Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 01, 2007 on Syfy

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  • it is me or star gate sg1 is turning into a propoganda show for W.Bush and a justification for genecide in the middle east?

    it is me or star gate sg1 is turning into a propoganda show for W.Bush and a justification for genecide in the middle east?

    I remember another tv series called "star trek:enterprise", where there was a terorrist attack on earth, and the crew of enterprise searched for the terorrists and found them by tutoring their captives for information. what happened to the stargate series that SG-1 explored the galaxy, helped new friends and prepared to DEFEND against new enemies?
  • A fast paced, bold and clever SG-1 Episode. An instant classic.

    In amongst some of the poorer episodes SG-1 has seen is nestled this sweet aggregate of everything that makes Stargate so distinctive. Talion is quick paced turbulent thriller of an episode with the usual Stargate rational and ethical thinking and smooth wit. You learn much of Teal'c's past and its alignment with the present is a brutal tale. One of the best of the series so far.
  • Teal'c out for revenge...again...

    An attack on a peaceful jaffa summit injures Teal'c and Bra'tac. Whe Teal'c recovers he goes off for revenge and, in the end, acheives it. I really didn't like this story. It's just another jaffa revenge episode and it's boring. It's the same old junk. I really hated the battle at the end. Teal'c was shot twice and stabbed in the gut and he still was able to kill the other jaffa, I mean seriously, I know Teal'c a though cracker, but come on. Overall, bad episode with a bad story and the only reason it is remoltely ok is because Bra'tac was in it.
  • T'ealc's dark side emerges...

    This is why episodic television works, because when you get a chance to work on a character arc, and make it serious, and when it works well, it works great!

    This is probably Chris Judd's best performance in years as he had some serious meat to chew on in this story, it also shows how restrained a character like T'ealc is compared to how he could REALLY be if allowed unleashed and unrestrained. Really excellent story, had me glued to the screen, and had a great showdown at the end.
  • There's just no avoiding comparing it to Sateda

    I'm sorry, it's like SG-1's version of Sateda. That's not to say it was done badly, but let's think about it. One man all alone, check
    One lead villain with henchmen to kill, check
    Guns and bombs, check
    One Man Army about to die, and then miraculously gets saved or saves himself, check

    Well now that's over, let's actually compliment the episode. It was done really well, apart from one thing. Teal'c's been with us for ten years, and yet he very easily turns on everyone else because they are not helping him. He could knocked out Mitchell really easily, and instead, opts to nearly break every bone in his right hand. What was that about? Teal'c is Teal'c, I know it was all personal grudge, you killed my mum, you killed bare Jaffa, you nearly killed Bra'tac, but still, TEN YEARS! That should mean a little more than, 'Colonel Mitchell, why have you set a trap for me?' no matter I'll zat you all.

    I thought it was priceless having an English thug as the bad guy. We don't see that every day, apart from in the Ark. I enjoyed this episode, I haven't done nearly as detailed play-by-play as I normally do because for some reason eith this episode I don't want to. I don't want to completely ruin it for you, and for some reason I just don't want to. The episode was good, but the thing I kept thinking about was, We've got 4 episodes (including this one) left in the best series that has ever been made, and you put that in as a plotline! Ever since the films were approved I've been really disatisfied with the plotlines of the second half of this series apart from Shroud, Bad Guys and Bounty. The other ones need to be good, and it would be nice to have at least one featuring the Ori.
  • Great episode of the Teal'c we all know and love.

    I enjoyed this episode tremendously. I have watched Stargate SG-1 since the very first episode and have been a #1 fan since then. This episode not only reminded me, but it was also so awesome to see the Jaffa we all love, the "Teal'c of determination". This has always been such a crucial issue that Teal'c has dealt with since his people was set free from slavery, is for all the Jaffa to come together in unity and now even more to ban together against the Orion. It would only be natural for Teal'c to find the traitors behind the explosions at the Peace Summit at whatever cost. For Teal'c, his people's freedom has always been first. He did not turn against SG-1, he just knew what he had to do and that was the way it is. I would expect no less from Teal'c. Being that Stargate SG-1 does not have many episodes left, I am so glad that the writers thought to include this in.
  • Teal'c is out for revenge without the support of the SGC. The rest of the SG1 is charged with stopping him from gaining revenge.

    This was definitely not one of my favorite episodes. As an SG1 fan from the beginning, very few episodes fail to keep my attention throughout, but this was one. It just felt like we've seen this before. It didn't seem to serve a purpose, just some filler to space out the important stuff.

