Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 5

The Broca Divide

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 15, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Fun needle play!

    I seriously dislike the cheap tactic of using a lot of needles to drive a storyline. We've seen this before. We don't need to witness it all the time.

    I enjoy this show, but don't know how far I'm gonna make it if future episodes rely on this shoddy mechanism.
  • Space 1999

    Space 1999 did episodes exactly like this one 25 years prior to SG-1.

    The team goes to another world and start to regress to a lower evolved form. It's up to Daniels allergies and a few dart guns filled with benadryl to save the day.
  • Shows how two seemingly differant types of people, bronze-age civilized people/prehistoric cavemen, really are the same at the heart. Both want to live out their lives to the fullest extent. Good episode. **Major Spoiler Alert** (basically total recap)

    The episode starts in the briefing room, when SG-1 and SG-3 are going over their next mission. After they go over the mission, it shoots to the gate room, where Jack tells SG-3 to wait till a count of 10 then come through, so they have a chance to check out the area surrounding the Gate first. This turns out to be a bad decision because they get ambushed by the natives, and get beat on pretty good. But before any serious damage can be done to SG-1, SG-3 comes through the gate and saves them by scaring off the natives.

    They continue through the forest and find a girl being raped, and Sam insists that they stop him. When they are about to attack, they see figures dressed in white (clichéd I know) hurling rocks at the ‘cavemen’. After they scare away the ‘cavemen’, the people in white identify themselves as the untouched, and invite SG-1 to the ‘land of light’. They live in a palace that looks like it is straight out of ancient Minoan history. To them the ‘cavemen’ are called the ‘touched’. After realizing that there is nothing of military value to be gained from this planet, Jack makes the decision to return to Earth.

    When they get back to Earth is when everybody goes CRAZY! And I don’t mean “okay they’re a little weird”, I mean “go get the straight jacket these people are going into solitary confinement…NOW!”

    While briefing the General on the mission a Lt. On SG-3 goes wacko and attacks Teal’c (not a fair fight I know…for him that is) and is taken to the infirmary after being seen foaming at the mouth. Then a short while later, as Sam and Daniel are discussing the Lt., 2 other members of SG-3 go crazy, get into a fight, and throw themselves out the briefing room window.

    Then my second favorite part of this episode happens. SAM JUMPS JACK!!! Sounds to good to be true I know, and it happened in the locker room none-the-less! But he ended up taking her to the infirmary to be sedated.

    When Jacks meets up with Daniel in the control room, he tells him that Sam tried to seduce him. And when Daniel says that he is going to go check on her, Jack freaks out and goes all territorial, and he starts beating the living crap out of Daniel. But he is stopped by none other that Walter! All Hail Walter!!!

    Anyways back on track, Jack is put into isolation, and it is found out that Teal’c and Daniel are immune. So they are assigned the mission to go back to planet Star Wars (light side/dark side…duh) and to the light side to ask the people there for a blood sample so they can figure out how to stop the disease. But on the way there Daniel is taken by the touched and beaten up. The untouched end up refusing to have a blood sample taken from them, but Teal’c ends up taking one anyway, forcibly from one of the guards. We also get to see that Gen. Hammond was put into the same room as Jack except he’s wearing a straight jacket.

    After discovering that the disease is a histiminealilic, it feeds on histamine, the thing that blocks most people from having allergies, everyone gets the drug, recovers, and is assigned the rescue mission to get Daniel back.

    When they find Daniel, it turns out that his histamine wore off and he became one of the touched. Jack makes a comment about ‘having a girl on every planet’, and this statement sticks with him throughout the series. Although Jack doesn’t really have any room to talk. SG-1 gets him back to the palace and strike up a deal with the untouched for the histamine. You can then see the touched come out of the forest all better, and are reunited with their families.

    My favorite scene happens next when they are walking back to the gate, Sam apologizes to Jack for jumping him earlier. But he says he doesn’t even remember what happened, but then he asks her how her stomach wound is (she got stabbed by her roommate). She tells him that Janet says that it should heal fine, and probably won’t even leave a scar. Jack says he was worried, and when she sounds shocked, he says “Sure, because if you didn’t recover, then he would never see that sweet little tank-top number again!”

