Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 3

The Enemy Within

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 1997 on Syfy

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  • After returning from the Chulak mission, Major Kawalsky begins to act mysteriously. When he kills one of the doctors, the team learn that he is now host to a infant Goa'uld and is fighting to keep his body, SG-1 must find a way to stop it.

    Well this certainly was a decent followup for the outstanding pilot episode, we knew at the end of the last episode that this one would be focusing Major Kawalsky and the Goa'uld that had infected him, but we also get some information from Teal'c about the Goa'uld and their technology.

    It all starts off normal, with Colonel O'Neill and Major Kawalsky having a friendly conversation about who should take which planet on the next mission. At this point, Kawalsky states that he has a headache and is sent to the infirmary to get checked out. Of course, we already know that he was infected by a Goa'uld when coming back from Chulak, but nobody else on the base knows this and when the Doctor finds a cut on the back of Kawalsky's neck(Where the Goa'uld had entered), he is killed. Meanwhile, Teal'c is held prisoner by the US Government in Cheyenne mountain, where he is being prepared to be interrogated by Colonel Kennedy. We learn that the Goa'uld are in fact capable of travelling to our planet via spacecraft, but Teal'c seems to think it would take months or even years and that we haven't posed as a big enough threat yet. Major Kawalsky proceeds with the MRI scan, and when Dr Warner finds the Goa'uld wrapped around his neck, he asks Kawalsky to remain off duty. This angers him, and his eyes glow and before he leaves Dr Warner manages to sound the alarm. Kawalsky, or the Goa'uld that infected him, flees to the gate room and commands Major Carter to open the stargate so he can leave. When he discovers that nothing is going to happen, he tries to leave cheyenne mountain through the elevator but Kawalsky manages to re-take control before that happens. Dr Warner discovers that is nearly impossible to surgically remove the Goa'uld, and that there is only a 10-12% of the host surviving, so General Hammond tries to negotiate with it. The Goa'uld decides that we are all inferior, and won't bargain at all referring to the fact that he will destroy us all if we don't let him leave, which I would like to see happen with him strapped down and like 10 gunmen ready to shoot. Colonel Kennedy decides that he wants to take Kawalsky and experiment on him, but General Hammond makes a few nice remarks such as "Just what kind of an officer are you Colonel" and "Well, Me, I'll probably just called the president and get approval right from the horses mouth" when Kennedy threatens to take it to his superiors. The surgery seems successful and they manage to take out what seems to be the remains of the Goa'uld, but when Kawalsky summons Teal'c to his room and threatens to kill him unless he helps him get out, we learn otherwise. He reveals that they took out a dead husk and that he had already become one with the host. He manages to escape leaving Teal'c and two bodyguards lying on the floor, and he gets to the control room and manages to dial out. Teal'c catches him and they duke it out on the ramp towards the stargate. General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill manage to stop the self destruct that Kawalsky started, and they disengage the wormhole while Teal'c held Kawalskys head in the wormhole. This guarantees Teal'c a place on SG-1, and the death of Major Kawalsky (although the do see him in several episodes in the future). Daniel Jackson also figures out that some part of the host must survive otherwise Kawalsky wouldn't have been able to arm the self destruct.

    While it was a revealing episode, there were some flaws such as when Kawalsky's head is chopped in half by the stargate. We know fine well that unless 38 minutes have passed, the wormhole will not disengage when something is passing through it, and at that point part of Kawalsky's head was still in it. We also know that there was no way for O'Neill to close the wormhole down himself... so yeah.
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