Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 13

Sight Unseen

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2003 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: This episode takes place "over three months" after the events of "Shadow Play."

    • In the scene where Jonas and Hammond are been given the results of the tests by Fraiser, in the background there is a lightboard and on it you can clearly see the same x-rays from "Singularity" that were taken of Cassie of the bomb in her chest.

    • Piedmont, Colorado is in Las Animas county, not Hawthorne as stated here. There is no Hawthorne county in Colorado.

  • Quotes

    • Vernon: What do you get, like, four or five miles to the gallon in this thing?
      Jack: It's a pig.
      Vernon: I'm more of an El Camino fan, myself. The things are like catnip to the ladies, huh?
      Jack: Don't I know it.

    • Vernon: I served in the Gulf!
      Jack: What division?
      Vernon: ...Motor pool.

    • Vernon: So what planet are they from?
      Jack: Who?
      Vernon: The aliens.
      Jack: Oh. A place called 'Melmac'.
      Vernon: Isn't that where Alf is from?
      Jack: Who?
      Vernon: Alf. You know, on TV, the puppet.
      Jack: Never saw it.
      Vernon: No kidding...

    • Jack: I know this is a massive cliché, but the place is surrounded.

    • Jonas: You're suggesting I'm delusional?
      Jack: No. No, it's just possible that you were seeing something that...yes, that's what we're suggesting.

    • Hammond: Welcome back - how'd it go?
      Jack: Ah, General, you know how I like those sandy planets.
      Teal'c: The wind was most pleasant.
      Jack: Jaffa sarcasm at its finest.

  • Notes

    • Piedmont-Hawthorne Airport is an airport in Vancouver, B.C., where the series is shot. Also, we see Pacific Coastal airplanes in many shots, as well as a Westex airplane. Both airlines are very local, serving only the BC coast and nearby islands...nowhere near Colorado, where the fictional SG-1 is based.

    • The basic premise of this episode is reminiscent of the movie From Beyond.

    • The gag with ALF is that for part of its run it was on Monday nights on NBC opposite MacGyver on ABC. That explains Jack's (Richard Dean Anderson) comment about never having seen it.

    • Probably as a hidden joke in this episode, the producers used "Anderson Air" as the airplane that Vernon was hiding in as a reference to Richard Dean Anderson, who is the executive producer.

    • Aired Dec. 11 in UK.

    • Syndication airdate: December 21, 2003.

  • Allusions

    • Vernon: Isn't that where Alf is from?
      ALF (1986-90) is an NBC sitcom that that featured Gordon Shumway, an alien nicknamed A.L.F. (Alien Life Form). Born in 1756 on the planet Melmac, Alf has full-body orange fur, a rippled snout, facial moles, and eight stomachs. Alf learns about Earth culture and makes friends with the Tanner family, with whom he takes refuge.

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