Stargate SG-1

Season 11 Episode 1

Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on Syfy

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  • concludes a poor arc in an otherwise fantastic series.

    This was an adequate conclusion to the "ori" plot line.
    That said, the "ori" plot line was a dire extension of the sg1 franchise, with the departure of major cast members and the addition of "farscape" cast in a story arc majorly departed from the previous series driving arcs there was little chance of success. I admire that MGM decided to axe the series and return to the original amazing plot for the final "continuum" movie coming later this year.
    If you enjoyed s10 then you will enjoy this. Personally I only watched it all the way through out of respect for the previous series of this truly amazing show.
    Series 10 of sg1 was seriously lacking in comparison to atlantis which will hopefully carry on the stargate name for many more years to come.
  • A weak subplot undermines a strong conclusion to the Ori arc

    It has been quite some time since the series finale for "Stargate SG-1". Since then, an entire season of "Stargate: Atlantis" has aired, a writers' strike has come and gone, and several new fall shows have been sampled and cancelled. The point is very simply this: only the most devoted fans will come into this DVD with a solid memory of the plot threads leading into the story. This will no doubt limit the mass appeal of the release.

    "The Ark of Truth" is the grand finale of the Ori plot arc, which began in the ninth season premiere and ran over the course of two full seasons. The DVD comes with a short but sweet "prelude" covering all the salient points from the series itself, but it covers just enough to remind fans of what they've forgotten and thoroughly confuse the uninitiated. I had to watch it twice just to feel prepared for the actual film, and I like to think that I have a fairly good internal geek memory.

    The film itself feels like what it is: Season 11 with all the filler taken out, compressed into just under two hours of content. It takes very little time for the story to unfold, and quite often, events seem to happen without much setup, just to make sure the plot dots are connected. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because the desire to see a good ending to the Ori arc overrides most of the annoyances.

    I've always been a fan of the Ori arc, and when the series finale chose to focus on a stand-alone story instead of a grand resolution, I was disappointed. It's a credit to the writers that they managed to take one of the few key continuity elements of the series finale (the acceptance of the Asgard memory core) and link it into the film script.

    The story itself is straightforward enough. SG-1 discovers that the perfect anti-Ori weapon, naturally called the Ark of Truth, may still exist. It is designed to "program", for lack of a better word, someone into believing whatever the programmer wants someone to believe. The Ancients, losing their battle against the Ori millions of years earlier, conceived of the Ark as a weapon of last resort. They chose not to use it in the end, and thought it destroyed.

    While the Ark serves as a rather convenient plot device (because that's exactly what it is), the writers don't skimp on the ramifications of its purpose. Daniel in particular has some moral misgivings about resolving the Ori problem by essentially overriding free will. It's a great question to ask, and the film would have been a bit better if more time had been spent on the debate. Instead, it was a light shading over the bulk of the action.

    The writers do show, based on previous continuity, how hearts and minds can be influenced without the use of the Ark. Tomin, Vala's erstwhile husband from the Ori's home galaxy, decides to defect and help SG-1 end the war. He helps them track down the likely location of the Ark, which is (of course) the central Ori planet. Thus a mission is prepared to send SG-1 through the Supergate into Ori space.

    This brings up two nice bits of continuity. First, there's the open question of whether or not the Ori survived the anti-Ascended weapon that was tossed through the Supergate in an earlier episode (as seen in the prelude). The answer, surprisingly, is that the weapon was successful; the continued power held by the Priors suggested otherwise. Unfortunately, because the Orisi Adria was allowed to Ascend (again, covered during the series and in the prelude), she gained the full power of all the Ori as accumulated by their worshippers. This is, as one would imagine, not a good thing.

    Second, since the end of the war with the System Lords (the end of the eighth season of the series), the IOA had been exerting more and more control over Stargate Command. They assign one of their more forthright agents to the mission. Agent Marrick is the typical IOA pain in the neck, with an agenda all his own, and his true purpose complicates the mission tremendously (and, in effect, takes something away from the focus on the Ori War).

    Once arriving at the location of the Ark, the team is split into two intersecting plot threads. Daniel, Teal'c, Vala, and Tomin all hunt down the Ark on the surface, while Carter, Mitchell, and Marrick remain on the Odyssey in orbit. The writers clearly wanted to isolate the ground team to ramp up the tension, so the remaining characters are given quite an ordeal on the Odyssey. The time, however, might have been better spent.

