Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 3

The Enemy Within

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Labotomy

    Poor Kawalsky. As seen in the end of the pilot. Kawalsky is infected with a Goa'uld and the SG team need to find a way to remove it. Being the third 'Episode" of the show we are also intorduced to the general psychological operation of the Goa'uld and what it means to be infected with one and what it would take to remove it.

    I always felt bad for Kawalksy he was a very likable character in such a short time and yet in the end... Sniff.
  • Picking up right where it left off, this episode is a good concusion to the seasons beginning.

    (If you have not seen this episode you may want to refrain from reading any further, as this review contains spoilers)

    The episode is centered on Kowalsky, showing us in a systematic fashion the changes that he undertakes as the goa'uld parasite within him vies for control. The result is a very fast paced episode that leads us successfully to the dramatic conclusion.

    The most important aspect about the episode is the great bond between O'neill and Kowalsky, on which the writers have been working on in the pilot as well. The lines changed between the two are quite few in number, but they are well enough written and played to make us warm up to the tragic ending. From the moment O'neill recommends Kowalsky for promotion in the pilot (joking that he had a moment of weakness) there is obviously a great attachment between the two. Kowalsky has the heart and spirit of a young cadet in a way, his energy and dream of commanding a team perhaps being similar to that of O'neill's himself once. The fact that most of Jack's other teammates in SGC are scientists, makes for an even better reason to see in Kowalsky one of his best friends, with whom he can best identify. Following this line of thought, from my point of view, O'neill's joke about the stereo is the true climax of the episode. It's the last conversation between the two, because as the colonel will later recount, his friend died on the opperating table.

    Apart from Kowalsky's drama, the epispode also shows us a little more on how "the goa'uld work". Impudent as always the goa'uld will not even consider a negotiation, the word "demand" being one of the few in his dictionary. A thing that ultimately works excelent, and the word-war between the general and him representing some strong plausible writing.

    Last but not least, Teal'c also proves himself and joins SG1. His proud, upright stance, with the stargate glowing behind him, as he challenged the goa'uld was also a very nice touch.

    So, drawing the line this was a very good second episode. The tension was just as high as in the first and from many points of view this can be seen as part 3 of the pilot.
  • Kawalski may have more than a headache...

    “The Enemy Within” is such a great episode, I enjoyed it more than the previous two episodes, but those were great as well. The entire story about Kawalsky having the alien in him that takes him over and wants to communicate with Teal’C is just really cool. This also felt like the real first episode of the TV series, the first two just seemed to wrap up the lose ends of the movie. From the acting to the writing, it really kept me on the edge of my seat. With all that said, this was a great way to begin!
  • Another great episode!

    I hadn't realized how much I had liked Kawalsky until I watched this episode for a second time. I think O'Neill and Kawalsky were great at bouncing things off each other. They just had this chemistry that I hadn't paid attention to before. I think it would have been nice if Kawalsky could have been a regular on the show and leader of SG-2. I'm not saying that he should of been in the show every week, but he still could of showed up every once in awhile.
    Anyways, I thought this episode was a good one. It's nice to look back every once in a while and see how the characters have changed over the years, especially Teal'c.
  • Major Kawalsy is taken over by a Gould and the SGC must help restore him to normal.

    This is one of my favorites. I personally like Major Kawalshy's character and would have enjoyed him as a recurring character that commanded SG-2. Anyway this episode was well written, up and til the end it was a suprise to find out the Major was not cured and that there is still a crisis. I like this show because its not perdictable, its not a "happily ever after all the time" show. It also marked Teal'cs alligence to Earth and formed the SG-1 team. I always liked it when a member of the SGC is taken over and the battle between the Gould and the Host. Overall well-written. A standard to what the show Stargate:SG-1 is about, handling a crisis and trying to do the moral thing at the same time.
  • Cool SiFi moment.

