Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 18

Shades of Grey

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2000 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When Jack is going through the gate to settle offworld for his retirement, we see General Hammond, Dr. Frasier, and Major Carter salute. Major Carter's salute appears the most correct, and General Hammond's is a bit sloppy but fairly acceptable. Dr. Frasier's hand is facing the wrong way; America salutes with the palm inward. Her salute has the palm outward like most, if not all, European nations perform it.

    • Jack didn't have a GDO so he shouldn't have been able to gate back to Earth.

    • Newman apologizes to O'Neill for having had returned fire in the Utah hanger ("Touchstone"). However, when the four NID men were cornered by SG-1, none of them fired a weapon before they escaped.

    • When the Tollan came to Earth at the beginning of the episode, the gate is activated as usual, but the monitor showed the gate had established a wormhole even though it hadn't yet. Seconds later, they are closing the iris and you see the inner ring of the gate still turning, 7th chevron still unlit, however upon changing camera angles, the chevron is clearly visible in the reflection on the glass and is lit.

    • Colonel Maybourne is missing his skill badge on his dress uniform which should be above his ribbons. This happens in many episodes.

    • At the end before Jack goes back to the black ops base the dialing is all messed up. You can hear him only hit six chevrons, but seven are lit up seconds later. Also, the wormhole activates before he hits the activation button.

    • Maybourne called P3X-595 PX3-595.

  • Quotes

    • Makepeace: Major Carter has... accepted my command with no problem, sir, but I'm afraid Dr. Jackson and the Jaffa have not.
      Hammond: Well maybe if you didn't think of him as "the Jaffa," it would be a good start.

    • Jack: Who's we?
      Maybourne: My organisation.
      Jack: NID?
      Maybourne: Mmm.. more of an offshoot.
      Jack: Ah. That sort of says it all, doesn't it?

    • (facing a court-martial)
      Jack: All this for one little indiscretion?
      (Hammond opens a file)
      Hammond: Five counts of direct insubordination towards superior officers and a United States Senator. Two counts of refusal to obey orders. Kidnapping an alien child. Should I go on?
      Jack: The proverbial straw, sir?

    • (while walking past High Chancellor Travell and her aide)
      Jack: Well, look who's here. Come to retrieve your vastly superior stuff? You know, it'd be a lot more superior if it wasn't so easy to steal!

    • Sam: Is there anything I can do?
      Jack: About?
      Sam: Well, sir, with respect, you aren't exactly acting like yourself.
      Jack: No, Carter. I haven't been acting like myself since I met you. Now I'm acting like myself.

    • (after an examination)
      Fraiser: Well, I don't see anything immediately wrong with you. Your blood pressure, DRE and EEGL seem normal. It will be a while before I get your hormone levels and CAT scans back.
      Jack: Great. Let me know what kind of wacky alien stuff you find in there.

    • Hammond: As long as I am in command of the SGC we will hold ourself to the highest ethical standards.
      Jack: And when the Goa'uld wipe us out because we have nothing with which to defend ourselves, I'm sure we'll all feel great about ourselves and our high moral standards!

    • Jack: (telling Hammong about stealing technology) To be fair, General, I did it. Carter and Daniel protested. And Teal'c...well he really didn't say anything, but I could tell he was opposed to my actions by the way he cocked his head and sorta raised his eyebrow.

    • Jack: By the way, Daniel, thanks for coming by and seeing how I was doing. That means something!
      Daniel: Uh, actually, no. It doesn't. We drew straws. I lost.

    • Jack: I'd rather be a thief and alive than honest and dead. It's a cliché but there it is.

    • Hammond: Early retirement.
      Jack: Now see, I tried that before. You pulled me out of it.

    • Maybourne: This is your last chance to back out.
      Jack: If you promise to cut back on the melodrama, I'll consider crossing the line.

    • Daniel: Actually, sir, the Tollan refused to give us any technology.
      Jack: Offered us a nice fruit basket, though.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jack: Hello, Newman.
      When introduced to Newman through the Goa'uld communication device, Jack says "Hello, Newman!" using the same tone that Jerry used on the TV show Seinfeld.

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