    If there is one concept that has been overused within the Stargate franchise, it's the Replicators. The writers for "Stargate: Atlantis" gave them a new twist as the Asurans, but most of the episodes devoted to the Replicators boil down to the same thing: blow up tinker toys before they kill everyone. It's a bit tedious by now. While the IOA's plan to use SG-1's mission as a pretext for introducing the Replicators as their own anti-Ori weapon was certainly interesting, it was ultimately a distraction.

    Not only that, but it was a poorly conceived distraction. RepliMarrick was inconsistently depicted and the idea of a human controlled by a Replicator seemed like something out of a bad Saturday night Sci-Fi Channel production. The faux-Terminator moment at the end of the nigh-interminable fight was not at all impressive, and it's hard to imagine that Mitchell could take that kind of punishment and live.

    The same applies to Teal'c and his injury, though his tenacity has been seen on several occasions. His survival, however, relies on Morgan LeFey, who becomes (like the Ark itself) a story convenience. She also helps Daniel through his torture at the hands of the Priors, and takes on Adria when her power source is broken. Thankfully her involvement in the situation was already established, or her intervention would have been even more unusual.

    With a bit more time (perhaps a mini-series), the writers could have developed a resolution to the Ori arc that relied less on convenience and familiar trappings. There might also have been more time for the delicate morality of the Ark's intended use to be explored. Most of the characters get sufficient screen time, in keeping with their strengths, but the Replicator plot thread took something away from Mitchell's overall portion.

    Now that the Ori arc is complete, however, the "SG-1" DVD films can move on to cover other dangling plot elements, such as the Lucien Alliance or Ba'al's control of the Trust. For that matter, given time, a strong stand-alone concept could be developed. The trick will be making it all seem distinct and necessary, especially with "Stargate: Atlantis" still on the air. On the other hand, given the longevity of the franchise, it shouldn't be too much of a challenge.
  • No doubt in my book, Ark of Truth delivers!

    So finally the long awaited Stargate Movie: Ark of Truth. The main focus is the end of the Ori arc but I`ve got to admit that I was on my reserves and expected the movie to be "ok" at best. But I`m happy to say that I was wrong. Ark of truth delivers some great actions, momentum and emotions all leading to a highly satisfying outcome. The writers and actors did an excellent job.
    The story can be divided in 3 (or rather 4) story arcs,all combining later on:
    1. Mitchell and Carter on the ship.
    2.Daniel, Vala and Tomin, prisoners of Adria and her priors.
    3.Teal`c injured and in a solo run to join the Daniel and Vala.
    4.General Landry and his guest, definitly a forgettable story arc.

    It was awesome to see the replicators back. I didn`t expect to see them, so I was pretty thrilled. Turn out to be too "terminator like" in the end. A roll eye moment I admit but the amazing action make up to that.
    Morena Baccarin,the actress playing Adria is simply hot! I`m kinda disappointed we got to see so little of her. Still the "final reckoning" of using the Ark of Truth with the Morgan le Fay-Adria ultimate fight was all perfectly executed.
    One disappointment was the under usage of Carter. Amanda Tapping does a great job but was reduce really to just talk via the inter phone in the movie. I expected to see more of her given she`s been a major character and also a fan favorite for the 10 years running show. Can`t say I`m too happy with that Mitchel-Sam thing in the end either.
    So the Ori are defeated and their legacy ended for good. All in a very satisfying conclusion of that particular story arc.
    But it`s not the end of Stargate:Sg1 as they will be back later this year in a movie that promises to be even better than this one, Stargate: Continuum. The movie will feature the undeniable Jack O`Neill(Richard Dean Anderson) and also villain we all love, Ba'al (Cliff Simon). I`m sure it will top the already great Arc of truth. Bring it on.
  • 9.4
    More than a bit slow. All in all a wonderful way to finish off the Ori as enemy. Could have just been an hour episode and would have been just as good, maybe better because they would have picked up the pace. Liked to see that no one had really changed, character story lines were still intact. There's a new I.O. guy and that always spells trouble even if you're illiterate. If it's been a while since you saw the last season or two of the show it is nice that they have included Stargate SG-1: The Road Taken: Prelude to The Ark of Truth. Hope you all enjoy!
  • Delivered all it promised. And soooooo much more!!!