    This is my 4th all time favorite episode of Stargate SG-1, and is really good, considering it was only the 4th episode of the series.
  • This episode is truly great as almost everyone turns into cave men

    “The Broca Divide” is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season. O’Neill’s famous one-liners abound in plenty on this episode that make this episode really funny. The premise of a disease that turns humans into cave men is a really interesting storyline and this pulls it off perfectly. The funniest part of the episode is when Teal’C doesn’t know who Lucy is when O’Neill says “Lucy, I’m home!” The scene when Carter attacks Jack is another classic scene. If you plan to watch SG-1, this is an episode I highly recommend. It’s funny, serious and very interesting.

  • The first episode where we really see the quality that the stand-alone episodes are going to have.

    Apologies for any spelling issues in this review, I write in British English not American and I am mildly dyslexic!

    This is the first proper stand-alone episode that SG-1 did (I refuse to count the abysmal Emancipation) and has two main standout firsts: it marks the first appearance of one of the best-loved characters in the series, Dr Janet Frasier and it marks the first overt appearance of the attraction between Carter and O’Neill (and therefore must be a shippers delight!).

    The plague concept is an interesting one at this stage in the series and introduces the idea that it is not just the Goa’uld threat that our heroes will have to deal with in their explorations.

    One of the things I like about the Broca Divide is that it offers some nice character insights that are expanded on in future episodes. An example of this is Jack’s tendency towards self-sacrifice in order to help others. Another standard that this episode sets is the little touches of humour that make the series as a whole such a joy to watch, humour that is not just in the lines themselves, but also in the delivery.
  • Good episode and Dr. Fraiser's first appearance

    This was a decent episode that had some good team bonding in it. While the story was a little weak there some good things like the mention of the broca divide which was interesting. There was also some good humor throughout like the Lucy quote. This episode was also the start of the Jack/Sam ship. This is also the introduction of one of the most beloved characters in the show Dr. Fraiser. This was a good Teal’c episode because with the team incapacitated he had to help solve the problem alone and he did a great job. In the end an OK episode that had many flaws.
  • great episode...

    The SG-1 team travels to a planet where they discover two very different types of society: one being the "cursed" and the other being prosperous. Unfortunately, they bring a disease back to earth with them and it threatens the base. Basically, everyone became primatorial crazy ape things and were really crazy. Anyways, of couse the doc finds the cure and everyone gets better. Overall, good episode. It had a cool new idea and was executed well. There were several funny moments, espcially when Daniel asked Jack what happened to him and he said he was seduced. Daniel replied "you poor man." That made me laugh very hard. It was halarious. Anyways, good episode with everything I love about Stargate SG-1.
  • much better

    This is much better than Emancipation. This is actually one of my favorite episodes. The team goes to a planet that has a light side and a dark side. The dark side is home to cavemen like people. The light side is home to normal, alien people. The light side people believe the dark side people are cursed, but it is really just a highly contagious disease. The team brings it back to SGC with them, which infects a lot of the people at the base. My favorite part of this episode is when Sam is infected and she jumps on Jack and starts kissing him. He doesn't quite know what to do. It is hilarious. Doc Frasier eventually finds a cure and everyone goes back to normal, even the people living on the dark side of the planet.
  • SG-1 travel to "land of light" and catches a highly contagious virus that turns normal people into to barbarians.

    One of the best of season 1, hands down. The episode didn't feel too long or too short. It was an engaging story-line as well. O'neill and Carter sucumb to the virus early on and its up to Teal'c and Dr.Jackson to retrieve blood samples from the "people of the light". Its interesting how they forced Teal'c into the spotlight for a good portion of the episode. The acting by the whole cast was unbelievable, especially Richard Dean Anderson. He was conversing as a man-beast with Dr.Fraser and I have to say I believed he was acutally ill from this virus. A sure classic, one of the best no doubt about it.
  • The dangerous of stargare

    This episode was much better than the last one - all the story on this - it looked much more logical and there were lot those moments when you did not know what comes next. All the planet - another really great creation - that dark and light side, and again - they are greeted like Gods. And when everyone started to turn mad and ... Poor Daniel - it almost looked like he could avoid being infected but still. And Teal'c his behavior - saying that he lost Daniel and then the Lucy thing. He has lot to learn about Earth yet.

