Stargate SG-1

Season 11 Episode 1

Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on Syfy
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Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth
After Tomin defects to Earth, he informs the SGC that the Ori are preparing a full-scale assault. With his help, Daniel learns of "The Ark of Truth", something that could possibly turn the tides of the war in Earth's favor... but it will involve traveling to the Ori home galaxy. Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth is the first of two straight to DVD movies.moreless

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  • I have finally watched the exciting Ark of Truth. The producers and writers have done a great job. I am so pleased the writers have begun to work again and congrats to you. Thanks to you all.moreless

    I have watched all the episodes of Stargate SG1 over and over again. (I do have a life)and now with the Stargate Atlantis team, I am so excited about the new show. I now can rewatch all of these again and again while I wait for the next season to start. I was really sad that Stargate SG1 can't continue after the next show (Continuum). I am sure there are so many other fans thinking the same way and wanting SG1 to continue with new exciting episodes and a brand new species that threaten Earth. I have read that Daniel Jackson is coming to Atlantis for guest appearances, but could'nt he stay permanently as I miss his humour along with Vala. They made a good pair together, bouncing off each other. Another character that would be great to see is Richard Dean Anderson in Atlantis, he is so sadly missed. Is it possible that someone could start with new Stargate SG1 episodes. Keep SG1 alive along with Atlantis.moreless
  • Well, what a fantastic episode, after the slight disappointment of the s10 finale this was a real breathe of fresh air, thoroughly enjoyed it please keep them coming, the thought that only one more will be made is heart breaking.moreless

    *CONATAINS SPOILERS* This really was an epic journey for many of the characters, from Teal'c's epic trek, to Jackson finally cracking the Ark, to Carter and Cameron's battle with the replicators. Oh and of course Vala's non stop yammering, though it was admittedly funny and her very odd relationship with her mother is always fascinating to watch. I was very pleased with the story and the scripts were brilliant, Teal'c's journey really did feel make you feel every step and it was great to see the replicators again. Though how there shields held up for so long against the Ori bombardment I am still not sure. In all thoroughly enjoyable and now I cannot wait for Continuum, though the plot does seem a bit reminiscent of previous plots it will no doubt be brilliant. Hopefully we might even get to see O'Neill again.moreless
  • Really well done...Will contain Spoilers

    I've been waiting for this movie ever since they announced it and I'm telling you now that it was worth the wait. It is amazing how much you can do with 7 million dollars and the entire movie o took something like 16 days to make. It was everything the tv series was and a little more. Man that merrick guy was an idiot. The fight scene between him and Mitchell was spectacular. With everything they packed into this movie they still found time for that good old stargate humor. They only thing that bugged me was that they never said who wrote the program for the replicator. Maybe we will find out in the next movie.moreless
  • A great conclusion to the Ori Story

    A late review...

    I enjoyed this movie, which picks up where the SG-1 series ended. It's a very nice conclusion to the Ori arc which spanned the last two seasons of SG-1. If you liked the Ori story, you'll definitely like the movie. If you didn't like the Ori story, you might still like the movie as it was well-made. Here are some thoughts:

    Nice to see Tomin again, who defected to our side after his wavering faith to the Ori in "Line in the Sand".

    Nice to see the Doci, and Adria, who looked great enveloped in flames. It would've been nice to have more of the two in the movie, but because of their time constraint, it couldn't happen.

    Nice special effects.

    The story was very good. My only reservation is the re-use of replicators, probably because we've had the human-form replicators in Atlantis recently and it felt like overuse. I don't think the IOA's desperate idea of using replicators was completely out of the question, although it was crazy and reckless.

    The main characters were all good. Daniel saves the day. Vala is...Vala. Mitchell is strong with exta-human endurance. Teal'c is strong and determined. Carter is science, although I'd say she had the least role out of all of them. It was unfortunate but understandable that O'Neill wasn't there, as this movie was related to the last two seasons of SG-1.

    Overall, a very nice movie, indeed!moreless
  • The Replicators Reloaded + The Death of the Ori (specifically Adria).

