Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 8

The Nox

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 1997 on Syfy

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  • One of my favorite SG episodes, and even better than when Shatner did it on ST:TOS!

    "Errand of Mercy" was a very good, early Trek episode just as "The Nox" was (in my opinion) the best episode from the first season of SG-1.

    Both episodes involve traveling to a planet where the inhabitants are apparently innocent and childlike which is far from the truth. And on both episodes the characters learn that you cant judge a book by it's cover.

    Armin Shimerman was great as Anteaus as well as the actors portraying the Nox.

    An all around good episode which foreshadowed how great the series would be when it finally hit it's stride.

  • Seriously?

    I love this episode, but one thing really bugs me...... When O'Neill gets shot by Apophis, Carter, a CAPTAIN in the Airforce who has seen many hours of active duty, not only yells out to give away her position, but then jumps up into plain view. What the hell was the directer thinking????
  • Can't sleep ? Watch this !

    What do you call a show that can't maintain excitement and average performances over the episodes. Stargate has seriousley failed me. I always used to think that shows like Star Trek and Battle Star Galactica were boring shows for people with no lives but then Stargate came along and I was proved deeply wrong. Showed me that I was an ignorant person who didn't really try these shows before judging them. So all the episodes in season one have been almost perfect until this one. The Stargate team go to this world to find this invisible thing and end up finding the nox who turn out to be the invisible things they were looking for and now a battle between our team who are protecting the nox and the enemy who want to pocess the Nox's power. Bad acting !!! Terrible costumes ! Ubelievably abysmal sound effects like when the weapons were shooting, sounded like aracade games but then again t.v wasn't that developed back then. The whole episode was boring and useless to the storyline. I did not like it at all. The only reason this episode got a 5.5 was because I liked the ending.

    In search of new technology on September 12, 1997 SG-1 are sent to P3C-117 on a critical mission to capture a creature that possesses the power of invisibility but run afoul of Apophis and meet the mysterious Nox. When the mission changes to a plan to capture Apophis and kill his Jaffa it goes quickly and terribly wrong, O'Neill, Carter and Jackson find themselves defeated and literally killed in action. My only criticism with the episode is SG-1's first incounter with the Nox is a little boring and definitely a little werid. Otherwise The Nox is a knockout of an episode that I Tracey K. Nameth call "an uncompromising vision that is awesome!"
  • I've seen this episode before

    I've seen this episode before... It was called Errand of Mercy on Star Trek: The Original Series. Same exact plot. The crew visits a planet and find a seemingly inferior race who is threatened by their mortal enemy (in Star Trek's case the Klingons). They see the threat to the indigenous people and try to protect them, but they abhor violence and don't seem to want to be helped. The crew believes that this is due to naivete, but it turns out that the people actually have hidden technology that makes them superior to both them and their enemies. Not original at all, but they did pull it off well.
  • We meet the Nox - the first advanced race we have met so far (except for the Goa'uld).

    Sam, Daniel and Jack are dead! No ... wait. Here come the Nox to save the day. Who are the Nox? Well, they can control the power of invisibility and they have a unique healing ability (which comes in very useful when Apophis kills the SG1 members) as well as some incredible mental abilities. They are the first advanced race of the Stargate series - though you wouldn't have thought so at the beginning of the episode, with their wooden huts and their bad hair. But it's all a ploy to keep strangers away from their planet. They believe in peace and life and even manage to save Apophis' life from Jack's wooden bow and arrow. Great episode! It's the best since the pilot.
  • A strange race of seemingly helpless creatures encounters SG-1.

    This was a fantastic episode with a very strange group of aliens. For the first time the show mentions that certain elements in Washington DC are unsatisfied with the policies of the SGC and the progress it's made in retrieving alien technology. Teal'c speaks of a creature with stealth capabilities that even the Goa'uld do not possess. The first twist comes when the team learns that the creature has no abilities whatsoever, and it is in fact the Nox who hid the creature. It was a well written episode, and there was some true wisdom in what the Nox say, that made it believable when the Nox revealed how advanced they truly were to SG-1. I was disappointed however, that the Nox never return after Season 3. Afterall, having an entire episode named after them, you would think they would get used more.
  • SG-1 meet a seemingly less-advanced race when searching for a strange alien animal with the ability to turn transparent.