    This is the episode that got me hooked on Stargate. Those first episodes of a show are the one's that decide it's fate, and this is the one that in my opinion pushed it in the right direction. Sadly, Kawalski died. It was pretty much inevitable. Had Kawalski stayed in the show, he would have had to be in quite a few more episodes being the leader of SG-2.
    The whole scene with Kawalski strapped to the table was so distinctly SiFi, it made me laugh. I mean, come on. How many military installations keep a Frankenstein operating table handy? I always feel sorry for actors when they have to shoot such ridiculous things. Yet the ridiculous tends to be the most amusing. Speaking of ridiculous, lets talk about that Gou'a'ould-stub-thing that seemed to just magically pop out of his cranium after having it sliced open. So, you think on the other side of the gate there was some unlucky jafa pacing around when a head shaving suddenly shoots out and hits him in the face.
    Overall a good episode. I've never been a fan of the action before story episodes. So this was perfect. They still have some overall story incongruencies. But you show me a perfectly executed story and I'll show you hoax.
  • The leader of SG-2 is taken over by a Goa'uld.

    This is a pretty solid episode that really helps introduce the Goa'uld. A Goa'uld jumped into the Major's ear on "The Children of the Gods" episode. It also really introduces Teal'c as an ally not an enemy. This is the episode Teal'c actaully becomes part of SG-1. It's a very intresting early SG-2 Episode.
  • Continuation of the pilot episode. It concludes part of that episode, while introducing many more important issues which will be important later in the series.

    This episode continued the story that was developed during the pilot episode. At the end of that episode, one of the parasites, called the Goa'uld, enters the body of Major Kawalski. Also, one of the servants of the Goa'ulds, Teal'c, betrayed the Goa'uld named Apophis, who Teal'c had worshiped as a god, and came back to Earth with SG-1.

    In this episode, the Goa'uld in Kawalski's body starts taking control of his mind. However, since it is not completely mature, it can only take over his body for a short amount of time. After it loses the control over his body, he doesn't remember what happened during that time.

    Meanwhile, a General in the military wants to take Teal'c to study him for the valuable information he might give them. Colonel O'Neill doesn't want this to happen, because Teal'c has rights, and just because Teal'c wasn't born on Earth, it doesn't mean that his rights don't exist here on Earth. General Hammond is cautious of Teal'c's loyalty to Earth, but ends up trying to stop the other General from taking him to study him.

    This is a very good conclusion to the story set up in the pilot episode. The story is good, and the acting is great. Colonel O'Neill is a friend of Major Kawalski, and at the end, when O'Neill gives the order to disconnect the wormhole, and as a result killing Kawalski, you can tell he is in pain from killing his friend. But then, when Teal'c says that he is sorry that O'Neill had to kill his friend, he says that his friend was already dead. This is a very good follow-up to the pilot episode.
  • The first loss of an SGC member....

    ‘The Enemy Within’ is a good episode, and the start of internal problems. While Teal’c is being held by the Government, Kawalsky ends up with a snake in his head. As they fight to save his life, he is eventually lost to them. The Goa’uld that takes over attempts to escape, but Teal’c manages to hold Kawalsky partially in an open gate while it’s closed, killing him. Teal’c act here helps the government into trusting him and allowing him to join SG-1.

    I think that this was a wonderful episode. The acting was grand and the plot helped teach us a little about the way Goa’uld are, and how the government is going to react to the alien things that are brought through the gate. Overall, it is one of my favorite episodes, and I wish they could have many more as good as this one.
  • This is basically another continuation of the pilot episode, except with a few additional issues that come into play throughout the future seasons.

    The name of this episode gives away what it’s all about. Major Kowalski has been infected with a Goa’uld and no one knows…not even him! The Goa’uld slowly gets full control over the Major, and he in turn begins hurting people. First the CMO, then as he tries to make it to the gate room he meets Sam in the elevator and ends up hurting her and knocking her out. The whole time he is doing this though, he doesn’t even realize what he is doing.
    At this point, the General decides to ‘strap him to a table’…literally. As the doctors try to figure out how to get the Goa’uld out of him without killing him, he gets worse. The head doctor is finally able to get a leading neural surgeon to come in and attempt the risky surgery.
    When he extracts part of the symbiote he believes he has killed it, but this ends up not being the case as he injures Teal’c. When he finally makes it to the Gate room Teal’c is waiting for him.
    After managing to kill the Major, the General agrees to let Teal’c be on SG-1. In the end, this was an okay episode, but not one that would really hook a person into watching this show.
  • An entertaining dramatic episode, despite suffering from a few clichés and a silly-looking event horizon.

    Some may say that in the early days of SG-1 it took itself too seriously, and had not yet found it's feet as a character driven comedy. Despite having a very serious tone, this episode is one of the few standouts from season 1.