    It wasn't wholly bad through, I liked this peek into Teal'c's darker side, and how SG1 came to help him. And the fight scene between Mitchell and Teal'c was well done. I think there should've been a little more team at the end, though I liked Landry recapping Mitchell's report, though it was obvious that both men knew that really wasn't what happened.
  • Episode centered around Teal'C getting revenge!!!

    I enjoyed this episode very had both adventure and unpredictability...So Teal'C decides to go and get revenge after an attack claimes the lives of 32 Jaffa dead, and he himself and Bra'tc injured very severely...In this episode one has the opportunity to see Teal'C in action, acting like a true warrior, demonstrating his skills...Unfortunately,the most important part of this episode, the revenge passed too fast...instead, in concentrated on SG-1 trying to stop Teal'C and other not very important facts...This episode had some memorable scenes, such as the fight between Mitchell and Teal'C, the one between Teal'C and Arkad, or the scenes when Teal'C goes in search of his revenge...i would have enjoyed this episode more, if this episode would have had more elements on how Teal'C find out Arkad whereabouts, and his actions to do so.
  • Nothing special at this stage of the game

    With the season and series rapidly drawing to a close, each and every stand-alone episode becomes a new source of frustration. The battle against the Ori must inevitably continue, yet since “The Shroud”, very little movement has been evident. This episode, at first, seemed to be the perfect opportunity to meld character exploration with plot progression. In the end, however, neither aspect was meaningfully explored.

    Ever since the liberation of the Jaffa Nation, the Jaffa have struggled with the concept of freedom. As is often the case historically, those brought together against a common oppressor in the name of revolution will ultimately turn on each other within the resulting power vacuum. And as already seen in the ninth season, other powers will inevitably attempt to support one or more factions in the hope of taking control, or at the very least, destabilizing a weakened people.

    Enter Arkad, a previously unseen figure among the Jaffa, who seems to be allying with the Ori and opposing a supposed violent and self-enslaving Jaffa Council. Arkad claims to be battling these violent factions, including one planning to attack Earth. It’s fairly obvious that Arkad is the one planning the attack, and his attempts to sound reasonable and legitimate are ridiculous.

    This is meant to complicate what is a fairly conventional revenge tale, and one that feels tacked on to Teal’c’s character. Granted, Teal’c and Bra’tac have a fairly intricate past, so it’s not unreasonable to suspect that vendettas exist with other Jaffa, but this seems to come out of nowhere, given its importance. It’s far more likely that the writers wanted to turn back to the tensions among the Jaffa and felt the need to personalize the situation for Teal’c, thus prompting this story about Arkad as the man who engineered his mother’s death.

    This is unnecessary for the purpose of complication. If Arkad’s actions had simply resulted in IOA orders to stay out of Arkad’s ways, yet Teal’c was willing to go after the enemy because of Bra’tac’s near-death, it would have been sufficient and consistent with previous episodes. The sentimental ending between Teal’c and Bra’tac would have still made sense (even it it does feel incredibly redundant), and the writers would still have the rationale for Teal’c and the rest of the team to face off against each other.

    While this situation continues to set up Teal’c and Bra’tac as the de facto leaders of the Jaffa, that wasn’t really necessary at this point. That concept has been on the table for quite some time, as has the idea of Teal’c leading the charge to clean out the Jaffa of traitors. It would have been better if the episode had been centered on that process rather than yet another reason for its initiation.
  • Reminds me some other episodes..

    A little calmness before the final storm? I do not know. The whole blowing up and killing many Jaffa in secret meeting and leaving Teal'c and Bra'tac dieing - we have had it. So.. they did not offered not much new angles for that storyline. And Teal'c alone in revenge mission - oh, we have had that so much time before too.

    I think the best part maybe with this episode was Teal'c torturing that man who put those bombs and the no regret reflecting on his eyes, no worries of what he does, no regret or problem with his action. That show how far is Teal'c ready to go.
  • The last Jaffa standing

    The last Jaffa episode of Stargate ever, begins with the SG-1 team as they scavenger for survivors of a bombing that struck in the middle of a Jaffa council, this treacherous act ends up with the lives of Jaffa warriors, not in battle as is their costume, but by a proverbial knife on their backs as it is proven they were betrayed by one of their own. Without the chance to retaliate, this hits harder on Teal’c as Master Bra’tac has been hurt even harder than he was and nobody knows whether he would recover so Teal’c takes matters into his own hands and goes to seek revenge for his lost brothers against SGC orders because the IOA has already made a deal with the one responsible of the attacks and it’s the very SG-1 who must now prevent Teal’c to avenge his dead.

