Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2000 on Syfy

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  • The X-301 makes its short-lived debut...

    Earth finally gets its very own combat capable spacecraft, with a few minor glitches. Fun episode with an Apollo 13 style appeal. Lots of good humorous moments between Jack and Teal'c. More importantly though, this episode marks the first step towards creating an "earth defense force" and the X-301 is the first of several craft designed to fight the Goa'uld. One thing that puzzled me about this episode, was how they plan to produce F-301's. It seems to me they would have had to capture more death gliders to do so. I would think that that would make the X-301 an impractical defense fighter. Good episode though, with plenty of wry humor and starships. Enjoy!
  • Getting lost in space

    It was quite good episode. First it did not promised too much as it was sure - no saving before the end but - all those little things in this episode made it worth. Like Teal'c last words to O'Neill and the way O'Neill was little delusional when they got to him and it was quite sure he did not get the whole situation. So, this episode had quite much action, tons of excitement and it was rather not stereotype episode - something new and different, great interlude for a while.

    So, I say - worth every minute spend watching it.
  • Teal'c and Jack inattempt to show the x-301's abilities find that the controls are no longer responding, and that the ship is heading to apophis's original homeworld. And they have not much life support for the trip. Sgc is trying franticly to reach them.

    This episode is very good, it was to say the least rivoting. The wonder of wether or not they would beable to save them and how ere they going to save them, you know how the sg1 is, nothing is impossible, they were going to be saved, but when, how and who were they going to turn to to help them. Well Daniel contacts the Tok'ra and finds that they have an operative in the area but they are on a covert mission and they would have to wait until they return back to the Tok'ra home base. so Sam and daniel do alittle reearch and find the place where they feel that the Tok'ra operative would have to be. So the take a little trip through the stargate. as they go through the gate they are immediately beam on board a ship where they find Selmac. They explain the situation to him and off the go to save Jack and Teal'c. when they get there Jack is hardly coherent, and Teal'c in a state of kelmorem. Sam instructst hem how to blow the canopy on the ship and they ring them aboard the Tok'ra ship. They were alive and well. This episode just proves that they may prevail but they do not know everything and do have to have help to get through.
    Well what I am trying to say is that they are only human, extremely lucky humans but none the less human.
    I myself enjoyed this very much, I loved the whole show from beginning to end.
    Well writen, well acted, very good show.