    Well what can i say, i'm speechless again. All these years Stargate SG1 has amazed me permanently with it's never ending imagination, really really good and entertaining plots and adventures, very intriguing twists and one of the most charming, smart, good looking and selfless team i've ever seen in a tv series. A year later this movie is released, the movie that finally concludes with the downfall of the Ori with such an incredibly written idea. First it's amazing to see the whole SG1 team together again, (well except Richard Dean Anderson, but Ben Browder makes a good replacement for him), while they not only take on the Ori and their new leader Adria having all of the Ori powers within her, but thru a flawed human mistake, the replicators reborn are a huge pain their ass. It's the same Stargate feel we've known over the years, same good quality sci-fi and again...highly entertaining. So there's Ori, Replicators, more Supergate action, the Odyssey with it's Asgard improvements (where the series left off) and ascended beings finally lending a hand. It is a great conclusion to the whole Ori saga and an incredible Stargate film. Cheers, here's hoping to see more.moreless
Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Beau Bridges

Beau Bridges

General Henry "Hank" Landry

Ben Browder

Ben Browder

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Claudia Black

Claudia Black

Vala Mal Doran

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Tim Guinee

Tim Guinee


Guest Star

Currie Graham

Currie Graham


Guest Star

Sarah Strange

Sarah Strange

Morgan le Fay

Guest Star

Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin


Recurring Role

Martin Christopher

Martin Christopher

Major Marks

Recurring Role

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson

Prior 1

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Merrik turns on the Asgard core, Mitchell orders that the Odyssey beam up him and Col. Carter. Why didn't they just beam directly into the core-room? The transporters have been used before to beam into specific areas of the ship.

    • When the Replicator escapes from the core room, Mitchell attempts to shoot it a second time with the ARG and Carter claims that P-90s are necessary to kill it. However, Mitchell and at least one of the guards are carrying human 9mm sidearms which should be effective against a single Replicator. Yet they do not give chase and allow it to escape into the rest of the ship.

    • Teal'c's grey streak is often seen on the wrong side of his head.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Sam: (over comm) Why did they stop?
      Mitchell: I don't know. But I'm glad they did... owwww.

    • (after Mitchell thinks he shot the only replicator)
      Mitchell: All personnel, this is Colonel Mitchell, please report I got it! (Mitchell hears Replicator noises as they get closer) Oh shit! Hey, Sam, they seem to be living up to their name, there's definitely more then one at this point.
      Sam: How many?
      Mitchell: A lot!

    • (Teal'c and Tomin are onboard the Odyssey in the cafeteria).
      Teal'c: Nothing I have done since turning against the Goa'uld would make up for the atrocities I once committed in their name. Somewhere deep inside you, you knew it was wrong, a voice you did not recognize screamed for you to stop. You saw no way out, it was the way things were and they cannot be changed, you try to convince yourself that the people you were hurting deserved it. You became numb to their pain and suffering. You learned to shut out the voice speaking against it.
      Tomin: There's always a choice.
      Teal'c: Indeed there is.
      Tomin: I chose to ignore it.
      Teal'c: Yet you sit here now.
      Tomin: I sit here, and I cannot imagine the day that I will forgive myself.
      Teal'c: Because it will never come. (pause) One day others may try to convince you they have forgiven you, that is more about them than you. For them, imparting forgiveness is a blessing.
      Tomin: How do you go on?
      Teal'c: It is simple; you will never forgive yourself, accept it! You hurt others, many others - that cannot be undone. You will never find personal retribution, but your life does not have to end. That which is right, just and true can still prevail. If you do not fight for what you believe in, all may be lost for everyone else. But do not fight for yourself, fight for others, others that may be saved through your effort. That is the least you can do.

    • Vala: We've dug how many holes in the ground? Help me out, Muscles.
      Teal'c: Many.

    • Prior #1: Foolhardy are those who do not follow the path.
      Mitchell: Anyone want to bet what he's going to say next?
      Prior #1: Kill them.
      Mitchell: Could've made money on that one.

    • Prior #2: You demonstrate great courage facing me in person, General.
      Landry: Courage is only required when facing that which you fear.
      Prior #2: The flames of ignorance burn without pain. Beware the power or it will consume you before you know.

    • Prior #2: I was wrong. You are not courageous, General. You are without reason. your planet will burn in all the depths of darkness.
      Landry: Oh, we'll see about that. There is one thing I do know for sure. If we're going to Hell, then you're coming with us. You go ahead and burst into flames if you like.