    SG-1 finds a planet divided into light and dark sides. The mission goes rather uneventful except for a brief encounter with the Touched who live on the dark side of the planet. But this time, after they return a plague threatens to decimate the SGC and turn everyone into savage primitives. The plague will wipe them all out unless they can stop it! And it's not just their lives at stake, it's the survival of the entire human race on Earth. If they want to live, they'll have to get the cure from the Untouched from the light side on P3X-797. The Broca Divide is much like a classic zombie horror movie that I Tracey K. Nameth call "sheer spellbinding and even a little scary!"
  • A dangerous disease is brought through the gate and Carter wears a tank top!

    Last episode they had her wearing a dress that showed a lot of cleavage and now they have her wearing a sexy tank top, is there some sort of pattern here? Seriously, though a very enjoyable episode. I'm always wary when scifi shows go down the "DNA-altering" type road, but this episode does a fairly good job of keeping it believable. The episode also points out one of the main dangers of using the Stargate, bringing back a dangerous and unknown contagion. This episode is mentioned in "Politics" as a reason for closing down the Gate. This episode also sees the introduction of Teryl Rothery as Dr. Frasier, one of my favorite secondary characters. I also liked how at the beginning of the episode we are reminded that the team is still looking for Skaara and Sha're.
  • I really hope there is something going on between Carter and Jack

    I was a fan of the series when it was on in Poland, but it was a long time ago, and only like first two seasons where broatcasted. So you can read my reviews written by someone who is watching the episodes for the first time.

    I really enjoyed make-up in this episode, especially animal face of Richard Dean Anderson, and his great acting during cell scenes. I was pleased with Teal'c having more on-screen time (is this the right expression? Is expression the right word?).

    And Carter and Jack fighting/kissing sequence was very entertaining, I really hope they will have some romantic plot, but not hughgrant kind of lovecrap.
  • SG-1 journeys to a planet that has been divided into a Dark and Light side. The Dark side is populated by "Cursed" primitave humans, and SG-1 accidentally bring back the disease to the SGC. A cure has to be found of Earth could fall victim to the plague.

    An average episode to say the most, in which we see the first romance scene between Carter and O'Neill. We also see a VERY angry O'Neill when he is infected with the disease that made him become primitave, he starts hissing and smacking his head off the wall, rather ammusing. I also found they way in which they figured out how to counter-act the plague very ammusing, they found the cure thanks to Daniel Jacksons Allergies, since he used some type of Anti-Histamines to try and stop them. Also, when Daniels Immunity wore off, he turned into a primative and found himself a new girlfriend. Jack comments on this with a rather witty quote,"Daniel, you dog! Keep this up and you'll have a girl on every planet". Daniel Jackson is also quite humerous in this episode when Jack is reporting on how Carter tried to seduce him, answering with a simple sympathetic "oh, you poor man"

    Again, not exactly a brilliant episode, but every brilliant series is built up of a variation of good and bad episodes, so to have a few horrible episodes is ok
  • That's better...

    This episode was certainly better than the last one. Sg1 goes to a planet that is half light and the other half dark, while there they encounter cave men. The idea is good you know, bringing back a disease through the gate, it will happen again. Everyone starts turning into cave men, even Hammond and O'Neill. Teal'c eventually gets a blood sample from one of the untouched and Dr. Fraser is able to produce a cure. This is the first appearence of Dr. Janet Fraser she is one of the best Stargate characters. I just loved all the humour in this episode and I thought it funny how D. Fraser kept on calling Teal'c, Mr. Teal'c. Later...
  • I enjoyed this the msot out of the first five episodes. Very, very interesting and fascinating to watch.

