Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 02, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Jaffa Joke

    "Jaffa Joke? lets hear one."

    The is a wonderful episode to begin Season Three with. Seth, is hiding out on earth and the Tok'ra want him to help topple the balance of power with the system lords. It's up to SG-1 to track him down on earth and take him out.

    We also start to see Teal'c's personality come out and he rapidly becomes a bearer of humor on the show.
  • SG-1 tackles a Goa'uld who is posing as a cult leader on earth...

    The Tok'ra have a job for us, track down a Goa'uld they think is hiding on earth. This was an average episode of SG-1. We get to see Jacob again and have some adventures a little closer to earth, but nothing really stuck out with this episode. As usual, the humor of Jack moves the show along, and Teal'c lack of understanding human relationship offers a different perspective, but there was nothing that was extremely good and extremely bad about this episode. On top of that, almost no new information about the Goa'uld is revealed in this episode. You could probably skip this episode and not be worse off. However, it's still an entertaining episode, just not really good or bad.
  • Fathers and sons...

    Character development mainly and some interesting thing - like for centuries there have been Goa'uld on Earth living happily among people and having his cults and secret organization, getting people killed. And he his not very hiding as they soon figure out who he is and where but to get him down, it is harder and the team have to risk a lot to get into the organization and get people out without killing.

    A lot of beautiful talks between Sam and his father and the end, they dealing with Sam's brother who has not felt like a part of the family for long. It was great episode but not too amazing.
  • Good Sam and Jacob development

    This episode has its good points and it’s bad. I kind of liked the idea that Seth, who was actually a very important deity in Egyptian mythology, was hiding from the system lords on Earth. The episode had some good humor as well mostly the Jaffa jokes. I know most fans don't like this episode but there is something that I will always like. I also liked the B story of Jacob and his son that gave us some back-story on him and Sam. Now for the bad, the whole Wako thing was what most fans did not like. I did like the way that Sam killed Seth and the end was good to see. Overall a decent episode that I will always like.
  • A great suspencefull episode!

    Really great one! It started out a bit slow and a thought it was going to be a regular episode, but it got interesting after they got to the place where Seth is hiding and really caught my atention... I thought it was a relly nice touch, that father trying to get his son back and all, it really helped Jacob change his mind about his own son. And Sam was really great too, using the hand device to kill Seth, eve though she had no clue on how to do it, she is alays saving th day. Really enjoyed this episode!
  • Pretty good episode, although not the best

    Pretty interesting episode that a Gouald would still be on earth after thousands of years. He seemed pretty weak to me though, living in a house with 15 or 20 followers. If I was living on the Earth for a couple thousand years, I would have a bigger following than that.
    Also, when Seth was killed, it wasn't as climatic and intense as it could have been. I mean, the guy has been alive for thousands of years and then he bites the dust so quickly.
    Overall though, entertaining episode.
  • Not a fan favourite, but not as bad as it's made out to be.

    If you read any message board thread with the subject of worst or least favourite SG-1 episode, you'll most likely find at least one person claiming it to be this episode. While the episode does have its down sides, I certainly don't think it's deserving of that title.

    For one thing, this episode has a great concept: a Goa'uld hiding amongst the people of Earth for the last several thousand years creating cults to satisfy his desire to be worshipped. In fact, the first 5-10 minutes of this episode are great, in particular with Daniel going through Seth's back-story. But the fan-favourite moment of this episode is undoubtedly Teal'c classic Jaffa-joke, which is yet another highlight.

    Another key aspect, and the reason for my episode classification, is the subplot of the relationship between Sam and Jacob/Selmac and their family issues. This adds yet another layer to the relationship between Sam and her father as well as the relationship between Jacob and Selmac. I also have to compliment that this subplot doesn't feel heavy-handed, although one may argue that it does in the final scene (in my opinion it seemed very restrained and could've been a lot worse).

    I suppose the worst aspects of the episode (and the probably source for this episode's dislike) are those set inside Seth's compound. Whether it be the almost cringe-inducing chanting; the pretty dodgy effect of the green mind-control gas, the miraculous way our heroes manage to shoot everyone with Zat-guns in one shot (and only one shot), or the silly looking effect of people being pushed away with the hand-device; they all subtract from the quality of the episode. Then again, you have to kind of forgive this episode, as it is one of the bottlenecks (aka budget-savers).

    I will not continue to give recommendations as to whether episodes are worth showing to soon-to-be SG-1 fans, as at this point you will know whether or not they are. In summary, despite having a few minor flaws, there are more than a few positive aspects of this episode that make it enjoyable budget-saver.
  • Good episode

    Another good episode. Nice to see General Carter make another appearance and interesting to hear more about yet another of the system lords. Seemed slight improbable though as to how much Go'auld technology Seth managed to acquire (like all those Zap guns) considering he's meant to have been on Earth for 1000s of years. Either he brought a big arsenal with him, he found a way to make more (seems a bit unlikely) or he somehow received more supplies (? but who from).

    Slight mistake at the beginning too - the iris was opened THEN the wormhole appeared. In the previous episodes the wormhole has appeared first so that the authorisation code can be transmitted before the iris is opened ;-)