Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 1998 on Syfy

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    Colonel O'Neill and Captain Carter are separated from Jackson and Teal'c during a Stargate journey, and are trapped on a desolate ice world with no way of escape. This episode has an Icefire feel to it. Not to brag or anything but I've always had a fascination for disaster episodes for TV shows that I watch. Although this episode might be considered not even in the top few for Stargate SG-1 it certainly is tops in my books. All through the episode you get the feeling that Captain Carter and Colonel O'Neill are going to die on some desolate ice planet.
  • The gate malfunctions - and Jack and Sam are sent to a different gate ... on Earth!

    Oh ... what a great episode. But, thinking about it, nothing really happens throughout - yet you get the feeling that you've just watched something great.
    Here we see what great actors were hired for this show, as the episode is wholly emotion-based rather than action.
    Sam and Jack are sent to a different gate (which we later find is also on earth - in Antarctica) due to a gate malfunction.
    Back at SGC, Daniel and Teal'c search desperately for the missing pair, putting at risk their lives (they were injured due to the gate malfunction).
    In Antarctica we find out that Jack is on the brink of death, with broken ribs and a broken leg and Sam is trying desperately to fix the gate.
    You get the feeling that she's trying so hard, not to save her own life ... but rather to get Jack back in a hospital. This is probably the episode that sparks a forbidden relationship between the two. One of the better episodes to date.
  • Jack and Sam get lost...

    This was a fantastic episode, and while I am not a Jack/Sam shipper fanatic, I must admit I like seeing them together, and this was the episode that started it all. Even more important than that, an interesting little quirk about stargate travel is discovered that affects episodes throughout the series. A bolt of energy can force the open wormhole to jump from one stargate to another, this idea is used to solve many different problems later in the series. Of course this episode is more about the characters than anything else, and the commitment they have to one another. I loved Jack's humor and willingness to sacrifice himself to save Sam most of all in this episode, truly a series classic.
  • One of my favorite episodes from Stargate SG-1.

    During a Stargate malfunction, O'neill and Carter are redirected to another stargate where they face a frozen death. Hands down one of the best episodes of season 1. We finally get an O'neill/Carter episode which has so much emotion and character chemistry, you won't even think about action. O'neill breaks his leg and Carter has to get them home somehow. Great acting by Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping. I mean you actually think they are deeply in love in this one, which they might be. O'neill opens up to Carter and there is a funny moment when Carter and O'neill are sleeping beside each other to keep warm and Sam feels something poke her and O'neill says "Relax Carter, thats just my sidearm". It gets really emotional when O'neill orders Carter to try and escape when there is no hope of dialing home. And when Carter find out there is no way they are getting out of this, she returning to his side. Thankfulll, Daniel puts the puzzle together and then the shocker....they are in Antarctica! They are rescued and the episode ends with General Hammond coming into the glacier himself to look around. Absolutely great episode, we need a few more like this one. Overall, outstanding.
  • Lost on Earth...

    I loved this episode. One of those episodes, where you cannot get your eyes of the screen and there is always excitement even thought - on this episode - they did not moved much or did not had enemies. It was more emotional episode than action one, but even more enjoyable because of it.

    All the storyline with getting dialed back, and O'Neil badly injured, Carter got again most of the attention and she worked it out well - the claiming, taking care of O'Neil and trying to fix the gate - the only problem was, like they later discovered, if you call yourself, you get busy tune.

    Super episode.
  • Trapped in ice!

    Jack and Sam get redirected during a gate malfunction. They end up in a glacier somewhere (with injuries and limited supplies) and have to figure out what's going on. Sam finds the DHD (Jack is injured so he can't do much) and tries to fix it. She can't. She climbs out of the glacier and sees that there is nothing but ice in either direction. Eventually the rest of the team figures out that Jack and Sam are in Antarctica and they rescue them. I really enjoyed this episode because it added something new to the show. It helped Jack and Sam to bond a little more, and it made the rest of the team work hard instead of having Sam do all the figuring (when other people get lost she usually figures out where they are, this time the roles were reversed and it was refreshing).
  • amazing!

    This episode just totally launched Stargate Atlantis. That alone is great. It starts out with Daniel and T'ealc coming through the stargate but Sam and Jack don't follow. Jack and Sam end up in an icy prison and they had limited supplies and no way to leave. Jack has a broken leg and broken ribs, but is conisistantly positive. Sam digs the DHD out of ice and tries to make it work, but it doesn't. In the end, Jack orders her to go to the surface, but she finds nothing. At the SGC, Daniel figures out they're in Antarctica and they go there to save them. Overall, great episode with great suspense and really puts your emotion in the story.
  • Great episode...

    This is one of the best episodes in the first season. The idea is very good, having carter and O'Neill think they are stranded on a planet and they can't dial earth but they are on earth the whole time. I had to laugh at the part where Sam is laying against Jack and she says Colonel and he says"It's my side arm I swear." That was one of the funniest quotes on stargate. What they should have done is dial another planet and then dial earth, Imean instaed of freezing to death go to a planet that you have previously visited. In the end they were found and earth got another stargate. later...
  • The start of the Antarctica arc

    This is probably one of the most important episodes in the series because of the revelation that there is a second gate on earth under the ice of Antarctica. First this is further proof that the Goa’uld did not build the Stargate and that this gate was put there millions of years ago before the continent was covered in ice. This is also the episode that most Sam/Jack shippers point to as the first evidence of the chemistry between the two and the bond they share. I loved the caring that Daniel and Teal'c showed by not giving up their search.
  • Pivotal to the origin of the Stargate story arc. It is also a good Sam/Jack episode.

