Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 8

The First Ones

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Stargate SG-1 meets "Enemy Mine"

    Stargate SG-1 meets Wolfgang Petersen's 1985 SF film, "Enemy Mine," starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gosset Jr.

  • Not bad

    This episode was a bit of a filler episode, i mean it was great but it seemed to be not vital to the overall story. Daniel was captured by a strange creature and taken captive, the rest of SG1 are put incharge of finding him. Daniel tries to escape from the creature and finds that Goa'uld parasites are living in the water. This was an intresting episode. Daniel grows closer to this primitive creature and by the end of the episode, the creature respects Daniel like he is one of them. I hope that they keep up the great writing this season as so far it appears to be one of the best.
  • The Unas are back...

    Fairly good episode, in which the SGC discovers what they believe to be the planet on which the goa'uld evolved and rose to power. However, while investigating Daniel gets kidnapped by an unas. Lots of good camera work here as the episode takes on the perspective of both goa'ulds in the lake and the unas. Daniel attempts to communicate with the unas and this results in several moments of humor. The funniest(in an ironic way) moment that stuck out in my mind was when SG-1 and company are tied up by Teal'c who suspects one of them may be goa'uld. Major Griff complains that he is not a goa'uld and Jack say "Alright anyone who's a goa'uld raise their hand." Then the goa'ulded Hawkins snaps his bindings and in doing raises his hand. Had to chuckle at that. Anyways it's a pretty and episode and it sets up more episodes further down the road, as Daniel makes a friend out of his unas captor.
  • Making new friends..

    I do not know.. even thought it was watchable and no problems to keep my eyes caught on screen, I did not felt the magic. It was all very interesting and exciting - Daniel trying to communicate with the Unas and.. it was somehow the best part for me, but it was not enough. All the other thing going on the planet and the Goa'uld overtaking some of the team members - there was never the sense of real threat nor the adrenaline. It was just like a walk on the park on sunny Sunday. So, not much happened.. or maybe it was just me... anyway, not my favorite storyline.
  • A slow, simple story given life by a strong, believable central relationship between Daniel and the Unas.

    Before watching this episode again recently I must say I regarded this episode quite highly, perhaps because I am such a big fan of Peter DeLuise and this was his first episode as a writer. But now I seem to enjoy it less. It's still an okay episode of SG-1, and that's certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

    What saves this episode from becoming a huge bore is the great relationship that is realistically developed between Daniel and 'Chaka'. They both give great performances (and special credit must go to Dion Johnstone for acting so well under all that makeup) and have surprisingly great chemistry. The fire scene in particular is brilliant. Also worth praising at this point is the makeup on 'Chaka'. Unas makeup in the past has been pretty dodgy, as it will be in the future; so seeing such wonderful and realistic makeup is a joy.

    Another key aspect that makes this episode all the more entertaining is its humour. As I said above, that fire scene is brilliant, but also what sets this episode apart from others is that a lot of the humour comes from Daniel rather than O'Neill. His semi-soliloquies when with Chaka are at times very well written and very entertaining.

    But this episode has its lulls, which bring it down a bit too much for me. Firstly, it's quite slow. I'm not sure if it's pacing was purposeful (it's possible), but it didn't really work for me. I guess it's on purpose because the story is relatively simple compared to previous episodes.

    But the episode really falters at the end with the big confrontation in the cave. Firstly, it loses a lot of realism when it becomes obvious all the Unas in the cave are played by the same 2 'creatures'. But most importantly, the final fight between Chaka and the alpha male is very unconvincing and really quite silly. However, everything that comes after the part where Chaka kills the alpha male is quite good.

    The concept that the Goa'uld and Unas evolved on the same planet is quite interesting, and seeing the Unas as primitives is too. Unfortunately, the eventual Unas-related episodes would turn out to be disappointments.

    I'm well aware that the Unas episodes aren't too popular amongst fans, but this episode still holds a little soft spot in my heart. The story may not be very complex or interesting, but the central relationship is strong enough to carry its own weight well. I could probably still watch this one multiple times, as long as I skip the final fight.
  • Good episode...

    daniel is captured by an unas and Sg1 have to save him. They have to find him first. This is one of my favorite episodes in season 4. I like seeing daniel try to communicate with the creature. Then the rest of sg1 run into thier own problems when they find out that another one of the people with them have a symbiote inside them they find out that two people have one inside them and kill them. daniel learna that the unas, Chaaka may eat him. But he doesn't and Chaaka becomes the new alpa male of his tribe. This is a great episode and one of the better in season 4. later...
  • Where the saying \'Daniel can talk a Unas into friendship\' came from.

    Daniel and a few other archeologists are on an offworld dig when the site gets attacked by a powerful being, killing one of the members and kidnapping Daniel. Daniel learns to communicate with the un-Goulded Unas, and in the end, they sort of become friends and Daniel is invited back.

    Meanwhile, Jack and co are on a mission to find Daniel. Here was learn the origin of the Goul'd; they started out life as an aquatic species, and cannot leave the water without a host. (Kinda makes sense, given the Jaffa pouch is mostly made of water). Because of this, the Unas wear heavy neckpieces to prevent implatation.

    A really good episode for Michael Shanks/Daniel; we get to see him in all his diplomatic glory, his brilliance with language and communication. The dialogue was a bit hokey at times - typical Stargate, really - but we learn new things about the Goul'd and the Unas. Eight.
  • A good episode

    This episode of SG1 was good for the reason that it taught us about the goulds past and where they come from. I really like how they came from the same planet as the gould becouse it was a good way to explain how the gould were able to get off their planet when they were obviously not able to do much one their own. I also like the Onas and how they were portrayed in this episode. They were exactly as you would expect a creature(or sentient being) like them to be. They had their own ways and methods of doing things.