Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 5

The Broca Divide

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 15, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Shows how two seemingly differant types of people, bronze-age civilized people/prehistoric cavemen, really are the same at the heart. Both want to live out their lives to the fullest extent. Good episode. **Major Spoiler Alert** (basically total recap)

    The episode starts in the briefing room, when SG-1 and SG-3 are going over their next mission. After they go over the mission, it shoots to the gate room, where Jack tells SG-3 to wait till a count of 10 then come through, so they have a chance to check out the area surrounding the Gate first. This turns out to be a bad decision because they get ambushed by the natives, and get beat on pretty good. But before any serious damage can be done to SG-1, SG-3 comes through the gate and saves them by scaring off the natives.

    They continue through the forest and find a girl being raped, and Sam insists that they stop him. When they are about to attack, they see figures dressed in white (clichéd I know) hurling rocks at the ‘cavemen’. After they scare away the ‘cavemen’, the people in white identify themselves as the untouched, and invite SG-1 to the ‘land of light’. They live in a palace that looks like it is straight out of ancient Minoan history. To them the ‘cavemen’ are called the ‘touched’. After realizing that there is nothing of military value to be gained from this planet, Jack makes the decision to return to Earth.

    When they get back to Earth is when everybody goes CRAZY! And I don’t mean “okay they’re a little weird”, I mean “go get the straight jacket these people are going into solitary confinement…NOW!”

    While briefing the General on the mission a Lt. On SG-3 goes wacko and attacks Teal’c (not a fair fight I know…for him that is) and is taken to the infirmary after being seen foaming at the mouth. Then a short while later, as Sam and Daniel are discussing the Lt., 2 other members of SG-3 go crazy, get into a fight, and throw themselves out the briefing room window.

    Then my second favorite part of this episode happens. SAM JUMPS JACK!!! Sounds to good to be true I know, and it happened in the locker room none-the-less! But he ended up taking her to the infirmary to be sedated.

    When Jacks meets up with Daniel in the control room, he tells him that Sam tried to seduce him. And when Daniel says that he is going to go check on her, Jack freaks out and goes all territorial, and he starts beating the living crap out of Daniel. But he is stopped by none other that Walter! All Hail Walter!!!

    Anyways back on track, Jack is put into isolation, and it is found out that Teal’c and Daniel are immune. So they are assigned the mission to go back to planet Star Wars (light side/dark side…duh) and to the light side to ask the people there for a blood sample so they can figure out how to stop the disease. But on the way there Daniel is taken by the touched and beaten up. The untouched end up refusing to have a blood sample taken from them, but Teal’c ends up taking one anyway, forcibly from one of the guards. We also get to see that Gen. Hammond was put into the same room as Jack except he’s wearing a straight jacket.

    After discovering that the disease is a histiminealilic, it feeds on histamine, the thing that blocks most people from having allergies, everyone gets the drug, recovers, and is assigned the rescue mission to get Daniel back.

    When they find Daniel, it turns out that his histamine wore off and he became one of the touched. Jack makes a comment about ‘having a girl on every planet’, and this statement sticks with him throughout the series. Although Jack doesn’t really have any room to talk. SG-1 gets him back to the palace and strike up a deal with the untouched for the histamine. You can then see the touched come out of the forest all better, and are reunited with their families.

    My favorite scene happens next when they are walking back to the gate, Sam apologizes to Jack for jumping him earlier. But he says he doesn’t even remember what happened, but then he asks her how her stomach wound is (she got stabbed by her roommate). She tells him that Janet says that it should heal fine, and probably won’t even leave a scar. Jack says he was worried, and when she sounds shocked, he says “Sure, because if you didn’t recover, then he would never see that sweet little tank-top number again!”

    This is my 4th all time favorite episode of Stargate SG-1, and is really good, considering it was only the 4th episode of the series.