Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 15

The Fifth Race

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 1999 on Syfy

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    Daniel and the rest of the SG-1 team travel to an ancient room that houses alien inscriptions in an attempt to decode alien language discovered by a probe. When O'Neill peers through a viewer in the ancient room, he is caught momentarily in its grasp. Shortly after this imposed trance, alien words begin appearing in his speech. Before long, his entire brain is taken up with a superior knowledge virtually indecipherable to the rest of the SG-1 team. Daniel is certain that O'Neill now possesses the knowledge of the Ancients, the alien race who invented the Stargate, but realizes the knowledge is too complex for the human brain and will likely cause O'Neill to lose his mind. In an attempt to save himself, O'Neill must access his subconscious mind to uncover forces with a greater knowledge than his own, forces that may also have important knowledge about the destiny of mankind.
  • The first perfect-ten episode of Stargate SG-1

    I am watching the series for the first time, and so far this is the best episode I have seen. It has everything I have already managed to love in the series: unique climate I haven't seen in other sci-fi shows - like blending scientific elements (other mysterious planet, aliens, ancient language), feel of mystery and military parts, with humour and its overall message about our race.

    Series' portrayal of alien race - the Asgard is wonderful. It is a mixture of aliens we know from other shows, movies, comic books and video games and something new - they are not a hostile race, they are willing to help us, share their knowledge.

    I am really looking forward to the rest of the series, cause I've heard it gets even better.
  • An overly complex story line, over-dramatic music, cheesy graphics, and, quite frankly, one of the best episodes I have ever seen.

    What I said up there is true. Everything about this episode is over trodden and cliched. Yet somehow I absolutely love this episode. So the music is a little over dramatic. So the graphics are a little cheesy. So the Asgard are portrayed as the grays from Roswell. Who cares? This episode is just so awesome. There are several episodes that I would prefer to skip next time I watch this series (mainly Season 1 Episode 4, I think you all agree with me), but this one is probably one of the ones I am going to watch over and over again. Yes, it is just that good. It's really funny, suspenseful, you gotta love Teal'c. And Daniel's comments about Jack are priceless. Simply put, this episode rocks.
  • Just bend your Kozars...

    I'm not to afraid to say that this was probably one of the best episodes of the season. We have already seen the asgard earlier in the season but this episode really introduces us to more of who they are. We learn a great deal here like the fact that there is or was Four great races, The Ancients, The Asgard, The Nox and The Furlings. As it so turns out The Ancients are the ones who built the Stargates, so you know they must be advanced. I like the fact that this episode went back to that season one episode with Ernest and explored the "Meaning of life stuff." Also this episode plays a part in what will happen in the series finale.
  • Jack has trouble speaking after having his head sucked by one of those Ancient...head...suckers...

    Everything about this episode was just about bang on. Especially Jack and Daniel's interaction, which were both funny and inspiring, depending on the scene. This episode also had a great plot line, the mystery of the gate-builders, as the Ancients are known at this time in the series. But far more important than the new information about the gate-builders, is Earth's first contact with the Asgard, as Jack unconsciously builds a device from the ancient knowledge in his mind to seek out the help of the Asgard. Jack's meeting with the Asgard is perhaps one of the best done "discovery moments" of the entire series. Definitely not an episode to be missed.
  • a great Stargate episode....

    As well as being a superb episode in every way this episode also forms the foundation for the relationship between the Asgard and Earth it also reveals further information about the Ancients who are still somewhat of a mysterious race. This episode also develops the relationship between the SG-1 team and the importance of each person's ability. By the way aren't the Asgard such a cute alien creature- I mean the Gould are creep and scary but the Asgard are cute especially Thor. (They have such small hand like limbs.)

    I'm aware that they don't actually exist but they are still cute.
  • I absolutely love this episode, it's one of the classics of SG-1. A blockbuster episode where we first get to meet the Asgards.

    This is an episode that I absolutely loved to watch first time around, and still love to return to from time to other.. both because of the general mood of the episode, the music and the story itself. I would go so far to say that "The Fifth Race" is one of the series many highlights, and an episode every SG-1 fan should not miss (atleast if they want to follow the story arc that develops over the seasons, since this (together with Thors Hammer and Thors Chariot) episode is the first episode that truly reveals Earths major ally in the fight against the Goa'Uld and the Replicators, namely the Asgards.

    The scores in this episode is especially compelling, especially the score played as Jack meets the Asgards on their homeplanet. It really sets the kind of mood you would expect to have meeting this kind of advanced civilization for the very first time. Babysteps into a bigger universe,so to speak.

    A classic episode in short, not to be missed.
  • Huge step to the future...

    For the events later - this episode was so pivotal - the eight symbols for address, dialing out of the galaxy, ZPM-s and all the mystery around ancients. It was all just so great. And the way this episode was built - incredible. It really nailed me in front of my screen for all the episode, never even giving the idea of taking little break. The intensity, the striking storylines, stunning way this was written - the unknown behind the knowledges O'Neill somehow possessed. It was just incredible.

    Very well written episode, that gave us so many hints what will happen and come in future.
  • great episode...

