Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 1

Small Victories (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 30, 2000 on Syfy

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  • The End?

    This is the closing episode to the replicator story line. or is it?

    The replicators made ti to Earth and have invaded a Russian sub. it's up to the team to find a way to stop the little buggers before they devour everything in their path.

    The Asgard take Sam to one of their worlds in hopes that she is "Dumb" enough to come up with a simple way of defeating the Replicators. Basically the Asgard always over think the situation. They also reveal they have a massive state of the art battleship called the "O'Neill", Which she uses to lure the Replicators to their doom while Jack and Teal'c lead a team to the sub in order to defeat the invading force.
  • The funniest lines ever written for Stargate SG-1!

    Some of the funniest lines ever written for Stargate SG-1!

    Thor: You have demonstrated their weaknesses could be found using less sophisticated thinking. We are no longer capable of such thinking.

    Daniel: Wait a minute - you're actually saying that you need someone dumber than you are?

    Jack: You may have come to the right place.

    Sam: I could go sir.

    Jack: I don't know Carter. You may not be dumb enough.

    Sam: I think I can handle it.
  • Starting season 4 with a bang...

    Season 4 is probably my favorite season and it along with season 5 were the season in which I was introduced to and fell in love with SG-1. This was the third episode I ever saw the first two being Maternal Instinct and this episode's precursor, Nemesis. This episode really fired me up for this show, lots of great gunplay, a fantastic and relentless enemy and really cool aliens, this one's got it all. The scripting was tight and well-paced and as usual sprinkled in just the right amount of humor. For example, I loved when Thor offered Carter a meal saying, "I like the yellow ones", lines like that I find particularly amusing, but I couldn't really tell you why. I'm glad I got hooked on the series with two episodes that introduced an entirely new bad guy. At the time I didn't really bother looking things up on the internet(we had a slow as dirt 56k modem), so it took me a few episodes to get with the program as far as the Goa'uld are concerned. Anyways, a thrilling episode you definitely should not skip.
  • Maybe the bugs from previous episode?

    Great conclusion for the replicator storyline. Almost the same amount of adventure, excitement and.. wow.. the visual side.. the Asgard city and that big new ship. Really really impressive.

    I loved the way, as the episode was somehow divided Carter (maybe too smart) to figure out the ways how to save Asgard and then O'Neill and Teal'c at the submarine trying to get rid of the original bug there.

    So.. I would say it was really good start for this season and with the previous episode, they opened maybe totally new universe and vision of thing on that galaxy. I only do not like the new beginning... Old one was better
  • After the return of sg1 they all assume that the threat has been alliminated. But the Russians have had an incident witht he replicators. They have a ship that has been over run by the replicators and the whole crew is dead. The need the sgc to help.

    Thor shows up and tells them they need their help once again. That they can not think like the humans. they actually need someone who is not too smart to figure this one out. He thinks that their intelligence has been their down fall and they over think things out.
    they tell thor that they have a problem with the replicators themselves and tells him that they need to handl;e that. Sam says she can go help thor while they take care of the Russian ship. They board the Russian ship and they find the queen replicator so teal'c and Jack destroy her but then they are attacked and have a fight for their life. In the mean time Sam finally comes up with a plan to destroy the replicators on Thor's home world. So they rush back to earth to aid in the fight there.
    Jack and teal'c are about to be killed by the replicators Jack tells Daniel to blow up the ship with he and Teal'c on board. Daniel hesitates he just can't do it. Jack tells daniel to do it before they get eaten alive by the replicators. Just then Teal'c and Jack both are beamed off the ship and onto Thor's ship just as the the Russian ship is blown up.
    This was a really good episode I loved it it had a lot of anticipation involved.
  • An improvement over "Nemesis", but it still has its problems.

    Just as "Nemesis" was an important episode for first introducing us to the Replicators, "Small Victories" is equally if not more important for revealing even more about the Replicators, the Asgard, and the war between the two.

    First, the good points. Like the previous episode, this episode has some amazing visual effects, which exceed those in "Nemesis". The Replicators are much better looking, the Asgard ships look a lot more realistic, and the opening shot of the Asgard planet and city is truly amazing (if a tad bit obviously computer generated).

    Secondly, this episode has a lot more humour than its predecessor, which helps a lot. The first few minutes after the opening title contain so many great gags, and are only rivalled by the last few minutes aboard Thor's ship. But there are plenty more throughout the episode. My personal favourites include O'Neill's reactions to hearing about "The O'Neill", the dialogue concerning how the Asgard require someone dumber than them, and in particular Thor's line "It was your stupid idea".

    Some people might complain that the opening scene with the Russians is flawed in that there aren't any subtitles. I believe it works better, firstly in that the audience can imagine what is being said purely through their actions, and secondly for the little in-joke of what one of the Russians says might be in the torpedo tube.

    Another thing I really like about this episode is the concept about how our stupid thinking is something the Asgard have lost but also require. It's a great science fiction concept, and is executed quite well between Carter and Thor, and is quite humorously handled, too. Also the idea of the Replicators being susceptible to our "primitive" guns but not to advanced energy-weapons is very clever, and makes for some great sequences with our heroes shooting up some Lego-bugs.

    But this episode has its flaws. The pacing is slightly bettered compared to "Nemesis" but still has its problems, and I noticed that there was quite a bit of boot-leather (i.e. time-wasting through walking) on the submarine. Also, the Thor puppet doesn't seem to have all the kinks removed yet, and the sequence where the puppet mimes walking down the ramp is pretty pathetic. So, whilst having its flaws this is an improvement over "Nemesis". It has some great visual effects and a lot of humour, but also gives the audience important insights into one of our heroes' greatest allies and greatest enemies.
  • Conclusion In the 4th season premiere the SG-1 must now fight Replicators on two fronts: On one side, Carter and Thor must stop them from reaching the Asgard home world, and on the other side, Jack, Daniel, and Teal’c must fight them on Ear

    In the 4th season premiere the SG-1 must now fight Replicators on two fronts: On one side, Carter and Thor must stop them from reaching the Asgard home world, and on the other side, Jack, Daniel, and Teal’c must fight them on Earth.
    While this episode bucks the current trend that the second half of a two-part episode is better than the first half. While I did enjoy the episode, it felt like to me that this episode left me a little empty at the end of the episode and at the end of the episode it felt like that the writers of this show pulled out a “Deus Ex Machine”, God in Machine, element to save the rest of the SG-1 team.
    Both, plot elements in this episode were full with tense monuments, I felt that the plot element that involved Thor and Sam was a much better one then the one that involved with the rest of the SG1 fighting the Replicators that found a way on Earth. I think this is because that one involved the Asgard, a very powerful alien race call on the humans, who are a less advanced race, but they found a way to stop the Replicators from heading to the Asgard home world.
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