    The main reason this episode works is because it helps as an introduction to the new enemy that would eventually become so much fun. We start to learn about the Goa'uld symbiotes, Jaffa, and their over-the-top evil attitude and superiority complexes.

    There are some truly powerful moments in the episode, but it also has its low points. The event horizon looks really fake and silly, especially considering how good it would end up looking in later seasons. There is also a bit too much sentimentality, and a few plot points that didn't make sense (like the Goa'uld being able to maintain control without it's body, something that would not be possible later on).

    In summary, a high point in the first season, and definitely an episode any soon-to-be SG-1 fan shouldn't miss.
  • Is great, but sad...

    I like this episode, but I thing Kalwaski dead is very sad, and the character would live more episodes... you no, Jack is very Jack with him. I don´t like how the things with Teal´c... and don´t understand the change... Daniel and Sam is the best part, is funny and show how the relationship and friendship desenvolve.... ya know? Sam is very green and funny. And Daniel is so lost... and when you see the actual seanson we see how the characters change and the same time, is the same. And Hammond is very cool. I thing Janet would be in this episode. but this ok.
  • good episode...

    This episode entitled enemy within comes after the pilot episode of stargate sg1. The whole story is about what happend at the end of the pilot where major kawalsky ended up getting a gould in his head. They have to operate on him and the operation is a sucess. but the gould has taken over so much that it didn't matter. tealc gets clearence to be apart of the SGC. I liked this episode but I would have liked Major kawasky to be in more episodes, but he is in like dream sequences in like season 2,3,8. I have this episode on a DVD with the pilot and the episode after this one. Great story. Later...
  • Teal'c tries to find a new home...and O'Neill tries to give him one. Awesome episode!

    Coming off the 2 part pilot episode (which were great too) we learn that Teal'c has turned away from the Goa'uld, and has decided to help earth. Unfortunately this leaves him without a home, but O'Neill has promised to do everything possible to make him welcome on Earth. With information provided by Teal'c, the military discovers that the Goa'uld inhabit hundreds of planets, and have used humans as either hosts, Jaffa (not sure on the spelling) or slaves. They also learn that because the Stargate was buried for thousands of years, humanity has been allowed to thrive during that time. Although Teal'c wants to prove his loyalty to Earth, the military is hesitant to accept him. Instead, they plan to study Teal'c and the Goa'uld within him and Kawalsky in order to find out more about the Goa'uld species. With the unsuccessful operation to remove the Goa'uld from Kawalsky, Teal'c is later able to prove his loyalty by destroying the creature. This episode explores issues of ethics, friendship and family and shows the creation of the complete SG1 for the first time. GREAT EPISODE!!!
  • Teal'c's fate is to be decided and kawalsky is infected the the goa'uld.

    SGC is under attack from the goa'uld. major kawalsy has been infected when they came back from teal'c home planet. the SGC tried to operate on kawalsky thinking that once the remove the goa'uld, it would release control of kawalsky. turns out that theory was wrong. the goua'uld remained in control over kawalsky even though the doctors have removed the "snake" through surgery.
    teal'c on the other hand has attracted the interests of the government and it's scientists. they seemed interested in performing experiments. teal'c an alien and they think it would be nice to cut him open.
    i was hoping kawalsky would stay a little bit longer with SG1 but turns out carter was better.
  • One of the best episodes of the first season

    This was a good episode with some very good character moments especially for Teal’c. I liked the scene between Jack and Teal’c mostly Jack’s admission that the military is scared of him. Teal’c was very understanding when Jack said that he was a prisoner which showed how intelligent he is. I liked his reaction when he was told that he was on the “First World”. I liked the Kawalsky story and when I first saw this episode I thought that Amanda acted the elevator fight great then I found out later that she wasn’t acting and Jay actually hit her. The scene with Jack and Kawalsky in the infirmary was touching and leave it to Jack to make a joke about his death. I liked the fight between Teal’c and Kawalsky and the final scene was cool.
  • After returning from the Chulak mission, Major Kawalsky begins to act mysteriously. When he kills one of the doctors, the team learn that he is now host to a infant Goa'uld and is fighting to keep his body, SG-1 must find a way to stop it.

    Well this certainly was a decent followup for the outstanding pilot episode, we knew at the end of the last episode that this one would be focusing Major Kawalsky and the Goa'uld that had infected him, but we also get some information from Teal'c about the Goa'uld and their technology.

