Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 8

Space Race

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Terrific Space Race

    Ignore other negative comments. Seriously, this is brilliant. My favourite Stargate episode so far(first time viewing and I'm almost half way through Season 7). It's got a touch of everything and the intergalactic space commentators where a very nice touch. There was nothing I didn't like about this episode. Terrific Stargate and proof that you can break from formula every now and then and still have a great episode.
  • There's no other way to say it; this was dull mess.

    I'm usually rather forgiving of fun, stand alone episodes, but Space Race just couldn't decide what it wanted to be. First off, it seemed like odd that Carter would allow herself to participate in such a violent sport, she's raised her voice about less sketchy stuff before, and the prospect of new technology and keeping a vow are very weak excuses. Coupled with a tacked on b-plot about corporate corruption and racial intolerance leading to race sabotage and blunt lesson in sporting ethics, things ended up very hammer home without any significant character growth or clear message. I'm all for a story that lets you take a look at yourself as an individual and as a human being, but when you're not really trying to say and thing, it's just time wasting and this show has dome far better.
    There also never seemed to be much urgency in the race which is a huge problem for me in an episode about a RACE!
    Along with the extremely annoying fake advertising from the commentators, this show episode failed to be fun or thought provoking.
  • Departure for SG1 series, but rewarding in content and entertaining.

    Similar to the ST Voyager episode, where Tom gets into a space race (around a course) with an alien. In this case, it's Carter and and a non-human alien, having fun, enjoying danger and finishing...well... you'll have to see.

    Highlights, were the better than usual CG of the city and it's transportation, the ship in the hanger, and the race itself. The CG was in fact - over-the-top, and must have set Moore and Glassner back a lot. It was clear a lot of cash was spent on that.

    The character of Jarlath is played by none other than veteran Sci-Fi character actor Scott MacDonald. MacDonald has appeared in all of the Start Trek series (except TOS), and may be most remembered for his role as belligerent Xzindi Commander Dolan in the Enterprise 3rd season arc.

    All-in-all a great episode, unless you're a die hard SG1 fan who only likes to see staff-blasts and fighting inside Goa’uld mother ships (so boring).
  • Carter may be a great character, but this is NOT her sorta storyline.

    This was my largest disappointment out of the entire Season by far. At first I thought I might be anticipating too much out of Season 7 but I thought I was wrong after the first few episodes. This really takes me back and makes me think the way I originally thought.

    Let me start with saying I'm not too fond of most in-space activity on Stargate. I find it to be very boring setting. Space Race definately keeps me thinking that. I understand that Carter's ship was going through problems, but through all of the problems that they faced I found that I wasn't even worried for them for a moment. It was like a suspenseful storyline without the suspense.

    The characters seemed flat and having Jack and Daniel involved in this episode seemed very pointless. I honestly thought that they should have used their time for Richard Dean Anderson in this for a different more deserving episode. Daniel should have only made a short appearance at the beginning and end of the episode, which would have made SO much more sense.

    I give this episode a solid 6 because it plainly isn't my sort of storyline. I found it boring and flat and it even had no character development of any sort.
  • A very different and exciting epiosde...

    i personly like this episode . and i think that this epiosde has GREAT specail effects, i think that this epiosde's specail visualeffects are the best ever, and some of the best in the buissness. i like this storyline and i like the race that carter and warrick must win. we are familair with the race of aliens in this episode as they were in the previous season. and one of the characters is played by the same guy that played Fifth, and the other is Alex Zahara, who played the Unas is a few epiosdes before. i think this is a good epiosde. later.
  • This was a sam thing in this episode she always willing to do anything to get the technology that she wants or needs. Espcially if it happens to be something she enjoys and might even have fun. So a space race fits this discription. It is on.

    Sam is ready for the big space race and the ability to learn more about their engines on their ship. Teal'c tells jack that Sam has requested that he stay behind with her so he can avoid the tours and meetings.
    Now he now owes her 1.
    There is a little problem getting all the parts for the ship but it is eventually settled and they are ready to go.
    They start the race and it is deffinately a very different type of race she had ever seen or been involved in. Then they start having engine problems .
    Teal'c and Emon,Warrick's brother, discover that someone has accessed Emon's computer and scamatics for their ship. He notices it is his boss Tynan. Tynan has a problem with Warricks people he wants the humans to win the contract that is the prize for the race.
    Well needless to say that Tynan catch them in his office and takes them prisoner. He plans to kill them. But Jack and Daniel go looking for them. He gets Tynan's boss who takes them up to his office and they find them there. So the are arrested and now the Warrick and Sam can get back in the race. They realize that there is no way that they can woin the race but they can stop the cheating racer from winning so they at least stop him from winning and warrick is offered a very good job with the winner who got the contract.
    I liked it. Sam was very funny in this one. Especially the fact that they were a bunch of cheaters but she intends to go back next year kick their behind.
  • The charming Samantha Carter having fun!

    This episode is inclined more towards Amanda Tapping (finally). I don't recall so many episodes dedicated to her character unlike the other 3 of the team. So this came just perfectly. For those who know Sam she calls "fun" anything that has to do from the smallest circuit to anything that has to do with naquadah, naquadria, stargate, protons, neutrons, ions everything she knows of physics and mechanics. With her brilliant mind she has "saved the day" on numerous occasions. Now it's time she had some fun for a change. And what else that a real spacecraft race on a different planet with an alien ally as a pilot (co-pilot). Suffice to say that for this Earth got it's own ion cannon, in exchange for Sam's help and setting them up with their own Stargate. Fun episode with some good writing too.
  • A fun episode..

    Totally of the any major storyline, totally of and alone but it was so much worth it. Very lovely and fascinating. First, I do not know.. Sam looked really shining when she knew she has the change to take part of that race. But it was not only the race all the time. There was those events on planet and everyone managed to take a part. And visual effects of this episode. I loved the ice part of this episode so much. Very impressive. And all the excitement, the way they had to work with one of their competition and the way this episode was solved. Little bit surprising, I most say.
  • The whole thing made me think a bit of the Star Wars pod races, but it was far enough from the story to not have it matter. Ergo: a good episode.

    This is a good episode. Though I thought it was a bit over the top to press the point Sam rides motorcycles by having her wear her leather jacket, she did look good in it.

    The scene between Daniel and Sam before they leave I thought to be a bit out of character, but really good. And after having Daniel-centered, Jack-centered and Teal’c-centered episodes, Sam deserved to have one around her.

    The space race itself was very eventful: from the flying the ship to saving fellow flyers, it was all very cool. Though I would have expected them to win, I thought it was a good choice not to be predictable and let them finish second. And by not having things go smoothly they gave the rest of the team something to do on the surface.

    The whole thing made me think a bit of the Star Wars pod races, but it was far enough from the story to not have it matter. Ergo: a good episode.