Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 18

Shades of Grey

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Absolutely fantastic episode, Jack goes dark side...

    This is one of the best of season 3 in my opinion. This episode is all about Jack, but it also represents a resounding victory for the SGC over the corrupt elements of the NID. In fact, Jack's performance is so convincing that even though I knew he wasn't actually going to leave the show I thought that he believed in what he was doing to at least some degree. I always have loved they NID episodes, because they offer a great moral debate about how we cannot destroy our principles in order to defend them. Case in point Jack's brilliant line at the end of the show, "We don't need their[our allies] stuff, we do need them". Those heady issues aside Jack was just plain cool in this episode. You will not want to miss this one.
  • And I started to think we have had very wrong impression of O'Neill so far...

    I loved this episode... first, it was such an adventurous episode and solved some of the mysteries we were having from previous episodes - like where those people we saw in other Stargate went?

    Moat of all, I think, I loved the way this episode fooled me. I am usually not buying that kind of things - that char changes and starts acting different but this episode.. it looked somehow real and I was thinking there might be another alien taking over O'Neill or something but not that it was a trick to get those who are stealing.

    So, to look back on the episode, we had some funny sayings - it was O'Neill after all. And there were quite many hints on other things that I specially enjoyed.. and Asgards.. :) love those little guys.
  • Great Jack episode.

    This is one of my favorite episodes from the third season. The humor in the beginning is great with the eyebrow line and the straw gag. Rick also did a great job with the unmoral Jack delivering one of his best performances of the series. The addition of Maybourne was great because of his great chemistry with Jack. When I first saw this episode I knew Jack was up to something but Rick's performance was so well done that I didn't figure out what it was until later on then I would like to admit. I liked the continuation of the rogue NID storyline and the closure of the Touchstone guys. I loved the final scene with Daniel revealing that they drew straws and he lost. Overall one of the best O'Neill episodes in the early seasons.
  • great episode...

    Jack and General Hammond finally take down the rogue unit from earth that was stealing technologies from othre planets under Colonel Mayborne. It was a great episode. Jack was completely out of character and retired early so Mayborne would recruit him. It was very entertaining and new. It was halarious to see that Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c drew straws to find out who would have to see how Jack was doing. They really believed he stooped so low to be a theif. Anyways, it was a great episode and really outdid my expectations. However, I had a feeling the whole time that it was a plan to take down the rogue team. Other than being a little predictable, this episode was very exciting and awesome.
  • O'Neill goes to the dark side...

    This is the first episode where the writers really explore a chactor who is changing. I really thought that O'Neill had turned against the SGC. It was only when the episode came to a close that i realised O'Neill was faking it for everyone so he could get in on an illegal off world SGC, run by Harry Maybourne. I liked this episode becuase we really got to see a major charactor isolated and alone. This idea of episode is used many times later in the Stargate series. I thought that it was a bit extreme though firing somone because they stole some technology, anyway it was a great episode.
  • A Richard Dean Anderson showcase episode, and a great one too. (Spoilers)

    This is another episode from season 3 that I have particularly fond memories of, and it is also one where it seems they are justified. The classification of "Out of character" is weird in this case: normally it would express distaste, but in this case it perfectly describes the scenario, which is purposely and effectively written that way.

    I really like the story in this episode: O'Neill pretends to think acquiring alien technology surpasses their need for a high ethical standard, so he can discover who actually is stealing alien technology. Unfortunately I can't remember how I reacted the first time I saw this episode, but seeing it again and knowing the outcome beforehand doesn't lessen the impact or quality of the story.

    There is also quite a bit of humour in this episode. There are plenty of good bits including O'Neill describing how Teal'c objected, and the classic ending gag (including Teal'c's great subtle reaction), but the best comes from Maybourne. I've always loved the relationship between O'Neill and Maybourne throughout the series, and I think this episode in particular is an important step in showing off their chemistry. They have such great moments throughout, and it's a shame they didn't get more screen-time together, but I suppose there's plenty of that later in the series.

    I also rather like the dramatic elements of this episode. Whenever I watch it I like to quote along with O'Neill during his "I'd rather be a thief and alive..." speech, as I think it's such a good line. But also that whole scene with Daniel is so good to watch. I also really love it at the end when the Asgard turn up and start taking the stuff away, and everything that follows. For some reason I also really love the line "As soon as they stop taking stuff, they're gonna start taking people..." The music and timing of that whole scene is absolutely perfect.

    In summary, this is a great episode. I might not remember my initial reactions to it, so I don't know how I would've reacted to the situation, but it's still a thoroughly enjoyable episode nonetheless.
  • O’Neil storms out of a meeting with the Tollan and steals a device, despite the protest of the rest of the team and Hammond. He gets into league with the off-world operations of Colonel Mayborne and the NID, as his intentions become mysterious.

    This is one of those tricky episdoes. It had me going until the very end. Jack flips when the Tollan won't share technology, and it leaves the characters and the viewer disgusted with O'Neil. O’Neil really let me down and you stop identifying with him as a character. He gets together with the slimy Maybourne and goes against everything he had stood for up to that point. The other characters disassociate themselves with him and are confused. No matter how desperate O’Neil and Earth are for technology, NID methods of obtaining them are ruthless and have a very bad impact on relations with allies and the long term well-being.
    We learn for the first time about a secret NID off-world base and their trove of technologies, which they sneak back through sympathic/dirty members of SGC teams.
    In the end, O’Neil pulls though, as his actions were in fact for the well-being of relations with the allies. He thwarts the NID and at the same time solidifies the allies’ trust in Earth and Stargate command.