    It all starts off normal, with Colonel O'Neill and Major Kawalsky having a friendly conversation about who should take which planet on the next mission. At this point, Kawalsky states that he has a headache and is sent to the infirmary to get checked out. Of course, we already know that he was infected by a Goa'uld when coming back from Chulak, but nobody else on the base knows this and when the Doctor finds a cut on the back of Kawalsky's neck(Where the Goa'uld had entered), he is killed. Meanwhile, Teal'c is held prisoner by the US Government in Cheyenne mountain, where he is being prepared to be interrogated by Colonel Kennedy. We learn that the Goa'uld are in fact capable of travelling to our planet via spacecraft, but Teal'c seems to think it would take months or even years and that we haven't posed as a big enough threat yet. Major Kawalsky proceeds with the MRI scan, and when Dr Warner finds the Goa'uld wrapped around his neck, he asks Kawalsky to remain off duty. This angers him, and his eyes glow and before he leaves Dr Warner manages to sound the alarm. Kawalsky, or the Goa'uld that infected him, flees to the gate room and commands Major Carter to open the stargate so he can leave. When he discovers that nothing is going to happen, he tries to leave cheyenne mountain through the elevator but Kawalsky manages to re-take control before that happens. Dr Warner discovers that is nearly impossible to surgically remove the Goa'uld, and that there is only a 10-12% of the host surviving, so General Hammond tries to negotiate with it. The Goa'uld decides that we are all inferior, and won't bargain at all referring to the fact that he will destroy us all if we don't let him leave, which I would like to see happen with him strapped down and like 10 gunmen ready to shoot. Colonel Kennedy decides that he wants to take Kawalsky and experiment on him, but General Hammond makes a few nice remarks such as "Just what kind of an officer are you Colonel" and "Well, Me, I'll probably just called the president and get approval right from the horses mouth" when Kennedy threatens to take it to his superiors. The surgery seems successful and they manage to take out what seems to be the remains of the Goa'uld, but when Kawalsky summons Teal'c to his room and threatens to kill him unless he helps him get out, we learn otherwise. He reveals that they took out a dead husk and that he had already become one with the host. He manages to escape leaving Teal'c and two bodyguards lying on the floor, and he gets to the control room and manages to dial out. Teal'c catches him and they duke it out on the ramp towards the stargate. General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill manage to stop the self destruct that Kawalsky started, and they disengage the wormhole while Teal'c held Kawalskys head in the wormhole. This guarantees Teal'c a place on SG-1, and the death of Major Kawalsky (although the do see him in several episodes in the future). Daniel Jackson also figures out that some part of the host must survive otherwise Kawalsky wouldn't have been able to arm the self destruct.

    While it was a revealing episode, there were some flaws such as when Kawalsky's head is chopped in half by the stargate. We know fine well that unless 38 minutes have passed, the wormhole will not disengage when something is passing through it, and at that point part of Kawalsky's head was still in it. We also know that there was no way for O'Neill to close the wormhole down himself... so yeah.
  • Kowalski and the fate of Teal'c

    I like this episode. The government tries to determine the fate of Teal'c, the Jaffa guard who helped O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 to escape from Apophis. Should they let him join the team, or should they keep him locked up? They decide to let him join. Kowalski is infected with a Goa'uld in the previous episode (Children of the Gods, Part 2) and the SGC staff is trying everything they can to extract the parasite and keep Kowalski alive. Teal'c offers up his symbiote for study, and this helps the government to decide to let him join the team. They cannot save Kowalski though, even with Teal'c's help. I liked Kowalski too. But this was a very good episode.
  • good episode...

    Kowalski is infected with a goa'uld and they are trying to remove it without killing him. Meanwhile, the fate of Teal'c is being determined. This episode was fresh and interesting. I really liked Kowalski and I was sad to see him go. I really like his relationship with Jack. They're great buddies that go way back and I would have liked to see him have a few seasons on the show, but oh well. Overall, this is a really good episode. The writing was good, the story was origonal, and the characters were great. A good start to a great show.
  • Goa'uld problem

    And they have it going - for a first "normal" episode, it was really good. They had the storyline left from the pilot going and it was catching - all the new things we learned about Goa'ulds and their way of treating. I loved the way the portrayed Teal'c's tries to cope with this planet he is now. The way Jack understands and sees that he has crossed the sides for once but the others do not want to believe it and they want to use Teal'c as a test subject.