    OMG!! Everything I hoped for and 10 times more!!!

    Absolutely incredible! I have been watching this show for 10 years. The only show left that I have to watch as soon as it airs, including the spinoff Atlantis.

    If you never watched the show, much of the movie will be confusing. You have to know all the history of the Go'uld, Replicators and ORI to understand this movie.

    Speaking of Replicators... there was a twist that I never saw coming. The parts on the ship where they were fighting them off was something out of a hi-tech horror movie. The Replicator-Zombie was awesome!!!

    I just finished watching this 5 minutes ago so I am still on a bit of a high. But I highly recommend this to anyone who loves Stargate.
  • SG1 fans will be happy to know that Ark of Truth wraps up the Ori story.

    SG1 fans will be happy to know that Ark of Truth wraps up the Ori story. It was easy to immerse myself into this movie. The visuals were very similar to a regular episode of Stargate which, in my opinion have always been of high quality anyway. The special effects have been seriously amped up. The characters remain true to form with chemistry and humour we have come to expect. Written and directed by Robert C. Cooper Ark, has enough sub plots so everyone gets to shine at what they do best.

    The film starts "Millions of years ago, in a distant galaxy. . .". We see a group of Ancients discussing the use of the ark against the Ori. They agree not to use it. Flash forward and we see SG1 Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Teal'c (Christopher Judge), Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder), Vala (Claudia Black), and Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), excavating an artefact from the ruins of Dakara. Could this be the Ark?

    Before the team can open up the artefact they are surrounded by Ori followers led by Tomin (Tim Guinee). After a brief fire fight the team manage to kill a prior which causes Tomin to re-evaluate his beliefs. He defects and promises to help SG1 in their quest to find the Ark. Tomin is eaten up with guilt and Teal'c has a discussion with him about this. We see that despite all the years of doing good Teal'c has never forgiven himself for the atrocities he has committed. This was a truly touching scene.

    Enter the redshirt (you know there has to be one in any good movie). Whilst the SGC are treating Tomin like an ally the IOA send over a representative who has other ideas. Meet Marrick (Currie Graham), a slick and slimy replacement for Mr Wolsey. As an ex black ops operative it's hard for SG1 to pull the wool over Marrick's eyes. The team have to go in search of the Ark in the Ori galaxy and unfortunately Marrick has to accompany them.

    It's not long before we see Marrick has another agenda. He has no faith in SG1 finding the ark and puts a plan of his own into action. In every movie it's good to have someone you can focus all of your hate towards. Marrick is the guy in this film. It wasn't apparent straight away that he was wearing a bull's-eye on his chest but the more he opened his mouth and pissed me off the more I chanted die, die, die until I realised "You're gonna get yours".

    Like I said previously there are several plots running alongside the search for the ark and without giving even more of the plot away the ancients (or at least one of them) decides to lend a helping hand. The ending seemed a bit rushed but a lot was crammed in to 98 minutes.
  • The Replicators Reloaded + The Death of the Ori (specifically Adria).

    Well what can i say, i'm speechless again. All these years Stargate SG1 has amazed me permanently with it's never ending imagination, really really good and entertaining plots and adventures, very intriguing twists and one of the most charming, smart, good looking and selfless team i've ever seen in a tv series. A year later this movie is released, the movie that finally concludes with the downfall of the Ori with such an incredibly written idea. First it's amazing to see the whole SG1 team together again, (well except Richard Dean Anderson, but Ben Browder makes a good replacement for him), while they not only take on the Ori and their new leader Adria having all of the Ori powers within her, but thru a flawed human mistake, the replicators reborn are a huge pain their ass. It's the same Stargate feel we've known over the years, same good quality sci-fi and again...highly entertaining. So there's Ori, Replicators, more Supergate action, the Odyssey with it's Asgard improvements (where the series left off) and ascended beings finally lending a hand. It is a great conclusion to the whole Ori saga and an incredible Stargate film. Cheers, here's hoping to see more.
  • A great conclusion to the Ori Story

    A late review...

