season with all of the various plot threats that I was totally unaware of at the time that I saw this episode, played out. Even with that sizeable information gap of mine, I still found the episode good to watch. Then I re-watched the episode when it aired in syndication, which were always year behind Showtime’s airing, and this help me better understand all of the various plot threats that this episode hinted at in that episode. With that, I found the episode even a better episode with more emotional impact than what I had when I first watch the episode.
    There is something about these type of episodes, where your find your greatest foe rendered useless and you have the edge over them, basically the tables have turned for your foe. That you have all of the power over them, that you alone can decided their faith, not them, something that never happen before and might never happen before. In fact you are just like your greatest foe and that is position that happen to the SGC, and their cautious approach to the situation is quite believable, they have no clue what do in this tight spot that they have found themselves in. But on the other hand, Daniel’s, Teal’c, and Jack’s comments are harsh to the fallen System Lord, but they are right type and also believable. For there is just something the human nature to dig into their enemies when they are on their last leg, to have the last laugh at them.
    At the end of the episode when both the host and the symbiote die you have a rush of emotions. You feel sorry for the host, who was an innocent victim of all of this and that the only crime that he had committed was living at that time, also on a small degree you also feel sorry for the symbiote as well, because it will be tortured as well. But also you have a great sense of “Schadenfreude“, which is German word and means the feeling of malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others, that Apophis, for the mass murdering System Lord is going finally going to get what his just desserts.
    This Stargate episode is appropriately a series classic episode and the surprising thing with this episode is that an early episode, taking place in the second season a time when these type of episodes don’t normally take place at. They are normally reserved for later seasons.