    Ok, this was on eof my least favorite episodes in season 1 or the entire series for that manner. There was a good suspense moment when all the members of SG-1 appear to have been killed, which is a real shock that early in the series, I was on the edge of my seat. But the we meet the Nox and everything goes downhill. Personally, the Nox are my least favorite race in Stargate. From the way they look to their naive pacifist attitude, I just plain don't like them. Overall, it was ok. The huge floating city was a surprise but I still was not impressed with the Nox. Below average episode.
  • Their way is not the only way...

    I loved this episode - the way it started. Everything can be wrong in the mission but I think noone ever thought stargate would get lost.

    And those nox people. I loved their costumes and they looked really like... I have no words but they looked lovely and their philosophy of life and all the surrounding things.. the hiding ability and the thought that young ones not always do what is said. It was different episode than some previous one as mostly they got to see primitive races, this time they had much higher technology but as Carter said - they looked so helpless but they are not. And the different angle of view - it was refreshing.
  • Not a fan of the Nox

    This was an alright episode. The team goes to another planet to study these creatures that are 'invisible' but it turns out that the Nox are making the creatures, and a city, invisible. The whole team dies in a battle with Apophis and his Jaffa, but is brought back to life by the Nox. Good episode, but I really don't like the Nox storyline. For some reason the passiveness and naivety of the people get on my nerves. They can't seem to understand Jack no matter how hard he, or rather Daniel, tries to explain their situation. It just didn't work for me.
  • pretty good episode...

    The SG-1 team travels to a planet looking for invisibility technology only to find the mysterious locals that call themselves the Nox. They also find Anubus and some of his serpent gaurds on the planet and attempt to kill them, but fail. The Nox, however, find them and heal them. In the end, Anubus leaves and so does the SG-1 team. While the SG-1 team leaves the Nox shows them their amazing technology. Then they promise to bury the stargate and never to come back. This episode is ok, nothing too special. It showed that there were other worlds other than the gou'ld that had superior technology. Other than that, it was just mediocre and I didn't really like the story in general.
  • A new race...

    Season 1 has many great episodes but this is one of my favorites. SG1 meets a not so advaced race known as the Nox. The Nox brought Jack, Sam, and daniel back to life after they were killed by Apophis. By the end of the episode it turns out the Nox are more advanced than what everyone thought. They don't like violence or weapons. I like the idea that SG1 thought this race was going to be destroyed by the Goaúld because they weren't advanced enough and then boom they have this great big frigin floating city. I guess this episode teaches you a lesson, never judge a book by its cover. Later...
  • better but still has problems

    While I really like this episode it does have its problems. I liked the fact that the government was not happy with the progress of the Stargate program and thought it was very realistic. The Nox are one of the most intriguing races in the Stargate Universe. They have great power and are wise enough to know how to use it for good. The biggest problem with this episode is how campy Apophis is. I think he took a few steps backwards in this episode and became far less threatening then he was in the pilot.
  • This is the great episode in which for the first time we are introduced to another species. (Not counting Goa'ulds).

    SG1 needs to find some kind of technology to prove they are worthy existing. Teal'c has an idea: they'll go to search for invisible creatures. And off they go...

    First, when they get there, they lose the Stargate. Then they meet an old "friend" - Apophis. And his dear friends with same names, or very similar at least - I won't even bother to remember them. If they even had them... Oh, I think one did. He's a Teal'c's pupil, or something like that, basically - he learned everything he knows from our dear Teal'c.

    So the estranged friends meet, while hunting invisible birds, in the middle of nowhere. Just, good guys saw bad guys first this time, so they planed to surprise them. No need to say that Apophis found a way to surprise them back, before they could pull themselves together. So, they end up dead. No, really. They do.

    And now we come to the Nox - the reason this whole episode exists. They are good guys with fabulous powers - they heal, they disappear, and they look good. Just kidding. They look horrible. They have some really weird hairstyles, and they have few vital parts of themselves colored green. Really, really weird. And, above all that - they are also members of Green Peace. Oops, that was a little bit ironic. Well, never mind. They are. They are so good that it hurts. Though, in the end it'll hurt them, not me.

    Now, we came to part where our guys (and ladies) are dead, but Nox bring them back to life. Everyone happy, now lets go home. Oh, well, when was the last time it was that simple?

    Apophis is coming for his invisible creatures, and revenge upon Teal'c, and SG1 must stay and defend Nox. Except Nox don't want to be defended. They want to be left alone. So, SG1 do what every human being would - they hide and try to protect poor, little Nox against their will. Which just shows how intelligent race we actually are. Jack has a plan - a little arrow-bomb slow enough in penetrate Apophis' shield. Nox have a different plan - the one that involves sending every-single-one of them home. Or wherever they came from in the first place.