    I enjoyed this movie, which picks up where the SG-1 series ended. It's a very nice conclusion to the Ori arc which spanned the last two seasons of SG-1. If you liked the Ori story, you'll definitely like the movie. If you didn't like the Ori story, you might still like the movie as it was well-made. Here are some thoughts:

    Nice to see Tomin again, who defected to our side after his wavering faith to the Ori in "Line in the Sand".

    Nice to see the Doci, and Adria, who looked great enveloped in flames. It would've been nice to have more of the two in the movie, but because of their time constraint, it couldn't happen.

    Nice special effects.

    The story was very good. My only reservation is the re-use of replicators, probably because we've had the human-form replicators in Atlantis recently and it felt like overuse. I don't think the IOA's desperate idea of using replicators was completely out of the question, although it was crazy and reckless.

    The main characters were all good. Daniel saves the day. Vala is...Vala. Mitchell is strong with exta-human endurance. Teal'c is strong and determined. Carter is science, although I'd say she had the least role out of all of them. It was unfortunate but understandable that O'Neill wasn't there, as this movie was related to the last two seasons of SG-1.

    Overall, a very nice movie, indeed!
  • A great conclusion to the Ori storyline. (spoilers in review)

    When I started watching the movie I was thinking: "Oh my God - this is the end of the storyline". It's really hard to write this review, because there are no words I can say about the conclusion of the Ori story. It was more incredible than I ever imagined. Also I really liked that the Replicators were brought back to remind who was the coolest enemy of all (well in my opinion). I would have given 10 to the movie, but... I really wanted to see the Ori attack on Earth. It would have been really interesting to see a space battle over Earth or near Moon with the Ori motherships. It has been done before with the Goauld after all (Lost City).
    The best scene in the movie was when the Doci and the Priors were torturing Daniel, Vala and Tomin. It was very shocking. All in all it was a wonderful movie and I hope that Continuum will not spoil the storyline by altering the timeline.
  • I have finally watched the exciting Ark of Truth. The producers and writers have done a great job. I am so pleased the writers have begun to work again and congrats to you. Thanks to you all.

    I have watched all the episodes of Stargate SG1 over and over again. (I do have a life)and now with the Stargate Atlantis team, I am so excited about the new show. I now can rewatch all of these again and again while I wait for the next season to start. I was really sad that Stargate SG1 can't continue after the next show (Continuum). I am sure there are so many other fans thinking the same way and wanting SG1 to continue with new exciting episodes and a brand new species that threaten Earth. I have read that Daniel Jackson is coming to Atlantis for guest appearances, but could'nt he stay permanently as I miss his humour along with Vala. They made a good pair together, bouncing off each other. Another character that would be great to see is Richard Dean Anderson in Atlantis, he is so sadly missed. Is it possible that someone could start with new Stargate SG1 episodes. Keep SG1 alive along with Atlantis.
  • Well, what a fantastic episode, after the slight disappointment of the s10 finale this was a real breathe of fresh air, thoroughly enjoyed it please keep them coming, the thought that only one more will be made is heart breaking.

    *CONATAINS SPOILERS* This really was an epic journey for many of the characters, from Teal'c's epic trek, to Jackson finally cracking the Ark, to Carter and Cameron's battle with the replicators. Oh and of course Vala's non stop yammering, though it was admittedly funny and her very odd relationship with her mother is always fascinating to watch. I was very pleased with the story and the scripts were brilliant, Teal'c's journey really did feel make you feel every step and it was great to see the replicators again. Though how there shields held up for so long against the Ori bombardment I am still not sure. In all thoroughly enjoyable and now I cannot wait for Continuum, though the plot does seem a bit reminiscent of previous plots it will no doubt be brilliant. Hopefully we might even get to see O'Neill again.
  • Really well done...Will contain Spoilers

    I've been waiting for this movie ever since they announced it and I'm telling you now that it was worth the wait. It is amazing how much you can do with 7 million dollars and the entire movie o took something like 16 days to make. It was everything the tv series was and a little more. Man that merrick guy was an idiot. The fight scene between him and Mitchell was spectacular. With everything they packed into this movie they still found time for that good old stargate humor. They only thing that bugged me was that they never said who wrote the program for the replicator. Maybe we will find out in the next movie.
  • The Ark of Truth was another amazing chapter in the Stargate SG-1 saga. Please do not read if you haven't had the chance to see the movie, spoilers involved!

