Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 13

The Devil You Know (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Great episode

    This is a fun action packed adventure steeped in mythology. THe team has a chance to take out Sokar after he has kidnapped Sam's father. IT's up to the SG team to rescue Sam's' father take out Sokar's stronghold and in the return they find out an old friend is back and madder than ever... Apophis!
  • Excellent conclusion...he's baaa-aack...

    Apophis is back! Arguably one of the best villains of the series returns with a vengeance. SG-1 must escape Netu with Jacob. A good chunk of the episode is set aside for Apophis' interrogation of the team members, and these scenes were very well done, the best being when Jack was forced to drink the blood of Sokar and we see Charlie again. Lots of good emotion there, and pretty good suspense in Martouf's interrogation when he appears to give up the location of the Tok'ra. As in the previous episode the Netu set looked fantastic and the musical cues matched the environment perfectly. These were two episodes that you should definitely not miss, with good stories extremely relevant to the overall story arc.
  • In Hell...

    This was great episode. All the way they played with the memories and they tried to get the knowledges out. Again, really beautiful moments involved with Jolindar's and Martouf's storyline and the way it looked like he could betray them but no - that was cleverly done.

    And all the things with Apophis - oh, that serpent is hard to die and now he has taken care of his revenge there and he will soon come after the Earth, so sure.

    Some really great moments and the ending dialog, idea that they should go tot the vacation to Alaska... after that fire planet, it would be create..
  • great episode...

    Selmac, Martuc, and SG-1 are trapped on a planet that resembles hell and are being interrogated by Apophis which has come back from the dead. In the end, SG-1 and the others are rescued by Teal'c (which was in a goa'uld bomber the whole time, not on the planet) and the planet is blown up. This episode is a great episode. It was a great way to bring Apophis back to power. I also loved to see all of the flahbacks that Sam and Jack had. It really develops their characters and makes it all the more interesting. Anyways, great episode and one of my favorites.
  • Good to have Apophis back.

    This episode picks up nicely from the first part and gets right back into the action. This has a lot more character stuff and back-story stuff. The memory device combined with what appeared to be LSD you get a very unique way to see some moments from Sam and Jack's past that was very well directed. The sets for this episode are great especially the throne of Sokar. The scene with Apophis and Sokar was one of my favorites in the episode because I loved seeing Apophis on his knees begging for mercy and both actors did a marvelous job. Then there is the effects that blow everything the show had done previously out of the water. From the rescue to the explosion of the moon everything was top notch. My favorite part of the episode is the end with the reveal that Apophis ringed to Delmak and was back to his rightful place as main bad guy. My only regret is that Sokar had to die and was not able show his potentional as an enemy. Overall a great episode and the better of the two.
  • A good episode.

    Overall i was pleased with this episode, we got to see into some of the past od our main charactors (even thought it was through mind control). Stargate's episodes this season have maintained a high quality, i really enjoyed how we got to see Apothis once again which was a nice addition to the series. Thw writer also played on the idea thta prehaps Carters fathe rwould not survive. Tel'c was left slightly out of the loop but other than that the writer managed to incorperate all the important elements into the episode. The Tok'ra are also beginning to play a bigger part in the series noe. The ending to the episode was well planned out, Apothis will be seen again.
  • Has the same strengths and weaknesses as its predecessor, but is also a slight improvement.

    A lot of people seem to consider this episode along with "Jolinar's Memories" to be one of the major highlights from season 3. However, like with "Jolinar's Memories", I am not a big fan of this episode. First, I'll focus on this episode's good points. I must say that the best things about this episode are the visual effects, production design, and costume design. The visual effects are incredibly realistic and spectacular, and are certainly worth the vast amounts of money that must've been spent.

    There's also quite a bit of humour in this episode, but not as much as I'm used to from the show. In particular I must say the standout humorous moments include the team after being rescued, the team reacting to seeing Apophis for the first time, and Jack coming off the Blood of Sokar.

    Also, the hallucination scenes are quite well imagined, and give us a little glimpse into the past and psyche of a few of the characters. However, I really wish they spent more time on this and gave us a deeper perspective, as this could've been a great tool for major character development.

    There are also some great scenes that I really like in particular. These include Sokar's final shot screaming, Apophis's big speech, and the final shot (even though by some miracle the planet goes unaffected by Ne’tu’s destruction). I also really liked Kintac (Apophis's first prime). He just has such a great presence, and I really wished we’d seen more of him.

    But the episode has its flaws. First, the overall story isn't that great. Also, the campy aura is still quite persistent and hence lessens my enjoyment. There are also times when the episode gets bogged down in sentimentality, particularly in the hallucination sequences, and between Sam and Jacob in the Pit.

    So, in summary this is a slight improvement over its predecessor, but still has some major problems. How it was voted the second best episode of season 3 over on IMDb I'll never know.
  • These two episodes, Jolinar' Memories and The Devil You Know, are a good example of how a bad storyline can be presented in a good way.

    Another rescue mission, some flashback-like hallucinations and another resurrection of Apophis. The storyline is not the essential ingredient here. It's more like something to go with the visual beauty of the two episodes, which is remarkable. For example, we get a much better look at the demonesque Sokar and his hellish prison and both are worth seeing. I have seen many attempts to visualise hell, but this one is among the best. It's a classic - underground caves, lava flows and many demonic and tortured denizens and their fiery stone dwellings. It's like a city. And Sokar himself, caped in red, seated on his throne among the candles, his face white like death fits perfect.