Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 4

The Gamekeeper

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 17, 1998 on Syfy

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  • SG1 get trapped in a virtual reality. Will the gamekeeper ever let them out? This one was far below my expectations.

    Usually I commend the stars of the show for their acting abilities. However, in this episode nothing is worth commending. While in a beautiful garden planet, SG1 come across a greenhouse with stasis chambers. They get trapped inside the chambers and are plugged into a virtual reality network with the local residents. The "gamekeeper" forces them to experience their worst experiences (death/trauma) to provide entertainment to the other residents. They residents themselves entered the stasis chambers after the planet had become inhabitable. It is not until SG1 tells them that their planet has become beautiful that they realize that the gamekeeper had been lying to them for years. Aside from a good story, there was nothing else in this episode that is note-worthy. For the most part the acting is fair, with the exception of Michael Shanks who provides such a poor performance while he re-lives the experience of his parents death. The only scene in the episode that was done terribly was the scene of the death of Jackson's parents. The set, acting, and entire premise of the scene were unconvincing and - even by scifi standards - unrealistic. There is no plot development in this episode, so this is definitely one episode that can be skipped.