Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 8

Space Race

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2003 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When Carter and Warrick are at the second stage of the race (in the sun's corona), Carter says that communications have become inoperable. Yet moments later, she contacts Teal'c and Eamon to tell them about their predicament.

    • Trivia: When entering Eamon's office, Teal'c uses the aka "Murray." This is the same aka he used in "Point Of No Return" in season 4.

  • Quotes

    • Teal'c: I am in your debt, Major Carter.
      Sam: Indeed!

    • (Jarlath on monitor)
      Warrick: Eat greeven, Jarlath!
      Jarlath: You piece of...
      (end transmission)
      Sam: Greeven?
      Warrick: Don't ask.

    • Jarlath: You're going to let a little thing like your brother's life keep you from winning the race?!?
      Warrick and Sam: Shut up!

    • Daniel: We think a member of our group [Teal'c] might somehow be lost in your building with one of your employees.
      Hagen: Lost? That seems unlikely.
      Jack: Well, you got to know the guy.

    • Jarlath: This is a waste of time - you're just going to get us killed!
      Warrick: and Sam: Shut up!

    • Jack: Tell him Mr. "Man Who has the Stargate" is here to see him. He'll understand.
      Daniel: Stargate.
      Jack: Go ahead. Buttons. Phone.
      Secretary: Mr. Hagen, please.
      Jack: Nice...

    • Eamon: Has it occurred to you that maybe the reason you have been passed over so many times is not because you're a human, but because you're a moron?

    • Automated voice: This is an automated distress signal. The following pilot...
      Jarlath: Jarlath!
      Automated voice: in need of assistance. Current status is...
      Jarlath: Die you rotting scrap of jetsam!

    • Eamon: This is Tynan's office.
      Teal'c: Does he not keep his office secure?
      Eamon: The company philosophy encourages mutual trust. (sneaks in)

    • Eamon: This is my cousin.
      Teal'c: Murray.
      Eamon: Twice removed.

    • Jack: Oh, are we having fun, Carter?

    • Teal'c: I did not wish to disappoint Major Carter.
      Jack: (deadpan) Yes. I know the feeling.

    • Warrick: I had it translated. (hands Carter a science manual)
      Sam: Thank you
      Jack: That's not our language.
      Sam: It's mine, sir.
      Jack: Right.

    • Jack: How many times have I told you - don't get captured by the bad guy!

  • Notes

    • Syndication air date: October 30, 2004.

    • This is the 140th episode of the series which surpasses the total (139 episode) run MacGyver (although Richard Dean Anderson's 140th episode is actually the next episode 'Avenger 2.0' since he did not appear in 'Nightwalkers.')

    • Hebridan has been designated P4X-131.

    • Alex Zahara takes on the role of Warrick, who was played by Dion Johnstone in "Forsaken." This marks Zahara's sixth different character that he has played on Stargate, usually under make-up. It's also the second week in a row that someone else has taken over a role originally played by Dion Johnstone. G. Patrick Currie, who plays Eamon in this episode, took over Johnstone's role as Chaka in the previous week's "Enemy Mine." Presumably Johnstone is off filming somewhere and was unavailable.

  • Allusions

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