    In the end we learn two things:
    First one is that we need to be 400+ years old if we want to learn how to do something right.
    Second one is that nobody's as innocent or weak as he looks , and if he says that he doesn't need your help, that's probably because he really doesn't need it.
  • A cross between a troll doll and Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Dr. Seuss), the Nox are peaceful creatures with powerful secrets.

    While on a search for a beast that has the power of invisibility, SG1 encounters Apophis and his Goa'uld. It turns out that they are searching for the same creature. Motivated to get information about his wife, Daniel convinces the team to attack Apophis. Unfortunately their ambush fails, and they are killed by Apophis. Or so it would seem, until they mysteriously disappear and are revived.

    SG1 meets the Nox: a more evolved people than humans. They do not fear the Goa'uld, and only wish for the visitors to return back through the "door". Jack and his team are persistant in persuading the Nox that they need to fear the Goa'uld and need to take precautionary measures. However, the Nox do not seem concerned and continuously state that they only wish for the visitors to return through the door. SG1 learns that the Nox hold powerful secrets, including the ability of invisibility and healing powers. Even when two of the Nox are killed by the Goa'uld, they remain patient and merely revive them using their abilities. With some help from SG1, the Nox are able to send Apophis and his Goa'uld back through the Stargate.

    Again Jack and his team express their concerns for the Nox, claiming that they cannot protect themselves from the Goa'uld. It is at this point that Anteaus (the head of the Nox family) reveals to SG1 that extent of their capabilities and their technology. It seems that the Nox are not the simple forest-dwellers the appeared to be, but technologically advanced beings. This episode points out the faults in our nature. How humans make assumptions or generalizations about people simply from their first impressions, or from what they can see on the surface. Also, how humans automatically think that the best way is their way. However, Anteaus wisely points out that humans still have much maturing to do, and states that: "Maybe one day you will learn, that your way, is not the only way."

    I really liked this episode. Not only was it well-written, but it had a very light, and dramatic undertone to it (there is also a wonderful score in this episode). This episode was GREAT!
  • SGC meets another race of people who badly need to go to a hairdressers.

    Great episode.
    It's nice to think that they can visit a world and leave it knowing that the people are perfectly safe no matter what the gou'ald do.
    The Nox are totally great. The way they are seems to be eerie and kinda cool. I mean, who wouldn't like to make themselves invisible?
    Great to see Apophis again, though this is not the episodes fault it's my DVD fault as everytime Apophis spoke it would not pick up his voice so I had NO IDEA what he was saying. I could lip-read some of it but it was my DVD's fault not the episode.
    I like the idea that we get to meet one of the 4 races that the Asgard mentions. The only ones never to meet are the Furlings (though 200 made a good attempt at making them up!)
    A great episode.
    Rankings to date:-
    1)The Nox
    2) The Broca Divide.
    3) The First Commandment
    4) Children of the Gods Part I
    = Children of the Gods Part II
    6) Emancipation.
    7) Cold Lazarus
  • SG-1 meets another alien race called the Nox.

    SG-1 travels to a planet after being told that the Stargate program is under scrutiny and that if they don't start bringing stuff back through the Gate they'll be shut down. Teal'c suggests going to a planet he knows of that has bugs that can seemingly go invisable. They travel there and while looking for the bugs, they discover that the Stargate has dissappeared. They travel further into the woods only to discver that Apophis is also on the planet.

    They set up an ambush, but everything goes wrong, evidently Apophis has a personal sheild so they can't shoot him. SG-1 gets shot and killed...But later they wake up and of course surprised that they actually WOKE UP, they learn that they were ressurected by a race known as the Nox. But the Nox also saved one of the Jaffa that tried to kill SG-1 so they don't want him to be in the same camp as them and don't understand why they let him live.

    They figure out that it is actually the Nox that make the bugs go invisable, and that "the young do not always do as they're told". Because SG-1 still tries to catch the bug even though the Nox told them not to. And get this, the Nox are actually HUNDREDS of years old. SG-1 makes friends with them and tells the Nox to burry the Gate after they leave so no one else can bother them. And in the end we get to see a Nox city. Not such a big deal right? WRONG! It's a FLYING CITY! Fricken awesome! Good episode and one everyone has to see.
  • Even though the Nox were peaceful, they were also powerful.

