Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 18

The Light

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Beware the lethal lava lamp!

    Beware the lethal lava lamp!

    What is in effect an alien lava lamp hypnotizes SG-5 team members, making them suicidal.

    As lethal as the Medusa of Greek mythology, which turned those who looked upon her into stone.

    If you ever go through the Stargate, look away from the lethal lava lamp.

    You have been warned!
  • Woah...lights...all over the place...

    SG-1 encounters a Goa'uld opium den, and it causes instant addiction, wiping out SG-5 and nearly killing Daniel before the SGC could figure out what was going on. The special effects for the light were especially impressive. As usual Jack's humorous comments kept the episode going and I particularly liked the relationship he develops with the boy they find there, as he forces the boy to confront the death his parents. There are a lot of entertaining sparks between team members as well and that kept the show interesting. The episode was a little slow, but not to the point where I would lose interest. A good episode overall.
  • Dangerous toys..

    Quite out of loop episode as it had no connection to nothing. Ok, I understand sometimes there is need for episodes like that, but I do not know - the start promised so much more and I was all the time thinking what I have missed because I was sure it has to be a good episode. No, it was avarage or if not even under it as avarage in the mean of Stargate seems to matter quite much.

    Even to the end, I did not get fully what had happened. Why the boy was immune and how did they get it better. The withdraw prodces was good to watch - characters acting out of themselves.
  • While this episode may have been an attempt at character development, it fell victim to the naggingly annoying 4th season "abrupt ending-itis."

    As many episodes in Season 4, this one started out striking all the right chords: a teaser opening that grabs everyone's attention, a team member in jeopardy, a puzzle to solve, a sympathetic "alien" to save, and good team interaction. The personality change in Dr. Jackson is well played by Michael Shanks, and the scene on his apartment balcony is touching - as is RDA's portrayal of Jack's concern. Unfortunately, things go down hill from here.

    Dramatically, viewers understand why SG1 members doesn't wear their protective suits, but, come on - we know there's something that's killing SGA members on that planet - to give up their protection 10 seconds after arriving on the planet is pretty stupid. Strike one.

    Then the team says, "Look! Pretty colors!" Strike two. The special effects guys are a little bit in love with their efforts this season, aren't they? I'm not sure they understand that watching SG1 staring at the pretty lights doesn't do much for dramatic tension.

    The best scene in the ep is Jack succumbing to the withdrawal symptoms in the infirmary and his saving of Daniel by carrying him through the Stargate. However, this dramatic scene is quickly smothered by more incessant light-staring. We had some great almost character development there, but quickly squashed it before viewers could get their collective teeth into it.

    No one is surprised when Jack bonds with Loren, when Daniel translates the language, when Jack and Sam almost have a moment on the beach (another theme of Season 4) and when Loren gets to come back and live on earth.

    And the last strike? The afore-mentioned "abrupt ending-itis" that is truly the bane of Season 4. The directors are so wrapped up in the main plot of the episode, any closure among the SG1 characters themselves is sacrificed every time. Jack saved Daniel's life twice in this episode, yet the characters never even acknowledge it. Just another day at the SGC, ho-hum.
  • A sg team goes to a planet and when they return they are ill I guess you could say. One of the members commits suicide and the others lasps in comma. Sg1 has to go to the planet to find out what happened.

    When they get to this planet they find a bright light that seems to have an addictive reaction.
    Daniel tries to commit suicide also, they just can't figure this thing out. There is a young boy there who seems to be uneffected by the light but he did lose his parents because of the light.
    After all the studying, they realize that the effects of this light is like a drug and that they can no longer live without it. By this time sg1 become effected by thislight.
    They have to figure out how to stop the effects. They realize that the only way to stop it is to gradually lower the dosage of the light a little at a time or it could be fatal. They are left there for a period of time, but they will beable to go home shortly.

    This show was a pretty good one, it wasnot one of my favorites but it was good. A little on the slow side, Daniel had some serious personality problems. Jack has to save him from himself.
    There was more reputisiou events in this one so it became more predictable than usual.