Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 14

Smoke & Mirrors

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2003 on Syfy

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  • ok episode...

    Jack is framed and is arrested for the murder of Senator Kinsey. Carter finds out that the duplicators that the aliens created during the foothold were being used to frame Jack. Anyways, the story was newish, for Stargate, and intersting. I've seen the story done a hundred times in other shows, but Stargate brought a twist to it. Overall, it wasn't a terrible episode. It was annoying to see that Kinsey was actually alive. I want him to die. He is so annoying and his story lines are just the same old "I want to take down the SGC" crap. Oh well, ok episode, but nothing too great.
  • "Smile, Colonel. You just won me the election"

    Aww, this episode was sweet. First the story - very well chosen. With few seconds I realized - they are going to kill Kinsey and when O'Neill was walking away, I was like - he did this? Ok.. but soon it comes sure he did not and it is a big setup - a long and deep conspiracy to take down two men on the same time. We have quite much chasing secrets and catching hints - some explosion, running around, funny moments - Teal'c silent interrogation was brilliant moment.. also Sam in the end. A good episode, I would say.
  • We all know how Jack feels about Kensey and I guess in his wildest dreams he may want to kill him but I dout seriously that he would be dumb enough to even try it but yet that is what Kensey's people want people to think.

    When the show first starts you really dont know what to think. You see him and he is doing it but deep down you know that there is no way that he would result in that type of retaliation.
    I liked the way that they had Carter and Barrett team up and check out some survailance tapes.
    The devise used in foothold were used to appear to be Jack.
    But you know how resourseful Sam can be, She confinscates the devise used by the man sent to the hospital to Kill Kinsey once and for all. He appears to be Maj. Davis.
    They learn that a group of big business men were having all this done because they want hold of the startgate. Get Kinsey out of the way, one less cut to take out, and get Jack in the way to discredit the program.
    Sam goes to them using the devise and is able to clear Jack and arrest all of the them.
    Good show lots of twists.
  • Jack is accused of killing Senator Kinsey...

    This is a well-plotted episode using past storylines to create a complicated mystery with many twists. It is easy to understand how the SG1 members almost think that Jack could have shot Kinsey - because the story uses the existing animosity between the 2 characters. But then Sam takes an investigative approach with NID member Malcolm Barrett and they find out the truth (after surviving a house explosion - great scene!). Amanda Tapping is wonderful again as Sam - and she has real chemistry with Peter Flemming's character. Jack also has a few good scenes with Ronny Cox's character Kinsey - the man everybody loves to hate on this show.
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