    In this episode we see Apophis again, but unfortunately, he gets to SG-1 before they can kill him.

    I find it hard to believe that Teal'c wouldn't know anything about a device that could shield Apophis. I guess it's possible that he only discovered the technology after Teal'c helped SG-1 escape, but it really hasn't been that long.

    I would of liked to see more of the Nox in future episodes. Even though they were against killing, they would make great allies for medicinal purposes. They seemed to know a lot about plants and herbs.

    I've seen every episode of SG-1 and I don't remember the Nox ever returning. Now that SG-1 has space capabilities they could go back to the planet.
  • Enter the Nox

    This episode was excellent in many ways and as a newcomer to Stargate, it introduced me to some new mythology:

    - The Nox, a race even more advanced than the Goa'uld, who can make themselves invisible, heal and bring people back from death and who knows what more. They are definately a very cool alien race, although the guy from DS9 got on my nerves real quick.

    -some new technology from the Goa'uld (power shields)

    -and a hint at more to come from the Nox and possible other advanced races (as proven in "The Torments of Tantalus" later this season).

    All in all a stand-out episode from season one.
  • Another stand-out from season 1, although not without its flaws.

    As I have stated in previous reviews, the first season of SG-1 isn't great. It took itself too seriously and hadn't found its feet yet. However, in amongst the average episodes were some pretty good ones. The Nox belongs in the latter category.

    However, the episode is pretty silly: one way to easily sum it up is by referring to it as "the one with the super-hippies", because that's basically how one could describe the Nox. A few other flaws include Apophis seeming a little cheesy, the event-horizon still looks silly, and the delivery of the line "I have never seen a Goa'uld before" or something by the Nox child.

    But the episode is saved thanks to some great little bits of humour thrown in (the eldest Nox appearing suddenly out of nowhere, and O'Neill simply saying "Would you cut that out?"), an interesting clash of ideologies, and a great ending.
  • Those who seem defenseless not always are

    "The Nox" teach us things aren't always as they seem. A race of humanoids that can turn invisible and heal are an interesting race that have the power we all wish we could have. It's amazing how they live to be over 400 years old. In this episode, we also see the guest appearance of Armin Shimerman (Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). Everyone did an excellent job and the story itself was very appealing. The Nox remind me a lot of the ancient Native Americans of the past. The love and respect nature with a peaceful community. The best word to describe this episode is "great".
  • This episode was about when the SG-1 team goes to another planet and find a creatures that can turn themselves invisible and they can heal, but they get into some trouble in the process.

    I thought this episode was awesome. The way that the nox can make themselves invisible is so cool. Plus, the fact that they can heal people and things is pretty cool too. I think that it was cool how they don\'t like to fight and stuff, but they wre acting kind of stuck up and kind of mean. I mean, come on, they should have helped SG-1 out a little bit with the jaffa and their leader. But, that was the only flaw in this episode. I thought it was pretty cool how that one of the Nox was the same dude from buffy the vampire slayer
  • SG1 travel to a planet in search of an animal capable of making itself invisible and get more than they bargain for.

    This episode is my personal favourite, as it introduces the Nox, which are my number one favourite alien race.
    When SG1 arrive at the planet, they find the stargate has disappeared. They search for the beast with the ability to disappear, and just as they are about to shoot it, someone else fires first. They find out it is apophis with some kroonies, and decide that they should try to kill him.
    This episode also introduces for the first time the usage of the Goa'uld personal sheild.
    Well their attack on apophis doesnt go so well, and they all end up being killed. But luckily for them, they are on a planet where a 'family' who call themselves the Nox are capable of restoring life. Not only that, they can go invisible. How kick ass is that?!
    SG1 faces a problem when apophis learns of the Nox's ability, and realise that he will take these skills by force. However the Nox refuse to agree on taking an agressive attacking form of self-defense.
    I'll let you see what happens at the end but lets just say it is not disappointing, and this episode comes highly recommended from yours truly.
    Thanks for reading
  • This episode was great because it introduced us to a character that would be seen rarely but have a lot of influence on the team, especially Dr. Jackson.

    This episode was great because it introduced us to a character that would be seen rarely but have a lot of influence on the team, especially Dr. Jackson.

    It is a great episode because how the Nox describe human beings was interesting and somewhat true.

    Also the Nox are just my favorite aliens.