    I've only jsut started watching them on DVD and I've only watched up to the First Commandment but I enjoyed this the most.
    First of all, it introduces Teryl Rothery as Dr. Frasier who I thought was a vital part of the team and should not have been killed off the way she was and brought back for the 200th episode!
    Secondly it was a very interesting storyline. I have seen many shows but the only other one I can think of off the top of my head which shows human beings going backwards towards neanderathals stage was Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 episode 'Beer Bad'. Only this one was done much much better and much more realistic. It is quite easy to imagine a disease causing this effect rather than drinking some alcohol.
    The acting was superb I thought on behalf of the Neanderthals (that is Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson.)
    This one was a cut above it's predescecors (if thats how you spell it) The pilot was literally just an episode on from the movie and an introduction into the series and one way to tie up central characters in the movie yet get rid of them for a while in the process. The third episode was okay I guess but nothing up to this one!
    I just hope every episode is like this one!
    Keep up the good work!
  • This episode is very good, is the firts the characters suffer the influence the of aliens things.

    I think this is the most interesting episode. Because we see like the people could change and this is funny and the action is very good. RDA is perfect, and Tery too. I don´t like Tela´c, for me is better and the second season, and the first is very green. Hammond (Ron) is very funny, and I like how is development, and the best thing for me (like a shiper I am) is the part when Carter claw Jack, is perfect, and how he really hesite for react.
    Is good see how the things would be dangers when you go for places far, far way.
  • I thought this was a great episode...

    I think one of my favorite scenes was when Carter was trying to seduce O'Neill and with him being the perfect gentleman, took her to the infirmary instead of taking advantage of her. I thought they should of kissed a little more, but that's just me! I also liked the part where O'Neill got jealous and possessive when Daniel started talking about going to see Carter and that he cared about her. This was one of the few episodes where they could show feelings toward each other and not get punished for it.
    Personally, I think this is one of those episodes that can be watched multiple times, maybe not in a row, but it was still a good episode.
  • Not a terrible episode, but not a great one either.

    The major flaw of this episode could be that it takes itself way too seriously. There are some interesting ideas here, but it's all just really silly.

    A pathogen that makes you act like an animal is okay with me, but one that actually physically make you look like a caveman as well? Maybe if this episode was made later when the show developed a great sense of humour, it could've been a lot better.

    Another silly thing is the thing with the land of the light and dark, which doesn't make any sense at all. How can plant life survive on the dark side without daylight?

    Once again, like with Emancipation, I would tell soon-to-be SG-1 fans to skip this episode, and maybe save it for when they've finished the series and have become a fan.
  • Light and Dark, Civil and Savage, not difficult to draw the parallels but that's not the point, the point is, as I saw it, "No one is beyond the baser instinct, but the nature of the person remains".

    An excellent idea attempting to delve in a mere 45-ish minutes, into the idea that no one is beyond savagery but that savagery is dictated more by the nature of the individual than any external condition. O'Neill (two l's) wants to be the lab rat so others do not suffer. Noble, self sacrificing, perhaps some remnants of that darkness that plagued him when this whole crazy ride began, either way, he feels more expendable than any other person he could name. A testament to his character.

    Even in season 10 keep 'em coming.
  • A new alien disease is brought through the stargate and effects the SGC...

    I enjoyed this episode a lot! The introduction of Dr. Janet Fraiser was definitly a high point, and the first alien disease was definetly a fun thing. Plus, this was the start of the possible Jack/Sam ship, and made a shipper out of me. This episode showed each of the charaters in a great light, and it is one of those epsiodes that I would watch over and over again. By far, one of my top 5 episodes of season one.
  • There is planet that has a light and dark side. In the light side lives a cilivlized race and in the dark side lives a primitave race.

    Had a pretty decent storyline about a desease thing that not only infects the planet SG-1 visits but also is brought back to earth to infect the SGC. The episode is pretty good. Only Fraiser, Jackson, and Teal'c aren't infected. They eventually find a cure and everything works out. It was a pretty solid episode.