Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 3

The Enemy Within

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 1997 on Syfy

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  • Cool SiFi moment.

    This is the episode that got me hooked on Stargate. Those first episodes of a show are the one's that decide it's fate, and this is the one that in my opinion pushed it in the right direction. Sadly, Kawalski died. It was pretty much inevitable. Had Kawalski stayed in the show, he would have had to be in quite a few more episodes being the leader of SG-2.
    The whole scene with Kawalski strapped to the table was so distinctly SiFi, it made me laugh. I mean, come on. How many military installations keep a Frankenstein operating table handy? I always feel sorry for actors when they have to shoot such ridiculous things. Yet the ridiculous tends to be the most amusing. Speaking of ridiculous, lets talk about that Gou'a'ould-stub-thing that seemed to just magically pop out of his cranium after having it sliced open. So, you think on the other side of the gate there was some unlucky jafa pacing around when a head shaving suddenly shoots out and hits him in the face.
    Overall a good episode. I've never been a fan of the action before story episodes. So this was perfect. They still have some overall story incongruencies. But you show me a perfectly executed story and I'll show you hoax.