    It closed up the Ori storyline brilliantly, and the character's have really grown. I enjoyed Daniel having such an important edge to the movie, and how the Ancients used him to guide SG-1 to their goal. We were able to see the Replicators again, and see the IOA getting involved in affairs they are obviously not able to handle in the correct manner. Teal'c ability to help Tomin deal with having committed atrocities was very strong. There was an absence without Jack O'Neill's character but the unity stayed strong. I do however wished that the fight at the end between the Ori and the Ancients had been a little longer and a little bigger special effects wise. The soundtrack was amazing throughout the movie, building intensity at all the right spots. I was amazed that they were able to have all of the original characters and the actors who played them from the series in the DVD Movie, great job! My only complaint...please forgive me, but I cannot stand Vala's character, I know she is a great antagonist for SG-1, especially Daniel. But I wanted to reach out and put a gag in her mouth when she started going off at Daniel in the beginning of the movie, and her barbs towards him later on, also got on my nerves - she simply talk to much. SG-1 really just needs the four main characters, Sam, Mitchell, Daniel and Teal'c...not a 5th muskateer, please get rid of Vala! I miss the series very much, and have purchased all of the DVD sets, and Stargate Atlantis does not make up for losing SG-1, thankfully we have the new movies. In fact, I would have gladly paid to have seen The Ark of Truth in the movie theatre. Looking forward to Continuum very much, keep the movies coming!!!!!
  • Ark of truth was an interesting direct to dvd movie that I didn't expect coming. Honestly I never thought that this was what the movie was going to be like that but thats a good thing.

    I actually really liked this movie although I have read that a lot of people thought it was bad. Considering their budget wasn't that much more then a normal episode of SG-1 it was great, brilliant infact. I thought the bickering between Daniel and Vala on Dakaara was exactly like them. I liked the fact that it wasn't just about finding the ark but also earth possibly being destroyed. Also I loved the fact that the replicators were involved considering they were a b**** to get rid of and although it was idiotic it did seem like something the stupid I.O.A would do. The replicator taking over Marrick was interesting and I never saw that fact that the replicator skeleton survived the explosion coming. All in all I personally loved this movie
  • Simply wonderful and mind blowing, and a great way to end the Ori storyline.

    The Ark of Truth wraps up the Ori storyline that was the major focus of the last two seasons of SG-1. The movie did an excellent job keeping the characters in true form; even though some characters got to do more, I think that each character has grown in their own way that shows they all work well together.

    The movie has really stepped up with special effects. With a bigger budget the producers were able to do a lot of things that they weren't able to do with the TV show, and it really shows with the quality of the special effects. One scene that truly stands out is Teal'c walking on the mountain and the real kicker is that it's really Christopher Judge walking on the mountain and there are no special effects. I think that scene just really sets the stage for the journey Teal'c as to take in order to join his teammates.

    I really enjoyed seeing the Replicators brought back. They were always the enemy you loved to hate, so seeing them brought back into the storyline was a really good decision made by the writers and producers.

    Overall the movie is simply fantastic and truly delivers an ending to the storyline that the audience can accept and enjoy.
  • A great way to finish off the Ori story, and open up new possibilities for future movies.

    This was certainly a great way to finish off the Ori story arc. When I found out that SG-1 was canceled, I wasn't surprised but I was very sad. I'm glad they got the chance to end the Ori story, and now I look forward to future movies beyond even Continuum. It felt like an over sized episode of SG-1, which I enjoyed. Obviously the bigger budget helped create some cool scenes and nice shots like Teal'c walking on top of the mountain, but over all it felt like a 2 episode arc. The replicator stuff was alright, and I liked the idea of the replicator controlling Marrek. The budget helped there too when the replicator re-formed in the (rough) shape of a human, and I thought that looked pretty cool. The music was great as well, and that is mostly due to the fact that they used a real Orchestra. I'm really looking forward to Continuum and hope it out does this one. I hope for many more movies in the future, and hope they do great things with them.