Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 8

Space Race

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2003 on Syfy

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  • This was a sam thing in this episode she always willing to do anything to get the technology that she wants or needs. Espcially if it happens to be something she enjoys and might even have fun. So a space race fits this discription. It is on.

    Sam is ready for the big space race and the ability to learn more about their engines on their ship. Teal'c tells jack that Sam has requested that he stay behind with her so he can avoid the tours and meetings.
    Now he now owes her 1.
    There is a little problem getting all the parts for the ship but it is eventually settled and they are ready to go.
    They start the race and it is deffinately a very different type of race she had ever seen or been involved in. Then they start having engine problems .
    Teal'c and Emon,Warrick's brother, discover that someone has accessed Emon's computer and scamatics for their ship. He notices it is his boss Tynan. Tynan has a problem with Warricks people he wants the humans to win the contract that is the prize for the race.
    Well needless to say that Tynan catch them in his office and takes them prisoner. He plans to kill them. But Jack and Daniel go looking for them. He gets Tynan's boss who takes them up to his office and they find them there. So the are arrested and now the Warrick and Sam can get back in the race. They realize that there is no way that they can woin the race but they can stop the cheating racer from winning so they at least stop him from winning and warrick is offered a very good job with the winner who got the contract.
    I liked it. Sam was very funny in this one. Especially the fact that they were a bunch of cheaters but she intends to go back next year kick their behind.