Stargate SG-1

Season 11 Episode 2

Stargate SG-1: Continuum

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 29, 2008 on Syfy

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  • One of the best Stargate SG-1 stories. Ever.

    I will start by saying this. Stargate: Continuum does tread on very familiar ground. The movie borrows elements from episodes like "There But for the Grace of God", "2010", "Lost City", and "Moebius". And yet, even though the story is not the most original or unique, it is somehow one of (if not the) greatest Stargate stories of all time.

    Keep in mind, this review does have spoilers, but I'll try to avoid any major ones. The movie begins with an amazing single shot that travels through most of the SGC compound. It is very "Children of Men" as it starts by going through the gate, up to the control room, over to the elevator (where we see Major Davis!), then to SG-1 who returns to the control room. It's a great intro and shot with good music to boot.

    I'll do my standard review now by going through the individual parts. This movie has a lot of weight and gravitas to it. There is a lot of death and destruction throughout the movie, both with unknown faces and with very familiar faces. I don't want to say who dies, and even though some of these people have died before, there's something very different about the way it's handled here. After the death of one major character and getting stuck in the Arctic with a badly frostbitten foot, Daniel sums it up best, saying, "Oh, ****." This really helps the tone of the movie, as does the tagline. "History may never repeat itself again." Even though SG-1 has faced similar threats, this feels different from the average "Save the Galaxy" tour.

    The acting in the movie is quite good. Richard Dean Anderson is definitely back as Jack O'Neill, even though he does not have a major role in the film. Ben Browder finally (after three years) comes into his own as Cameron Mitchell, and it can now be said that he serves as a suitable successor to O'Neill. Amanda Tapping is great with her character moments, as Sam has to deal with being a famous dead person in the alternate timeline. There are also great character moments for Michael Shanks in the movie, especially in a scene where he makes a phone call to himself. Christopher Judge and Claudia Black are not as big of a presence in the movie, but both of them are still excellent. Cliff Simon is also great as Ba'al, and it's also great fun to see General Hammond and President Hayes again.

    The special effects are, on the whole, quite good for a direct-to-DVD movie. The scenes on the Tok'ra planet, the shots of Ba'al's massive fleet, the barrage on Earth, and the time machine scenes all look absolutely amazing. The only shots of the movie that kinda suck are the 1939 sequences and the boat sinking in the Arctic. These effects do not look very good. But they're also redeemed by the epic shots of Carter and Mitchell trudging through the Arctic.

    The music of the movie also greatly assists the creation of the mood of the movie. The orchestrated music is suitably epic in nature and really helps give the movie even more weight. It's also not quite as over the top as Ark of Truth's soundtrack, which got a little heavy-handed and overdramatic. Continuum's soundtrack is certainly grand in nature, but it isn't overdone.

    Overall, this movie is an absolute blast to watch for seasoned SG-1 fans. It feels very familiar, but it's amazingly done. It is great fun to see everyone in the movie, and the movie itself is excellent. It's also a lot heavier than the typical Stargate story, as the threat in Continuum feels real and tangible. It doesn't just feel like something that they can snap their fingers and get out of. Maybe it's Daniel getting his leg cut off. Maybe it's seeing Washington, D.C. bombarded from orbit. But there's something majorly different about this. And it works. It truly works. 10/10.