    As the new guy, Cam is the only one objective enough to follow these instruction as the rest of the team would most likely help Teal’c if it weren’t against direct orders, Sam feels as if betraying him while Daniel and Vala spent their time thinking how could they “accidentally” mess this up. Teal’c outsmarts them when confronted by Cam on a man to man combat winning enough time to get a confession of the guilty party and restoring the honor of his fallen brothers once and for all. Later on Stargate Command, one Cam Mitchell lies to protect him while master Bra’tac has slowly recovered enough to have a long awaited talk with Teal’c.
  • This was another episode that to me just seems out of place. With so few episodes remaining, one or two, why waste it on this story line. I also just read that there is no closure for SG-1, that will be taken care of in the first direct to DVD movie.

    Yes, it was better than that useless episode about alternative reality, but come on guys, this series is in it's last episodes, give us something.
    So Teal'c offs a guy that had people that oppose him murdered in a cowardly act, seems like someone reads the headlines from Baghdad.
    Yes, I like Teal'c, yes, I am a huge fan of the series, but enough is enough. Some of these episodes just seem to jump from one place to another.
    My question is if the guy that got offed had all this warehouse of naquita why didn't SG-1 while they were there in the first place try to either blow it up, or take it. No explanation for this obvious plot misstep. We are talking about huge amounts here, enough to maybe power a series of anti Ori weapons, or make enough bombs that would be powerful enough to vaporize an Ori fleet.
    Am I missing something here, or are the writers just meandering all over the place.
    What's with next week, Landry's ex-wife coming to visit? Who is she a male version of Senator Kinsey?
  • A Jaffa peace summit is bombed and T'ealc wants revenge

    I thought this was a strange episode to have coming so close to the series finale. I thought they did the whole Jaffa betrayed and slaughtered thing before as well as Bre'tac being mortally injured and T'ealc going for revenge. Haven't we seen this all before? Anyway, I liked the style of the episode and I thought Christopher Judge was brilliant as usual. The fight scenes were great and believeable but I agree with another reviewer who said it was out of character for T'ealc to turn against his team. After ten years of fighting by their side it just didn't feel right for him to be so violent towards them. I liked that they added that Daniel had offered to come with him but he had refused. They are more than a team they are a family and they are loyal to eachother no matter what. I thought Daniel, Sam, Vala and Cam proved that but T'ealc seemed to only care about his revenge.
  • Nice episode

    This was an interesting episode based around teal'c which is good because that hasnt happened for a while. I thought it was pretty well done. Teal'c had some really good moments expecially when he says he's leaving to the guy thats about to explode. I cracked up laughing!
    Teal'c getting revenge was an interesting consept. Cameron fighting Teal'c was both funny and mean. They are supposed to be friends and all, you'd think they'd understand each other better but oh well :P..It was all good.
    The ending was good. Bra'tac saying he was proud of Teal'c was really touching and Cameron lying in his report was also a testament to his friendship with Teal'c
    A good episode overall.
  • Thankfully the last Jaffa centric episode

    As the series spins down, I have to admit I won't miss the "Jaffa" storyline at all. I mean no disrespect to its fans but I always felt this sub-plot contrived and almost "tacked on" - as if they were trying to define the Jaffa a complex, noble race and, at the same time, keep the central storyline going. Not an easy feat.

    Despite the storyline being uneven and contrived, there were some good character interactions - Teal'c and Bra'tac especially. However, I still found myself looking at my watch and, wishing it was over. The show was well-written, as always but I kept wishing it would just end.
  • A Jaffa council meeting is the subject of a terrorist attack, and Teal'c goes rogue to avenge his people and his mother.

    There was a nagging feeling the whole time that something was missing; Teal'c dons his robes and departs through the Stargate to deal with a problem without the help of the humans. Tealc beats up various people. Teal'c is beaten to within an inch of his life. Teal'c kills the bad guy. I had to keep checking to see that Christopher Judge wasn't the writer or director of this episode, it was so Teal'c based.

    The whole episode felt... pointless really. It didn't advance the Ori storyline, and if it wasn't for the reappearance of Dr Lam I would happily have missed this episode.

    Oh, what was missing? The last time Teal'c went all robe-y on us, we at least had General Hammond yelling "Yee-hah" ath the top of his voice!