    And all the storyline with the friends - the way the wanted to save it and it was so brave of Teal'c to stand between the major and stargate.

    Really good and catching episode.

    In this episode the tension is thick from the homefront threat. While the U.S. government determines the fate of Teal'c, the SGC must deal with one of its own that has been taken over by an infant Goa'uld larva. Now Teal'c's a traitor to his former master Apophis but can the SGC really trust him. Having been through a life of unimaginable battles, wars and witness to the intergalaxic struggles that millions of Jaffa are doing in the name of their false god Goa'uld masters Teal'c believes this is not right and wants to change sides. Meanwhile O'Neill and the rest of the SGC now face the ultimate enemy when it is discovered that the SG-2 team leader Kawalsky, believed to have a Goa'uld symbiote inside of him, has become a danger to the SGC and the entire planet of Earth. They try an operation to get rid of the Goa'uld but it doesn't work as expected. Now, there will only be one chance to take Kawalsky out --and it's Teal'c who will take the opportunity and prove himself to everyone. The Enemy Within is an adrenalin pumping, invigorating show that I Tracey K. Nameth call "an action packed episode with more surprises than one can guess.!"
  • Stargate SG-1

    In this episode witch is the first basic episode of the series the SGC must deal with a Goa'uld that is in one of is one mean while the government is trying to figure out what to do with Teal'c all and all a good episode with good stories and not dull nor boring it makes a good pace and never slow down to the point of boredom the episode had a good start and a good finish with it that is what I have to say about this episode of the first season episode of the TV show Stargate SG-1
  • A continuation of the pilot's story arc.

    This episode is really more like Children of the Gods Part III. The episode also important in how it establishes that our own medical science is unable to remove symbiotes, hence making the threat of becoming "Goa'ulded" very serious. We learn that the Goa'uld can kill its own host. Additionally Teal'c explains the legend of the Tau'ri and the story of how humans came to populate the galaxy is explained. Again we see the bad side of the military in Col. Kennedy, foreshadowing the NID story arc, as Kennedy makes a play to get the symbiote in Kawalski at the expense of Kawalski's life. Kennedy also attempts to have Teal'c hauled off for study, but is thwarted and Teal'c officially joins SG-1. A great episode overall, you begin to see the chemistry forming between the team members of SG-1 already, and the groundwork is finally in place for the series to continue.
  • a kick azz episode the foundation of all that follows!

    I love this epsidoe from begnning to end it kick ass, i can nt belive that i was on tv a suc n early time in england i defnately found it a lot more scary than alien or any eighteen movie i hav watched. i think that jacks reationship with major kawalski was the one that showed he was a true soldier. its also great as it really sets up the gaould as the badasss aien race that we knew there.
    the greatest thing aout this episode is that it s witten by brad wright wh knows how to write the most darkest epsdes with some lines that stick with your mind forever my own personal fave from any episode, my friend died on the table.....
  • A Kawalsky episode that is underrated

    General: Here I would just like to copy of what one reviewer said before me, "this is more like Children of the Gods, Part III"


    1. Great acting involving the relationship between O-Neil and Kawalsky. 2. Good follow on involving Teal'c and his reception at Stargate Command.
    3. First proper look at the great doctor who you will get to know and love.
    4. Good further look at exactly how the Gould work that will affect many episodes to come.


    1. Not the most action backed episode in the world and a little slow but no reason to put you off.
    2. A little dark for some people? (not so sure about this, didn't bother me but some people mention it)

    Summary: A little underrated in my opinion and I believe it is a great episode
  • Richard Dean Anderson and Jay Acovone acting masterpiece.

    I really liked Charles Kawalsky (not only because he's last name sounds a little bit like Polish "Kowalski") - real soldier, faithful to his commander, who is not affraid of an open battle, and fears the "enemy within".

    The best scenes of this episode were the ones with RDA and Acovone - you can really feel emotions, when Kawalsky, soldier, cries because of a small parasite inside his body, and when he asks Jack to cremate him after his death. There was no battle scenes and yet I really enjoyed this episode, because of its acting, emotions and how it kept me in suspense. Great three-episode start for the series that I fell in love with.

    Sorry for my English, best wishes from Poland