    • Vala: I mean, my mother used to say to me, "Vala, happiness isn't something you can buy." Or in my case, steal.

    • Colonel Ellis: What could possibly save us at this point?
      Landry: I was hoping SG-1 might show up at some point.

    • Daniel: Which seven symbols?
      Vala: Well, you don't expect me to remember.
      Daniel: With the fate of two galaxies hanging in the balance, yes, I expect you to remember the essential clue given to you by a powerful Ascended being!

    • Vala: You know, I'm starting to think that irony is very overrated.

    • Mitchell: Are you sure you don't want the chair?
      Sam: Nooooo. It's all yours.

    • Daniel: Oh God.
      Doci: Your Gods cannot save you now, Daniel Jackson.
      Daniel: Actually, that's just a statement of general dissatisfaction.

    • Marrick: It has to be my first time on one of our battlecruisers. I'll see you on board, Colonel. (nods) Dr Jackson, General. (leaves Landry's office)
      Mitchell: Can I confine him to quarters?
      Landry: It's your call, Colonel. One of the decisions those of us in command have to make.
      Mitchell: Thank you, sir.

    • Marrick: Why was I not notified that you had someone on board with new intel about Ori army activity?
      Mitchell: Well, I'm sure I called for you there was no answer. (to Sam) Oh wait, I may not have pressed the comm button all the way down. Wow, I must have looked stupid standing there talking to myself.

    • Mitchell: It's kinda weird not having a big bad guy to fight anymore.
      Carter: Yeah, that's what we felt when we defeated the Goa'uld. And the Replicators. The first time.
      Mitchell: Well, Jackson and Vala took care of that.
      Vala: That whole Ori thing was not our fault!
      Daniel: Just take the blame. You get used to it.

    • Mitchell: (to Marrick) You know I, I think we really, we got off on the wrong foot. Aw, who am I kidding? I knew you were an asshole the moment we met.

    • Adria: Somehow you and your simple human friends managed to destroy quite a large group of very powerful Ascended beings.
      Vala: Well, we're a very determined bunch. I always say you never know what you can do until you try.

    • Mitchell: My grandma said "You want honey? Follow the bees."
      Major Marks: Sounds like a good way of getting stung to me.

    • Prior: It is not too late. Allow me to deliver the message to your world that Origin is the way to salvation and you will all be spared.
      Landry: (laughs) I have to tell you, even if I did let you have your say I don't think my world is gonna listen.
      Prior: Then you are all doomed.
      Landry: That may be so, but I don't think it's you that's gonna do it.

    • Prior #1: Tell me, what is this artifact you have found?
      Mitchell: Hang on a second, shouldn't you know that already? Your logic.

    • Daniel: (reading the writing on an artifact) It says "safely kept is the 'something' of old".
      Vala: What's the "something," Daniel?
      Daniel: Well, if I knew for sure I wouldn't have said the "something." (to Teal'c) Why am I answering her?
      Vala: Stop your yammering and open it.

    • (onboard the Odyssey)
      Mitchell: Pre-flight.
      Marks: We're ready to go, sir.
      Mitchell: (leans forward in the chair) Weapons to maximum.
      Marks: Sir?
      Mitchell: It's a joke, Marks: make it go.

    • Vala: Look at my hands, all right, they are raw and bleeding... I have broken every nail, we have been out here in the scorching heat for days... I haven't showered...
      Daniel: None of us have.
      Vala: That is painfully obvious!

    • Landry: You've been given temporary command of the Odyssey for the duration of this mission.
      Mitchell: Does that mean I have to sit in the chair?
      Landry: That it does... (sighs) ...and I wish the fun ended there.
      Mitchell: Sir?
      Landry: Mr. Marrick will be overseeing the mission.
      Marrick: Personally, I'm excited.
      Mitchell: Yeah me too.

  • NOTES (6)


    • On-screen Text: Millions of years ago, in a far away galaxy.
      This text is very similar to the opening text of the Star Wars films, which reads "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." This is one of the many references made to Star Wars in Stargate SG-1.

    • Mitchell: It's me again, your friendly neighborhood ship's commander.
      Referencing Marvel's comic book hero, the Amazing Spider-Man. The character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko often refers to himself as "your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."