    The SG-1 team travels to a world that they believe could be related to the four-race alliance they found on another planet. In the end, O'Neill has the entire ancient database downloaded into his brain and his brain can't handle it. He no longer can speak anything but ancient and he is a lot smarter and makes really complicated devices. Finally, Jack dials to an asgard ship and they take the ancient knowledge out of his brain and save him. Overall, this episode is pivotal and interesting. It brings about the point of ancients and other creatures, asgards, that are strong enough to really oppose the gou'lds. Also, it had a great story line and it was interesting and creates a lot of new story lines.
  • O'Neill becomes the unwilling receptacle for a library of alien knowledge, and ends up at an unlikely meeting with the Asgard

    a supub episode, this is an important episode for stargate.
    in this episode the SG-1 team travel to a plant where they find Ancient technology and jack has the library of alien knowledge put in to his brain, SG-1 must help jack to get ride of the knowledge before he dies due to braindeath.the importants of this episode is clear as we see the alliance between earth and the asgard made. Writer Robert C. Cooper and Director David Warry-Smith do a good job of pulling this episode with a good story line, they also add a little comedy to spice up episode and bring together a good ending
  • The best and most important of the first 2 seasons.

    The first truly great episode of the series that not only expanded the mythology of the show but introduced the most important race in the Stargate universe the Ancients. The briefing room scene was great with one of my favorite quotes "there’s nothing cruvis with me". Jacks' transformation was fun to watch and hilarious at times and RDA did a wonderful job as always. The fact that the gate can go to other galaxies was a major revelation and would come into play later in the series. The most important part of this episode is the first contact with the Asgard. With this comes the true identity of the alliance. The revelation that the Nox were part of the alliance did not come as a surprise because of their level of advancement. But the unveiling of The Furlings who remain the greatest mystery in universe was probably something Rob Cooper regrets. In the end one of my all time favorite episodes in the series.
  • This is arguably the best episode from the first 2 seasons.

    The first 2 seasons of SG1 weren't really all that great. However, amongst the terrible, decent, and occasional good episode, there were a few genuine gems. This, as any fan will tell you, is one of those gems.

    Firstly, this episode has a great science fiction concept, and the mystery and complexity of the concept are played out so well, that it makes for a thoroughly absorbing and enjoyable ride. But, as always in Stargate, the ride comes with some great laughs, in particular the classic gag of "Shut up, and go away".

    Perhaps the episodes best quality is the performance by Richard Dean Anderson. Throughout most of the series up until this point, he'd basically been a smart-ass character, and hadn't really done much beyond that (not that we were complaining). However, in this episode we see his true talents, and his mental transformation is made all the more believable by his excellent skills.

    But of course, one could just as easily argue that the best thing about the episode is the ending. Everyone who has seen this episode remembers the ending. Even though it seems to take itself a little too seriously, it's classic Stargate all the way. O'Neill's final speech with the Asgard is such a memorable one, and a true Stargate fan like me have it memorised (almost) word-for-word.

    I don't really need to say it, but I will: this is a must-see for any soon-to-be SG1 fan.
  • But not as amazing as everyone thinks...

    "The Fifth Race" is a significant episode, dealing with the builders of the Stargates, the "four great races", and the future of the "Tau'ri" in the galaxy. It also features some well-executed humour resulting from Jack's gradual loss of the ability to speak English. The end is powerful, but overall the episode simply isn't that exciting. The most tense part involved Carter getting stranded on a planet on which the temperature would reach 200 degrees. Farenheit. Oh no!!!

    Overall, this episode is important for developing the backstory of the Stargate, but it lacks an impressive enough plot to be placed among the best Stargate SG-1 episodes ever aired.
  • Jack starts to speak a strange language. They learn he's speaking the language of the ancients so Daniel must help him figure out what he's saying. Things get worse when jack can't control what he's doing. Can someone help him before he 'shuts down'?

    This has to be one of my favourite episodes in Sg-1. I love how he can't control what he is doing, but subconsciencely can find out where to go to get help before his brain overloads and he ultimately dies. We meet Thor at an earlier time but only meet the Asgard in this episode. i have watched this episode WAY too many times. I know almost every word spoken in the entire episode. The dialogue used in this episode is comical and you can really learn about the character's by the interactions with one another. though Daniel prattles on instead of getting to the point, you got to love him, bacause he puts all of his faith in Jack.
  • The real story of StarGate is finally revealed.

    Up until this episode, we have just been given more historic-based planets with minor problems to solve, given the basics of SG nomenclature and procedure, begun to flesh out the characters, and fought the Goa'uld.

    This episode launches the entire SG universe for good. The existence of the four great races, the return of Thor, and the existence of inter-galactic travel broaden the possible story line exponentially.

    You must see this episode if you really want to appreciate the rest of the series, it all is born from here.
  • A Great Episode

    This episode was good for one of many reasons. The first of these being that we see the depository of knowladge for the first time in the show. One of those become very important factory in finding the Lost City later on in season 7. This episode was also good becouse unlike in the Lost City they didnt know what to expect or what was happening to Jack. This was also good becouse it was the first time that we see the Asgard for the first time in their true form. And by far the most important thing we learn that the 8th chevron on the stargate is used to go to different galaxies. So all in all I think that this is a rather important episode becouse of what it shows and tells us.
  • This is a very good episode, gives us backstory about the gate builders and is also the first episode in which the SG alantis show was able to gain substance for creation.

    This episode is very good. We learn more about the Acients, and the other advances races that formed a circle of 4 . Acients, Furlengs, Nox, Asguard. Jack is given a huge amount of data that causes him to lose the ability to talk "human" and he can't stop doing things, even though he has no idea of what it is he is doing. We learn that Teal'c can't use certain acient technologies because he is Jaffa, and we see Jack solving problems, and giving SGC more Star Gate Address in which much more stuff in the series would be able to jump off from. This show widens the scope hugely, and gives the series a lot of depth. Very good episode.