    Awesome episode! One of my top 10 favorite episodes. I am an absolute Sam/Jack shipper, so I loved this episode. SG-1 is under fire and they gate back to Earth and come through, get thrown out the gate is probably a better way of saying it, but surprise of all surprises...Sam and Jack aren't with Daniel and Teal'c! Sam and Jack think they're on some icy planet, and while sam tries to get the gate working so they can get home. Back at the SGC, Daniel figures out, after Sam had already tried dialing out a few times, that Sam and Jack are actually on Earth, and they're in Antarctica, thus the ice cavern they've found themselves in. My favorite part is when Jack tells Sam to leave him to die, he had a broken leg, broken ribs, internal bleeding, and hypothermia, and to try and save herself by getting to the surface. But once she gets up there and looks around, she doesn't see any signs of civilization, so she tells him she's just gonna come back down, after hereing no response from him, she tries to head back down. But as she was in such a hurry, she fell the entire way down. And the fall wasn't scripted, it was completly by accident and they just kept in. Then Sam goes and get cozy with Jack, to await their impending doom. But soo thereafter, they are rescued and taken to safety.
  • Although there is not much action, superb acting and a creative story make this installment a must watch for all SG fans.

    This is the episode where SGC discovers a second Stargate on Earth.

    After returning from a mission on another planet, Jackson and Teal'c return to SGC, but Carter and O'Neill are transported to what they believe to be an "Ice Planet". When all hope of return is lost on both sides, Jackson comes up with the idea that there might be a second Stargate on Earth. Using satellites and seismometers, SGC is able to locate Sam and Jack in Antarctica (that's right, Antarctica!). This is a fantastic episode that displays the terrific acting abilities of Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping. This episode also opens up so many possibilities for SGC and for future plots (ex. SGA). Very well-written with great acting and a great story, this episode is definitely one to watch.
  • Carter and O'Neill are stuck on an ice planet, freezing!

    I call it a filler episode because it didn't look like they spent a lot of money on props or extra actors. The show mainly revolved around Carter and O'Neill on an icy planet trying to find their way home. Every once in a while it would switch to Daniel trying to find out where they might have gone.

    Even though this episode didn't have a lot of action in it, I still enjoyed it.


    Carter was working on a way to get the DHD working, while O'Neill lay with a broken leg, ribs and internal bleeding. They thought they were on an ice planet, far from Earth, but in the end found they were actually on Earth the entire time. Neither Daniel nor Hammond explained to Carter exactly what was going on, but that was understandable because they had to air lift them out of there to get them to the hospital. After all, O'Neill was half dead and Carter wasn't doing to well either!
  • Pivotal in how it's the first step in expanding on the story arc of the origin of the Stargate, and for hinting at the feelings Carter and O'Neill share. However, despite this, the episode is a little dull and slow at times. [EPISODE SPOILERS!]

    Well, first thing's first, what an opening sequence. What really impresses is Daniel being flung through the gate with such a force that it takes one completely by surprise (and you completely forget about the classic cowboy-switch stunt). Then, if that wasn't enough, you get some fancy pyrotechnics around the gate as it overloads, and then get a mysterious scene of Carter and O'Neill stuck on an ice world.

    One can easily sum up this episode as a search-and-rescue O'Neill and Carter episode. This would be correct, but unwise. The reason is that this is THE episode where the true origins of the Stargate itself come into question. Up till now we've assumed the Goa'uld built the Stargates, but here we have one in Antarctica. Since there’s no way the Goa'uld would set up a second Stargate beneath the surface of an ice desert, and that they wouldn't have been around long enough ago for Antarctica to be habitable, it makes one wonder if someone else put it there, and hence created it.

    Unfortunately, apart from this key addition to the show's mythology, it does have its flaws. The scenes with Carter and O'Neill in Antarctica are a little dull and boring at times, which is unfortunately considering how much of the episode they take up. However, with some clever humour thrown in, some great scenes with Daniel and co. figuring it all out, and that impressive opener, the episode is salvaged.

    So, apart from being a little boring at times, this is a 100% necessary episode to show to soon-to-be SG-1 fans.
  • Daniel and Teal'C make it back through the Stargate, but Jack and Sam don't.

    What I like about this episode is that there is a twist at the end that you don't think of. I've noticed as this season has progressed that the General is becoming more compassionate, which is always a good thing. Jack tells a little bit about his past, in this episode we learn that he is a paratrooper who broke his leg while parachuting in Iraq or Iran. It is a small comment made, but it lets us see more of the character. Daniel shows, as always, that he won't leave anyone behind and spends hours just to try to figure out a way to save his friends. This is a good episode, but you wouldn't miss any thing important if you never see this.