Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 13

The Curse

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2000 on Syfy

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  • The curse...

    Another great installment. Once again the producers are able to make another great episode where the team doesn't go through the stargate. I know that the series is about the stargate but they do have alot of good episodes when do not go through the gate. We get to see daniel meet some old friends because his old teacher died. It was all said to be because of a curse. But it was because of a new G'ould that had just been awaken-Osiris. he had taken a host in daniels old girlfriend. This was all possible because a couple g'oulds were mumified but osiris's mate had died do to a cracked jar. osiris manages to get a hand device and leaves the planet. Later...
  • after Dr. Jordan's death, Daniel's old preofessor, he returns to his old hang out to attend a funeral and ends thinking that Dr, Jordan's death wa to say the least mysterious. So he strats investigating.

    the episode tells us alot about Daniel's schooling and past and the people he knew how they felt about him, seems that they all felt that he was crazy and that his therories were a bit out landish.
    as he looks around, he realizes that the marking on the temple jars are gouald. And the one that they had had the remains of a dead gouald. And the other one the osiris jar was missing so the conclusion was that someone had found it and opened it and now there is a gouald walking around on earth, and now they have to find it, and the main thing is to find out who the gouald has moved into.
    He suspects that steven is the one who opened the jar so he rushes off to find him the make their way to the temple wher the jars were found. when they get t here they find steven down and injured as they trying to to tend to him he asks steven if he opend it, he said no, so daniel asked him who did this to him, just about that time, sara comes out of the corner, her eyes begin to glow and, and repies, "I did" daniel tries to shot her with the sedative but her body shield stopped that from happening.
    She manages to escape with the ship hidden the sand. Now they have to figure out what to tell steven and what to do about Sara.
    I liked this one it was good, it had a good storyline and alot of personal history of Daniel Jackson. And of course this means more stories new Gouald.
    Yea for the writers and the actors it was a job well done.
  • Daniel's old friends...

    Daniel is little back on his old life and friends, when his professor is killed in accident and it soon comes up - there is no such things like accidents and it looks like Goa'uld have part on it too. So, when O'Neill (finally) tries to get some fish, Carter builds someone and Teal'c is not very amused on fishing, Daniel tries to figure out what happens and it looks like his old rival might be a Goa'uld now.. so the story goes to Egypt and... it comes out that not is like seen first.. and they have Goa'uld ship on the Earth, ok now it is gone...

    Quite exciting episode.
  • Daniel's ex becomes Osiris...

    While I think this episode was well done, I really didn't care for the plot line. The pace of the episode was at times plodding and there were a couple of scenes that think could have been done a lot better. One thing I did love in this episode was Teal'c's lack of enthusiasm for Jack's fishing trip. The idea of Goa'uld's being locked in the jars was pretty interesting and added an element of suspense to the episode, but overall I think the suspense was way underused. Another thing that I think hurts this episode is lack of wry humor, with the exception of one or two scenes. I could be shooting in the dark, I have never really cared much for this episode and I don't really know why. I guess the episode just felt a little too serious and dry.